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Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair

Tim Dog Wanted In Mississippi, Dead Or Alive!

May 22nd, 2013

Tim Dog Wanted Dead or Alive

“If Tim Dog is alive, he’s pulling off the greatest scam ever in the history of Hip Hop. And if he’s alive, he’s also going to jail. I need proof.” ~Hernando, Mississippi Prosecutor Steven Jubera

A Mississippi judge has issued an arrest warrant for Tim Dog, suspecting the supposedly deceased rapper of pulling a ghost over the $19K he reportedly owes in restitution to one of his scam victims.

This news comes a little more than three months after RollingStone reported Timothy ‘Tim Dog’ Blair was dead, following a seizure and a long battle with diabetes. Prosecutors in Mississippi say they aren’t believing that for one minute. Know why? Because as we previously reported there’s no record of the ‘Fuck Compton’ rapper’s death. Continue Reading…

Did Tim Dog Fake His Death?

May 16th, 2013

HSK Exclusive - Tim Dog is reported to have passed away on February 14th 2013, but did he really die? That’s the question a number of news outlets — including NBC and CBS — are reportedly investigating, said to be suspicious that the rapper may have faked his own death. You may remember that back in February Rolling Stone Magazine broke the news that Tim Dog had passed away from complications of diabetes.

Sources tell us despite what’s being reported, there’s no death certificate confirming the death of Timothy ‘Tim Dog’ Blair. Now, we’re told officials are looking into the financial actions of the rapper’s wife and children. Know why? Because they want to know if Tim Dog’s immediate relatives are receiving social security from the lyricist’s reported death. Continue Reading…

Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair Is Dead!

February 14th, 2013

Rapper Tim Dog is Dead

HSK Exclusive - Compton and MC Eiht are having a party tonight. Know why? Because, Bronx rapper and Kool Keith’s bestie, Tim Dog checked out today from a seizure following a lengthy battle with diabetes. He was 46 years old.

In 2011, Tim Dog pled guilty to grand larceny for swindling a woman out of $32,000 in an online dating scam, a scandal broken and covered extensively Hollywood Street King (here), and was later featured on an episode of Dateline NBC. He was sentenced to five years’ probation. Continue Reading…

Jokes: Watch Tim Dog Pull the Race Card in Dateline Interview

June 19th, 2012

For those that missed it, Tim Dog was also caught on a hidden camera sting operation which captures some of his gorilla pimping techniques in all their glory. Continue Reading…

Jacky Jasper / Hollywood Street King as Seen on Dateline NBC

June 18th, 2012

If you missed the full Tim Dog Dateline episode: “The Perfect Catch”, you can view it online HERE! for free Continue Reading…

Tim Dog Targets Nas and Mary J in Latest Scam

June 17th, 2012

Mary J Booking Scam

HSK Exclusive - Over the last five or six years, Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair has been keeping himself busy as a successful conman. Know why? Because Tim Dog wasn’t only swindling women out of their life savings, he was also running a crooked booking agency called “Big City Entertainment”.

Now, HSK has documents that prove Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair’s company “Big City Entertainment” was in conjunction with another illegal booking agency “GME” – to sell to promoters, concert performances that would NEVER take place. Tim Blair profited hundreds of thousands of dollars (as documented below), while at the same time ruining the reputation for the artists he falsely claimed to be representing in the Australian territory.

Tim Dog managed all of this, right from his Atlanta Peachtree apartment, in a city surrounded by his artist victims. Continue Reading…

Jacky Reports on Dateline NBC – June 15, 2012

June 15th, 2012

Jacky Jasper - Dateline NBC

Update: “The Perfect Catch” airs TONIGHT, June 15, 2012 on NBC (9pm eastern / 8pm central)


HSK Exclusive - Watch as Jacky Jasper sits down with Dateline NBC’s Dennis Murphy to talk about Tim Dog’s Casanova scam on a string of female victims! Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Former Employee Of Tim Dog Speaks!

June 7th, 2012

Tim Dog Former Employee Speaks

Hey Jacky,

Thanks for posting the articles on Tim Dog

I used to “work for him” way back when. Seems I was lucky in a lot of respects. I met / knew his girlfriend/wife who was pregnant by him at the time and only worked ridiculous hours… he wanted me to organize tours for him and other US artists… Claimed he knew Mary J Blige and had tons of mental tricks up his sleeve… guess I was lucky to be broke at the time… not much he could take that was mine. although they wrecked my car…

Anyway… his German distribution company was also looking to sue him then, so if you have any details on where he can be found, I am sure they would love to pursue this as well…

Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch Dateline on Friday, but I bet a lot of women will appear out of the wood works. Just concerned that him and Vanessa (that’s what she called herself back then) pocketed the money and put it in her name…

Anyway… please keep me posted…

Thanks and best regards,

Jacky’s Answer Here

Another Tim Dog Victim Steps Forward

September 13th, 2011

HSK Exclusive - Another woman, this one from Tennessee, just sent me the following story regarding the financial fleecing she suffered at the hands of convicted felon, Mr. Fuck Compton, Timothy Blair, aka Tim Dog.

I have also had dealings with tim (dog) blair. during the period of 2006 thru 2011. He contacted me through an online dating service called black people meet. We chatted for about 6 months before we finally met. He set up my email account and had me to get credit cards and a checking accont here in Tennessee.

In February of 2007  we met and he talked me into giving him my income tax return so that he could find us a home in atl. That never happened, he said that it was because my kids didnt want to move…. but we kept on seeing each other I would go down about 2 to 3 times a week.

One thursday he ask me to come down the next morning to go with hm to rent a car at budget. So I did, but he put the car in my name/ He was supposed to turn the car back in on Sunday, but after 3 months he still had possession of the car. I didn’t get a pay check for 6 months due to him charging the car to my account. Continue Reading…

Tim Dog Is Now a Convicted Felon

August 4th, 2011

Get 5 Years Probation!

Timothy Blair Convicted Felon
HSK Exclusive -  Yesterday old school rapper Tim Dog was convicted in a Desoto County courtroom of one felony charge, and was ordered to do five years of probation and pay tens of thousands in restitution to his victims. Know why? Because Mr. Fuck Compton aka Tim Dog got convicted of Grand Larceny mane.

You may remember last year Tim was arrested for fraud. He was facing 15 years in prison. A plea deal reduced the charge to Felony Grand Larceny.

Here’s what an insider had to say: Continue Reading…

STREET ALERT: Tim Blair aka Tim Dog Arrested for Fraud!

December 14th, 2010

Tim Dog Fraud Arrest

Jacky.. Tim Dog aka Tim Blair has been arrested on 12/14/2010 for fraud charges against him following a Grand Jury indictment in Desoto County, Mississippi. He was taken into custody in Atlanta Georgia.

Please please get the word out to all sources /victims so that they may file a police report against him for any set up/fraud that Tim may have committed against them. Now his name will be in the National Data Base and they will have credibility to their claim of fraud committed by him against them. Even if they tried before, have them go back and try again. The police will probably listen now!!

Please help us help others who were ‘financially raped’ by Tim Dog aka Tim Blair to be get justice. There is nothing manly, macho, tough – about a man who robs women who are trying to do better for their children. He robbed children of food, of clothes, their mothers. Thank you for any and all assistance, Jacky.

“Fuck Compton Rapper” Tim Dog Touring with Male Exotic Dancers

April 19th, 2010


Tim Dog (real name Timothy Blair) born 1 January 1967 [1] is an American rapper from the Bronx, New York who rose to prominence during the early ’90s with his debut LP Penicillin on Wax and the celebrated “diss” record “Fuck Compton”.

In March 2010 Tim Dog took a group of male strippers from Atlanta to work in Australia for the ladies and guess what Tim decided to call his new touring act? “The Chocolate Fantasy Tour”. Continue Reading…

Further Allegations of Fraud Perpetrated by Tim Dog aka Timothy Blair

December 16th, 2009



Via Ripoff Report:

I have recently been scammed by a U.S. citizen by the name Timothy Blair ( aka TIM DOG ) from Atlanta, Georgia. I was tricked into establishing a company name ( BMC ENTERTAINMENT ) in my country.

This year he made me his partner after 4 years of building up a friendship based on trust. After 6 months working on a show and doing everything he told me to, i found out that i was in the middle of fraudulent practices I read things on the internet about him and the articles i found were similar as mine I had to do everything he told me to otherwise everything would collapsed he said. I had no reason at that time to not trust him because we were friends for 4 years and he even took me to Atlanta twice to visit him for a weekend during those years

I sold my car because he told me and deposited the money to the business account because he told me that i would get a lease car the next month, he also made me look for a house (he makes all of his victims look for a house in their name) so i would move from my apartment to live in a big house with an office and everything. Thank god i didn’t go that far. Continue Reading…

Tim Dog WANTED By Investigators?!?!

September 1st, 2009


Noone on the West Coast likes Tim Dog. Tim Dog doesn’t like the West Coast either though right? Most guys got past that whole east coast/west coast stuff along time ago but I guess when you’re biggest single is “Fuck Compton” you gotta keep the fire cookin’.

Tim has a long history of feuds and a long list of enemies (he’s a diss track machine, right?) but the latest word on the street is that this rapper has some new enemies…the P-O-L-I-C-E. Apparently Tim Dog has been dating/scamming an older white woman and although the lady was “gifting” him things like a new car, he crossed the line and emptied her bank accounts to the tune of approx. 20 or 30 thousand dollars USD. OUCH!!!

Buss this!!!

The woman called the fuzz…. Doesn’t Tim Dog know that cops don’t like niccas ripping off white chicks mane….? Continue Reading…

A letter from Kool Keith to his fans….

June 15th, 2009

I’m letting Europe and the world know, that I myself, Kool Keith will not be the special invited guest at any of Tim Dog’s shows in Europe, that he has me advertised for. I don’t know anything about those shows, and this is 100% false advertising!

Thanks, and I will be in Europe officially this fall.

see the flyer billing Kool Keith & Tim Dog after the jump. Continue Reading…

Marc Giveand Aka Marc Live aka Marc Livingston is a Fraud

April 9th, 2009


HSK Exclusive - Marc Giveand who formerly operated under the alias Marc Livingston at Global Music Entertainment G.M.E in Atlanta Georgia has started a new operation under the title “The Concert Group.”email at “Booking Rep” [email protected]

GME was shuttered and his partner Tim Dog went on the run after clients realized they had been duped. HSK has gotten hold of many documents laying out the alleged fraud being committed by Marc Giveand.

Clients who were duped by Marc received “Letters of Intent” from Marc @ GME for artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey to name just a few. Some of the documents drafted and sent by marc can be found at:

Mariah Carey LOI & Here

Britney Spears LOI & Here

Madonna LOI & Here

Marc even attempted to scam the Wendy Williams show with a fake booking for them with Tommy Lee. Note these are all artists which Marc under any alias has never had a working relationship with. See document HERE

One only needs to go as far as contacting Mr. Manny Ongkiko from the Philippines @ [email protected] or Doug Brown here in the states. They were scammed on a fake booking for Chris Brown last year.

Marc was contacted for comment but he was in rehab!



HSK Exclusive

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