Cee Lo Green Caught on Tape Admitting Sex Crime?


Cee-lo Green Caught on Tape

Hard evidence may confirm Cee Lo Green is guilty of the sexual battery charges he’s currently being investigated by the LAPD for. That’s because it’s been revealed that Cee-lo was secretly recorded partially admitting his guilt and apologizing.

According to insiders, the tape reveals Cee Lo fell head-first (no pun intended) right into an LAPD ploy. Now, we’re told that Cee Lo Green admitted the reason he thought MDMA would enhance their experience – only to then have sex with her against her will..

Here’s what’s being reported:

“The woman has told cops. Cee Lo took her to a downtown L.A. restaurant in July. They had a drink and she says she remembers nothing after that.

The woman claims the next thing she knew she was lying naked in a bed and Cee Lo was in the room.
The woman, who does not live in California, almost immediately went to her local law enforcement agency and reported the incident.

LAPD detectives had the woman make a pretext call–a call in which someone baits the other party into acknowledging a crime or other misdeed — and it was recorded.

Cee Lo is on tape, repeatedly apologizing and referencing MDMA (Ecstasy) — though he does not specifically say he put it in her drink.

Cee Lo told her he thought the drug would help them have an exciting time together. For the record, MDMA generally does not render people unconscious.”

Here’s the response to the allegations from Cee Lo’s camp:

“The accuser went to a civil lawyer before going to police and demanded money from the singer to make the whole thing go away.

Cee Lo’s manager shut the lawyer down and that’s when she went to cops.”

Did attorney’s for Cee Lo Green alleged victim call his manager to ask if the singer was infected with any sexually transmitted diseases? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Cee Lo Green’s ex-wife Christina Johnson.


    • Ecstasy. It doesn’t knock you out, and I haven’t heard of it causing blackouts either. Unless of course, it was made wrong or cheaply; if GHB was part of the mix, then, she has a point. Either way, Cee-Rex slipped up if the tape info is solid.

      Pay up.

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