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Ask Jacky

Ask Jacky… Is HSK Homophobic?

April 5th, 2012

Homophobia Defined

Hello Jacky,

You come across at your site as very homophobic. Why is that?

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Who Are the Industry’s DL Rappers?

April 4th, 2012

Straight Celebrities Revealed

HSK reader, Shay had this question for yours truly:

Hi Jacky,

Not that I would ever f*ck anybody in the entertainment industry…but my question is who are the DL rappers in the industry?


Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Who Ever Said We Are a Post Racism Society

April 4th, 2012


Hey Jacky,

I’m a fan of your site & a frequent reader. I’m hitting you up to ask have you heard about the racial controversy surrounding the release of the movie The Hunger Games? The movie is based on a book series, and upon release there was a big backlash from fans complaining about the abundance of blacks in the film.

It was posts all over the internet and twitter of people complaining how some of the characters being black ruined the movie, even though the author of the book has said that she described these characters in the book as people of color. Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Is Ray J Using Raffles Van Exel as a Scapegoat?

March 28th, 2012

Raffles is Ray J's Scapegoat

Hi jacky,

I’ve been a long time lurker on your site and love what you do.

I’m curious to know why now there is so much info being reported on Raffles van Exel. Do you think that Ray J has paid someone to do damage control because he was originally the person blamed for Whitney’s recent drug use?

I also heard Ray J used to contact the paparazzi when he was with her for the publicity and to increase his celebrity. Do you think he has successfully deflected the negative press from himself to van Exel?

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Is it True that Jennifer Lopez Practices Witchcraft?

March 27th, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Witchcraft

Hey Jacky,

I heard rumors that JLO practices witchcraft. Is that true?


Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Why Did MTO Report Ghostface Killah’s Son is Gay?

March 26th, 2012

Ask Jacky - About MediaTakeout

Hey Jackie,

I’m a big fan of your blog.. Came across it last year and I’ve been hooked since.. I’ve noticed that of late mediatakeout.com has been taking yours stories and running wit em as if they’re breaking the news, when I’ve read the story from you a day or 2 before.. The latest one being the katt stacks story. Jus wanted to know if you had some dirt on the ppl at story stealing mto.com.. Thanks for you time.. And keep doin what you doin mane..! Your blog is the shit.. ***

Also, they recently put up a story of ghostface killa’s son, but pulled it soon after and said it never should have been put up and the writer was fired for it.. Any clue as to what the story was..? I believe the child was a minor and that’s why they deaded the story.

Once again, thanks for your time.. And keep doin ya thing mane..

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Did You Know Etterlene DeBarge Sells Stories To The Press?

March 23rd, 2012

Hi Jacky,

In reply to your story about  the arrest of James DeBarge isn’t true. He did not get arrested for what is been claimed. The real matter is that James’s own mother Mrs. DeBarge got James thrown in Jail to keep him from doing the “National Enquirer ” interview that Mama D later did herself. She wanted to gain money so she went and did a made up interview claiming Omer Bhatti to be the real Son of James & Janet which isn’t true either.

The Real Truth is a girl in 2009 already contacted Mrs.DeBarge about her Being Janet’s daughter & her wanting a DNA Ttest w/James, however Ms. DeBarge hasn’t told the truth about being contacted by her potential GRAND-DAUGHTER in 2009 .

All of this is from what I know. Not saying who I am but I will say Mrs. D is trying to keep her son from getting money and never told James that a girl contacted her .

Why can’t she just tell the truth – ITS A GRAND-DAUGHTER NOT OMER BHATTI .

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Can You Get Some Dirt on Beyonce?

March 22nd, 2012

Dirt on Beyonce?


Can you get some dirt on beyonce. I just looked at your article on debarge and someone posted a comment and said Jay Z dates hoes, even the one he’s married to. Don’t believe me ask Kobe.

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Is Sharon Osbourne Racist?

March 21st, 2012

Sharon Osbourne Racist?

Ah Jacky,

I know you might not watch the view, I dont either, but have you heard anything about Sharon Osbourne having that chick fired for being “too ghetto?” Or about her and Holly Peete getting into a scuffle backstage?


Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Is RHOA Phaedra Parks a Criminal Mastermind

March 16th, 2012

Ok Jacky,

Will you please do some research and get us the real information on whether or not Phaedra Parks is a true criminal or not?

Most of the blogs based in Atlanta seemed to be too scared or too up her ass to even write an unbiased story about it! Stankin scared azz puzzies!


Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… What Happened to DeVante Swing?

March 13th, 2012

Devabte Swing Update


Just wondered what ever happened to Davonte Swing? Can you give us and update?


Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Carmelo Anthony Caught Tricking?

March 12th, 2012



Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Is Rashard Lewis Bisexual?

March 9th, 2012

Is Rashard Lewis Bi Sexual


I am reading your article about Rashard Lewis and Rihanna. It is a tad old I know but I KNOW for a fact that Rashard Lewis Bi-sexual.

He used to mess with a friend of mine and saw them together after games. They don’t go way back, he is not from his home town or anything, they met at a function and began a friendship. He would hang out with him at his hotel room and also go visit him for home games in Orlando frequently. He would bring girls with him to play it off but RL is bi-sexual.

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Was Whitney Houston Murdered?

March 6th, 2012

Was Whitney Houston Murdered

What is this new speculation that Whitney Houston was pregnant and murdered by a a hit man for not paying this so called 1.5 million to the drug dealers she owed?

Jacky do you know if this is accurate information or is it just bull?

Also, what’s up with Oprah landing Bobby Kris interview for her new show. Everyone always trying to gain a dollar. I surely dont trust any of them not even the family. They need to leave the girl alone, she just had a birthday yesterday without her mother, I feel for her.

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Want Justice For Sophia Stewart?

March 5th, 2012

Hey Jacky,

I don’t know if you’re aware of, or have done a story on Sophia Stewart, but she is the Black woman who is dubbed the Mother of the Matrix. She is the one who actually wrote both movies The Matrix, and The Terminator.

When I first heard about her, I heard how she was shopping her screenplay around Hollywood, and the Wachowski brothers got their hands on it, and penned it as their own.

She eventually many years later, got them in court and won, but not full compensation, or accolades. Hollywood still refuse to give her due recognition.

On her website (Truth About Matrix) she has all of the legal and trademark documents to share with the world to validate what she is saying.

Let it be known Jacky. Thanks, she needs all of the support she can get.

Jacky’s Answer Here



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