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Marilyn Manson Isn’t As Tough As He Claimed…

August 19th, 2009


I’ve been trying hard to test Marilyn Manson’s gangsta and guess what? She’s got none. I said said some fighting words to Manson and it was her choice to ignore me. Marilyn Manson is just another big mouth.

She said if anyone said anything about her in the press she was going to fuck that certain reporter up. So I decided to cause some trouble and say a few words to Marilyn and she backed down. Some of her fans were like “I’m fucking pissed – Marilyn better do something to this guy or I will”… Even Hitler had fans so I’m no amused at Marilyn’s fan base – they’re just like Marilyn. All posers mane.

I really don’t care about this bitch she’s a drug addict. How can she be a master if she has a cocaine addiction?

She’s upset about her past lovers – in other words she is suffering from a broken heart. Meow! What a pussy she is. Continue Reading…

Marilyn Manson Is A Fake

August 17th, 2009


Marilyn Manson is totally losing his mind lately. First he’s threatening the press by saying if anyone writes any bad shit about him or his band he’s going to that certain reporters house. In all reality Marilyn Manson is a cocaine addict and when he decides to stop his bad habit he will become a fat grotesque pig.

Marilyn Manson stole ideas from Trent Reznor and he actually thought he was the inventor. According to Rick James ” Cocaine is a hell of a drug” – just say no Marilyn!

Now Marilyn Manson is at it again. This time Marilyn said he wants to rape Trevor Stmad’s face before he punches him!?!?! For those of you that know Trevor Stmad you most likely know him as the front man for the Metal band The Black Dahlia Murder.  “Nocturnal” is a good album – I listen to it all the time and guess what? I can’t say the same for Marilyn Manson’s new album, “The High End Of Low”, know why? ‘Cuz Marilyn Manson’s new album sucks ass mane.

Even Tren Renzor calls Brian Hugh Warner a.k.a.Marilyn Manson a total weenie. What’s the difference between Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears? They’re both fake. Both Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears are rude little girls…aren’t they?

In other words Marilyn Manson is a total fake rocker he doesn’t know the history of Rock ‘n Roll. If he did he wouldn’t be dissin’ black people. Continue Reading…

Heidi Montag Appears in Playboy Magazine WITH Clothes On. WTF?

August 13th, 2009


Heidi’s Playboy photo spread is coming soon to a news stand near you. Guess what? The critics don’t like it.

They’re saying Heidi is not showing any body parts and the pictures are truly lame. Why are the critics saying this about Heidi?

The critics just wanted to see Heidi’s breast, ass, and vagina … and can you blame them? Word is Heidi did not deliver what the people wanted.

I’ve never bought a Playboy for the “articles” and you’re a shirt-tucking asshole if you’ve ever told someone that.

Isn’t Heidi a Christian? Where is the Christian Coalition on this one? Cat got your tongues?

Anyways Heidi did a good job. Know why? ‘Cuz she got paid mane… Guess who’s orchestrating this whole pimp move? Spencer Pratt. He knows how to get gwop and you guys don’t really wanna call Spencer what he truly is – a pimp. Continue Reading…

Paula Abdul Dissed By Dancing With The Stars Producers

August 11th, 2009


We all know Dancing With The Stars is for the seniors and that’s the reason why your grandparents watch this program. I’ve never seen a episode of this horrible program and I’m proud to say it. Any male caught watching this program is probably gay or being forced by his bitch.

Why won’t the people over at Dancing With the Stars allow Paula Abdul to be a judge on their horrible program? Paula does have talent when it comes to dancing – she did her ten thousand hours of dancing so that makes Paula Abdul a professional dancer. RIGHT? Continue Reading…


August 10th, 2009

Joey caught a critical beat down this weekend and it was not suppose to happen but it did.

Buss this! Raekwon confronted Joey at the Rock The Bells show about all the stuff he’s been saying about Wu Tang Clan.

The rest is simple – Joey just jumped into Raekwon’s fist. Joey is saying there were eight thugs with Raekwon so it was not a fair situation. Joey also said members of Wu Tang Clan forced him to apologized.

I’m sad to report to you all that this is not over. Know why? Joey is on the internet talking about revenge.

Is Joe Budden nuts? Raekwon wasn’t going to say nothing about this incident it was suppose to be a  big secret between him and Joey. The footage of Joey apologizing was suppose to be used as a tool in order to keep Joey’s mouth on a gag order but what did Joe Budden do? He told everybody about it. Know why?

Joe Budden is a fame whore mane. Joey is just like a – stripper he needs attention and guess what?
Joey is walking around with a ice pack on his eye. Ouch!

Doesn’t Joe Budden know the famous classic song “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin To Fuck with”?

-Guru Jacky

Brooke Knows Best? Sells 3,381 Units Of New Album

August 5th, 2009


Brooke Hogan is such a bum; doesn’t this oversize female remind you of a transvestite? She’s so awkward isn’t she? Remember Brooke fell off a stripper pole. What a klutz.

Guess who’s doing business with Brooke Hogan? Russell Simmons. They’re both animal activists and I truly appreciate that but I must wonder if they feel the same pain for the Nike sneaker worker over in China? Or the South African who was exploited by the white European?

Everyone is a animal activist these days and majority are vegans too. Know why? ‘Cuz it’s trendy. But why then on the last episode of Brooke Knows Best does she argue with her roommate about being green? What good are healthy animals if there’s no planet for them to live on!?!?!

Brooke goes so far as to actually purposefully NOT be green to piss off her friend. What a terrible person. Who is managing her? The Hulk? Whoever it is is not doing their fucking job that’s for sure. Continue Reading…

Wendy Williams Tries To Beat The Dinosaurs

August 3rd, 2009


Wendy Williams is retiring from radio and now I’m hearing she really didn’t want to retire but her listeners were disappearing quick! In other words people weren’t listening to Wendy anymore; is anyone listening to the radio? Put it this way – Wendy had an ultimatum: get fired or leave with her head up! Which one do you think she took?

While there may still be a few people listening to stations like KISS FM(a few); no one is listening to talk radio anymore. Ask Howard Stern. Talk radio is like the daily newspapers, it’s just like the CD’s you use to buy, and like the TRL you used to watch on MTV – they have all past their Tipping Point and we really don’t care for them anymore.

Wendy has done radio for 23yrs and according to the Malcom Gladwell’s second book “Outliers”, she has done her “ten thousand hours” in radio meaning Wendy has mastered her craft. Why would she quit you ask? ‘Cuz she needs to concentrate on her television show. She’s lying to you. Continue Reading…

Jacky Takes On The Porn Industry?

August 2nd, 2009

090731_Kloe Kardashian Party_117-watermarked-455

Jenna and I have been discussing an adult film distribution deal for a new arm of HSK – HSK XXX. Continue Reading…

Khloe Kardashian Isn’t A Fan….

August 2nd, 2009

Kloe Kardashian Brittani Senser Premiere

Khloe Kardashian spotted at the Kress Nightclub in Hollywood – she wasn’t very happy to see Jacky….I wonder why?
more pics after the jump Continue Reading…

Jacky’s Fan Club – The Kress Hollywood

August 2nd, 2009

090731_Kloe Kardashian Party_079 (Medium)-watermarked-455

LOTS of pictures after the jump! Continue Reading…



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