Check Out K Michelle…Before She Bought Her Butt!


    K. Michelle Before & After Butt Implants

    HSK Exclusive – We’ve landed an exclusive picture of K Michelle before she had her ass enhanced. Sources tells us the photo was taken back in 2010, on the set of the singer-turned-reality star’s “Fallin” video shoot.

    Do the majority of female LHHATL cast members have fake booty’s? Of course! Just ask Stevie J.

    K Michelle Fake Booty


    1. I believe in a few years there will be some major side effects due to these butt injections. I don’t just mean the underground cement injecting,I mean its going to come out one day that people who’ve had the injections will some serious long term health problems. Vanity…JMO

      • Kisha777,

        Girl, please! I’m looking foward to that day when all their mess starts falling apart. I don’t wish ill health on anyone, however, the demise of the surgical breasts, booties, cheeks, chins & noses will bring back the appreciation for us NON-AUGMENTED women who rock natural beauty! 🙂

      • I agree..Any foreign object inserted into the body is bound to cause an immunological reaction because the body will automatically perceive it as an attack.


      • NOTHING tragic is going to happen to the women who got their fake booties enhanced via fat transfer, but the ones who got the back door, illegal injections like the fools they are will probably pay w/their health in the long wrong.

        • I luv my flat butt, nappy hair, acne face, gut stomach and cock eye. I m going to stay 100% natural
          I was made this way and whoever dont like it, bump them. I am a very educated, independant strong black woman and I have a whole lot to offer to a strong black man. I dont need anything fake
          Im good and secure. Its all about loving who u are

          • Amen!

            As an aside, if you decided to get a weave, relaxer, wear makeup, etc., you would still be secure. That would only mean you want to enhance your natural beauty or you want a change. We have so many options as women. No one has the right to deny us of our options or ridicule us for them.

            From a medical standpoint, I would not condone invasive surgeries for cosmetic purposes, because, IMO, they are often the mark of an insecure person. People can surgically correct what they dislike, but they will still possess those same insecurities when all is said and done. That’s the gotcha gotcha.

    2. U know most chicks who go under the knife are more likely to be sluts because of the side effects of some of the medication that they take f*ck with their hormones

    3. I had no idea that K Michelle possessed an unnatural butt, until Rasheeda called her out on the show. My question, why so big? She’s a singer not a stripper. Not to mention, it looks ridiculous on her tiny build and knocked knees.

        • I agree. Hers looks the most natural to me. All the other ones look fake. Joselyn’s look fake (although she’s in great shape), that other chick that was dating that dude with no neck…all of em. Whatever happen to hittin’ the gym.

          • I’m no expert in fitness but don’t think that you create a “donkey” butt by working out. If you don’t have it then you purchase it…LOL.

              • U have to have the bone structure. I’ve trained girls with ass and without. All U can do is tone and lift an ass by training. It’s not gonna grow out or wider. The glutes may grow but but it will still be flat.

              • powertrain is lying glutes are your ass.Its a muscle so it can grow.So if you want a bigger ass do some sqauts and it will get bigger.The nerve

      • The women who get ass like nicki minaj & k Michelle just look absolutely ridiculous y did they have to go so big? It doesn’t look good. Btw, no I don’t have a flat ass so no I’m not jealous. Love my Puerto Rican booty

      • All these ppl that don’t rock fake stuff have a fake personality! Do what makes you feel good and worry about you and you only! Natural but if I want to wear weave I will of I want to wear male up time to time I will that doesn’t make me fake!

    4. Funny thing about this new generation whores in our black community.

      The funny thing is when someone asks them to take a photo, their very first instinct is to now turn and face the camera.
      Their first instinct is to the side or even turn completely around so their ass can be their idenitifying factor as opposed to face.

      Try it. If you know someone is a whore, ask can you take their photo. Their first instinct is to turn sideways and some will even turn ass backwards and just turn their head around so people will know who the ass belongs to.

      This ass thing has really gone overboard.

      • Alana is that you throwing shade girl please ! Lets here about your smutt tales with white celebrities

      • At Anon, I’ve noticed it too! I believe Jho or Kim started this trend. Black women never had to do all that, people know what black women have behind them! Hey, but no one had an a$$ before these two showed up right…whatever, know better!

        • you’re not hip to the whole backwards thing are you.

          taking pics backwards and sideways are occult references every celebs done them in the past 80 years please research.

          celebs turn to the side so they can show the one eye symbolism.

          • Hey Chris,I am very hip to to the backward recording, one eye symbolism, MK Ultra, The Tavistock Institute, Friz Springmeier, and that just scratches the surface. I’m am ( like other posters such as yourself) very aware of what is being displayed for that can see! Btw, I do enjoy reading your posts. Thanks

            • That’s all! These females, I tell ya! I wish we could go back to the classy attire people wore during the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s! I’m looking for patterns now to make my own clothes. I guess back then you had to have something going for yourself, like intelligence, self respect, decency, and many other positive qualities! Now it’s “@SS, I don’t care, just look at that @ss!” Now this may seem strange to say, but if A man (not all men) loves HUGE unnatural behinds, what’s to stop him later from viewing a horse in the same way! If you don’t care about anything else but as what’s to stop people in the future from becoming sexually attracted to animals! It been a lot of crimes associated with beastiality lately. JMO

              • It used to be back in the day that a womans posture and walk was very important. Good posture showed class. But now everybody is wearing those 6″ hooker heels so it can show off their ass better. Now all the chicks are stumbling around like Sophia Veraga, looking like a clown.

              • @kisha777 LMAO so are you saying if women like a man with dig dicks they might start to look at donkeys and horses as well. I hope you’re a beautiful woman.

            • @ANONYMOUS

              Thank YOU!!! All they want to do is show the ass! Not that i’m complaining but lets call a spade a spade. I enjoy some peoples comments but i’m not gonna sit here and believe alllll these video chick showing one eye and twistin their asses are in the secret society or whatever may have you. LOL

        • @kisha 777 9:02 You are so right! I remember in 1997 the magazine Movieline had an article about a then barely known actress who had just made a big splash by portraying Selena. When you got to the article, there was a JLo photo close up, back to camera, bent over at a 90 degree angle with her head turned back looking at the lense. In other words: 3/4 of the page was azz, with just a touch of face and hair! I guarantee she told the photographer what she wanted.

          • Thanks Anon14:43, Christa, Mrs. Chaney… Now Anon at 22:07! Did I type all, I typed some, I could mean less than .001% of the population. There is a female model that was arrested for killing a young lady after she was given lethal butt injections. Her behind was abnormally huge! I’m talking about that type of behind Anon 22:07, if someone finds that attractive there is definitely something wrong. And btw I’ve been told that I am beautiful… and I do know what you meant by that so I’ll overlook your remark, especially coming from a coward that can’t even pick a name for themselves! So Anon 22:07 have a great weekend, I know I will! Toodles!

      • High 5. i just notice after reading your comment. So many women and youg girls give the over the shoulder back shot pose. The Thirst is to the point where they need an IV.

      • That is so true, its a damn shame. Your ass should not be your best photo shot.
        What happened to class and sensibility.

      • Some women turn to the side because of their stomach. They don’t want to show it. Everyone is not trying to show their butts.

    5. Could be could be not. She could have worked out or just naturally spread. I knew of a girl who was a beanpole freshmen year. After semester of random unadulterated lust, male after male, dorm after dorm, step show after step show, she blossomed into Melyssa Ford. She literally looked like Serena around the hind parts but with hips. Some women spread after a certain age due to genetics/environment, if they have children or if are sexually active, or gobbling FlamingHot Cheetos 3 x a day. Do you think the church mothers on the front pews always required two spaces for their ass alone?

      Never saw the fascination with the donkey booty it definitely doesn’t age well. Only country fellas, transgenders and dope boys see the allure. Perhaps that’s why butt injections are huge in ATL? Sensible men with status typically want a fit and proportionate female. Women are starting to morph into cartoon with the lips breast butt injections and baby doll lashes.

      • Yea, right.

        It also could be that you could be walking down the Isle of Kroegers supermarket and two silicone filled basketballs become melded to your buttocks.

    6. Dang! I’d be afraid to sit on that for fear of it deflating or exploding. People will do anything these days in order to get put on. Even endangering their health.

    7. all I know is.. SEX MAKES UR BOOTY BIGGER.. especially doggy style.. which is why I’m kinda mad right now bc.. neva mind f*ck it…. haha.. they got me jokes on me..

    8. I have seen this happen after a woman has her 1st child…probably not the case here, but pregnancy can bring about new found curves…

    9. Any inorganic material injected or implanted in the body has an absolute possibility of side effects that may be potentially life threatening. However, the safest form of butt augmentation is the brazillian butt lift where belly, back and shank fat are extracted and injected into various areas of your butt. It is your own fat therefore possibilities for rejection are slim also you must have a sufficient amount of excess body fat for extractions. It is nearly undetectable. Look at Kim and Chloe Kardashian.

      The cons, the body will naturally absorb some fat. Therefore additional surgeries may be neccessary to maintain that initial girth. Also, infections at the extraction and injection sites are possible. Finally scarring may also be an issue as with any surgery. Albeit injections are cheaper and butt implants last longer, fat redistribution is the safest. Its been used for lips for decades. In my opinion the brazillian butt lift is the only way to go if anyone ever decides to augment their rear.

      • Any inorganic matter(silicone) injected into the body is eventually going to cause your Immune system to send up a red flag and alert the white blood cells to fight the intrusion..

        If they are only injecting something organic like NaCl, then the body can handle and absorb it although the body doesn’t appreciate having its chemical homeostasis thrown off balance.

    10. Sooo…
      Ain’t nobody gon’ say anything about her complexion? And how is nobody saying anything about her butt starting at the middle of the back of her thigh? The things people do for “free” publicity even though they pay for injections, plastic surgery, the weaves, weave up keep, booty injection up keeps, multiple antiobiotics and what not. Their publicity is definitely NOT free.

      • Sorry Ob Vee, the “Color Struck/Complexion thread is 3 items down on today’s list. It just got a little lost today what with all the Yeezus hoo haw and the Camel Lands a Redneck stories.

    11. Can you imagine some of these women at age 65 and older… Gonna me creepy looking. I met my sisters mother in law at her wedding where so officiated. This lady is 70 + and from Jamaica.. When she took off her paster robe all the reception all the men head whipped. This 70 odd year old grey hair lady had a small waist and a bodunkadung booty which was all natural. Gret figure but it was creepy that it was attached to an old lady. I have a God given big booty and even I don’t want the “responsibility” of this into my old age. No sireee.

      • WHOOOOO!!! I can just picture that in my head! Dem Jamaican booties are nuttin’ to be trifled with!(said in my best Jamaican patois accent)

        If you were in downtown Kingston and you told someone you wanted a few cans of “Fix a Flat” to boost your behind, they’d be calling the men in white suits with The butterfly nets to put you in the wacky ward.

    12. You know things aint cool when talent no longer matters… I remember when all u had to do was display your talent in song writing or singing now adays u can be unattractive and write songs but they will never let u perform your own work even if u had voice like patty label.. They would rather have a auto tune singing chick with an attractive look to sing it knowing when it’s time to hit the road to perform live and u saying to yourself it look like her but she don’t sound good.. Video killed the radio star now they just say dress skimpy show some cleavage and pop that ass and you’ll be the next big thing…. Sex sales and at the end of the day that’s all the label executive is concern with… Sad but true… Now saying this I believe k Michele can sing, write,and play the piano but if she wants to be seen she have to give you something to see just like the rest of them…

    13. I love k. And maybe she gained weight… If not why would anyone want to look like a centaur?

    14. Yea she over did it. Her butt is to big for her tiny frame. Makes her look knock knee. And at the reunion she lied saying her butt was natural. So she might be lying about Memphitz beating her

      • Since you mentioned it, Stalae, I thought I’d chime in. I believed K Michelle’s accusations of abuse and sympathized for her greatly. As time went on, her antics, crude remarks, slander, and unreasoning nature, led me to distrust her sanity. The girl is psychotic….delusion, personal inadequacy, abnormal impulses, personality disorder.

    15. these big butt craze is really just a excuse for fat women to boost there self esteem, remember when fat ass women were actually made fun of, but anyway in thailand a women can get a butt implant for less than 3000 dollars so go for it skinny girls trying to look like a fat ass,

    16. I think the bikini pic is her real butt. I’m vegetarian and I have very little body fat. I’m thick and look exactly like that pic. Yes I’m natural hell no I don’t have money for plastic surgery. Not everyone has a fake azz. Even my man is vegetarian and his azz is on the buff side. Its a normal feature for blacks. With that said I’m going to the beach tomorrow to make the white guys gawk and the white girls pout as there men look my way. Also so what if black woman wants to pose from the back…when we do it were whores and its taboo or considered fat even if its lean. We have to get rid of that mentality that only white woman’s body is to be seen.

    17. If you are not happy with your body you can simple deal with it and be unhappy or go do something about it. I see nothing wrong with changing something about yourself that you do not like.

      • Reading through these post, you are the first person that said something worth reading. People really need to quit being so damn judgmental and let others do them. Who the hell cares what these women or any other women do with their bodies and with their money. Real talk; there aren’t too many women walking around now-a-days 100% natural. If we want to get all hypothetical, most women are made up on one level or another; let it be make-up (foundation, eyeliner, lipstick or what have you- cause you have those women who only wear eyeliner- so they try to down play a woman who might wear foundation or blush- it’s all the same).Half of these women wear extensions,eyelashes, tips, etc… and I’m talking about women of all races. Who are any of you to speak negatively about what other women chose to do with themselves. Women are the worst, always trying to knock another woman down. I feel like this, the media and men expolit all these made up images of women who get glorified while the rest of the world suffers from low self esteem, if you can do something (safe) to increase your self esteem by all means do it!

    18. Evidently they must be doing something right because the last time I checked, they had many zero’s in their bank account compared to ours, e.g., nikki and K, lol…

    19. Yes the azz has been injected or implanted obviously. There is drastic difference in what she had and what she now has. Yes she has the right to buy herself a fake azz if she chooses to do so.Everyone isn’t blessed to have a real naturally large buying one is the only option for those who didn’t grow one. Yes people will talk and have a right to after all when you are a celeb you are in the public eye and well it pretty much goes with the territory. Just stop lying about it..

      • Keep in mind that makeup is an enhancement of a different kind.It washes off. Now I don’t think that getting plastic surgery is a problem..unless ya one of them self hating Negroes attempting to look les ethnic and more European, because you are seeking validation of your worth and beauty from OTHERS(if ya get my drift)Not confident enough to believe that you can attract a man with what you have. Now some do it to feel good about themselves..and that’s fine. Some have had children and would like to get back to their pre baby figure..and couldn’t do it with just exercise. There are many reasons why women choose to do it..Its personal..but lets not act like women aren’t easily influenced by what they see on TV..esp when it pertains to what they think a ma n likes or wants. There are women who naturally have had big azzes their entire lives.It wasn’t a big issue until the sudden big over sized azz trend.. took over then many of the have nots became the wanna haves..and eventually haves by any means necessary..Women began to compete with other women.. for the attention of men.. and there you have the now popularity of azz injections.. implants.. Brazilian butt lifts..liposuction fat transplants from one area of body to the buttocks.. YES ITS

        • and will get on TV, and swear its all natural..STOP YA LYING CHICKS.. Better to say nothing than to tell a blatant lie, because there will always be those who remember ya before the surgery. Say what ya want about Wendy Williams but she will tell ya in a minute that she has had plastic surgery and not bat an eye.

    20. Women are not happy with there bodies workout if you can’t afford to workout at home stop going under the knife to satisfy a man who simply looking at your ass.. Love my natural and I embrace it well!!

    21. Well to each its own. If something does go wrong with their implants they have to deal with it. Not me. They are doing them!!! Thats their business!!! As for me I will continue to get my nails done and wear my weave because that what I like!!!!! ME#I#MYSELF!!!

    22. Whites (CAUCASIANS) started the enhancement’s, in order to please there men, who in fact desired A.A. (Brown women and men)..

    23. White women for many many years admired our A.A sisters for there bodies, so they came up with the enhancement’s for the booty. They just know how to keep their upgrades on the LOW. We just took it to the next level. Its so much deeper than this but this is all I have time for.. To each is own, for sho…

    24. I like to say that I got but injections after a friend of mine talked me into it because I did have a flat behind but its not ridiculously big. Everybody have a choice of how they want to look and for you guys that don’t have a big you know what if there was surgery for that every man out there would want a big penis.

    25. I love K. Michelle but she is trying to hard. She graduated from FAMU, a Delta Sigma Theta, former Miss FAMU, and a scholar student. She just want to show that gutta Memp 10 side ( Memphis, tn)

      • With all that going for I wonder why she acts so gutter and rude smh
        Her attitude and disposition stinks

    26. Look, if you want to go all natural that’s great and commendable but don’t knock someone who wants to accessorize. It’s their body and they can do whatever they want with it. A lot of people find it attractive so no need to hate. Some people would rather keep their cars with a factory look and some people like to trick it out with rims, tinted windows, and ground effects kits. To each his or her own.

    27. That pic is photo shopped cus if u look a pic of K.Michelle before she got her teeth fixed back when she was stripping she had a fat ass n no titis,


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