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HSK Exclusive

Kanye’s Multi-Million Dollar Bank Job Exposed!

March 31st, 2014

Kanye Broke

Curve Ball’in!!!

HSK Exclusive - An insider is putting Kanye on blast for allegedly filing bankruptcy over a loan he took out, on an event that he didn’t pay for!

We’re talking about Kanye’s made-for-E! TV proposal to Kim K, reported to have cost a FORTUNE! From the details we’ve gathered, it’s looking like the lyricist could have used his E! proposal as a curve ball to land a loan! Continue Reading…

Snoop Dogg’s Back @ Floss’in Girly Nails…

March 28th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - Seems like Snoop is proud of those $400 dollar girly-nails that he’s apparently added to his routine. The Dogg Pounder recently took it back to IG.. floss’in a brand new set of dem nails — complete with bling!

Peep the pic: Continue Reading…

T.I. & Evan Ross’ Bromance Affair Xposed!!!

March 28th, 2014

T.I. & Evan Ross Bromance

HSK Exclusive - Does T.I. Harris share a secret smash affair with Evan Ross? That’s the word we’re getting.

According to our tipster.. not only does TroubleMan’s track record include a bromance affair with Diana Ross’ then-17-year-old son, T.I. (said to be 25, at the time), he may have been following industry orders — delivered straight from the top! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Clive Davis. Continue Reading…

Bu Thiam Blasted For Beating On Tracee Ross!

March 27th, 2014

Bu Thiam Beat Tracee Ellis Ross

It’s a Kanye Former Affair…

HSK Exclusive - Not only is Bu Thaim being put on blast for beating on Tracee Ellis Ross, Kanye West is said to be the driving force of Bu Thaim’s reported rage on his ex-woman! We’re told that’s why Bu and Tracee parted ways, last year.

“Bu Thiam was jealous because Tracee Ross is still in love with Kanye West.Continue Reading…

Ray J Bamboozled A Sista For His Own Benefit!

March 27th, 2014

Ray J Bamboozles Girl

HSK Exclusive – The heat Ray J caught from his ‘Planet of the apes’ IG ‘attack’ may have been exactly what Mr. ‘I Hit It First’ was looking for. Know why? According to our insider.. Ray J’s camp is secretly in the process of pitching his new TV show to the networks.

We’re told the ‘Planet pub-play’ worked like a charm, the minute Ray J’s name made the headlines. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Tina Chastang. Continue Reading…

Chief Keef’s Lawyer Insists Strapped MC “Was Not The Shooter”

March 27th, 2014


“The shooting victim is in ICU.” -Northfield PD

Chief Keef’s defense attorney has issued a public statement placing the rapper — real name, Keith Cozart — at the scene of the shooting crime. But the lawyer says Chief Keef “was not the shooter.” This, after reports reveal WGN-TV received a call “from someone who said ‘Chief Keef shot me.’ Continue Reading…

Mary J Blige Betting On Vegas Gig For 2015

March 27th, 2014

Mary J Blige Vegas Gig

HSK Exclusive - Word, straight from the streets of Sin City… backed by an industry insider… has Mary J Blige taking over as Planet Hollywood’s headliner, next year. According to our tipster, Axis Arena would be the Planet Hollywood stage that Mary will be calling her own.. once a contract officiates the deal.

Here’s the drop: Continue Reading…

Jay Z & Bey’s Cold Play Told: Chris Martin Got 99-Problems Cuz Gwyneth Got Bumped!

March 26th, 2014


HSK Exclusive – Jay Z and Beyonce are being outed as the smashing secrets behind door number of Gwyneth Paltrow’s split from her rock star husband! According to our source, this ain’t nothing new. Know why? We’re told Gwyneth landed the leading role as The Carters’ threesome smash partner.. about a year ago.. after Hova and Queen of the Beyhive straight bumped the ten-year-married actress from Chris Martin. Continue Reading…

Erica Dixon Keeps Scrappy & Momma Dee’s Bizz-Na-EE Beef On Lock!

March 26th, 2014


Momma’s The Word?

HSK Exclusive - A source tells us… Momma Dee has stripped Scrappy of his Prince crown, ordering dude to step from her castle. That’s said to be the reason why Scrappy is now back at Erica Dixon’s spizz-na-ee.

The LHHATL ‘single mother’ does seem to have ‘that glow’, but she isn’t exactly telling what’s really going on behind her closed doors. Insiders say that’s because Erica’s keeping it all Scrappy and Mirrors. Continue Reading…

El DeBarge’s Baby Momma Monica Peyton Smashing Singer’s 20-Year-Old Son!!!

March 24th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - The mother of El DeBarge’s youngest sons, Noah and Nicholas, is being exposed for secretly smashing the legendary singer’s 20-year-old son!!! We’re talking about Sabastian ‘Tian’ McKissack, who HSK was the first to report Pebbles’ lovechild with El DeBarge.

Though we can’t confirm exactly how long El’s messy baby momma, Monica Peyton, has been diddling Tian — we can tell you Sabastian recently told her ratchet azz to step!!! Continue Reading…



HSK Exclusive


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