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Ask Jacky… Why Did Tami Roman Delete Her Twitter Account?

May 17th, 2012

Ask Jacky... Tami Roman


Can you believe Tammi Roman deleted her twitter account? Guess she wasn’t about that life after all. Statistics show that there are six different types of bullying: Physical, Verbal, Indirect, Social Alienation, intimidation – and last, Cyber Bullying.

Tammi apparently could not take the cyber bullying (lol). Jacky, she better be prepared when she come to New York for her club appearances. Someone is going show her…what that life is really about!!!

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Ask Jacky… Did Stevie Wonder Fall Victim to Incest Extortion Plot?

May 14th, 2012

Stevie Wonder Extortion


Did Stevie Wonder have a son, named Alpha, with his sister? I heard he tried to extort Stevie, and was made to sign a document (which secretly included a clause denying that he was a child of incest) during a sting.

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Ask Jacky… Does Pilar Sanders have a History of Violence Against Men

May 11th, 2012

Pilar Sanders Abusive Past
A credible HSK ally is exposing Pilar Sanders as a man-beater! It’s information which her husband Deion Sanders may be interested in learning. Know why? Because Deion and Pilar Sanders are currently going through an epic divorce. Don’t believe me.. Ask Dee Boswell.

Here’s the shocking email which points to Pilar Saunders as a being violent women:

“So this Pilar and Deion Sanders mess is ridiculous. I knew her from college, she went to Syracuse University. She was a very pretty girl, nice, but of course only dated the top athletes. I told my cousin, who played on the football team, “I just met a real cool girl named Pilar”. He told me, “She’s crazy”. Of course I asked why. She apparently had just knocked her then boyfriend, Sir Mawn (aka Jason) Wilson in the head with an iron following an argument they had about him possibly cheating on her. Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Is LB3 Really Myra Panache?

May 10th, 2012

Myra Panache's HSK  Mole

ATTENTION: Mr. Jacky Jasper

First of all interesting cup of tea for today. It was (just like all of your exclusives) worth the read.

I wanted to let you know, since LB3 is in such a joking mood. I have some very interesting information for you.

The one you see as LB3 on your comments board just happens to work for another blogsite.

Which blogsite you may ask, well Im going to get to that.

I don’t know if you seen it, but I commented on one of your articles it was the “Jamie Foxx & Tyrese Gibson Hire Henchmen to Attack Jacky Jasper!”. And I just so happened to get involved with an easy rebuttal with LB3 on that Jamie Foxx/Tyrese article. Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Claudia Jordan is Desperate!

May 9th, 2012

Claudia Jordan is Desperate

Dear Jacky,

Just wanted you to know that Claudia Jordan definitely was soliciting her twitter followers to donate money to her internet show Reach Around Radio claiming that they do not get paid to do the show.

She erased a few of the tweets but I was able to find one. See above. One of the tweets was posted on April 24th, 2012. I found it kind of weird that a woman who brags a lot and insults people all the time on twitter would have the audacity to ask for money over twitter. Smh.

Ask Jacky… Is Claudia Jordan Soliciting Money from Her Twitter Followers?

May 8th, 2012

Claudia Jordan is a Bum

Hey Jacky,

Why is Claudia Jordan soliciting her twitter followers to make donations to her bootlegged internet radio show Reach Around Radio??? SMFH. She is asking her followers on twitter to donate money to her radio show because they don’t get paid for doing their radio show and they need money for gas to drive to work everyday since gas is almost $5 a gallon.

I mean Geez what a BUM BITCH. What happened to her money she “claims” she made or all the sponsors she once had? Guess it must be hard turning 40 years old. If you don’t believe me, here is one of her tweets below that proves it. She is really taking advantage of her twitter followers and should be kick off twitter for this madness. Just pure sad!

@claudiajordan Thanks to the RAR fans who donated to the show on the Paypal. We see you and we appreciate the support! xoxo!

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Did You Burn Yourself on this Tea?

May 3rd, 2012

Pipping Hot Atlanta Tea

I received an email today from a tipster throwing celebrities under the bus and guess what–I’m going to narrate you through the email, so sit back, grab a cup and let Jacky serve you some Hollywood tea.

Here’s the part of the email where the tiptser tells us… Clifford “T.I.” Harris’s wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle had a pimp name AJ:

Hey Jacky – I wanted to know if you could confirm some info I received on Kandi Buruss and Tameka Tiny Cottle . Well the word on the streets of Atlanta Georgia is that Kandi’s ex fiance Ashkey “AJ” Jewell was a pimp and was tricking money out of T.I”s wife Tiny.

Here’s the part of the email where the tipster tells us…Kandi Burruss is a bisexual female, who had sex with Jermaine Dupri when she was 16 years old: Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Do You Want to Buy Nude Photos of Cheyenne Kidd

May 3rd, 2012

Cheyenne Kidd Nude Photos

I got some nude photos of Jason kidds daughter, how much you you gone give for them?

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… What Do You Know About F. Gary Gray?

May 1st, 2012

F Gary Gray Gossip


You obviously have someone on the inside of Jamie Foxx’s camp, because you know every move that dude make.

I’m wondering if you have any info on F. Gary Gray, who happens to be good friends with Jamie and Tyrese too. I hear whispers but nothing concrete.

Word is he’s reclusive and extremely private. Visitors to his ranch sign papers to keep quiet.

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Did You Know This About Michael Jackson?

April 30th, 2012

Was Michael Jackson a Nazi Sympathizer

Hey Jacky,

I thought you might want to read this article. I don’t no how allegedly true this is, but here is some tea on Micheal Jackson and Whitney.

Published: Today at 00:15
The Sun revealed the sensational love of Michael Jackson’s life – a woman he yearned for until his death.

Jacko had a secret fling with Whitney Houston at the peak of her fame and even dreamed of MARRYING her.

He fell in love with the diva after a series of romps at his Neverland ranch — and never got over her when she ended it. Continue Reading…



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