Charlie Mack Ain’t Mackin’ No More!


Charlie Mack Falls on Hard Tmes

Riches To Rags?

HSK Exclusive – Just because you once served as Will Smith’s bodyguard – or Meek Mill’s manager – doesn’t exactly mean you’re not faced with tough times during this bad economy. Know why? Because we’re told Charlie Mack has been forced to low levels that he may not have ever anticipated – just to survive.

Sources exclusively tell HSK the ex-Maybach Music affiliate is reaching out to his friends in desperation — offering up ten 90-inch flat screen televisions for the low price of $300 a piece.

According to one industry insider, Charlie Mack has long gone through and spent the millions of dollars Will Smith gave him back in the day — all to start a now-failed record company. Now, we’re told Charlie Mack is broke, and may have resorted to what could be the lowest of the low.

Here’s the drop:

“Charlie Mack is calling everybody, trying to move a bunch of flat screen television sets.

Will Smith gave Charlie Mack $2 million back in the ’90s to start a label but Mack fucked it off. Now he selling TV’s that fell off a truck.”


  1. meek mill stole his fame an flow from bo starks in 2006, meek diss bo starks with the help of rick ross in I’m a boss.. ross called him bo jak.. as in meek mill jak his sht.. I think if bo starks get a chance he will end meek mill sht..

  2. Wen ppl have nufn on u they make up shit like this…smh keep up the good work Charlie…they say if u ain’t being talked about than ur doin sum10 wrong!

  3. Charlie runs with a crowd of losers with a capitol L. He may have been friends with A list celebs in the past but his best friend now is his long time confidant J’vonne Pearson married to Latoya Winkield J’vonne is a real winner lol. He is a lifetime sex offender to a minor. He pretends that he and Charlie are best friends, even naming Charlie God father of his twin boys last year. However, he talked mad ish about Charlie’s cheap, raggedy baby shower gift which was a single (mind you they have twins) stroller…that was used. Birds of a feather…you know the rest, needless to say it applies here. Charlie, J’vonne and Latoya are all fake. J’vonne is a flat out criminal, disgusting child pedophile and Latoya is a ran through slut that, like any parasite, attached herself to this poor excuse of a man in hopes of gaining fame and fortune. Somebody aired out his dirty laundry on The post has approx. 1.5 million views. Since this never entertaining so called comedian (Jvonne) can no longer book shows a friend extremely close to the washed up felon recently confirmed her beliefs that they are trying desperately to pimp out their infant boys to any child agency that will listen. Poor kids aren’t even a year old yet and mom and dad wanna make them the breadwinners. I guess they are searching for a t.v show for the lil guys to appear on. The $120,000 house they purchased can’t be that expensive monthly but when Dad’s an ex con lifetime sex offender and Mom is an unstable psycho with daddy issues these two new additions are their only real hope it seems. I guess if they make it in television somebody should give them some solid advice that was apparently never given to daddy dearest…when you reach adulthood only become intimate with females over the age of thirteen. I know many family members were relieved Latoya Winkfield had sons and not daughters.