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Cee-Lo Draws Criticism After Performing F**K You @ Obama’s Fundraiser

October 19th, 2012

Ceelo Green's Obama Drama

Singer/rapper Cee-Lo Green came under fire recently after he performed at a fundraiser for President Obama. Cee-Lo performed his hit song “F**k You” for a room full of Obama supporters. While some enjoyed the performance, others were outraged because they felt Cee-Lo should have done the clean version.

Here’s what Cee-Lo Green had to say about the situation while on The Tom Joyner Morning Show:

“The Fundraiser was at Tyler Perry’s studios in Atlanta and they had three separate rooms. I was in the general admission room and the President or the First Family neither one were present when that little incident took place.

I figured the song was famous enough and everybody was an adult in there.”

Did Cee-Lo Green dedicate his hit song “F**k You” to Mitt Romney and the Republican party before he performed it? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tyler Perry.

spotted on theUrbanDaily

Ceelo Green Fundraiser Controversy

22 Responses to “Cee-Lo Draws Criticism After Performing F**K You @ Obama’s Fundraiser”

  1. KeeKeeD |



  2. Prinsex |

    I wish this degenerate monkey would go somewhere and lay down…


    Angel Reply:

    Thank you!!! Such ignorant bastards thinking that nonsense is all good. True talented artist don’t have to use shock value in their songs. He’s a bird!


  3. MagMile |

    Well it did take place in Atlanta, so there ya go. Not much class or decorum in that town, as much as they’d like to pretend otherwise! It’s Sodom/Gomorrah on one hand and extreme bible-thumpers on the other hand…NO IN BETWEEN!!!
    Anything goes, and they didn’t have class (or care enough)to know a Presidential Fundraiser isn’t the place for such profane lyrics.


    MagMile Reply:

    I lived there, so I know because I witnessed it firsthand and couldn’t wait to leave!!!!


    Princess Chloe Reply:

    I cosign this. Atlanta is a cesspool of degenerates that are a disgrace to the Black race as a whole. Of course, this only applies to the majority as opposed to those who are good hard working people.

    Do you want to know what is truly keeping the Black community from progressing? Do you want to know why it is difficult to have pride as a Black person living in today’s society? Then visit Atlanta when you get a chance, and take a good look around while you’re there.


  4. noyfb |

    I like the clean version better for some reason


  5. keepitrealnotkeepinitreal |

    Cosign mag. Class isn’t something u buy. Fuggin ridiculous.


  6. Peace |

    Please, I got news for you I live in LA and they are just as classless, ignorant, and foolish here. It is sad every other culture is surpassing my people, and we don’t get it. If we don’t get to our Black children before its too late, we as a people will be doomed.


    Princess Chloe Reply:

    I know what you mean. Don’t think we are ignoring other cities. Los Angeles is home to me, so I have seen what you’ve seen. Luckily, there are other awesome places to hang out in LA in contrast to Atlanta. The former is a piss-poor excuse for a city.


  7. Cuban-ness |

    You invite flaming ass Cee-Lo and you expected class?? Fuck outta here ….


  8. Lea |

    This is one of the things that pisses me off. The President AND The First Lady get enough disrespectful flag coming in all directions from the white race BOTH in office and out and now along comes a black man singing a song with profanity in it at a fund raiser for President Obama and it never crossed his mind this would be inappropriate and possibly reflect negatively on his campaign to get re-elected.

    Sing on the positive points of President Obama and why we want him in office another 4 years and leave the Republican Party out of it. It’s not about them.


    Lea Reply:

    s/b…..disrespectful “FLACK”.


  9. yadda yadda |

    It hurts my eyes seeing this man go from Goodie Mob to channeling the Gay George CLinton who meets Elton John.

    Also that Fandom ish too…. SMDH


    crazychris Reply:

    george clinton said back in the 93-94 he was a witness to outkast and goodie mob finishing their debut albums.

    ceelo copied p funk from day 1 to now.

    george’s wild costumes and colored braids are similar to the shaman’s outrageous appearnces in west africa where they have those ceremonies.

    george used to hang around the process in 69.


    christa Reply:

    You and I must be in the same think mode. As soon as I saw the picture I thought, “I haven’t seen anything like that since I went to the Parliament Funkadelic show in New Orleans 27 years ago!
    And a then unknown comic named Arsenio Hall was the opening act. Who’d a “thunk” then that AH would end up almost as “festive” as Cee Lo?

    I am not implying that George or Bootsie are gay. I met Bootsie on one of my flights and he may dress fancy, but he’s a pussy hound! lolz


  10. Anonymous |

    Whoever did the entertainment list should be fired anyway for not going over wwhat songs he could perform


  11. Big Lou |

    Man this coon needs to go away. When I was a teenager in the 90’s, I used to bang the hell out of the Goodie Mob because they had that excellent formula of beats, lyricism, and social awareness that made that era of hip hop so great. To see that Ceelo go from the Mob to doing that God awful super bowl show full of all kinds of satanic imagery with that witch(literally) Madonna has proves that they got his ass “face down in the mainstream.”



    ceelo been crossedover when he wrote that bullshit song for those pussycat dykes.

    pussycat doll

    cat symbolic



    dolls, barbie.

    and you think nicki started this barbie shit.



    peacock all seeing eyes.


    eyes always seeing

    hera’s sacred bird.

    hera changed io into a cow lots of refences to the whore of babylon here.


  13. Anonymous |

    Sometimes people are not aware that the subject at hand is greater than their individual agenda. Overall, I enjoy his artistic talents and his stage presence. However, this show was for the President and that purpose should have guided his performance.


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