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Caught On Tape: Rich Dollaz Smashing Erica Mena!

February 14th, 2013

Erica Mena Love & Hiphop Sex Tape

HSK Exclusive - Erica Mena’s pulling a Kim K — taking on the sex tape route! We’ve got the exclusive second image being shopped around, of the Love & Hip Hop starlet gettin’ it in with Rich Dollaz — and she’s flashing her ta-ta’s!

Here’s the drop:

“Erica and Rich Dollaz sex tape is like 30 mins long – and it’s hot. Erica is a freak!

Someone is still shopping it around, there’s been interest, but no takers yet.”

17 Responses to “Caught On Tape: Rich Dollaz Smashing Erica Mena!”

  1. Kia |

    she aint kim and he aint ray j and they aint hanging with the hottest socialite at the time “paris hilton” he is wack…..


  2. tisme |

    please stop.


  3. tisme |

    oh and if she’s a freak her sex tape won’t do well.
    you have to be a wack or boring lay for your sex tape to catapult you to fame.Ask the Whoredashian and Paris “Valtrex” Hilton


    I Agree Reply:

    In the video, she’s just lying on her back, saying, “Mmm. Oooh shit. Mmm.” And neither she nor Ray J are good at oral. Her p*ssy lips are huge and fat,covering everything, so she must smell like a tunaboat since there’s no air circulation.


    Madraven Reply:

    You and tb are both hilarious!!! And yes you are both right she is mind numbingly boring. I watched that tape with a guy and we were all set to get turned on and get it in. Needless to say we ordered a pizza and fell asleep.


    Anonymous Reply:



    JeanP Reply:

    Actually having big lips don’t make your lady smell. An unhealthy lady smells. Or someone who legs are fat and rub together. Their lady only gets to breath when they use the bathroom, and i wouldnt want to be a fly on the wall in that case….


  4. Gigi Ali |

    Kim K had her mom making her deals for her, thats the difference between her and Erica. I would check it out just to say I did….


    jasmine Reply:

    How can i see the video


  5. kj |

    She is discusting


    o Reply:



  6. JeanP |

    I want to see her get down. I know she wild. All crazy women are wild in the bed.. but I can pass on Rich ass..


  7. DHass |

    If you smutting on camera,, I hope u knocked the lining
    Out that piece,, shorty is sexy,, Strap up too Its the law.


  8. Anonymous |

    ewww naww… haha…this world



    she Wacccccc !


  10. gtfoh |

    Kim swallowed too, don’t forget that playa!


  11. Lorea'l |

    Haha real cute look like fat Albert and tinker bell having sex !


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