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Bud Reviews

Jacky’s Bud Review – Bubba Kush

February 23rd, 2010


I got this serving of Bubba from the streets, Doctor Kush was not involved.

This stuff was fucking good – it’s a hybrid.

Why didn’t Sunset Organic Collective buy this? They must be overstocked because this stuff is on top of the food chain. After smoking this bud I felt like how Sly Stallone and LL Cool J would feel after doing steroids. I was amped. I took a shower, came out, got fly, and felt like who’s better? Continue Reading…

Jacky’s Bud Review – Snoop’s OG Private Reserve

December 2nd, 2009


With the holiday season in full effect here at HSK, we had to find the best OG Kush buds in Hollywood to celebrate with, and this shit’s good too!! It better be, know why?! Cause it sports the name of one of the most notorious smokers in the game mane!! This grass is called Snoop Dogg’s Private Reserve OG Kush.

This buds picture perfect with an incredible unmistakable Kush aroma!! Large buds, perfect taste and a super high makes this the best OG on the Market. The high is strong and heavy. Snoop’s OG is indica dominate. This is the only weed HSK’s had in a while causing people to slur their words. Continue Reading…

HSK Bud Reviews – Pineapple Kush is One-of-a-Kind

November 12th, 2009


When I got word from the HSK team that Jacky quit smoking weed, I realized that something had to be done. It was time for an intervention. Jacky has a lot going on right now and the last thing he needs holding him back is not getting high. Hopefully, my guest bud review will help.

In an effort to bring things back to their natural balance, I got some freshly harvested Pineapple Kush from a friend at The Holistic Center. THC is a collective of growers based in the Emerald Triangle of Northern Cali, but you can find Pineapple Kush at clubs all over LA. Just make sure it’s the real thing… I’ve seen some fakers, and it isn’t pretty.

Check it, I’m normally an indoor OG Kush snob – outdoor strains just don’t usually do it for me – but when I saw a huge kola of the PK, that shit looked like Barney the Dinosaur just did a photo shoot with Jacob the Jeweler. Di-dank!! Continue Reading…

Jacky’s Kush Review: King Kush is HSK Approved

October 21st, 2009

King Kush - Sunset Organic Collective

King Kush is a hybrid bud. From what I’m told, it’s tremendously good. My entire staff are smoking the stuff all day long, and I must say that it smells better than Nag Champa incense! If you’ve been following my bud chronicles, you’ll know that I allow nothing but productive-enabling KUSH into my office, and this strain has not let me down, in the least.

As I observe my staff, working around the clock to bring you the latest Hollywood news, I see hard working and dedicated human beings, researching and turning out stories, while sitting in front of their computers — Thanks KING KUSH!!!

My main editors, Sherri and Diana don’t hide the fact that they love to smoke kush. Guess what? Because they hold great passion for their jobs, here at HSK, my business partner and I had no quams when it came to hiring them. With these two King Kush smokin’ ladies on my team, my competition are (and will remain) beneath me.

My business partner loves this bud saying, “Jacky, write a good review…this grass kicks ass.” Continue Reading…

Jacky’s Kush Review – Sunset Organic’s Blue Dream

October 4th, 2009

Blue Dream Gets HSK’s Thumbs-Up!


For today’s bud review – I had my graphics artist intern, Mike take “Blue Dream” to the test. The Sativa-type Mary Jane took Mike’s creativity to the next level. I mean, dude is a natural talent, but on “Blue Dream”, Mikey turned in his best graphics to date…leaving myself and my partner more than satisfied with his work. I asked Mike, “Where is all this energy coming from?” He replied “Blue Dream kush mane”.

My business partner and I decided to grant Mikey the green light to continue with his kush smoking habits (here at office)…that is, as long as he stays productive. Mikey assured the team that as long as he has “Blue Dream” kush in his life, he can handle a full 12 hour day of tip top creativity. BTW – we at HSK no longer pay our employees in cash. Know why? Because we pay ‘em in kush grass mane. Sunset Organic Collective gives it to us for Review and

Diana is another employee here at HSK. She serves as my editor, and boy does she ever smoke weed. Diana fell in love with “Blue Dream” the minute she took the strains smoke in – Know why? Because it keeps her editing and turning in stories, just as fast as I send them to her – so fast that shes asks me (on Blue Dream), “Is there any more work for me to do Mr. Jasper?” Continue Reading…

Jacky’s Kush Review: From One OG to Another

September 17th, 2009

Classic OG Bud Review

Ain’t nothing like the original gangsta music, and that also applies to Miss. Mary Jane. Know why? Because, “Classic OG Kush” is a hybrid (meaning it’s a mixed strain of indica/sativa), and this bud sparked the flame of creative thinking amongst my colleagues.

My graphic designer became so enthralled with his — taking the projects to the next level, after I gave him some of the CLASSIC OG to smoke. My move was calculated as I rolled a joint up for dude… Know why? Because I’m all about productivity mane…

This bud is so amazing!! Continue Reading…

Jacky’s Bud Review – Sunset Organic Collective

September 1st, 2009


If you were here in California back in 1996 and you voted on Prop. 215 (legalization of medical marijuana) you’ve had a few years to see dispensaries come and go. Some have been great, some have been bullshit. Recently there was in influx of new shops opening up due to some legal loopholes. It seemed like everyone that wanted to open a shop could and did.

Now where there used to be one of Jacky’s favorite dispensaries there was now 4. How could anyone compete? Things were looking shaky for a while but eventually the city revoked alot of the newer licenses. After some disappointments and more searching I’m happy to report I’ve found HSK’s new favorite collective in town!

Sunset Organic is run by cool down to earth people that know their product and how to make people comfortable while they’re there. There’s no cops parked out front all the time like some places either! Know why? The guys that own it are European mane! Continue Reading…


August 28th, 2009


I’ve decided to disclose a small part of my private stash to you all…consider yourself lucky to be reading this.

I’ve been cultivating my very own strain of what I consider to be a kind of marijuana that’s in a class of its own…know why? Cuz ya can’t get this shit in ANY dispensary mane. It’s called O-G Concord, and its not for amateurs or kids.

It’s my very own secret recipe of about a dozen strains of the best bud the out there. Trust me…I know what I’m talking about mane. Continue Reading…

Jacky’s Bud Review – Blue Champagne KUSH

August 6th, 2009


Blue Champagne is a great day starter. I know, I started my day with this wonderful strain and I must admit only a fool would complain!

How do you think I got the energy to get up and get out for some urgent must do errands?

This Blue Champagne is not for the kids – it’s for grown-ups silly. Smoking this bud will inspire you to make and close deals.

What a beautiful plant Blue Champagne is…not only does it keep me calm but it keeps my mind on my money and it got me thinking: how can I take yours?

I highly recommend this bud for people who like to practice the religion of Capitalism. People like Richard Branson – he smokes and we know all about it. I know; from one capitalist to another Richard would adore this strain.  Another name that comes to mind would be Elizabeth Taylor – she would come up with new beauty ideas to get all your money. A new perfume line perhaps?

This bud will help Elizabeth to capitalize on the marketplace and it might also help her to get creative and find a new husband. After the high is over she’ll divorce him like she always does…

Ladies: that’s a women to look up too – not Madonna or J LO and guess what? Elizabeth didn’t have to show any body parts to get paid. What a smart woman!

Know why? ‘Cuz Liz has been medicated for years. That’s why!

Puff puff and hit the gold – it will help you to keep your mind on your pay-roll.

Jacky 18:03

Jacky’s Bud Review: Herojuana

July 17th, 2009


Herojuana; what a great strain if you have sleeping problems! I used to suffer from insomnia but fortunately for me I don’t anymore.

If I did I would have been smoking Herojuana nightly. It’s so relaxing and it’s all natural…No Zig Zags or blunts needed – get the bubbler out or you going to totally miss out on the impeccable taste.

If you’re taking Xanax or any other sedative, stop! This bud is what you need in your life – I know, I got rid of my pill jar…I strongly recommend this bud for people who need to be sedated, people like Angelina Jolie. She is an extremely busy woman and in order to really enjoy her downtime she needs Herojuana – it will help her to relax. No more freaking out on the movie sets! She will be able to do all this without a pill prescription…

Another celebrity that comes to mind is comedian Dane Cooke – he gets too excited during his stand-up performance. Those evil Hollywood doctors probably have him all addicted to their prescriptions but all Dane needs is a dispensary that serves this bud. Maybe if Dane was Bubbling he would have never passed up the the role he was offered in the new Harry Potter film…What was he thinking?
Puff puff but don’t pass Dane…tell the guy or girl beside you to buy their own grass…I don’t wanna get what you got mane…

Kush Chronicles 18:03

-Guru Jacky



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