Chief Keef’s Got 99-Problems & A Hit Record Ain’t One!


Chief Keef Prison Dance

No Time To Mourn?

As Chief Keef mourns the recent loss of his slain 19-year-old stepbrother, the Chicago rapper is being forced to fight for his freedom earlier than expected. Just one week after Ulysses Gissendanner III was fatally shot in the head, a judge has ordered Chief Keef’s probation hearing be pushed up almost two-weeks.

Now, sources say the teen lyricist’s days of freedom could be numbered.

You may remember Chief Keef – whose real name is Keith Cozart – was originally set to stand before a judge, over a violation of parole, January 28th. The 17-year-old rapper’s new court date is now set to happen January 15th. According to the recording artist’s manager, Idris ‘Peeda Pan’ Wahid, prosecutors may achieve having the teen locked up.

Heres what’s being reported:

“Idris “Peeda Pan” Wahid, who serves as a member of Keef’s management team, is concerned that the prosecutors’ willingness to move the date forward could signal their confidence that Keef in fact violated his probation.


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  2. And God willing a hit record will never be one of his problems! He has had enough time out here with us-take him away!

    • @christa-yeah that is a helluva name! You’d have thought junior would have taken mercy on his son and not burdened him with that elephantine moniker! With a name like that you know he was a permanent resident in the nurse’s office with a perpetual case of black eye! “What’s your name again?” “Ulysses Gissendanner lll.” WHAP!!!!

        • I wonder if Chief Keef’s given name is Aristotle
          Gissendanner? Maybe his folks just love Greek lit and philosophers? If so I aint mad at him for changing it to CK.
          from your Uncle Tom sista LOLZ.

    • LOL Me either. At least if he gets locked up he will have taken at least ONE damned shower. And is it me or does it look like his breath stank too?

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