Chad Johnson’s Baby Momma Drama


Chad Johnson Baby Momma Drama

Baby Momma Drama?

Unemployed former NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is a deadbeat dad who belongs in jail if he continues his deadbeat ways — this according to one of Chad’s baby mamas.

Andrea Pearson — who had a son with Chad back in 2010 — just filed legal docs in Miami, claiming Chad has failed to pay his child support bill of $5,250 on October 15th … and has consistently been late paying his other responsibilities.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Andrea claims she doesn’t have the means to support the child as a result — and wants the court to force Chad to pay up ASAP.

If he still fails to pay, Andrea wants the court to throw Chad in jail until he makes good on his child support agreement.”

Do some believe Andrea Pearson is a bitter person who’s not satisfied¬†— even after Ochocinco bought her a new home to share with their child? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Evelyn Lozada.


  1. Ummmmm maybe he should try wearing a condom, then he wouldn’t have to worry about buying extra houses and paying all this child support. You’d think that after having four other children he would of learned how to put one on but no ! He must like giving away money because this child is only two

  2. Condoms are cheaper Chad IJS. OAN For the ladies looking to get a quick payday by getting knocked up by these ‘men’ let this be a lesson. All that glitters ain’t gold.

    • An international hitman is cheaper too! If hoes tried fucking me over for my money, I would go that route instead! If those hoes were that broke, why get pregnant? We know it’s all about the money. These athletes can’t win either way. If they have baby mommas, they pay up. If they marry, they pay up after the divorce. If hoes could not get extra income with child support, I guarantee that the birth rate would drop IMMEDIATELY by at least 75%!

      • “If hoes could not get extra income with child support, I guarantee that the birth rate would drop IMMEDIATELY by at least 75%!”

        So, true. It’s allllllll about the money while the child grows up with deficits and chips on their shoulders and insecurities and all around phucked up. The parents don’t care cause again, it’s all about the money.

  3. Sounds like somebody needs a J-O-B! While she’s crying in court she should be looking for a job. Yea of course he needs to support his kids but she needs to work too. I’m a female and I don’t think it’s fair that he should come out his pockets 100% to support her too. She knows he’s not working (which she should’ve seen coming awhile ago) so she needs to step up for her child. He does too but at least one of them needs to work instead of crying broke. If I was the judge I would need to see some receipts to where that money went. A small child doesn’t require $5000/month unless the child has a medical condition. She better go return some of those Louis Vuitton bags.

    • Bravo well said! A small child does not need 5k pm. I bet she didn’t even put any money asside for a rainy day! These women (her and lozanda)have him by the balls and every now and then give it a twist to the left then a twist to the right (he is not faultless tho)

    • Shame on the celebs/athletes to think themselves invincible. Be mindful that your players card will be revoked when you allow the strippers, hookers and hoes to outsmart you. Instead of seeking a sneaker deal, maybe a successful marketing strategy would be that of a condom. Sure, personalize with basket/footballs all over them, or even a signature.

  4. He bought her a house really gold digging ass women make it hard for working women like me get over it and get a job it don’t take $5000 a month to take care of a two year old. Times are hard she better sell tha house and get a fucking condo

  5. Unable to care for her child is a legal term people! Trust me I have seen enough cases, and before you start thumb thugging let me be clear: I don’t know her personally so she may be greedy, unemployed etc. I’m sure the courts didn’t order Chad to buy a home (esp not one that lavish). Don’t act like he didn’t have some role here! The amount the father pays is decided by the referee, attorneys can ask whatever; the Judge uses a formula BASED ON THE NON CUSTODIAL PARENTS WAGES. The money can’t take the place of a parent, a stable household, or help a boy who needs a positive male in his life. Yes these women do need to think…but damn Chad who’s the real DUMB ASS?!

    • In the real world, when you’re unable to care for you children, without the help of the absent parent, its usually called unfit. Why is it any different in the case of unemployed Ochocinco and custodial parents? Five thousand dollars a month can care for an orphanage, let’s be fair. Its disgusting to know that a woman’s long-term goal and career is to get pregnant by a celeb and live happily-ever after.

  6. Who would sleep with Chad Johnson but a golddigger? Nicca look like Uncle Bens nephew.

    • same reason how lil wayne impregnated lauren london and nivea at the same time.

      weezy has paper and nivea has 2 kids by the dream also she’s paid.

      women get pregnant just so they could get benefits more kids more child support especially if they have different fathers more wic, more food stamps, and most of these kids have a mental problem which also means the child can apply for ssi disablity and yes women live off those disablity checks for their kids.

      why you think most women drink and get high while their pregnant.

  7. women have the ultimate plan get preggers by any famous athlete or enteertainer period and they think they aRE SET FOR LIFE THEY CAL LIVE OFF CHILD SUPPORT AND BUY ALL THE THINGS THEY ALWAYS WANTED AND SHOW OFF TO THEIR FRIENDS OH I MAKING THAt nba money or that hip hop money.

    but they don’t think that dudes’s carrer gonna run out sometime.

  8. There’s a reason why athletes fuck with low rent gold diggers. It’s called low self esteem. You all that? Get with a woman with her own paper and career. Someone who is interested on more than running ya pockets.

    Instead of fucking off in college study business so you’re able to handle your brand and not end up broke by 35.

  9. Wwhat is it that makes These athletes so dumb? Money can’t buy a good women, but it can bring out the skanks. u really getting played. You shoulda married These kids mother.

  10. These men aren’t dumb. When you’re a millionaire, you are going to get people who want to hustle you out of your money. They need to stop being a simp and do better. Personally, I don’t have sympathy for people who get hustled. It’s a cold world out here. Now, I will acknowledge that regular career women probably dont give pro athletes the time of day because of athletes groupie loving reputation. Unfortunately, these lesser females might be the only ones that will get with them.

  11. Hopefully he was smart enough to buy the house in his name, since he’s such a deadbeat sell the house and give her and jnr the 5k a month frm the proceeds…I’m sure she can rent an appartment and look after the child and have change left over she may need to lead a more frugal lifestyle but since mr is out of a job that’s how it goes!

  12. America needs to do a 180 and makes some laws on procreation. There needs to be an application/liscening process for people to have kids in these United States. Then maybe people will think twice about having illegitimate children and not using b.c. Having to sumbit and app, prove your ability to provide care, pay the app. and licensing and renewal fees would bring income to our coutry. And limit the amount of under privledged children in the US. I do at least that to reatain my cosmetology licsence!!! Not to mention the background check!

    • If only it was that cut and dry because I do agree with you, murdamillz. Another way to abolish this careless behavior is to give men more rights in the decision for the woman to birth the child. I think children will become obsolete because they’re not mutually wanted by both parties. The reality is atrocious but the goings on is morally criminal.