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Kim Kardashian is Man-Made!!!

October 1st, 2009

Kim Kardashian - Liposuction

Kim Kardashian claims to keep her figure in tip-top shape, from her daily use of what’s said to be her favorite diet pill called “QuickTrim”. Guess what Kim? I DON’T BELIEVE YOU ONE BIT!!!

“QuickTrim” – by Vitaquest, recently laced the cover of “Life Style” magazine…promising it’s readers that those who use the pill can “Lose 20 lbs in Four Weeks”. Vitaquest also has who other than Khloe K, backing the farce of a product. Know why? Because Khole sold her image to the “Quick Trim” inventors – granting them the green light to use her image as help to promote the pill…all for a check, of course.

Here’s what I have to say: Ain’t nobody losing 20 pounds in such a short period of time. That is, UNLESS THEY’RE DOING BLOW!!! Maybe the Kardashian sisters are (like ‘Klymaxx’ said), taking frequent trips to hold meetings in the ladies room. That is, to powder their noses. Continue Reading…

MTV & Goldberg Family – Soul Trading for Ratings

September 28th, 2009


MTV seems to be going to the epitome of the extra mile…all for the Almighty rating. I mean, this is the God’s honest truth. Know why? Because they would even exploit a dead man! Don’t believe me? Gue$$ which Station is set to air the late great, DJ AM’s drug intervention $erie$?

If you guessed MTV, you are so right. I believe MTV will claim this is what DJ AM would have wanted. But, I say that’s a damn lie! Know why? Because DJ AM (aka Adam Goldstein) died after suffering a drug overdose, ultimately losing his battle against his lengthy drug addiction.

I think the station should just let it rest, as Goldstein should be granted the pass to rest in peace. But instead, they choose to continue to pimp a dead man for their ratings. DJ AM’s family members are just as guilty as MTV. Know why? Cuz they signed over the rights to air the program, so the hypocritical camp behind the intervention-esque show can air DJ AM’s last days battling his demons.

Sure, at the end of the day it’s all about the money. But, I must ask this question: Where’s the love??? It’s safe to say that the actions being taken to air Goldstein’s last days are completely and utterly ludicrous. I mean, DJ AM died with a crack pipe at his side, and pills in his mouth. With that being said, who is he to to take it the daunting task upon himself to help advise fellow addicts how to kick their habits? Continue Reading…

Lady Gaga is Very Confused!

September 14th, 2009


I am appalled at (so-called artist) Lady Gaga’s performance at last night’s VMA’s. Here’s why – the bitch holds absolutely no talent whatsoever, she’s stiff on stage, it’s obvious that the bitch counts her steps while doing dance moves (which were taught to her), and who told her it was okay to mock the handicapped? I mean she even included a fake paraplegic in her act…I DON’T FIND IT FUNNY AT ALL.

Though, it seems like others do. Who you may ask? I’ll tell ya – Sean “Puffy” Combs, for one. I mean he looked mesmerized by the farce. He should go buy himself a ticket to the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, if this shit excites his stupid sell-out ass. Continue Reading…

Kanye West is MTV’s Sucka!!!

September 14th, 2009


Do you think MTV didn’t intentionally allow Kanye to enter the building with an open bottle of hennessy? Do you think they didn’t want Kanye to do some niggaish shit? Would there have been anything else for people to talk about today after the worst display of pop culture to-date?

It seems Kanye West was sure to make it a point to create drama at this year’s VMA’s. Yet again he didn’t make heads-turn and mouths drop with his music. Dude make his ‘grand entrance’ to New York City’s Radio Music Hall with a bottle of Hennessy in one hand, and his white Grace Jones look-a-like bitch was on the other. Continue Reading…

Lil Mama & Jay Z Promote Equality @ VMA’s

September 14th, 2009


Lil Mama crashed an already very sleepy performance by Jay Z and Alicia Keys during last nights VMA awards on MTV. This nor Kanye’s antics is reward enough for having to sit through this dreadfully painful display of racist out of touch pop culture event. Does anyone even watch MTV programing anymore? and are they even qualified to be honoring music since they no longer even program it?

Janet Jackson Kicks Boys to the Curb

September 11th, 2009

Janet Jackson Single Lady

Move over fellas, cuz MJ’s little sister says she doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore, and I totally find it sexified. ” Some might say boys smell anyway – they stink,” says Janet Jackson, “and they’re dirty.” Hmmmm, maybe Janet’s talking about ex-boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri.

That’s right. Janet recently gave the founder of So So Def records his walking papers after a boring seven-year-long relationship. I guess that seven-year itch holds true, in this case.

Before Dupri, there were two failed marriages with two other men – James DeBarge and Rene Elizondo. What do the three men of Janet’s life all have in common? I’ll tell you – They’re all a bit on the soft side mane! In other words, Janet is more of a man than all of them put together.

Even after recently burying The King of Pop, she’s scheduled to deliver a tribute to her brother, MJ at this Sunday’s VMA’s. Plus, she’s making a comeback alongside her original producers – Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Guess she finally figured out Jermaine (Bullshit producer) Dupri was bad for her career.

So, even with the shadow of Michael Jackson’s death fresh for her and her family, Janet’s wearing the pants and doin’ what her older brother, Jermaine Jackson probably can’t do… Entertainment mane.

I guess that’s why she says to call her, “Miss Jackson if you’re nasty!”

Russell Simmons Launches New Clothing Line – Not Pimp Approved

August 31st, 2009


Have you seen Russell Simmons’ bullshit clothing line? What type of man would wear that trash? It’s for the geeks and the losers of the world if you ask me. Argyle sweaters with khaki pants and a bullshit pair of shoes is like the fake Bill Cosby look and guess what? It’s not pimp approved.

I hear all the girls laughing at you guys that dress like Kanye West and his friends which is no different than the Russell Simmons look… Fucking nerds!!! And fuck the word swagg it rhymes with fag – I stay fly motherfucker.

You guys look like you going to college – in other words you look like you just came out of the Gap store. “GAY AND PROUD”. Continue Reading…

Does Real Addiction Ever Really Disappear?…

August 31st, 2009


A personal friend of mine used to smoke crack with DJ AM and he also used to supply the drug to the guy. When I heard AM was smoking crack again I didn’t say anything. Know why? ‘Cuz you assholes would be the first to call me a hater. Right?

Fuck all this bullshit about DJ AM being depressed and that being the excuse for why he was back on crack. He was back on crack cocaine because he loved crack just like Richard Pryor did. Trust me I know!!!

Seth from the bullshit group CrazyTown knows all about DJ AM’s crack smoking habits. The same dude I know that DJ AM knew used to service both Seth and DJ AM with the drug.

Cocaine and I divorced years ago. She and I will never have a relationship again. I did everything with her. I banged her, I cooked her so I could smoke her (it’s called freebasing). Ask Melle Mel? I even snorted her but guess what? She’ll drive you crazy mane. Ask Martin Lawrence!

AM wasn’t only addicted to crack cocaine he was also addicted to the devil’s dick a.k.a. the crackpipe. The pipe actually speaks to you ” Fill me up dude – we’re all alone – fuck the world I’m your best friend”. It’s no different when you spike the shit in your veins – you’re not only addicted to the drug you become addicted to the needle mane! You rookies wouldn’t know all about that. Would you? Continue Reading…

Models…On the PLUS Side?

August 27th, 2009


What have we become as a society, when EVERYTHING is acceptable?

If you step-up and criticize what’s being pushed out there, some generic asshole is quick to tell you, “you’re a hater.”

Check this:  You have celebrity figures like Perez Hilton blatantly disrespecting gays by hiding behind the rainbow crew the minute he needs a shield of protection.

To make things worse, we’re now seeing society putting obese models on a pedestal…WTF?  The kids are watching this!!!  And with so many overweight children across the country, this is gonna give them the green light to keep eating junk and killing themselves.  Doesn’t anybody care? Continue Reading…

Jackson Family – Reality Show?

August 21st, 2009


Before Michael Jackson died, his brothers shot a one hour pilot for a reality show that was supposed to follow them as they “reunited” with Michael. MJ wanted nothing to do with the project and it was done anyway….

What’s the world coming to? A&E is confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter that they will be airing a pilot in the next month and a series is likely to follow.

Why do we need a reality show that shows them mourning and trying to “revive” their personal careers? It seems a bit forced, doesn’t it?




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