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Diddy Continues W/ After Party After Bullets Bring Down ‘Charlotte Takeover’

March 3rd, 2014


“Really? And these are the people ya’ll continue to support. Not even a prayer post. WE all know he got low real quick.”

HSK Exclusive - Open gunfire ringing through Diddy’s over-the-weekend ‘Charlotte Takeover’ didn’t stop the Bad Boy from taking the turn-up to his Ciroc ‘after party.’ That’s after the shooting reportedly left two-people with bullets in their legs, and several attendees injured from the stampede of panicked party goers scrambling to get out of the building. Continue Reading…

Peter J. Nygård Exposed Doctoring Death To Cheat Death!

February 28th, 2014

Nygards God Complex

“Ponce de Leon had the right idea, he was just too early. That was then, this is now.” ~Peter Nygård, “The Bahamas Stem Cell Laws: The Peter Nygard Breakthrough”

HSK Exclusive - Is Peter Nygård plotting to cheat his own death? The 71-year-old retail clothing giant hasn’t exactly remained tight-lipped over his Bahamian government-backed ‘stem cell study’ — supposedly surrounding embryonic stem cells he says “would go to waste” if they weren’t used in his Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer [SCNT], commonly known as cloning. “This, perhaps, is immortality,” Nygård explains. “Can you imagine that? In a petri-dish, that is me before I was born… Scientific fact!” Continue Reading…

Peter Nygård’s Sadist Wrath Caught On Camera!

February 27th, 2014

Proof Peter Nygard Abuses Staff @ Nygard Cay

It’s NOT Better In The Bahamas If Nygård’s Around (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)…

HSK Exclusive - If you think you have a horrible boss, count yourself lucky you’ve never worked for Peter Nygård. Know why? Not only can we confirm the deviant billionaire clothing tycoon is a Sadist of a man who seems to delight himself on humiliating employees — HSK has also exclusively obtained video footage featuring Peter Nygård and his crazed antics in action!!!

For the very first time the world gets a glimpse of Nygård’s “workplace bullying and harassment,” reported by ‘The Fifth Estate’ back in 2010. But hearing the troublesome stories from Nygård’s ex-employees, and seeing exactly what they were talking about, are two completely different experiences. Continue Reading…

Fashion Tycoon Peter Nygård Paid $10K To Make Scat Video To Go Away!

February 25th, 2014

Peter Nygard Scat Scandal

- Text Messages & Video Confirm Fashion Finn’s Infamous Feces Fetish –

HSK Exclusive - It’s been over two-years since we broke word of Peter Nygård’s infamous sexual fetishism for feces. You’ll recall… back in February 2012, HSK exclusively learned a pair of now-famous females — one former Baywatch blondie, and a Vogue Magazine iconic Black beauty — are not only ex-members of Nygård’s reported harem, they’re also said to have served the billionaire up with scat services!

“Pam was getting $38,000 a month,” a source previously revealed. “Beverly Johnson was getting sponsored by Peter too, but I don’t know how much.”

Now… we’ve got evidence proving the Canadian-based retail giant’s freaky fetish for feces!! Continue Reading…

Breezy’s Got 99 Problems & Tina Davis Is Number 1…

February 24th, 2014


We’re re-hatching this troubling news of Breezy being victimized as a teen for one reason, and one reason only: To expose his abuser, ex-manager/ex-pimp Tina Davis. Know why? Because while many have no problem with calling Chris “crazy” — often citing his beef with RiRi that’s got 2009 grey hairs on it — those same people are the ones who conveniently forget Tina Davis, who is more than 20–years older than the singer, sexually abused him, “since she met him at Chris tender age of 16!” And that news broke more than two-years after Chris’ clash with Rihanna! Continue Reading…

Kim Kardashian’s Porn Star Side Chic Revealed!

February 24th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - Kim Kardashian’s seems to finally be gettin’ in where she fits in! Know why? A tipster exclusively tells us the identity of Kim’s side chic, who happens to be a porn star! According to our insider Kim has since moved her secret girlfriend into a Sherman Oaks spot, “so they could be closer to each other.”

We’re talking about 31 year old porn star Courtney “Sherri Littleton” Divine, who Kimmy’s said to have first hooked up with at a party. “They instantly connected over a few drinks and laughs,” says the source. ” Kim left the party with Courtney in tow and the pair were missing for two days. Know why, Jacky? Continue Reading…

El DeBarge’s Mother Pens Open Letter To HSK Re: Tian McKissack

February 21st, 2014


“Yes, Perri is his mother but he is telling a bold faced lie about his dad.” -Etterlene Debarge

HSK Exclusive - It’s been about three-months since Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid’s lovechild told HSK, “My father wasn’t a drug dealer, he was a pediatrician. He passed away last year.” That’s exactly why El DeBarge’s mother contacted us to tell her side of the story, confirming our exclusive report: El Debarge is Tian McKissack’s dad and Perri “Pebbles” Reid his mother.

Here’s what Etterlene DeBarge writes: Continue Reading…

Birdman’s Love For Kimora Lee Simmons!!!

February 18th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams, professed love for Kimora Lee Simmons is nothing new. We’re told the pair have ‘secretly dated for years. According to our tipster… as far back as when Kimora had a child for ex-husband Djimon Hounsou, a situation said to have left Birdman heart-broken. Know why? He’s said to have wanted to have a child with Kimora.

Sources say Kimora Lee Simmons is a St. Louis, hood-rat, who has a fetish for street dudes. We’re told before she became Birdman’s private joy, she was tricking on Fabolous. Continue Reading…

Move Over Mena: Rich Dollaz & Jhonni Blaze Are Smashing Now!

February 18th, 2014

Rich Dollaz Jhonni Blaze Sex Tape

HSK Exclusive - A tipster exclusively tells us Rich Dollaz and Jhonni Blaze are smashing! You may remember Jhonni Blaze as the H-Town stripper who Drake and RiRi tricked off 17-Rack$ on. Now, we’re told Jhonni Blaze could be the newest cast member of LHHNY, when the next season airs! Continue Reading…

Cynthia Bailey Sets The Peter & Apollo Record Straight!

February 18th, 2014

Apollo Nida & Peter Thomas Affair

Over the weekend.. Cynthia Bailey spoke out to deny word of Peter Thomas’ alleged involvement in Apollo’s affairs!

The RHOA’s word appears to coincide with court docs. According to filings with the Georgia Secretary of State, Thomas and Nida had no official business links. Continue Reading…



HSK Exclusive


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