Chief Keef Sent to Juvenile Hall for 60 Days


Chief Keef Jailed Over Violations

Interscope Records artist 17 year old Keith “Chief Keef” Cozart has received a 60-day sentence in juvenile detention for a probation violation.

Here’s what Chief Keef’s manager Idris “Peeda Pan” Abdul Wahid, had to say:

“Overall, I think it’s the best decision to satisfy everybody.”


  1. damn shame!! were is russell simmons now?! all that tuff guy shit and this nigga aint even old enough to go 2 jail!! juvenile detention!! lol

  2. All he gets is 60days? I bet when that charge comes up for pulling a gun on that cop, hes going to get the same equivalent of this slap on the wrist.

  3. Remember he’s 17..he’ll fuck up again..and then they can sentence him as an adult and make the money they need to off of him..TRUST this is give lighter sentences for two reasons..overcrowding and repeat offenders that hopefully will fuck up again massively so the billion dollar buisness called the penal system can continue to make money

  4. Baby jail?

    He cried like a bitch over BABY JAIL????

    How you gonna be a tough thug, when you can’t even stand for your own punishment like a man?
    This is why these fakers need to drop the tough guy acts and learn a trade!

    The only tough guys I ever met were either dead before twenty or in jail before 18.
    And they didn’t cry like school girls when they got their asses handed to them by the judge neither!

    • @big daddy win-remember we are talking about a homo thug and video gangster. Juvi is filled with real thugs and gangsters and he knows it. If you were him you would cry too going in there with guys that can and probably will make you their beyotch.

  5. Good for that asshyyyy ass lil monchichi!!!!! He ain’t neva gonna learn CUZ of his mind set!! BANG BANG NIGGA!!!!!

    • Cdfuuuu u punk ass bitch I bet if you saw him in real life, you wouldn’t say that shit to his face so don’t say it online behind ur computer screen you dumb ass! Go suck a dickk

  6. Chief Keef two things will make your 60 days in juvi go a lot easier-chapstick and vaseline. Just trying to help.


  8. This is Jimmy Iovine’s bitch and this is all manufactured to present some BS to our children. I still wanna know how you pull a gun on a cop and you a black male and live when they shootin’ down black males unarmed?

  9. Wow. Did we call this yesterday or did we call it? Lil boy shootin guns (with bodies on em probably) at cops and goes to juvie for 2 months. I swear, lately I believe that THEY are using rappers to promote crime the same way they use Beyonce to promote louboutins (or howevathehailuspellit). Beyonce doesn’t pay a dime for those uncomfortable ass shoes, but a regular person will go spend their whole rent check and a payday loan on a low-end pair just to emulate her. A rapper will do the most heinous crime, murder, shoot at police, transport pounds of drugs and guns cross country, etc, and only have to deal with a year in prison once caught. Any other regular black kid that was to do some similar shit, once caught, would be spending the rest of their lives under the jail.

  10. Chief Keef is not an innocent child. HOWEVER looking at his family, Chicago environment, and his special needs, he is definitely a PRIME target to be used and taken advantaged of…especially by th likes of Jimmy Iovine. I watched some early YouTube clips of Chief Keef rapping before he became famous and it was so different…he was clear, by himself, no guns just rapping.At the end of the day, he is still a kid who was thrust into the spotlight, given lots of money, and always high…so jail & death was coming from that but I’m not quite sold on it being his own doings, he’s still technically a special needs minor in need of detox and therapy. It’s “interesting” how all of these new up & coming artists Chief Keef, Machine Gun Kelly, etc. suffer from mental illness.

    CONSPIRACY THEORY THOUGHTS – All of this negative news of Chicago makes me feel like some major changes (like martial law) is about to occur. This was the same city that was up for the 2016 Olympics not even 5 yrs ago. Rahm Emmanual left the White House because he arrogantly knew he would become next mayor removing decades of the Daley family legacy.Once in, made disturbing comments about giving up on 25% of Chicago’s youth…WTF!

    Right now, Chicago is the next American city which can actually compete with the iconic New York City and D.C….but one of the stand out characteristics of Chicago was their approach on gentrification. Go to parts of Brooklyn, Harlem, DC and the hoods have been transformed to upscale, chic areas and crime decreased….but with Chi-Town the crime increased. Those violent flash mob started to hit up the Mag Mile and other nice areas. Crime is starting to increase in the surrounding suburbs….the govt is having a hard time “controlling” those gangs…and its not just black gangs…the organized latino, russian, asian, middle eastern, jewish, etc….yeah something is definitely “up” with Chicago.

    • To be clear Aspergers Syndrome is a highly functioning form of autism. It is not mental illness. It is a diagnosis made by examining symptoms. It is considered more of a social hinderence than a real disorder. This is why he doesn’t like doing interviews but by the way he interacts with us friends it is clear he doesn’t have a severe social problem. Maybe that’s why he smokes so much weed. Maybe it makes him feel less awkward, but he doesn’t have mental illness!