Chief Keef Racks Up Jail Time


Chief Keef Under Arrest

He may boast about being ‘Finally Rich’, but it looks like Chief Keef won’t be free to spend that money. That’s because the Chicago rapper could be facing hard time, after the teen lyricist was found showing a “willful disregard” for the court after violating his probation.

The rapper – whose real name is Keith Cozart – is now being detained until a Cook County judge sentences him, Thursday. You may remember the case stems from a 2011 incident where he pulled a gun on a cop.

Here’s what the Chicago Sun Times is reporting:

“The incarceration marks a victory for prosecutors who said that he violated his 18-month probation after conducting an interview at a gun range in New York last June. The incident went against judge’s orders that he cannot have contact with firearms.

photo courtesy of 4UMF


  1. Snoop dog template being enforced with a little sprinkle of 2pac like problems

    This boy is being groomed by the industry to be the next best thing

    Do record labels in the USA not have investment in the trade journals and prison system?

  2. @Tb and P: So right, another manufactured homothug criminal by the jweish gay entertainment mafia. I guess chief’s crazy azz was a little hard to control so they need to condition him in their private for-profit prisons. How does he pull a gun on a cop, a Chicago cop at that and live?


  3. I guess they are going to groom him some kind of way to take the D***… I’m pretty sure if they wanted him to, he could have avoided jail time

  4. Get a little bit of fame and all of a sudden you think you can walk through fire with gasoline drawers on and can’t get singed.

    Another Black male being made an example of.

    But this one deserves every bit of the dog and pony show that he stepped into.

    Your time in jail will go one of two ways:
    Either you can pay for protection, until your money runs out or they bleed you dry from favors.
    You go to the top of the “get list”, where every other con will be taking shots on who gets you on your belly first.

    Enjoy the rest of your life, dumbass!

  5. He lucky to be alive; Had I been that cop I would be off on paid leave, while they justify me killing him.

    • Right, so the fact that he is even alive shows something is up. Maybe they’d prefer he suffer in jail, idk, but any other man, especially black, would been dead

  6. Right, something about this scenario doesn’t make sense. This lil boy been shooting @ police officers and practically confessing to murder on youtube & twitter….but he is JUST NOW getting locked up? He ain’t gon be in jail for long. And just like P said, he will be on super Star status when he gets out. If the illustrious entertainment industry has its way, our kids will be looking up to chief brief (since he likes to wear his pants off his ass so everyone can always see his briefs) and hailing him as some sort of lyrical genius in 5…4….3….2……

    • RIGHT its a shame, like you said he is practically confessing to murder and all other types of felonies, and he is just NOW getting caught up? I was watching a show where some idiot videotaped himself doing all types of small misdemeanors like, disturbing the piece, destruction of property, vandalism, etc. and he uploaded it on youtube, the next day that fool got a nice little knock on the door from the cops. It just goes to show you anybody else wouldnt have gotten away with it, not even somebody famous. And tbh I really dont think hes that famous at all to begin with so that makes the situation even more strange to me. You know at least when really famous people get charged with a crime they can usually pay their ways out of trouble, but his ass is nowhere near that level so I just dont get it. Why is he of all people seeming to be able to skate away with such heinous crimes? And I bet you 30 million dollars (if I had it)that he strikes a deal and gets off with much less time than we all think he should.

  7. It should also be noted that individuals with Aspergers are socially awkward to begin with. They can’t take social cues. Many adults who have this highly functioning level of Aspergers feel isolated from society because they lack the ability to communicate and express their feelings to others. If they find an object or subject they like, they be one obsessed with it and will talk about little else. This is why I believe Chief was chosen to be the next drone because the syndrome he suffers from makes him the perfect candidate for a sociapathic brainwashing. He already lacks the ability to sympathize or have empathy for others pain. Those tweets about lil jojo’s death made that all too clear. That’s why he is getting so much attention now

    • If he’s such a “nucca”, how is it that you know what he and his friends look like in music videos (obviously you’ve been watching them.) and you’re spending your time reading and commenting on an article about him. To be just a “dusty nucca” he sure has captivated your attention!

  8. they don’t make gangster rappers the way they used to.

    anybody let this fool influemce them to do any type of violence needs serious help.

    heard every type of violent thought put on record.

    the baby killer from brotha lynch hung from kill the fetus by esham from raping girls by too much trouble from that cut from the convicts about wooping girls asses.

    from ganksta nip talking about every satanic thouyght boput beastilality, suicide smoking sherm.

    from eazy e praying to satan, from mc ren talking about incest, from mc eiht talking about gang life to hearing ozzy looking at satan to venom saying he drinks kids blood from seeing iggy pop cut himself with bottles and almost bleeding to death.

    seeing jimi hendrix do voodoo rituals, jefferson sirplane blaspheming god saying god the creator had incest with the daughter of jesus and mary magdelene.

    all these groups throw symbols and codes in our faces.

    chief keef is already paying for dealing with satan’s helpers and a fellow friend lil jojo or rival gang member was killed already a blood sacrifice was made.

    keef you ain’t 2pac.

    keep on you’ll join 2pac or whoever he transformed to after he died.

  9. this is just so damm horrible history just keeps repeatin it damm self!when will the damm cycle ever be broken!