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Are Chico Benymon & Will Smith Secret Lovers?

February 2nd, 2012

Will Smith Secret Lover Chico Benymon
A reliable source of HSK is making shocking allegations that singer/actor Chico Benymon from the UPN television show “Half and Half” is Will Smith’s secret boyfriend. Don’t believe me.. Ask Marlon Wayans.

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“Chico is Will Smith’s secret boyfriend. Every year Jada and Will have a party in Aspen, and they invite and fly out all their friends.

I was one of those people who attended these parties. Everybody would get with each other. But Will and Chico would always end up together.

Chico is married with four kids and he runs a touch football team in Calabasas. Chico doesn’t have to work because Will pays his bills. Once Will signed Chico to his record label, but it was just another way for him to cut Chico a check.

I’m not the only one who knows. Don’t believe me? Ask MC Lyte.”

Do Will and Jada Pinkett Smith participate in kinky sex games with others? Of course they do. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tom Cruise.

photo of Chico Benymon above was taken at the world premiere of I-Robot.

Chico Benymon and Will Smith

18 Responses to “Are Chico Benymon & Will Smith Secret Lovers?”

  1. carla |



  2. nate |

    Cot dang! How reliable is Wayan?


  3. Luckey Starr |

    I want to see the receipts!


  4. Kingphoenix |

    HSK you are one messy as Kwe…get yo life!


  5. libraeffect |

    daaaaaammmmmmmmnnnnnn bloody hell this is some crazy stuff…thanks for the info jacky!!!!!!!


  6. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson |

    Sorry not buying this at all


  7. Jane Doe |

    Do we really need receipts ppl. How does Duane Martin feel about this? That’s been Will’s main boo for years. Don’t believe ask his wife Tisha. Haha, that’s for you Jacky. LOL. I love this site.


  8. Square Biz |

    Because we all know how the Smith’s get down, I won’t be shooting down this story anytime soon. Sometimes I think Will will be just like one of his first mentors, by becoming the next Quincy Jones. Trying to turn ppl out. Especially men.


  9. Sallyone |

    I totally believe this shit!!!


  10. The Real Truth |

    Chico has been a part of Will and Jada’s life for a long time. They took him in when he was a kid and are parental figures, not “sexual partners”. I’m not denying that the Smith’s may get their freak on but to put out a potentially false story about a young man who is doing positive things with his life and raising a family is WRONG.


    "Enlightened" Reply:

    Totally agree ~ soooo wrong!


  11. Tisha Campbell is on Twitter Doing Damage Control for the Smith's? |

    […] why? Because Tisha Campbell is on Jada and Will Smith’s payroll. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chico Benymon. Share This […]

  12. jijiji |

    Ha! I know chico and his wife and I know he is cheating his wife and have a kid with one of the cristina aguilera dancers.. with his wife have 3 kids but its a stupid man he don’t have nothing for his first kids even a furniture even food he things its will smith but naaaa.. have nothing! And its not a boyfriend from Will come on Will its a good guy…



    Chico and his WIFE? Ummmm, isn’t he divorced? He said he was during his half and half years. He has a one year old with a mixed “hispanic” looking female…and he certainly is or was not faithful to his wife if he did have one. There are photos of his youngest son on his facebook page.

    I don’t know about a sexual relationship with Will, and WHY WOULD YOU ASK MC LYTE.. from what I was told she has her OWN skeletons to keep in the closet… though they are no secret to me. But you don’t out someone if YOU don’t want to be outted.

    But I would call Chico a Hetrosexical slut. But I could be wrong.. not sure if he’s into guys but I KNOW HE LIKES FEMALES for sure.

    But it’s a trip cause another friend of mine SWORE to me at the time that I knew him that he was STILL married.. but everyone around was saying that he wasn’t. And he did have his own place.


  13. 2much mouth |

    This is the stupidest rumor I’ve ever heard. The media is always trying to say someone is gay. Chico Benymon is Will Smith’s COUSIN!!! Duh!!!


  14. camille |

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