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Basketball Wives

Laura Govan Announces Miscarriage Via Instagram

March 6th, 2015

Laura Govan Miscarriage

Former Basketball Wives LA reality star, Laura Govan, took to her instagram to let us know that she has been MIA the last few months because of a miscarriage and the loss of what would have been her fith child.

Govan went on to say that it caused her to go into a deep depression. Continue Reading…

Matt Barnes Tells Gloria Govan “Stop Chasing Diznick”

January 8th, 2015


Los Angeles Clippers forward, Matt Barnes, recently jumped on social media to tell his baby momma, Gloria Govan, to be a better mom, stay off the red carpet and stop flying around the country chasing d*ck. Continue Reading…

Draya Michele Looks To Land Vivid Sex Tape Deal

November 20th, 2014

Draya Michele Vivid Video

HSK Exclusive - The latest news on Draya Michele could mean she’s about to follow in Mimi Faust’s footsteps. Know why? We’re told the Basketball Wives personality is plotting to land a deal with Vivid Entertainment!

“Draya Michele and David Miranda are currently in negotiations to release their sex tape.” Continue Reading…

Draya Sex Tape Clips Go Live…

November 16th, 2014

HSK Exclusive - A video clip of Basketball Wives L.A. cast member, Draya Michelle, giving her ex-boyfriend David Miranda oral sex has finally hit the internet. This, after the pictures, exclusively obtained and published by HSK burned down Twitter the last few days. Continue Reading…

Draya Joins Team Sex Tape!!

November 14th, 2014

Draya Michelle Sex Tape

HSK Exclusive - Draya Michele’s been caught on camera … with a dizz-na-ee all up on her mouth!!! We’re told the X-rated pics are part of a sex tape featuring the Basketball Wives reality star bustin’ it wide open for her former boyfriend, rapper Vain Starrz.

Here’s what TMZ previously reported: Continue Reading…

Draya & Ex-Boyfriend Extorted Over a Sex Tape

November 5th, 2014

David Miranda Draya Michele Sextape

HSK Exclusive - Basketball Wives cast member, Draya Michele Howard, is claiming someone is trying to extort her. Know why? Because, Draya and her ex-boyfriend, David Miranda, made a sex tape in 2012 and someone is now threatening both Howard and Miranda if they don’t pay up the tape will be leaked. Continue Reading…

Draya Michele Accused of Bouncing From Club-Booking & Droppin’ Fag-Bombs

August 15th, 2014


Draya Michelle is at the center of allegations claiming she pulled a straight jack on promoters who reportedly booked her to make an appearance at on West Hollywood Nightclub.

According to a noted ‘hostess at Penthouse Nightclub’… “Draya accepted a $2.5K deposit, was obligated to show and the club lost money when a disappointed crowd simply left the club.”

“When she arrived she looked at the crowd and said she didn’t want to waste her time with fags and dikes.. and left.” Continue Reading…

Draya Says All’s Good W/ Shaunie: “She gave me a chance…”

April 9th, 2014


As word spreads of Draya calling it quits as Basketball Wife — the former video vixen denies claims of her supposedly telling “Shaunie ‘kick rocks’ as she walked off the set”. Continue Reading…

Sundy Carter Confesses She’s Basketball Baby Momma, The Jumpoff NOT The Wife…

March 12th, 2014


Sundy Carter has finally fessed up to having a child for a “MARRIED man.” Shameless Sundy’s social media confession comes well over a year after HSK exclusively confirmed the ‘Basketball Wife’ to really be a Basketball Baby Momma — to Married former NBA player, Larry Hughes. Continue Reading…

Brittish Williams’ Blasted For Boostin’ Love Of Labels-Buyers!

February 20th, 2014


“I never received anything. It was just lie after lie after lie.” -Victim

Brittish Williams may pose as a savvy business woman — but the BBWLA newbie is being put on blast for swindling shoppers out of their paper! Reports reveal the reality star’s ‘Love of Labels’ online clothing store has an “F” rating. Sources say that’s because, “customers have filed more than 30 complaints against the business in the last eight months, alleging extremely slow or non-delivery of items, incorrect orders, poor merchandise quality and problems with customer service.” Continue Reading…

Ochcocinco’s Louboutin’s For Lozada’s Baseball Baby!

December 4th, 2013

Evelyn Lozada Baby Gift from Ochocinco

Basketball, Football & Baseball, Yup! Eve’s Def Covered Sports Fields!

Evelyn Lozada’s unborn baby has been Christened with his/her first pair of Red Bottoms, courtesy of Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson!

This news comes just days after the Basketball Wife reality star announced she’s preggers … suspected to be for a Baseball baby daddy! We’re talking about 32-year-old LA Dodger, Carl Crawford. But that didn’t stop Eve’s 86’ed Ochocinco from making a statement. Continue Reading…

Porsha Pulls Out All The Stops and Kordell Stewart Fires Back!!!

November 19th, 2013

Porsha Stewart vs. Kordell Stewart

War Of The Stewarts Continues ..

It’s getting MESSY between Kordell and Porsha Stewart! Know why? Because the RHOA reality star hasn’t only called Kordell an outright “Queen,” she also revealed he may be the culprit responsible for stealing the anal beads, Kandi Burruss gifted her!!!

“Kordell sent the dress Porsha wore during their wedding reception to her mother’s house in tatters, so Porsha called Kordell “a messy Queen.” Continue Reading…

Tami Roman Keeping Her 15 Minutes Going…

October 2nd, 2013

Tami Roman Spin-Off Series

Basketball Wives personality, Tami Roman, confirms her exit from the reality series, the release of her book, “Mistress 101″ and her spin-off series titled: “The Roman Empire.”

Here is what Tami had to say on Hot97: Continue Reading…

Evelyn Folds BBW Gig After Accused Of Cheating On Chad

September 25th, 2013

Evelyn Lozada Cheated w/ Terrell Owens

“She’s told producers she won’t be returning.”

Somebody cue the violins! Evelyn says she’s leaving the ‘Basketball Wives’ circle — adding no amount of money can change her mind.

Let’s be real here. Evelyn’s proven she does have a price. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams. Continue Reading…

What’s Up With Tami Roman & Her Daughters?

September 17th, 2013

What's Up w/ Tami Roman's Kids

When Ratchet Reality Goes Wrong (not that it ever goes right)…

HSK Exclusive - Last night, Tami Roman took to social media to make an open apology to her teen daughters, Jazz and Lyric — who appear to be at odds with their mother’s Basketball Wife TV status. Continue Reading…

Draya Confirms Brooke Bailey Was Cut From Basketball Wives Cast

September 13th, 2013

Confirmed: Brooke Bailey Cut from BBW

Back on the Stroll!

Draya recently spilled the beans about her relationship (or lack thereof) with her BBW co-star and frenemy, Brooke Bailey. According to Draya, come season 3 of Basketball Wives LA, it’s a wrap for the urban escort. Confirming HSK’s exclusive report of the same on August 24th of this year. Continue Reading…

Stephon Marbury’s Bromance W/ Puffy’s Ex-Chef Rob Exposed!

September 3rd, 2013

Stephon Marbury's Romance w/ Diddy's Chef

“He’s swinging from both sides of the fence.” ~Brendan Haywood, Charlotte Bobcats

Tasha Marbury: Basketball Beard!

HSK Exclusive - We’ve learned the identity of the REAL Chef Stephon and Tasha Marbury don’t want you to know about, which could mean the four-years gone overseas “Basketball Husband” payed off chef Thurayyah Mitchell to help him cover-up his tracks. Know why? Sources say when the REAL chef — who Stephon Marbury was bromancing — left Puffy’s umbrella, his NBA associates started to talk. That’s said to have been the reason why a 32-year-old Marbury decided to flee to China. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Brendan Hayward. Continue Reading…

Basketball Wives L.A. Makes 4th Season … Without Brooke & Gloria

August 24th, 2013


Scoring Overtime?


HSK Exclusive - We’re getting word that producers of Basketball Wives L.A. are making tracking blog reports their top priority. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Sundy Carter, whose countdown as begun to her official mark as a Basketball Wife.

Sources say that would be after Evelyn and Co’s season wraps. We’ve learned Basketball Wives L.A. is set to return to fill the Miami Basketball Wives’ time slot. Continue Reading…

Tami Roman Puts On Her Pimp Hat: Mom’s Passing, Pharse-Coinin’ Inc.!

August 20th, 2013

Tami Roman Exposed

Three-Point Shooter?

HSK Exclusive - For Tami Roman, last night’s 5th season opener of ‘Basketball Wives’ marked much more than just the beginning of another VH1 season.

That’s because the ‘Single Mother of 2′ reality star simultaneously launched her blog, her t-shirt line, and the end of her 17-year friendship with Shauna Tisdale … while breaking her silence over her mother’s July 23rd death for … the first time. Continue Reading…

Is Evelyn Lozada The Real Head-Butter? Ochocinco Says Yes!

August 19th, 2013

Chad Johnson Now Blames Evelyn

“I’m covering the story for her no matter what. No matter what. Whether it’s my fault or her fault. Whether she antagonized me. Whether she pushed my buttons. You know what? You’re right. Period.” ~Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson says the only thing he’s guilty of is covering up for Evelyn Lozada, who he says is the real head-butter. Continue Reading…



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