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Chris Brown Attacked By Frank Ocean & Co

January 28th, 2013

Chris Brown Frank Ocean Fight

It’s been a few months since Chris Brown was attacked by Drake and company — and now, the troubled singer has been reportedly targeted again. This time, by Frank Ocean.

Sources say the incident happened last night as L.A.’s Westlake Recording Studios. That’s where we’re told Breezy was listening to music by an artist he reps. It wasn’t until Brown was exiting the building when – what sources describe as – an “all out brawl” took place, after members of Frank Ocean’s camp blocked Breezy from being able to leave.

Here’s what Frank Ocean reportedly told Chris Brown as the singer was leaving the listening session:

“This is my studio, this is my parking spot.”

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Chris went to shake Frank’s hand … and that’s when one of Frank’s people attacked Chris. Chris’ friends jumped in front and hit Frank’s friend.

Frank then came at Chris … Chris pushed him away and they started brawling. Chris Brown was not there when officers arrived — but they did speak to Frank Ocean.

At this point … we’re told no one wants to press charges, and no arrests have been made.”

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28 Comments on "Chris Brown Attacked By Frank Ocean & Co"

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January 28, 2013

they’re in love


January 28, 2013

frank needs to stick to songwriting.

both him and cb soun d like trannies.

miss the soul singers of old.

luther vandross might have been gay buyt he soun ded more macho than these trannies.

even michael jackson’s drag queen ass went harder.


January 28, 2013

blouses versus skins or tops versus bottoms…
this shit is hillarious !!





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