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Jacky Jasper

Claudia Jordan Shoots Death Threat @ Jacky Jasper!

May 2nd, 2013

Claudia Jordan's Murder Plot Against Jacky Jasper Exposed

“I have some hitters who will kill you and Jacky. Jasper is dead man.” ~Claudia Jordan

HSK Exclusive – Claudia Jordan seems to have taken up plotting murder! Continue Reading…

2chix1mic – Exclusive Jacky Jasper Interview

March 29th, 2013

2chix1mic Jacky Jasper Exclusive

Is the real Jacky Jasper still writing for HSK? Take a listen and find out!

Qmix.TV Taps Jacky For A Hiphop Hipster Video Playlist

December 1st, 2012

Jacky Jasper's Hiphop Hipster Video Playlist

QmixTV is a free service founded in August of 2012.

QmixTV allows you to create and watch your favorite YouTube video mixes. Search YouTube videos on QmixTV, Q-it up on your QmixTV Playlist and let the party play. Need some viewing inspiration, explore QmixTV Presets and enjoy streaming hours of select videos chosen by our growing community of curators.

Jacky Jasper / Hollywood Street King as Seen on Dateline NBC

June 18th, 2012

If you missed the full Tim Dog Dateline episode: “The Perfect Catch”, you can view it online HERE! for free Continue Reading…

Part II of CBC Music’s History of Jacky Jasper

May 5th, 2012

This is part II of an article written by Dalton Higgins (part 1 here)  for CBC Music in Canada:

By the time Jasper came around to record his sophomore disc Higher Deeper Values, he says he had a change of heart.

“I realized I didn’t get paid off my first record. So the hustle wasn’t making sense. I started to ask questions. How much records did I sell?” Jasper asked to be released from his contract with Beat Factory and was told it wasn’t going to happen. He then decided that he was going to make the record he always wanted to make, with his underrated in-house producer Phil Cold.

Jasper was ultimately able to get out of his contracts through a bunch of street savvy moves, and figured out that Canada was not the ideal environment to be plying his trade. The subject matter on Higher Deeper Values was way too authentic and harsh for coy Canadian ears. Even the staff at the former Sam the Record Man flagship store threw his CDs out on Yonge Street.

“It was great controversy, but then I learned controversy doesn’t sell in Canada, it just gets you hated,” explains Jasper. “It’s too much for them.” Continue Reading…

CBC Features the Storied History of Jacky Jasper

April 29th, 2012

Jacky Jasper - Past Present and Future

Jacky Jasper: T-Dot pimp. Rap legend. Celebrity blogger

For those of you not familiar with my past, this is part one of a two piece article recently written by Dalton Higgins for CBC Music in Canada:

The history of hip-hop is littered with references to pimp culture, and has essentially made the idea of being an agent for prostitutes seem fashionable. The pimp persona that was popularized in Iceberg Slim novels can be found anywhere, from rapper Ice T and Too Short to Snoop Dogg’s spiritual advisor and ex-pimp Bishop Don Juan, to others like the late Pimp C (of legendary UGK crew), who even incorporated it in the naming process. When 50 Cent rhymed that he was a “P.I.M.P,” it zoomed to the top of the charts, though he wasn’t being literal.

But what happens when you’re a rapper who really was one? For Jacky Jasper, the artist formerly known as H Bomb (and HDV before that), translating the street hustle and pimp life to celluloid was never easy, being based in a safe, conservative city like Toronto. Continue Reading…

Jacky Jasper Live with Carlotta Chatwood…

April 14th, 2012

Jacky Jasper Live with Carlotta Chatwood

Jump to the 31:30 minute mark for when your boy Jacky joins the show for an in-depth discussion about the current state of the music industry and other topics…

Thanks to Carlotta for the invitation.

via Carlotta Chatwood

More Information About Jamie Foxx’s Goon John Clark Surfaces…

April 4th, 2012

Goons Threaten Jacky Jasper

HSK has confirmed the legal name of the man hired by Jamie Foxx to physically attack Jacky Jasper. His name is John Clark, aka JC, aka Crock-Tyson.

We first told you about Clark after learning he accepted monies from Jamie Foxx as part of a transaction leading to an intended attack on Jacky Jasper. This before sources say Clark concocted a story claiming he spotted Jacky inside of a Los Angeles Coffee Bean, before beating your boy up.

Check out some more of the tea that’s being spilled:

“JC is a born liar. He just got out of jail about a year and half ago. JC lives off Jamie Foxx and Eddie Griffin. Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx & Tyrese Gibson Hire Henchmen to Attack Jacky Jasper!

April 3rd, 2012

Tyrese and Jamie Foxx are Fags

It seems that Jamie Foxx and Tyrese Gibson are looking to cause a ruckus of bullying against yours truly…

This past Friday, I received a telephone call from one of Tyrese’s soldiers (whose name I passed on to my attorney). It seems that Tyrese threw a temper tantrum after reading HSK’s report of Michael Bay’s cease and desist demand of Tyrese. (Let’s note: Whenever a white journalist reports negatively about Tyrese’s poor acting, he deals with it.)

About 5:30PM Monday, a seemingly ecstatic Tyrin Turner called me saying, “They got you uh?” I had no idea what dude was talking about. That’s when he broke it down saying, “You didn’t see a Nicca named JC in Coffee Bean?” I explained to dude that I don’t even drink coffee, adding that I even tell chics how coffee is bad for their nerves. Ty immediately gave me the dirt explaining, “Jacky, the lying Nicca said he saw you at Coffee Bean and he socked you up!” I responded by saying, “I hope Jamie didn’t pay him!” This just before our phone call dropped. Continue Reading…

Jacky’s on Twitter Too…

March 30th, 2012

Jacky Jasper / Tyrese Twitter Feud

Jacky Jasper Live on SBS 6 in the Netherlands

March 28th, 2012

Jacky Jasper SBS 6 - Netherlands

Jacky will be live with SBS 6 television in the Netherlands tonight (for our Dutch people) discussing his investigation into Raffles van Exel.

Raffles van Exel (real name Raffles Dawson) is currently being sought after in the United States and his home country, the Netherlands.

Entire Raffles Investigation revelations CLICK HERE

HSK Mobile Version

March 17th, 2012

Update: Sorry to inform you guys that we have to pull the mobile version but are working diligently to resolve these issues to make the experience as smooth as possible for everyone.

thank you for your patients and understanding.


My people are working on the mobile version of HSK… If anyone has any issues viewing HSK on their phone, or even on their computer. Please let me know in the comments here.

Thanks and Enjoy your Weekend!

Ask Jacky… It’s Roger Troutman’s Birthday – Do You Have Any Stories About Him?

November 30th, 2011

Roger Troutman Birthday


I know you worked with Roger Troutman. What is your favorite memory of him? Any funny stories? He had 12 kids, so was he a ladies’s man?

Jacky’s Answer Here

Jacky Kicks The Ballistics!!!

October 19th, 2011

What happened to rap? Better yet, what happened to music? Even though there is so much music made these days, unfortunately the majority of it sucks.

The fact that the parody of Waka Flocka’s song “Hard In The Paint” was better than the original proves just that. Like me, most people prefer Baracka Flacka Flame “Head Of State” version better. Don’t believe me? Ask Prince Paul — He recently posted on his Facebook wall that he watches Baracka Flacka everyday.

I just listened to the new track from Nicki Minaj featuring Eminem. It’s called “Romans Revenge” and it’s one of the worst records I’ve ever heard in my life. Why did Eminem go along with this garbage? In the song, Nicki is dissing Lil Kim and I find that quite funny because Nicki got her look from Lil Kim. (They probably even went to the same plastic surgeons.)

Rihanna’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live proved to me that she’s the worst black female singer ever! There are too many talented sisters out there for them bring fourth this bimbo and actually call her a singer! The game is so sick Rihanna has more number one songs than Diana Ross or Donna Summer…WTF?!?!? Continue Reading…

Star Magazine Taps Jacky to Expose Urban Culture Myths

September 15th, 2011

Star Magazine Taps Jacky Jasper

For more, check out the new edition of Star — on newsstands now….

Jacky Loves Real Women – Interview

August 26th, 2011

Special thanks to Jaxx over at RealTalkRealWoman for taking the time!

Jacky Jasper Speaks with Rawroots Magazine – Part 1

July 11th, 2011

Listen to part one of an exclusive interview Jacky recently did with Rawroots Magazine.

Jacky Who?

June 14th, 2011

Of course Coco knows who Jacky is…

Jacky Jasper vs. Evelyn Lozada – Round 2

June 8th, 2011

Ask Jacky…

Evelyn Lozada Vs Jacky Jasper

It seems that Evelyn Lozada read HSK’s most recent blind item, sparking her to respond. What she said was quite rude as she spoke out of her ass, but guess what? Most chics in the entertainment business are whores, and for them the truth hurts. I would tell you to ask Marylin Monroe, but she’s dead.

Evelyn Lozada sent the following to me last night:

“you could tell that you didnt go to public school because your grammer is horrible. your nothing but a one hit wonder. you most likely call most female celebrities sluts because they were too smart to get with you. your not a hollywood street king. more like a hollywood hobo. get a life and stop talking about other people because im pretty sure no one is talking about you. your not a factor. yea you worked with ike and snoop but you aint shit. hahha ike aint shit either. why would you be proud to work with a wife beater. tina made him anyway. and your just a has been. you didnt have any billboard number 1’s. get over yourself.”

Hey Evelyn, face! You are a whore who would do anything for material things, and the only men you fall for are tricks and bi-sexual. Don’t believe me? Ask Chad Ochocinco. Continue Reading…

Remembering Gil Scott Heron…

May 31st, 2011

I grew up listening to Gil Scott Heron’s music. I use to hear Gil Scott’s song “The Bottle” throughout the projects. As a kid, I noticed all the older revolutionary cats loved Gil Scott Heron – because he spoke their words. He was like one of the first rappers to spit venom.

In my home, I remember my oldest brother enjoying himself as he listened to “Ghetto Code (Dot Dot Dit Dit Dot Dot Dash)” – my brother and the rest of his university friends would smoke weed and listen to Gil Scott Heron and Last Poets. Though I was then too young to understand the message of the music, when I reached my teen years I remember playing the album “Pieces Of A Man”. When I really listened to the track “Home Is Where The Hatred Is”, I was in love. I played the song over and over again.

The first time I ever met Gil Scott Heron was back in 1994. That’s when I was on my way to meet Jesse Terrero and his brother Uly at a New York Undercover television shoot. They were shooting the television show a few blocks from where I was staying in Harlem, so I decided to take a walk and get something to eat on the way. I stopped off at Kennedy Fried Chicken, and it’s there I met the legendary artist Gil Scott Heron. Continue Reading…



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