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Lark Voorhies: Drug Binges & Depression Spark Skin Disorder?

May 5th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - Recent pics of Lark Voorhies have the industry buzzing with speculation of actress experiencing a “foundation fail”, after she pulled through to the Hollywood premiere of “Where We Started”, Friday. But according to one top Beverly Hills dermatologist that’s far from the deal.. revealing the 40-year-old “Saved By The Bell” star appears to suffer from a skin condition known as Melasma. Continue Reading…

Topic Trending: Michelle Obama’s Dating Advice

May 5th, 2014


“Don’t look at the bankbook or the title.” ~Michelle Obama

HSK Exclusive - Nearly four-and-a-half years after Michelle Obama first checked the ‘gold-digger’, the ‘side chick’ and ‘the home wreckers’ — her November 2009 advice for single women is trending on IG. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Katie Couric. Continue Reading…

Pimp Momma Kris Set To Collect Trap From Kim & Kanye’s Wedding!

May 2nd, 2014


HSK Exclusive - It’s expected to be a profitable weekend for Kris Jenner — who Kanye will officially call his Mother-in-Law, come Saturday’s ceremony. An insider tells HSK, “Kris Jenner organized the entire event.”

Though Kris has at least one marital union she’s officiated under her belt (Just ask Pastor Brad), she won’t be doing the same for Kim and Kanye. But one thing’s for sure… Kris will be collecting 10-percent of the monetary offerings from Kim and Kanye’s wedding guests, according to our source. Continue Reading…

Supperclub Security Mashed On Special Guests To Future’s Album Release Party!

May 1st, 2014


EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: The streets of LA are buzzing with word of the violent beat-down that went down behind Hollywood’s Supperclub, last night. TMZ reported an assumption, publishing, “…the security team pummeled the club rejects into bloody messes.”

HSK confirms those supposed “club rejects” to be anything but! Know why? They are some of LA’s most respected on these streets! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Game. Continue Reading…

MC Shan Keeps All His Daughters Packin’!

May 1st, 2014

MC Shan vs HSK

“Sh*t I got my 17-year-old daughter a pink AR 15!” ~MC Shan

HSK Exclusive - MC Shan is sticking to his guns.. LITERALLY! Despite catching some social media heat after his post featuring an image of his young daughter handling an assault rifle, dude doesn’t only see no problem with that picture — he’s reveals he’s got plans to take the youngster to a shooting range.

Here’s what MC Shan put on blast: Continue Reading…

Do Cali’s Wiretapping Laws Give Donald Sterling The Juice?

April 30th, 2014


“…the invasion of privacy resulting from the continual and increasing use of such devices and techniques has created a serious threat to the free exercise of personal liberties and cannot be tolerated in a free and civilized society.” ~CA Penal Code, Section 630-638

HSK Exclusive - The NBA may have publicly announced Donald Sterling’s “impending punishment” — during yesterday’s now-historical press conference — but sources say the racist at the center of it all “has not been official notified.” “I just spoke with Donald Sterling on the telephone,” Jim Gray reports. “He is unaware of what is going to happen to him. He has not been notified.” Continue Reading…

Details Of The Daughter Janet Jackson Fails To Claim!

April 29th, 2014

Janet Jackson's Long Lost Daughter

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the true identity of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge’s biological daughter!!!

Reports from other media outlets either pegged Janet’s teen-pregnancy as nothing more than rumor, while others named the now-grown woman “Renee”… both of which are FALSELY reported details. Continue Reading…

V Stiviano’s Past W/ The American Pimp Don ‘Magic’ Juan

April 29th, 2014

Pim Don Juan & V Stiviano

HSK Exclusive - Long before she found a rest haven in Donald Sterling’s world, V. Stiviano was a working girl… givin’ up ALL of her trap to The Godfather of Pimping: Don ‘Magic’ Juan.

According to our OG insider, V. Stiviano and her entire crew are all working girls. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Matt Kemp. Continue Reading…

Stiviano’s Ex-Associate Set To Sue TMZ Over Donald Sterling Report!

April 28th, 2014


Her HomeGirls Jump Ship Amidst Alleged Extortion Plot…

HSK Exclusive - A former close associate to V. Stiviano says “TMZ will be hearing from my lawyers within the next 48-hours.” According to Rachel Rodriguez [she's the woman featured in that now-infamous Magic Johnson image], TMZ concocted a story to coincide with V. Stiviano’s recorded telephone conversation with Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. Continue Reading…

Jacky Jasper Puts Karlie Redd In Her Place!

April 28th, 2014


Karlie Redd had a whole lot to Tweet about Jacky last night. Not only did this washed up heaux straight disrespect a playa [from behind her computer], this never-was, never has-been also had the audacity to make this outrageous claim, “I have a pic of you sucking d*ick”. It’s a post Karlie ‘Lyin’ Fake Azz’ Redd has since deleted from her BS profile. Know why? Because she recognized she pulled that BS on the wrong dude! Continue Reading…

Is Prince Movin’ 2 Bump Pharrell 4 New Prada Generation?

April 28th, 2014


HSK Exclusive – If Pharrell picks up the NPG game Prince is puttin’ down, the Billionaire Boys Club’er could get the chance to walk in the Purple icon’s shoes! Don’t believe me.. Just ask ZùTotò.

That could mean shelving that Arby’s hat. Know why? We’ve learned Purple Love is being fused into Prada. Back in 2011, it was Versace that gained Prince’s purple touch — when the Versace’s Medusa logo was fused into Prince’s Symbol of Love. Just ask Donatella. Continue Reading…

Aussie Promoter Patrick Whyntie Xposed Plot For Xzibit’s Paper!

April 25th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - A string of LIES are being spun on Xzibit, as that video-gone-viral continues to spread. Various news outlets and online sites are reporting transportation issues as what led Xzibit to set it off — which couldn’t be further from the truth! Continue Reading…

Red Flags Raised Over Lil Boosie’s Early Release From The Penn…

April 24th, 2014

Lil Boosie Snitch

HSK Exclusive - We’ve uncovered what could be questionable details surrounding Boosie’s recent release from the tank. From what we’ve gathered, those details seem to add up to Torrence ‘Boosie’ Hatch — a repeat offender — as a singerrrr, rather than a rapper! Just ask District Attorney Hillar Moore.

Lil Boosie’s lawyers subpoenaed Michael Louding to testify on Lil Boosie’s behalf after repeatedly trying to get Louding on the stand.” Continue Reading…

Kris Jenner’s Ratchet Voicemail From Enraged Sister Leaked! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

April 23rd, 2014

Kris Jenner Sister Voicemail

Klash Of The Kardashian Sisters!

HSK Exclusive - Get ready for the next level of RRRatchet!!!

A set of vicious voice mails, surrounding Kris Jenner, just landed in our office! The audio features the voice of Kris’ younger sister, Karen Houghton.. and let’s just say lil sis may wanna consider picking up an anger management.. or etiquette class.. or BOTH. Know why? Not only does Karen Houghton prove to be a grown azz woman who can’t control her temper, let alone bite her curse-ridden tongue… she’s obviously anything but happy with Kris Jenner’s abundance in “trash money.” Continue Reading…

Ex-Whore Wrangler Exposes Peter Nygård as a RACIST & SADIST!

April 23rd, 2014

Peter Nygard is a Racist Sadist

“He gives the whites more… and the blacks… they have to say that they are ‘owned dirty black sluts.’”

HSK Exclusive - A Bahamian bombshell — who’s chosen to remain anonymous — has surfaced with graphic details of decadence and debauchery, longtime covered-up happenings at Nygård Cay. That would be Peter Nygård’s Bahamian island, notoriously known as the clothing tycoon’s “tropical Fort Knox”. We broke the story first, possibly leading the woman — a self-confessed ex-employee to Peter Nygård, to break her silence. Continue Reading…



HSK Exclusive


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