Chris Brown Diagnosed With Depression & Attention Deficit Disorder


Chris Brown Diagnosis of Depression

HSK Exclusive – A big part of his 90-days of rehab will involve Breezy taking his daily meds, which could bring some solace to the singer. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Richard Dreyfuss.

A source reveals Breezy’s most recent “manic episode” directly stems from his “dual diagnosis” of ‘depression and attention deficit disorder.’ This while the singer is suspected to have been “self-medicating to cover-up from his mental anguish” — a trait psychology experts say is common amongst “special people.”

Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK:

“It’s very easy to throw stones at someone who has been abused. So many people are quick to judge Chris, but I wonder how those people would you act if they were abused as a teen in the music industry? He’s got a lot of inner demons to conquer, and it’s not going to be easy for him, but I know he can do it.”

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Chris Brown got kicked out of anger management rehab after he threw a rock through his mom’s car window. The singer lost his temper Nov. 10 during a family therapy session in which his mother disagreed with his plans to shorten his stay due to limited phone access.

“Mr. Brown proceeded to walk outside and pick up a rock and threw it through his mother’s car window and shattered it. We discharged him from residential treatment and tole him he could leave immediately as he has signed a non-violent contract when he enrolled.

Judge James Brandlin ordered Brown to complete another 90 days of residential rehab and submit to periodic drug testing.”


  1. It took them long enough to come to this conclusion. Now if he was abused in the music industry does this mean that everyone else in that field was abused too when they first started? Maybe some handle there problems differently than others.

  2. Dude has been turned inside out & the amount of hate that whites throw his way is unbelievable. White celebs can straight out murder people & they say nothing, Chris does something & he’s a “thug” & all this…Dude is starting to look like he’s losing his soul on the daily basis…they want this negro dead like I don’t know what…Chris Brown is still the most talented person in the “industry” & that’s why they hate him more than Kanye.

    • weckz,

      Thank you for having the foresight to recognize this.
      Your comment is by far most reasonable given the situation but what can one say. People are are just quick to place blame & judgements without any knowledge of “the back story” &/or the underlying issues.

      You & JustAGuess are both well on point…IMO

  3. I have both ADD and depression and you don’t see me hitting women or throwing chairs through windows. Chris Brown has severe anger issues fueled by addiction. I say that because so do I.I hope he doesn’t use ADD has an excuse to get drugs in rehab. He needs to get sober then work on his rage inside him. I think Chris has a long career ahead of him. one of the best dancers I have ever seen and can sing.

    • Yeah well, I work around ADD kids and have had the worse time with them from fighting each other, to kicking me in the shin, short tempers, anger flare ups, to bashing their head against the wall when angered, you name it, believe me, not all symptoms of ADD are the same with every person. Some kids have an extremely difficult time concentrating or sitting for long periods of time. The symptoms vary. Just because you your symptoms may be different, doesn’t negate the fact that other ADD people have may have symptoms that differ from yours. Get a grip!!! You sound ridiculous using your own ADD tendencies as a blueprint for all others! Some have real anger issues which if not dealt with when they are still young, turns into something worse when they get older. Depressive adults with ADD is not a good place to be in without some type of treatment. Chris Brown’s mom had a lot to deal with coming from an abusive environment, and most likely found it hard to stay on top of things with her children. Most certain she did the best she could. It’s ironic because when I looked at several pix of Chris Brown and Rihanna earlier in their relationship, I was unsure, but there was something odd about his looks that I’d wondered more than once if he was ever considered a special kid. Chris Brown is a very talented young man and we can only hope he will be okay in the long run. One can only hope that whatever meds they have him on, will not diminish the talent he was gifted with. Some drugs have been known to cause excessively drowsiness and a few other symptoms. Hopefully, his family will stay on top of things, maybe even try a natural alternative to some of the drugs they
      currently have on the market. And to all of you whites out there who were judging this young man with your hateful personalities, we know it’s what you do best as you make yourselves, judge, jury and executioners, but remember, the same way you have judged and persecuted others, is how you will with certainty be judged yourselves. Be careful in the things you say about others and refrain from using the word retarded or any other derogatory term as I’m certain most all of you have someone in your family, a friend or someone you know who may have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or some other disorder, so be careful of the things you say as there are many others out their who have been diagnosed with the same disorder, including Bill Gates, and should not have to be subject to your insensitive, hateful, mean spirited insulting remarks when reading this or any other blog site. Hopefully Chris Brown will continue on his road to recovery and get the help he needs.

  4. Who throws a rock at their Mama?! That is beyond the pale–I don’t care who you are. I am diagnosing Chris as a punk a** b*tch! Some negroes aren’t worth the air they breathe.

  5. His mother deserved it! How could she let her son go into that devil filled pedo-homo music industry? Hollywood is destroying him worse. All the p*ssy and money can’t bring him joy due to knowing what was done to him as a boy. Some mother she is. Demons are all on this dude. But hey he is a product of the Christian church….so how surprised are you? When will yall get it. This society is not for us and never will be. You better get back to your roots and following the Most High

  6. Kjam,

    Yours is yet ANOTHER well stated comment. Everything you said is what I know to be truthful about the situation. It’s been my understanding his mother was far too busy trying to survive her own personal situations to really stay on top of the needs of her children when it was most crucial & vitally important. We all can agree to disagree on this fact but there is still a great more that can be attributed to the issues we all have seen & heard about regarding Chris.

    I NEVER have an issue with anything Jacky allows to be printed on his site but this isn’t cool…

    First, to explain why this article & certain comments regarding it struck a bad nerve with me…I am the parent of an of a kid who has ADHD & ODD. (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder & Oppositional Defiant Disorder) I am an active member of CHADD- Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. I take direct offense to ANYONE calling people with these kinds of issues retarded or anything of that nature. Unlike other psychiatric disorders, including anxiety and depression, ADHD doesn’t begin in adulthood. So, symptoms must have been present since childhood for a diagnosis of adult ADHD to be made. 9 times out of 10 Chris Brown’s mother didn’t take him early on to be tested & diagnosed. My son was diagnosed when he was in 1st grade. I tried 2 Adderall & Concerta for a total of 8 years & it was “my experience that THOSE 2 DRUGS WERE NOT EFFECTIVE FOR MY SON.” I saw little to no change over many years & decided to take him off the meds. I opted for natural supplements that actually are effective for kids & adults who have ADHD. For anyone interested one of the absolute best ADHD/ADD supplements in On Task Natually This is an excellent product for kids & adults alike who have symtoms of ADHD/ADD. It also calms the temperament of those who have ODD as well in spite of there being no real cure for ODD.


    • We don’t agree on everything, but I 110% cosign here. WTF does Jacky mean by “special”???
      Because my “special”ass with a “special” husband & “special” kid is getting heated here.

      So you have to do things differently with an ADHD child, or you have to work & organize differently as an adult w/ADHD. Different isn’t bad, and it doesn’t mean someone is stupid. It also doesn’t mean that all ADHD people have the same talents or abilities. Unlike Chris Brown, I can’t sing too well. I definitely can’t dance. Hell, I can’t even do a cartwheel.

      • JRP, Sorry I’m just getting around to your comment. You see why I had an issue with this article? I don’t appreciate the reference made to Chris Brown or anyone with ADHD-type disorders as being “SPECIAL” THAT all within itself is wrong in my opinion. And, let me also put something else in your spirit. Just because a person with ADHD-type disorders isn’t able to sing, dance & do cartwheels does not mean they are not bright, smart, intellectual & cool as hell!

        JRP, YOU may “feel/believe” you can’t do certain things but YOU have giftings & talents that are unique only to you & you have to “work at honing in on what things you excel in.” Just remember…”if you BELIEVE you can’t do certain things YOU CAN’T because you etched that in your subconscious mind. (A whole other issue)
        Here is a link to a book you can read on your phone, tablet or computer which is an excellent resource on “how we can choose what we think.” It will best show you what I mean by that & is a good positive read.

        Blessings to you & your family. Come back to this article periodically if you want some new ideas & information regarding ADHD-type disorders. *I’m secretly recruiting RC to help me share info here on a weekly basis. RC doesn’t know this yet…but we’ll see!

        • I suffer from depression so I felt upset that these disorders were labeled as special. One of the smartest men in the world can’t speak and is paralyzed so is it right to call him special? Everyone is different and that is the beauty of being apart of the human family. I also feel like the stigma against people with certain disorders are disgusting. Are we ever going to see people for who they are versus what illness or disorder they have?

  8. I KNOW what it is first hand as I’ve raised a good kid who has a hard time remaining focused in class & who couldn’t keep his focus long enough to complete anything other than a damn video game BUT this is the same kid who has been training with the Fire Dept since he was 11yrs. My son can look at ANY fire truck from any state no matter the make or model & tell you every size of each hose, what each gage is for, where the tools are located & what they’re used for & what’s needed to extinguish various types of fires. He also has a desired interest in helping others. I failed to mention he suffered from severe insomnia as a little kid (as do most people with these types of disorders)& still does every now & then as a teenager but it’s during those times he actually gets his best work done. Chris Brown & so many others you know of like Richard Branson & Bill Gates are the same damn way. BOTH OF THEM HAVE ADHD. I work for one them & know for a fact…THEY ARE BOTH FAR FROM BEING CRAZY OR “RETARED” as one person said…shame on you for that one.

    • cont…

      I could go on but the point I want to drive home to EVERYONE HERE is this…ADHD/ADD, ODD,
      Autism/Aspergers Syndrome, Hearing Impairments, Hypothyroidism, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Lead Toxicity,
      Nutritional Deficiencies/Food Allergies/Food Sensitivity all have various symtoms that are similar. So, be very sensitive & careful about judging people. They may have something they know nothing about because it’s gone undiagnosed & untreated. The “bad-ass kid” at your child’s school may be suffer from a number of issues that resembles symptoms of “poor parenting or lack of discipline” when in fact they have an UNDIAGNOSED case of a number of things.

      If your child is having issues in school, getting suspended for stupid stuff, constantly & easily off task, no getting their work done, sad, depressed, not sleeping at bedtimes, acting o hyper-acting, etc, DON’T LET PEOPLE TELL YOU YOUR CHILD IS BAD OR LABEL YOUR BABY NEGATIVELY. Oooh…I’m getting so upset…Your child may have a “different learning pattern.” They are NOT bad, crazy or retarded. They need assistance in learning strategies to work through their particular issue, a diet viod of A LOT OF THINGS & vitamins that support balance & focus. Most of these kids are BRILLIANT & EXTREMELY TALENTED…like Chris Brown who has stress & truama to add to his issues.

      Lord, I’m in tears now at the thought of how many people are effected by this, all the misguided judgments by schools, courts & others. Let me not leave out the poor parents who don’t know what to do in these cases… ;-(

      I’m going to post some very helpful info under this article in a few hours…I’ve gotten a bit emotional now.
      I’m sorry…

      • you are spot on! my adopted kids have adhd, manic depression w/psychotic features, odb. its a struggle everyday for us. They were born drug addicted. I have my hands full as they are having a rough time just dealing with things we take for granted. Black community needs to educate themselves.

        • k you for your comment.. If you need any help far as resources, recommended NATURAL supplements, dietary plans, 504 Plan info, sports programs, online parenting groups, proper questions to ask doctors & psychologists or anything you can think of please leave a post here & I will share as much info as possible. I’m going to set up an email account for this specific purpose in the next day or so & post it here for others who may have issues or questions.angela,

          You are a wonderful loving Mommy in spite of the various challenges that title may bring!

          Whatever you do, don’t stop loving your babies, don’t stop working with them & for them to find what strategies WORK FOR THEM as EVERY ADHD-type case is DIFFERENT.

          Thank you for your comment!

          God Bless You & Your Family…

      • Ms. Reg,
        Thank you for sharing your story. Raising a young man of color is a battle and you have your work cut out. God Bless

      • Wow Ms. Reg, Thanx, knew why I always liked you. Do you know how many people you helped today? Myself included

        Peace and God’s Blessings.

        • BOTH Anonymous’

          THIS article really drummed up strong feelings in me as a parent of an ADHD kid. I detest the vile comments made here about Chris Brown who has been diagnosed as an ADULT because I know from personal experience his issue, just like my son’s started long before now. Instead of focusing on the negative I’ve decided to leave accurate info regarding ADHD & disorders like it that will provide REAL answers & help for those who simply don’t know. Chris Brown JUST got diagnosed & he’s RICH. Now just imagine how many people are walking around us EVERYDAY with the same exact UNDIAGNOSED issues..isn’t that something?

          Thank you both for your kindness & understanding.
          If you or anyone you may know needs info or help please direct them to this article on HSK. I’m going share great, positive info that I KNOW will help our people. This I promise & before I go to sleep I’m going post “10 Foods That Are The Worse For ADHD/ADD Suffers” (especially for the kids) to start.

          Hugs & God’s Love To You Both 😉

      • @ Ms. Reg,

        Thank you for your honesty & insights about your son. But regardless of his Dx, I’ll bet my last dime that your boy has NEVER beat up a girl, has he? Of course not, because he’s better than that! And neither have Branson or Gates, because ADD doesn’t make people violent. Neither does Depression.

        I do not believe there is ANY disease — not ADD, Autism, Aspergers, no mental illness or emotional — disorder — that causes a grown man to wail on a woman like Chris did Rihanna. After having watched a man beat on his own mother as a kid, hitting a woman should be anathema to Chris, the most despicable thing in the world! I know that Household Drama Leads To Trauma for any child. But I also know that most boys who love their mothers & saw them get beat choose to become real men who respect women & don’t hit them.

        I guarantee you, if his ass wasn’t high half the time, Chris wouldn’t have problems keeping his hands to himself. Folks don’t wanna believe it, but drugs alter your consciousness & that altered mind state can leave some people susceptible to demonic influences. The more frequent the drug use, the more likely you are to end up infected with demonic spirits that cause mental & emotional problems in your life That Will Look Like A Disease. But what you’ll have, what Chris has, is a Spiritual Problem, not a medical problem. But that’s just my 2 cents, there is no way I can prove that to anyone.

        Having said all that, I think Chris Brown took the typical celebrity excuse dodge, paid a shrink to write him a DX in order to claim mental problems so he could avoid jail time after beating up that guy in DC. He may be talented (to me, he’s just another MJ wanna-be), but he’s also nasty & violent person when he wants to be — period. But the vast majority of folks with Depression &/or ADD are NOT violent at all & it pisses me off that jerks like him give people with legitimate mental problems a bad name.

        My concern for kids & parents is that today, the ADD label has becomes a badge of honor in this culture. Nearly every rich, successful White male under the age of 50 claims to have ADD — a disease nobody had ever heard of 60 yrs. ago, yet there were plenty of successful, rich White men around then. But that Dx follows you for life. We’re not White & in the long run, I think it only harms our kids to have that ADD label pinned on them.

        Every child with ADD isn’t ‘brilliant’ or ‘talented’, just as every normal kid isn’t brilliant or talented. Talent & brilliance are exceptional traits because the vast majority of people don’t possess them. But now that they are regarded as the hallmarks of ADD & linked to so many successful, famous people, we practically expect creative people to have ADD. As if creativity can’t exist without someone having a brain malfunction?

        Kids today have access to vastly more info than I did as their age & much more media exposure, which allows them to pick up on so many things that are not explicitly spelled out for them. I worry that the cultural belief that so many super-smart, talented people have ADD gives many kids the idea to start displaying the ‘symptoms’ that will lead to that Dx, so they will be perceived as talented or super-smart. But when it’s a Black boy with ADD, the system doesn’t reach out to help him the way it does for White kids. So we need to be more circumspect about letting these ‘professionals’ diagnose our kids with ADD. ODD is a different story, it’s usually associated with an attachment disorder from being abandoned or abused in infancy. I’ve read a lot about Russian orphans who suffer from it & I know it is a VERY real mental illnesses. But for me, the jury’s still out on ADD — esp. when the drugs that are supposed to treat it don’t seem to work for so many kids.

        I don’t believe Chris Brown has ADD or Depression — he’s just hiding behind a DX that will keep his ass out of jail. I do believe he has a serious drug problem & nothing but prayer & rehab will help him with that. But the public needs to know that MOST folks with ADD & Depression will never lay a hand on anyone. You shouldn’t be afraid to have them as co-workers, babysitters, employees in your business, students in your class, etc.

        I wish your son all the best, Ms.Reg. I will remember him in my prayers.

        • RC,

          While I LOVE the manner in which you responded to my comment I tend to “agree to disagree” with you slightly. I will respond in greater detail later in the day. For now I’m going to keep my word & post dietary info for those who suffer from ADHD-type symptoms. Catch you later!

          And…thank you for your prayers 😉

        • ADD, ADHD, DVD, Easy E…
          Enough with the labels already! Back in the day we had a simple cure for kids who didn’t wanna listen. We called it DISCIPLINE.

          • YOU are the problem, ‘enough already.’ Are you aware that discipline-and we know you mean PHYSICAL discipline-has been proven NOT to work with these types of kids?

            It’s actually harmful b/c it can make them start to act violent. I have seen this in my daughter since age 2, but I didn’t know there were studies that proved it.

            We have my daughter in behavior therapy with a doctor who’s a PhD at Kennedy Krieger–look them up, they’re INTERNATIONALLY famous for the work they do helping & studying kids.

            Please tell me what institution granted your PhD in child psych & where you’ve done your postdoc work that led you to the conclusion that “DISCIPLINE”is a “simple cure for kids who don’t wanna listen.”

  9. Abuse what type of abuse. More then likely molested by a man. Parents the entertainment business is Evil filled with Pedophiles, and Perverts. All of them are GAY or Bi…that’s just how it is. And by the way Christian Church has nothing to do with it. Most of them don’t even believe in GOD @ ReturnoftheDopeGame. I agree with everything except that.

    • Not very bright are you? Yes Christian Church has everything to do with it! Chris like all of his family members are products of that hell hole! That place has done nada for us but made us good docile slaves. Christians dont believe in the Most High they believe in the white man. They dont even know the bible….if they did then their sons and daughters wouldnt be allowed to go near the entertainment world!

      • This shit didnt just happen over night! Ppl been warning folks for decades about the industry. Until we realize we are the Biblical Israelites and understand we got guidelines to follow then this crap will continue….the nightmare will end when we wake up but yall dont want it. So enjoy the f*ckin Super Bowl nigga and the Grammys….house niggas

  10. HSK Family,

    Here is the dietary info I promised to share.
    I was mistaken in the fact that there are 15 not 10 items on the list. I can honestly say I’ve pretty much taylored my son’s diet to exclude most of these “most but not all the time.” We fight about “hot fries” which seem to be his favorite but are one of the WORSE things to eat for many reasons other than having ADHD.

    ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a type of behavioral disorder primarily seen in children but is also found in a great many adults in recent times. This disorder is characterized by restlessness, inattentiveness, difficulty concentrating, high levels of unfocused energy and impulsive behavior. While a proper diet cannot cure ADHD, patients who follow particular nutritional guidelines can benefit from eating properly.

    Many experts believe eating particular foods can trigger ADHD symptoms in patients, particularly children, so it’s important to avoid certain foods thought to spark a reaction.

    If you or someone you love suffers from ADHD, try avoiding these 15 foods. Eliminating (or strongly reducing) these foods from your diet can help manage the symptoms of ADHD.

    1. Ice Cream
    Dairy products, such as ice cream, can trigger ADHD in Individuals who are hypersensitive to milk products. Someone who is sensitive to dairy products may feel tired both physically and mentally after consuming foods such as ice cream. For this reason, it’s best to avoid this cold treat – even though it may seem like a good idea at the time.

    2. Yogurt
    Much like ice cream, yogurt is a dairy product that has been known to spark flare ups in individuals with ADHD. Removing these types of products (dairy products) completely from your diet for a few weeks will help to see whether they are a cause for ADHD. If dairy products trigger your ADHD, consider changing them for foods made with soy instead.

    3. Sugar
    Experts say a diet high in sugar can spark a flare in ADHD patients. Many experts believe that the sugar strips your body of the vitamins, enzymes and minerals required to help stabilize your mood.

    4. Coffee
    This may be a difficult one for many individuals to give up, considering coffee is such a popular drink. Many people rely on coffee for an energetic start to their mornings. Unfortunately, coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine which – a natural stimulant known to trigger ADHD symptoms. If your symptoms get worse after drinking coffee, you can try drinking herbal teas or decaffeinated coffee instead.

    5. Swordfish
    Fish high in mercury, such as swordfish, have been known to trigger ADHD symptoms. The heavy metal (mercury) found in this type of fish can decrease one’s ability to focus and impair concentration in many individuals. If you notice your symptoms getting worse after eating this type of fish, opt for fish with lower mercury levels such as shrimp, lobster or salmon.

    6. Cheese
    Another dairy food to avoid when trying to avoid sparking ADHD symptoms is cheese. Much like yogurt and ice cream, eliminating cheese from your diet for six to eight weeks will help determine whether it’s the cause for your flare-ups. If you notice your symptoms are more controllable when you’re not eating cheese (or other dairy products), consider switching to a lactose-free diet.

    7. Chocolate
    Chocolate, like coffee, contains a significant amount of caffeine. Caffeine has been known to trigger ADHD symptoms and can make symptoms worse if you choose not to eliminate it from your diet. If you notice your symptoms become worse after eating chocolate or drinking hot chocolate, you may want to opt for white chocolate products instead.

    8. Pop
    Pop contains artificial colors and flavoring, which many experts believe can spark symptoms in individuals with ADHD. In addition to artificial colors and flavoring, many pops also have higher levels of caffeine, which – as described previously – can trigger ADHD symptoms as well. It’s best to avoid soda and opt for an all-natural drink (homemade smoothies are great) instead.

    9. Frozen Pizza
    Frozen pizzas are packed full of artificial colors and flavorings, just like pop. The ingredients used to help enhance these types of products can increase hyperactivity and decrease concentration in individuals with this disorder. If you like eating pizza, consider making one from scratch on your own. This way, you’ll know all of the ingredients used are healthy and natural. ***(THIS product is also said to be a cause of various cancers. If you eat these often &/or serve them to your kids…STOP!!!

    10. Corn
    Yellow vegetables, such as corn, are known to cause reactions in individuals with ADHD. It is recommended that you refrain from eating these types of vegetables in order to help control your symptoms. If you want to eat health, opt for other vegetables like spinach, peppers or tomatoes.

    11. Chips
    It’s pretty much a given that chips would be on this list. In fact, most junk foods should be avoided in order to help manage this type of disorder. Chips are also high in artificial colors and flavoring, making them a poor choice for individuals looking for an ADHD friendly diet. If you like snacking, consider eating healthy vegetables to curb your appetite, instead of junk foods like chips and chocolate.

    12. Squash
    Squash is another yellow food to avoid when dealing with ADHD. For the same reasons as corn, squash has been known to cause flare ups. Not all yellow foods are bad for ADHD sufferers – bananas are okay because the actual banana is white. Only the peel of the bananas are yellow, and you don’t eat the yellow part anyways. As we mentioned earlier, opt for healthy (possibly organic) vegetables instead of yellow ones.

    13. Fruit Juice
    Most fruit juices are loaded with artificial colors and flavors. You should avoid drinking fruit juices unless they are 100 percent natural with no artificial coloring or flavoring. Consider making a delicious smoothie with fresh, organic fruits you’ve purchased from the supermarket instead of boxed juice that’s unhealthy for a number of reasons.

    14. Fast Food
    Fast Food is on the top of most “Do Not Eat” lists and this list is no exception. The fried foods found in most fast food meals are incredibly unhealthy and the ingredients have been known to cause an increase in ADHD symptoms. Individuals looking to manage their symptoms should avoid fast food altogether and opt for making dinner yourself.

    15. Red Meat
    Red meat has been known to cause an increase of symptoms for ADHD sufferers, experts say. Cutting back on your red meat intake (not necessarily eliminating it completely) may prove great benefits when it comes to controlling your ADHD. As mentioned earlier, opting for healthier alternatives like salmon or shrimp will help to keep your symptoms controlled so you can maintain a healthier, happier life.

    • A society which thinks that a lack of discipline = ADD and promotes homosexuality is surely on the road to self destruction.
      Instead of cutting down on the child’s treats, why not cut down on the million and 1 sources of entertainment in the house? I’m pretty sure that’s where the problem is.

      • enough already,

        Since I DON’T know what forms of entertainment are in the homes of EVERY child &/or adult who suffer from ADHD-type disorders I choose NOT to judge especially since my son has a friend he’s known since 3rd grade who lives in a 7500 sq ft home that has 1 television, no game systems, the kids have one cell phone with 5 family phone numbers in it (no other outside calls can be made) & the HOUSEHOLD computer is used for homework & research for homework…and 2 of the 3 kids both have ADHD w/componets of other disorders.

        My objective is to SHARE information with those who may want or need it but not know where to readily find it.
        My goal is to help not hinder or cause calamity.

        You sound like you have it ALL together…so anything I’ve shared here is of no benefit to YOU but the same info may be helpful enough to change someone else’s life.

        You have a wonderful day ahead.

        • Ms. Reg & Everybody,

          Just an quasi-short addendum to your list, if I may. Folks can take or leave it for whatever they think it’s worth.

          I’ve been telling folks for 2 decades to avoid fast food in all forms (inc. Chinese take-out, The Olive Garden, The Cheesecake Factory, etc.), white sugar & grain products on GP, there is nothing inherently unhealthy about red meat or dairy products, providing the animals those products are derived from were raised right. The trick is to know how the food you’re eating was raised. Which means doing your research before you go to the store & shopping at places like Whole Foods rather than Pathmark, Giant, Kroger’s, etc. so you can buy organic & grass-fed/pasture-raised meats rather than the normal commercial crap. And yes, it will cost you more. I know Ms. Reg doesn’t have to worry about that but for folks who do, let me say this: you will do more for your child’s mental/ cognitive problems by skipping the fancy headphones or new I-phone & spending that $$ on organic fruits & veggies, pasture-raised meats & by cooking 90% of what your family eats yourself.

          Okay, here’s the Cliff Notes version of truly healthful eating based on 25 years of personal research:

          #1) Few people are really allergic to dairy. What they react badly to are the BST, antibiotics & steroids most cattle are fed/injected with & the corn, bakery waste products & soybeans (which are all GMO) most cattle are fed. Believe it or not, raw (unpasteurized) milk from grass-fed cows was used routinely as a medical treatment in the early 20th century at The Mayo Foundation (which later became The Mayo Clinic) for everything from TB, nervous system diseases (which ADD could be classified as), heart & kidney diseases, hypertension, edema (2 diseases that plague so many Blackfolks today) & even obesity (another big problem for us).

          Raw, grass-fed milk contains a host of healthful components (CLA, Activator X) that do not exist in pasteurized, commercial milk. The Milk Cure consisted of feeding the patient nothing but raw milk in small quantities every 30 min. for several weeks. No other food was given, but enemas & hot baths were administered. And the results were far superior to any results modern-day medicine produces.

          You can read more about The Milk Cure here:

          #2) You are not simply what you eat — you are what the food you consume has eaten during it’s lifetime. Common sens will tell you that foods that did not make your grandparents sick when they grew up eating them won’t make you sick either — as long as those foods are raised right. A hamburger from Burger King bears no resemblance to a hamburger made from grass-fed beef. Ditto for commercial ice cream, yogurt, cheese, all dairy products. Cows are ruminants, meaning God made them with a multi-chambered stomach. They are meant to eat grass, small shrubs, weeds, flowers, whatever grows naturally in open fields & pastures. Prior to WWII, most of the cattle & sheep in the US were raised on pasture, outside in the sun eating grass all day long & fed hay in the winter months. Beef, milk & butter consumption were much higher before 1970 than than they are now, but ADD, heart disease, hypertension, obesity & diabetes were very rare back then. That’s because the red meat, beef & dairy we ate back then were healthy foods from cows that were raised right.

          Long story short: the White man’s insatiable greed, coupled with advancements in science & commercial manufacturing during WWII & the rise in gov’t crop subsidies for corn & soybean farmers all converged to create a perfect storm. Scientists discovered that cows that were fed corn & esp. soybeans (soy depresses thyroid activity, which slows metabolism) got fat faster than cows raised on grass out in the pastures. They also discovered that by adding sub-therapeutic levels of antibiotics to the corn & soy feed, the cows got even fatter! At the same time, new processes were invented for mass-producing foods. Meanwhile, subsidies from Uncle Sam made corn & soy profitable & plentiful as crops. Corn oil was invented. So was high-fructose corn syrup. Because subsidies ensured that there was lots of cheap corn & soy around, food manufacturers began adding corn oil & HFCS to damn near every food item being made in America. Today, it is nearly impossible to find a pre-packaged food item that doesn’t contain HFCS or corn in some form. Read your labels & you’ll see I’m not kidding

          This perfect store lead to the invention of CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation), which transformed how livestock was raised across the country. IN the per-war era, most cows lived their entire live outdoors grazing on grass. Now they only get to graze for the first 6 mos. after they’re weaned, then they’re moved to cement feedlots & fed corn, soy, even bakery waste products from then on.

          But because cows weren’t created to eat grains, feeding them corn & soy & wheat causes fermentation in their stomach. Which makes the cows sick. Which means they must be given more antibiotics to ‘treat’ them. Needless to say, the unnatural diet fed to commercially-raised cattle ruins the quality of their milk & meat. Dairy & red meat aren’t the problem — poorly-produced dairy & red meat are what’s bad for you. (

          It took about 20 years after the war ended, but sure enough, Americans slowly began developing new illnesses, getting sicker & dying younger. This coincided with the rise of Big Pharma to create drugs to ‘treat’ (but not cure) these new diseases. Because like the homeboys say, “everything is everything”.

          **This place is my #1 go-to resource for info on real food, proper nutrition & how to know what’s what**:

          #3) All sugar is not created equal. You should absolutely avoid HCFS white sugar & brown sugar. But you can use honey or coconut palm sugar instead. Honey is a whole food — bees make it as a winter food supply. Both honey & coconut sugar have vitamins & micronutrients not found in other sweeteners. And coconut sugar actually has the lowest Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load of any sweetener, even lower than agave syrup & honey. It takes some time, but you can certainly make your own ice cream for your kids using grass-fed milk (real raw milk is hard to find in most states), eggs from pasture-raised chickens, coconut sugar & whatever natural flavorings you want to add. No child should be denied ice cream on a hot summer day!

          #4) Unless your kid is literally allergic to it, you do NOT want to deprive your child of chocolate. Almost every day, scientists discover another new health benefit that dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) provides.

          As far as caffeine content goes:

          An 8 oz. cup of regular drip coffee — 145 mg. caffeine
          A fresh 8 oz. cup of Lipton tea — 42 mg caffeine.
          A regular size Hershey bar — 9 mg caffeine

          Even crappy, commercial chocolate does not have much caffeine in it. But you can spend more money to get better quality, organic dark chocolate bars (I like Divina) as a treat for you child. Or find a good recipe for homemade chocolate bars — kids LOVE making candy at home.

          Moms are the gatekeepers of the family food supply, so ultimately, each mother has to decide what’s best for her child to eat. But an ADD child doesn’t have to eat a super-restrictive diet in order to be at his or her best. Improving the overall quality of what you feed your entire family will improve everyone’s health while still allowing for a wide range of foods that kids like.

          Ms. Reg, I await you comments from my previous post, at your leisure. 🙂

          • RC…

            BEFORE I get back to our previous conversation which I have NOT forgotten about & have given quite a bit of thought to…please allow me to graciously “thank you” for sharing such accurate, health conscious information not only for those who suffer from ADHD-type disorders (which I gathered you didn’t REALLY believe existed based on your previous comment) but for all of us who CHOOSE to be mindful of what we take into our bodies due to the effects certain foods can have on us…especially our brains. I will forever appreciate you for doing this. It proves my decision to think about what I want to share & impress upon you as we engage in the continuance of our previous conversation correct. Had I immediately responded, out of emotion I may have appeared demanding, irate & a tad argumentative which is neither necessary nor my intent. There are a few people here at HSK I absolutely do not “argue” with, @christa, you, @ keepitreal, @CrazyChris, @ejones, @DaRadiant1, @Black Pearl all come to mind. I can “agree to disagree” & we may “debate” an issue but NEVER do we argue!

            Having said all this, would you mind joining me in sharing ONE (or more if we’re lucky) items regarding dietary issues, certain disorders that are “now commonly found in our people,” & any info you feel would be pertinent to THIS issue… Not asking for you to do this forever but just for the next 4 weeks to start? Let me know what you think…
            -once each week
            -a minimum of one item
            -post here on THIS article

            • Wait, I don’t follow you… Do you want articles on Blackfolks & ADD? Or articles on diseases that Blacks have now but rarely suffered from before 1970?

              I work as a medical researcher, I have TONS of articles on health, nutrition & pharmaceuticals that I pull together for my boss. Most of them don’t deal specifically with diseases in Blacks, but we are a subset of the same populations that are suffering from obesity, diabetes, even renal failure in otherwise healthy folks (Nick Cannon). His hospitalization should have set off major alarm bells in the public’s mind — how the hell does a healthy young man suddenly develop kidney failure? And I got info on that too — but the articles are from medical journals, lots of jargon & technical terms that people aren’t gonna want to bother with. I can post them, or post links to where I got them from. But a lot of it is PubMed stuff but I can’t give out my password so all you’ll be able to read is the abstracts.

              But I’ll post what I have about whatever topics you want — as long a Jacky doesn’t mind. He had a Sister writing about health issues on Fridays, but I don’t see that column anymore.

            • RC,

              If you can provide info on a variety issues each time you make entry…maybe:
              -ADHD-type disorders in Blacks,
              -Managing various health issues NATURALLY
              -Dietary Info
              -Brain Foods

              And..honestly, ANYTHING you can think of that you feel will be of benefit to the reader who may want or need info on various disorders. Be sure to NOT to include much ” jargon & technical terms” as I believe that will dissuade some (not all) readers from understanding the content. Be sure to infuse your writing style & “cool method of of explanation” into your entries. Most if not all HSK readers love your writing & that of @christa as well. I think this will be GREAT!

              I’m going to email Jacky to make sure I’m not overstepping any boundaries but I honestly don’t believe he’ll mind.

              Thank you for your open mindedness & willingness to help….

            • Well, thanks for the mutual respect Ms. Reg, and you and RC are extremely helpful with the info that you guys are giving today. I especially agree with RC and her comment to you below about ADD/ADHD having something to do with the food consumed as well. I was supposed to have ADD but something in me tells me I was the way I was because of the bullying, my vivid imagination, and the food I was eating. So, that’s that but I just felt the need to thank you for that Ms. Reg

        • Thank you Ms Reg I don’t have ADHD I’m bipolar and going through a type of manic episode and it inspired me to do research of my own

          • zulu_girl Hang in there sista…I’ll remember you in my prayers along with Ms Reg.

            Ms Reg I learned a LOT from your dietary list. I swear it looked like a damn grocery list straight from my kitchen. I did not know that swordfish could possibly trigger certain underlying symptoms…I know that you helped many, and thank you for taking the time to help us. Blessings to you and your family!

  11. Ms. Reg,

    As far as ADD/ADHD goes, I think it’s not an actual diseae, but a syndrome based on neurological problems that stem from other factors, i.e. poor nutrition, food sensitivities that arise from eating crappy food & possible environmental toxins. Notice that no one ever diagnoses a 3 or 4 or 5-yr-old with ADD/ADHD. The problem doesn’t seem to arise until after age 6, once kids are into a full school day. If a child who’s been fed a crappy food diet all his life, maybe age 6 is the tipping point for his little body. Maybe the cognitive & behavioral problems we call ADD don’t manifest until he’s faced with real schoolwork that requires more concentration & higher thinking skills, which his brain can’t handle because of nutritional deficiencies & even toxins in his system, from poor diet.

    It seems to me if a kid was born with some sort of cognitive or neuro defect, it would manifest much earlier, before school starts & the mom would notice problems before school starts. And speech would be affected because it takes a cetain level of reasoning skills to learn to speak in sentences. But ADD kids are usually very vocal with good vocabularies. Because they don’t have a congenital brain problem.

    ADD is big business in this country. All kinds of folks make money from it, inc. babymamas on AFDC who get extra $$ every month once their kid is diagnosed. So nobody is jumping up & down to say maybe it’s not a disease at all, maybe it’s a symptom of malnutrition (which is what happens when you eat bad food every day). And because there’s no blood or urine test for it, TPTB can basically define ADD anyway they want to. But they have no incentive to redefine it if they’re wrong.

    • This reasonates so deeply with me even though I am a young woman. Again, I’m supposed to have ADD but the thing is that I am very articulate, love to write, and have a deep and complex minds.Yet, it could have been because I had been diagnosed with mild CP before hand. But, the neurologist himself called me a genius. The math for that, I don’t know but I had a speech delay suddenly and stopped walking as well even though I did both at around 18 months. That is when I got diagnosed. My progress was slow but certain but I was bullied for the majority of my youth and was EXTRA SENSITIVE. So, that could explain the acting out as well. I’m fine now as you can see but boy, did I have a rough time in K-12 schooling?


    First, the Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I don’t even play one on tv. The information listed here is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, yada-yada. Got it? And any products or books that I recommend are because I have used them myself & have found them worthwhile. I get no remuneration, kickbacks, freebies or discounts of any kind for any of the products I recommend.

    Alright Ms. Reg, per your request, here is the first installment. I will do 4 installments over as many weeks, then I’ll decide what should happen from there. I have soooo much diet & health data around, it’s hard to know where to start. I tend to approach things by starting with a question or theory, then drilling down to find out everything I can about that particular issue. But I realize that’s probably not the way most people want to approach this. So I will try to broadcast rather than narrow cast my posts. For this first Friday, let me just offer an intro & a few bullet points, along with some links to useful articles & newsletters that people may want to sign up for. Your body belongs to you. You don’t have to be a doctor to make the decision to be your own Primary Caregiver. To that end. the more fact-based knowledge you have, the more likely you are to make good decisions about what to eat & what to avoid.

    For our purposes, Health is defined as the absence of disease or malfunction in a person’s body. And size is not an issue, until it becomes an issue. There are plenty of folks with beautiful bodies who have cancer, gout, ulcers, migraines, infertility, mental problems, you name it. So contrary to the media hype, being fit is not synonymous with being healthy. If your cousin Tiny weighs 250 lbs. but doesn’t have diabetes, HTN (hypertension, which his high blood pressure), arthritis, asthma or bad skin & Tiny can walk up a flight of stairs without having a heart attack, then Tiny is healthy. Tiny is NOT fit & definitely needs to lose weight before the excess pounds start causing problems. But one of the medical profession’s best kept secrets is that are outliers, people like Gabby Sidibe & Melissa McCarthy, who are seriously overweight but still healthy. And doctors can’t explain it. (But a low-carb, high-saturated fat diet explains it!) Losing weight definitely needs to be on their To Do List because eventually, the will suffer joint damage. But believe it or not, being fat is NOT making them sick.

    Being fat does not make you sick. Let me repeat that, because your doctor will never say that to your face: Being fat does not make you sick – unless you’re Latino. (Latinos have a very specific gene which alters how their liver processes sugar & makes it far more toxic to them than it is to any other group of people. Which is why almost 25% of the Latino population in America is diabetic. I learned that from Dr. Robert Lustig – definitely google him.) Granted, being fat means you will not be sexy. You will not be someone that folks want to see naked. And being fat reduces your mobility, makes it hard for you to get in & out of your car, to climb stairs, bring your groceries into the house, to keep up with your kids. Obesity is a HUGE problem in the Black community & we need to deal with it – period. But I’m telling you that being fat is NOT synonymous with being sick.

    There are plenty of people who are overweight yet still metabolically normal. It is when you become metabolically abnormal that you start to get sick. Being fat doesn’t make you sick, it’s the diseases that accompany obesity – HTN, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease – that result in morbidity (a state of disease) & ultimately mortality. We know there is an obesity epidemic in this country. But for the most part, the people who are fat & sick are the ones consuming sodas, processed foods & carbohydrates.

    OK, let’s go!


    We live in a world flooded with information but unfortunately, most of it is LIES. Nearly all the advertising you see, whether in print, on tv or online, regardless of the product, is a lie. That mascara won’t make your lashes two inches longer. Those pills will not make your dick bigger. That hair color won’t give you a mane like Weave-once’s. Advertising is nothing but legal, unregulated lying. Even most of what’s reported as news is a lie of omission, because the corporate media never gives us the full story. And 95% of what the gov’t tell us is a lie, esp. when it comes to food & drugs. In order to radically alter your diet & improve your health, first you must let go of all lies you’ve been taught & be open to a new paradigm that replaces those lies with truths. But opinions are irrelevant, even dangerous, when it comes to biological functions, so I promise to drop plenty of science on you to support this new paradigm.


    Carbohydrates are grains & starches – corn, wheat (inc. whole wheat), oats, potatoes (inc. sweet potatoes), rice, yams, cassava, poi, beans (they’re called legumes but they are primarily starch). Which means you must stop eating cereals (inc. oatmeal & grits, which are made from corn), pasta, mac & cheese, french fries, mashed potatoes, pizza – all the starchy, comfort foods that so many people love. It also means no more desserts (at first). All carbohydrates, whether from spaghetti carbonara, a cronut or waffle fries, turn into sugar once you eat them. But These Are The Foods That Are Killing Us! And there is a growing body of science that explains why.

    Below is a link to a good mainstream article I found last week that I’ve sent to everyone I know. It’s about a new book that spells out the same info I’ve been finding in my research over the last 5 or 6 years: Eating carbs leads to blood sugar spikes, which lead to glycation, which wreaks havoc on various organ systems & bodily functions.

    Glycation is a reaction that takes place when simple sugars (fructose, sucrose) become attached to proteins or fats. Glycation leads to the formation of rogue molecules known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Glycation also leads to increased oxidative damage. (We eat fruits like blueberries & pomegranates for their antioxidant properties.) AGEs and their by-products are linked to age-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s. And glycation is a big problem for diabetics because they already have problems with their insulin levels.

    The article is about a new book called GRAIN BRAIN: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar – Your Brain’s Silent Killers by David Perlmutter. I avoid diet books written by nutritionists or dietitians because most of them are pseudo-professionals who don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t conduct their own primary research, they don’t have the authority to run blood tests on their ‘patients’ or the training to understand lab results. (Nurses know more than nutritionists do.) But Grain Brain is written by a neurologist — enough said. If you only read one health-related article this week, please read this one:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Dr. Perlmutter’s experiences with patients, along with medical research he’s studied, have led him to piece together a theory behind brain degeneration that’s based on a foundation of gluten and high blood sugar. He also argues for the importance of cholesterol to maintaining brain health, and makes a compelling case that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are bad for the brain.”

    DID YOU CATCH THAT? Statin Drugs Are Bad For The Brain! I’ve believed this for years & have found plenty of evidence to support it. It took me almost a year to get my mother off statins (she’s a retired doctor, so she believes what other doctors tell her). Even then, she only quit because her doctor changed the drug she was on & the new statin gave her muscle pain in her arm. (One of the many side effects of statins is that they can cause life-threatening muscle damage, called rhabdomyolysis.) She quit taking the meds & refused to let her doctor switch her to another statin drug. This was several years ago, but her forgetfulness improved considerably once she got off that shit. I firmly believe that the rise in Alzheimer’s over the last twenty years is directly related to the increase in statin use -– & this Dr. Perlmutter has data to back that up.

    Another doctor, William Davis, a cardiologist, has also written about the dangers of carbs, specifically wheat. Below is a link to an interview he gave to the LA Times earlier this year. Here’s an excerpt:

    ***”The advice to cut your fat and eat whole grains is the worst advice you can possibly pass on to people. I say, “Eat more fat. Eat as little grains as possible.” Grains really don’t belong in the human experience.

    I didn’t go looking to demonize wheat. I told my patients to stop eating [wheat products] as part of treatment because many were suffering from diabetes or were prediabetic. But they’d come back in three to six months, and they were 25 to 40 pounds lighter. And they’d say, “The pain in my wrist and shoulder is gone.” “My [irritable bowel syndrome symptoms] are gone.” I only did it for blood sugar. But I thought, “What in the world is in wheat besides its potential to raise blood sugar? Why would their asthma go away? Why would someone’s food obsession disappear?” So many things happened. In the beginning I had no idea why. I had to see it thousands of time before it got drilled into my head. We are treating the consumption of modern wheat. Only we call it hypertension. Obesity. Arthritis. Acid reflux. … You take out the wheat, all that goes away. You could argue that wheat is perfectly crafted to exert maximum damage to multiple organs.”***

    Dr. Davis’ book is called: WHEAT BELLY: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight & Find Your Path Back to Health. He also have a very cool & informative blog:


    Let’s say that you’re on your way home from work. You’re about to turn onto your street when you see that it’s blocked. There are fire trucks & police cars everywhere. You park your car & try to make your way down the block to your building. But the street is crowded with firemen running towards a burning structure. And you see that Your Home Is On Fire. What do you do?

    Do you start beating up on the firemen & interfering with their work to prevent them from doing their jobs? Hell naw! You get out of the way & let them do their work. They are trying to save your house.

    Cholesterol is like those firemen – it’s there because it has a job to do. It is a completely natural substance manufactured by your body from the fats you eat. Every Cell In Your Body Contains Cholesterol. It is necessary to maintain the integrity of the cell wall. As we age, our bodies become run down & start to malfunction on a microscopic level. We can develop microscopic tears in our blood vessels. One of the divine functions of cholesterol is to repair those micro-tears, so your arteries & veins don’t start leaking. THAT is why cholesterol levels in our blood start to increase after age 40. But arterial plaque, the stuff that causes heart attacks, it NOT made of cholesterol. Studies involving thousands of autopsies have shown that arterial plaque consists mainly of polyunsaturated fats – the fats in so-called vegetable oils (canola, soy corn oil).

    Your body makes appx. 200mg of cholesterol every day from fats in the foods you eat. That’s why the average person’s cholesterol level after a fasting blood test is 140-200 mg/dl. Cut back on your fat intake to lower your cholesterol & your body will step up it’s cholesterol production — THAT is why it’s nearly impossible to reduce cholesterol levels! God made our bodies to make cholesterol, just like we make red blood cells & white blood cells.

    It takes potent drugs to interfere with the body’s ability to make cholesterol. These anti-cholesterol meds are called statins, & like all drugs, they have negative effects. Statins in particular have very nasty side effects & have been linked to memory loss & Alzheimer’s disease.

    [NOTE: I know the term is commonly used, but when it comes to drugs, there is no such thing as a “side effect”. If I punch you in your face & your nose starts bleeding, your eyes start watering & your face turns red, those reactions are not “side effects’ – they are the direct effects of being punched in the face. I may punch someone else in the face & their nose may not bleed at all, they may just get a bit red in the face. In that case, the results were slightly different, but they were still a direct result of being punched in the face. Big Pharma (a nickname for the pharmaceutical industry) has tried to convince the public that all the negative results people experience from taking drugs are just “side effects” because they aren’t the results the drug is designed to produce. But every change in your body that you experience from taking a drug is a direct effect of that drug, not a side effect. And all drugs have side effects.]

    The Cholesterol Myth (previously known as “the lipid hypothesis”) began with a man names Ancel Keys who was responsible for inventing military K-rations. He was also responsible for a long-term study that began in the 1950s on cholesterol & heart disease called the Seven Countries Study. Long story short, dude cooked the books in his research. He actually studied diet & heart disease in more than 20 countries, but he cherry-picked results to support the hypothesis that cholesterol & saturated fats lead to heart disease. The results from most of the countries in his study actually proved the exact opposite. The the academy new it, but let him publish his study anyway.

    Here are some excellent articles & videos that refute the myth that cholesterol & saturated fats will kill you.


    Like cholesterol, salt is absolutely essential to the function of every cell in your body. Remove all the sodium from your system at your heart would stop in seconds. HFCS & low potassium levels are more likely to cause HPB than salt. Commercial table salt is bad for you because it undergoes a chemical process remove to the naturally-occurring magnesium and trace minerals (components that your body needs). The refining process destroys the natural iodine in salt, so it’s usually added back in the form of potassium iodide, which can cause thyroid problems in excessive amounts. Good-quality sea salt is not that much more expensive than cheap table salt if you buy it in bulk. I get a 5 lb. bag of Himalayan pink sea salt (fine grain) from this site for $20 with free shipping.
    I live alone & cook nearly every day & a 5 lbs. bag lasts me 12-13 months.


    If all this info makes your head spin, take a breath, put it aside & come back to it tomorrow. Between now & then, think about your ancestors, both recent & distant. Think about how they lived & what they ate. If you are over the age of 40 & are or were lucky enough to have a Black grandmother, think about her. (I mean a for-real Black grandma, not the Diahann Carroll version of a Black grandma.) A big Black woman who always had a hug & a kiss for you, whose house always smelled like something good to eat, whose kitchen always had a jar or can of bacon grease sitting on the stove or counter top. Because she grew up poor & refused to waste food! So anytime she cooked bacon or sausage in her cast iron pan, the leftover fat was strained through paper towels into a jar or coffee can. I mean the old-school Black grandmas who shop at the grocery store now but grew up grabbing a chicken from the backyard, chopping off the head, dressing & cleaning that bird herself to fry for dinner that night. A true old-school Black grandma is no joke!

    Older folks here at HSK whose grandmothers passed prior to the 1980s probably did not lose them to cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia or any of those diseases that were nearly non-existent half a century ago. They may have died from a fall or an accident. They may have died from a stroke or in their sleep (the way most good folks die who live to be old). But I’ll bet you that in most cases, they did not die of heart disease or diabetes even though they were fat by modern standards & despite the fact that they ate a diet high in saturated fats. (Your grandma wouldn’t have know what a saturated fat was!) But that old-school diet with lots of butter (never margarine) & pork fat kept our grannies alive into their 70s & 80s or more. Then in 1975, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) was first introduced into the commercial food supply & not long after that, Americans started getting sicker & fatter.

    If you look at the rest of the non-white world, the cultures where folks have the lowest rates of heart disease, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, are also cultures where people eat lots of animal fats & in tropical climates, coconut oil (a non-animal saturated fat) & red palm oil (meaning palm fruit oil, not palm kernel oil). The Inuit people (formerly called Eskimos) live in a region where the permafrost prevents them from planting crops – the ground remains virtually frozen year-round. Other than honey & a limited amount of wild berries in the summer months, the Inuit eat nothing but meat & animal fat. Some Inuit tribes still hunt whale & eat the blubber. Up until the 1990s, the Massai people of southern Kenya & northern Tanzania lived on nothing but meat (beef & goat), milk & beef blood. (I do NOT recommend consuming animal blood, ever!) Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist, studied both groups more than 50 years ago & found that they enjoyed vibrant health, were free of disease (& cavities) while living on a meat-&-fat based diet – the exact opposite of the diet we’re told to eat today. (Dr. Price’s book is called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.)

    It maybe be hard to get your mind around this info, but the medical-industrial complex (the commercial food industry + the healthcare industry + Big Pharma), in cahoots with the gov’t, has been selling the public all kinds of lies in order to sell you foods that are bad for you (cereals, chips, cookies – all the cheap pre-packaged grain-based crap you see on tv all day long). It’s no accident that you can spend less money feeding your family McDonald’s, Taco Bell or Burger King every day for a week than what you’ll spend to buy a week’s worth of healthful groceries & cook every day. TPTB allow this to happen so that the commercial food industry can sell you crap that will eventually make you sick. Then the drug companies can turn around & sell you medications that won’t cure you (because your ailments are caused by your diet) but will manage to keep you alive. You’ll keep spending money on doctors & hospitals & drugs for a couple of decades more, until you finally die. And as long as they can trick the next generation into falling for the same okey-doke, TPTB will keep taking our money & destroying our health.

    And you’ll notice that Obamacare, rather than going after the food manufacturers to reduce the medical problems caused by their defective products, does nothing to address this issue. All Obamacare does is force everyone in the country to become a customer of one health insurance company or another by making people buy health insurance if they don’t have it through work. Which doesn’t sound like “Change you can believe in” to me.

    But your body belongs to you. You have the right to be your own primary Caregiver & start taking care of yourself by eating healthful foods & avoiding the commercial crap that will poison you.

    Knowledge Resources – in addition to the links listed above – I have a love/hate relationship with this website. The info is very useful & well-annotated. Mercola is a medical doctor, but now he makes his living hawking over-priced supplements. His argument is that selling supplements gives him the time to do research, fact check books & articles, interview the authors (his site has tons of video interviews) & provide a wealth of diet & health info to the public for free. And I get that. But because he’s trying to sell you something, the emails you get from him don’t list the info you want straightaway, Ther are a dozen ads for stuff unrelated to the subject line. Then are a bunch of teasers & you have to click on each link to get to the article with the info you want. I got so tried of it that I had unsubscribed from his mailing list last year. But I re-upped last week when Ms. Reg asked me to post these articles. The info he has is useful, very scientific, with lots of footnotes & links to every study he cites. And his newsletter is free & gives you total access to everything at this site, unlike, where you can read the articles but can’t print them without being a paid subscriber. (But there’s a way around that.) But you will have to wade through all of Mercola’s marketing bs to get to the info you want. And don’t ever buy anything from him – his prices are insane! Even is coconut oil is ridiculous. Read the ingredients on his supplements, then google another product with the same ingredients at a better price.
    THIS guy is my hero! He’s got the career I should have had, but he already beat me to the idea. Read the About Me section to learn about his story. David Evans’ site is a goldmine of nothing but scientific studies, indexed by subject & readily available for you to read. – lots of very informative articles but the site won’t let you print them unless you pay for a subscription. I get around that by using – Dr. Robert Lustig’s website. “The Institute for Responsible Nutrition (IRN), is a nonprofit organization committed to developing and intensifying global initiatives to arrest the industrial pandemic of chronic metabolic disease by improving the human diet through education, research, advocacy & action.”

    © 2013 Radical Consequences Productions

    • RC,

      I LOVE your first installment!
      I KNEW you were a “wealth of info behind a keyboard!” I’m still reading but I hope you don’t mind if I print this. I’d to share this with my friend’s parenting club.

      As alwsys….GREAT JOB!!! 😉

      ***Check above somewhere as I’ll have a few more responses for you today.

  13. ADHD: What Parents Need to Know
    What is Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder or ADHD?
    Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is “a condition of the brain that makes it hard for children to control their behavior”. (1) All kids have problems with their behavior from time to time, but kids with ADHD have behavior problems that interfere with regular life and are continual. ADHD used to be called Attention-Deficit Disorder or ADD. ADHD usually lasts your whole life. A lot of adults have ADHD.
    Kids with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or AD/HD) can have different kinds of symptoms:

    Inattention: These kids have trouble with paying attention, are disorganized or daydream too much.
    Hyperactivity: These kids are always moving, can’t sit down or talk too much.
    Impulsivity: These kids act and talk without thinking, interrupt a lot or show poor judgment.
    Combination: The above symptoms can occur in different combinations.
    For more on ADHD and Your School-Aged Child, read what the American Academy of Pediatrics has to say in this one-page parent hand-out.

    Is ADHD a learning disability?
    ADHD and learning disabilities are two different kinds of challenges. But they do often come together. Find out more about learning disabilities and some of the other problems that sometimes come along with ADHD. Your may hear these called by the medical term co-morbidities.

    What is attention?
    Check out this site that explains the basics of attention, and difficulties with attention.

    How common is ADHD?
    Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is the most common behavior disorder in school-aged kids. About 8-12% of kids have it (2).

    What causes it?
    The exact causes of ADHD are not yet known. Experts think that ADHD is caused by differences in the way messages are sent in the brain. ADHD seems to run in families, so it may be inherited.

    How is ADHD diagnosed?
    ADHD is usually only diagnosed in school-aged kids (ages 6-12), because it is hard to diagnose in younger children. The diagnostic process has many steps, and you, your child’s school and other caregivers will all need to provide information about your child’s behavior. To find out about diagnosis, read the American Academy of Pediatrics clinical practice guideline:

    Diagnosis and Evaluation of the Child with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactiviy Disorder
    How is ADHD treated?
    The best treatment for ADHD is usually medication, combined with behavior therapy (including training parents in behavior therapy) and setting things up for your child at home and at school to make it easier to pay attention (3,4). Because ADHD is a chronic (on-going) condition, treatment must also be on going. Usually you will have a long-term plan that includes goals for your child. When all the parts of the treatment plan are in place, and everyone (child, parents, teachers, doctors, caregivers, etc.) works together, treatment will be most effective.
    To find out more about what to expect in the treatment process, read the American Academy of Pediatrics clinical practice guideline:

    Treatment of the School-Aged Child with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    What if I think my child might have ADHD?
    If you think your child may have ADHD, you should have them checked by their primary care provider or a psychiatrist. Sometimes a sight or hearing problem, family stress, worry, a learning disability or communication problems can affect a child’s attention and behavior. You should also get help from your school system.

    Listen to the YourChild podcast interview with UM’s Dr. Layla Mohammed about what to do if you suspect your child has ADHD.

    What can the school system do for my child?
    If your child is struggling in school, ask your school system in writing for an evaluation of your child. They are required to provide it, at no cost to you. The purpose of an evaluation is to find out why your child is not doing well in school. A team of professionals will work with you to evaluate your child. If they do not find a problem, you can ask the school system to pay for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE). There are strict rules about this, so you may not get it. You can also have your child tested again privately, and pay for it yourself. But check with your school district first to make sure they will accept the private test results. By law, the school system must consider the results of the second evaluation when deciding if your child can get special services.

    Basics for Parents: Your Child’s Evaluation explains what parents need to know about the evaluation process.
    If testing shows your child has ADHD, the school system may start your child in a special education program.

    What is special education?
    Special education means “educational programming designed specifically for the individual.” It can really help your child do betterin school. If your school-aged child qualifies for special education, they will have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) designed just for them.

    Here is a helpful overview of the special education process. Find out all about the process on this comprehensive page from the US Office of Special Education Programs.Find out how to help create a useful IEP for your child.
    Help your child take part in making their own IEP. This set of guides from NICHCY includes online written information and transcipts of audio tapes (tapes not currently available) to help both you and your older child.
    Empower yourself to be a great advocate for your child at IEP meetings. Use this Pop-Up IEP from Hands and Voices, (a support group for families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing) to find out some of the common hurdles that may come up during the meeting and how to deal with them. Some of the pop-ups apply more to kids with deafness/hard-of-hearing, but most will be helpful.

  14. Hey Ms Reg,

    I was wondering when you were gonna check in. Glad the info was helpful. And I just got a very good ADD article yesterday that I will post for tomorrow’s installment.

    • RC ,
      Please forgive me for not getting back to you & continuing our conversation sooner. I have been swamped with the tasks of my own life which has included major travel, caring for an ill mom, hectic work related issues, my son who has let his grades slip, preparing for the selection & purchase of a new home, the death of my friend’s husband…shit had got very real & heavy for me but things are finally tapering off a tad so I can take time to catch up with you.

      I’m going to revisit your comments then draft my response to you regarding our previous conversation about ADHD & I am looking foward to us getting back to it. I firmly believe OUR dialog will be helpful to many of our HSK family.

      Speak to you soon! 😉

  15. No problema! I figured you may have been away for Thanksgiving. Hope your mom is doing better. And have fun house-hunting (I love house hunting!).

  16. OK, for my 2nd installment, here’s a very informative article I got yesterday on ADHD. If you choose to save it for your records, pls. don’t just copy & paste it from here because all the diagrams & footnotes were omitted when I pasted it here. To save it, use the link below to access the article from the Mercola website so you’ll have the full info.

    I don’t really have a nickle in this quarter, since I don’t have kids. But I’d love to hear what all you parents of ADHD children think about this info.

    WHAT’S CAUSING THE RISE IN ADHD? – December 05, 2013 | 157,443 views

    Story at-a-glance:
    – One in 10 American children now has attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) — a 22% increase from 2003. Boys are twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls.

    – ADHD involves a cluster of symptoms that include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behaviors. Often, children with ADHD struggle in school and have difficulty managing interpersonal relationships.

    – The cause of ADHD remains elusive, although there are many contending culprits, including poor nutrition and environmental toxins ranging from food and vaccine additives to agricultural chemicals.

    – Five dietary factors that tend to have a detrimental effect on ADHD and behavior in general are reviewed. Optimizing your child’s gut flora is also crucial. A key step is to avoid processed foods.

    – Glyphosate-contaminated food has recently been implicated in the dramatic rise of ADHD and autism. Both problems tend to involve abnormal gut flora, and this is where glyphosate begins its path of destruction.
    By Dr. Mercola

    According to a 2010 US government survey, 1 in 10 American children now
    has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) — a 22% increase from

    ADHD makes it hard for children to pay attention and control impulsive behavior, and an increasing number of older children, including high school
    students, are now being labeled as having ADHD. Adult ADHD is also becoming more prevalent.

    As reported by the Las Vegas Guardian Express, nearly 11% of American kids are labeled with the disorder. More than twice as many boys are diagnosed with ADHD than girls — 1 in 5, compared to 1 in 11. The featured article speculates about the cause behind these rising numbers.

    Some experts feel the increase could be due to increased awareness and better diagnosis, but I think you’ll find it interesting that this trend also coincides with increased prevalence of the pervasive weed killer, glyphosate, in the American food supply.

    There’s also plenty of room for overdiagnosis. In fact, an ADHD diagnosis is often made on the subjective observations of teachers or guardians, based on signs that nearly every child will display at some point. Aggravating factors, such as diet or home environment, are oftentimes overlooked entirely.

    The featured article actually points out some interesting correlations between ADHD diagnoses and changes to the American educational system that might help explain how, if not why, so many children are misdiagnosed or flat out falsely diagnosed.

    – What Is ADHD?
    But before we get into potential causes for the uptick in prevalence, let’s review how ADHD is qualified in the first place. The disorder involves a cluster of symptoms that includes inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behaviors.

    Often, children with ADHD struggle in school and have difficulty managing interpersonal relationships. They also tend to suffer from low self-esteem. The similar term attention deficit disorder (ADD) has largely been replaced with
    ADHD, as it describes two of the most common symptoms of the condition, inattention, and hyperactive-impulsive behavior.

    Diagnosing ADHD really comes down to a matter of opinion, as there is no physical test, like a brain scan, that can pinpoint the condition. This could
    change, however. According to a recent study, a newer MRI method called magnetic field correlation imaging that can detect low iron levels in the brains of children with ADHD could potentially help parents and patients make better informed decisions about treatment. As reported by

    “Psychostimulant drugs used to treat ADHD affect levels of the brain chemical dopamine. Because iron is required to process dopamine, using MRI to assess iron levels in the brain may provide a noninvasive, indirect measure of the chemical, explained study author Vitria Adisetiyo… If these findings are confirmed in larger studies, this technique might help improve ADHD
    diagnosis and treatment…”

    “The [magnetic field correlation imaging] scans revealed that the 12 ADHD patients who’d never been treated with psychostimulant drugs such as Ritalin had lower brain iron levels than those who’d received the drugs and those in the control group. The lower iron levels in the ADHD patients who’d never taken stimulant drugs appeared to normalize after they took the medicines.”

    At present, diagnosis is dependent on subjective evaluation, and, for better or worse, teachers can play a significant role in this evaluation. Most children with ADHD will display a combination of inattention and hyperactive-impulsive behavior, along with the following symptoms:

    – Frequent fidgeting or squirming
    – Difficulty playing quietly
    – Always seems on the go
    – Restlessness
    – Excessive talking and interrupting others
    – Difficulty waiting his or her turn
    – Frequent daydreaming
    – Frequently has problems organizing tasks or activities
    – Difficulty following through on instructions and apparently not listening

    Many of these “symptoms” could describe virtually any child, or most children, on any given day. Hence, those who display these symptoms at school but not at home or with friends are not considered to have ADHD. Ditto for children who display symptoms at home but not at school.

    Only children who struggle with inattention and hyperactive or impulsive behaviors around the clock are deemed to have ADHD — or at least they should be. According to a 2010 study, 5 an estimated 20% of children are misdiagnosed with ADHD.

    According to some, the disorder may not even be a “real” disorder at all. Psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg, hailed as the “scientific father of ADHD,” actually went on record saying that ADHD is “a prime example of a fictitious disease.” He made this stunning confession in a 2012 interview with the German paper Der Spiegel, just seven months prior to his death at the age of 87.

    – How the American School System May Be Promoting ADHD Diagnoses
    At least part of the rise in prevalence could be attributed to inappropriate diagnosis. As reported in the featured article, there’s an interesting correlation between the rise in ADHD diagnoses and the implementation of the US Elementary and Secondary Education Act known as “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB). The program was implemented nationwide in 2002.

    The NCLB standardized teaching methods across the US which, contrary to what the name implies, does leave a lot of kids “behind,” in the sense that brighter children frequently end up bored and discouraged from lack of academic challenge. And bored, discouraged children will oftentimes “act out.”

    “Now with the implementation of CORE standards, who some describe as NCLB on steroids, there is a chance the ADHD numbers may climb even more,” the article predicts.

    But there’s more to this story…

    “Another study, published by the Child Mind Institute, states there might be another incentive behind the rise, and that is the financial benefit to schools. Many schools, especially those where the tax base is much poorer… rely heavily on federal funding to operate.”

    “Long before NCLB was enacted, many of these districts had already enacted ‘consequential accountability statutes,’” which penalized a school when children failed; however, often scores for children diagnosed with ADHD are not counted… thereby helping to ensure the passing test scores of the class as a whole.”

    “Geographically speaking, children in the South are diagnosed far more often with ADHD than children living in Western states by a rate of nearly 63%. North Carolina, one of the first states to implement consequential accountability statutes, stands at a ADHD diagnosis rate of over 16%; California, one of the last states to implement these policies, ranks at only 6.2%. The difference is staggering.”

    – Raising a Generation of Drug Users
    About two-thirds of the children diagnosed with ADHD are on some form of prescription medication, and oftentimes the side effects are far worse than the condition itself. These drugs actually rival illegal street drugs in terms of their dangerous risks to health, which include:

    – Permanent brain damage
    – Cardio toxicity and liver damage
    – Changes in personality, depression, and/or hallucinations
    – Heart attack and stroke
    – Sudden death and suicide

    Sadly, tens of thousands of American kids are now prescribed dangerous antipsychotic drugs before the age of five—some even before reaching 12 months of age, hard as that is to imagine. Children in the Medicaid system are at greatest risk for overdiagnosis. Data shows they’re prescribed antipsychotic medications four times more often compared to those with private insurance.

    The price we pay as a society for drugging our children out of objectionable behavior patterns is steep. In children, the long-term effects of drugs are typically largely unknown, while in the short term, we’ve seen shocking increases in violent and aggressive acts committed by teens taking one or more psychotropic drugs.

    These children are also likely to experience health problems as they mature into adulthood. Just look at what happens to street junkies through time, and then consider that Ritalin has a more potent effect on your brain than cocaine… Being raised firmly within the drug paradigm from an early age may also make them more likely to opt for drug treatment for other ailments rather than exploring other options.

    – What Causes Behavioral Difficulties?
    Behavioral problems clearly do exist, and do appear to be more prevalent than in decades past, with or without the ADHD label. The question on everyone’s mind is what’s causing it? The cause of ADHD remains elusive, although there are many contending culprits, including poor nutrition and environmental toxins ranging from food- and vaccine additives to agricultural chemicals.

    For example, a 2006 study found that a mother’s use of cigarettes, alcohol, or other drugs during pregnancy could increase the risk for ADHD. The study also suggested that exposure to lead and/or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) can cause ADHD symptoms. Pesticide exposure has also been linked with ADHD.

    Unfortunately, few are focusing on basic nutrition, which I believe is a key factor. We know that the food choices of most children and adults today are incredibly poor, and how can you possibly expect a child to have normal behavior if he is fed refined grains, sugars, and processed foods loaded with chemicals and largely devoid of natural nutrients?

    – Five Dietary Factors to Address if Your Child Has ADHD
    Five dietary factors of particular concern are the following. If your child struggles with behavioral difficulties, whether he or she has been diagnosed with ADHD or not, I strongly recommend addressing all of these factors:

    1. TOO MUCH SUGAR – High sugar content and starchy carbohydrates lead to excessive insulin release, which can lead to falling blood sugar levels, or hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia, in turn, causes your brain to secrete glutamate in levels that can cause agitation, depression, anger, anxiety, and panic attacks. Besides that, sugar promotes chronic inflammation in your body, and many studies have demonstrated the connection between a high-sugar diet and worsened mental health.

    2. GLUTEN SENSITIVITY – The evidence suggesting that gluten sensitivity may be at the root of a number of neurological and psychiatric conditions, including ADHD, is quite compelling. According to a 2011 study, celiac disease is “markedly overrepresented among patients presenting with ADHD,” and a gluten-free diet has been shown to significantly improve behavior in kids. The study went so far as to suggest celiac disease should be added to the ADHD symptom checklist.

    3. TOO FEW BENEFICIAL BACTERIA – As explained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a medical doctor with a postgraduate degree in neurology, toxicity in your gut can flow throughout your body and into your brain, where it can cause symptoms of autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, schizophrenia, and other mental disorders. Reducing gut inflammation is imperative when addressing mental health issues, so optimizing your child’s gut flora is a critical step. To learn more, please see my previous article, “Are Probiotics the New Prozac?”

    4. ANIMAL-SOURCED OMEGA-3 DEFICIENCY – Research has shown that kids low in omega-3 fats are significantly more likely to be hyperactive, struggle with learning disorders, and display behavioral problems. Omega-3 deficiencies have also been tied to dyslexia, violence, and depression. A clinical study published in 2007 examined the effects of krill oil on adults diagnosed with ADHD. In that study, patients improved their ability to concentrate by an average of over 60% after taking a daily 500mg dose of krill oil for six months. They also reported a 50 % improvement in planning skills, and close to a 49% improvement in social skills.

    5. FOOD ADDITIVES & GMO INGREDIENTS – A number of food additives are thought to worsen ADHD and many have subsequently been banned in Europe. Potential culprits to avoid include Blue #1 and #2 food coloring, Green #3, Orange B, Red #3 and #40, Yellow #5 and #6 and sodium benzoate, a preservative.

    Recent research also shows that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, used in large quantities on genetically engineered Roundup Ready crops, limits your body’s ability to detoxify foreign chemical compounds. As a result, the damaging effects of those chemicals and environmental toxins are magnified, and may result in a wide variety of diseases, including brain disorders that can affect behavior.

    – The Hidden Health Hazards of Glyphosate and GMOs
    Glyphosate-contaminated food has recently been implicated in the dramatic rise of both ADHD and autism, the latter of which is clearly more extreme in terms of behavioral difficulties. Still, both problems appear to be rooted to some degree in abnormal gut flora, and this is where glyphosate begins its path of destruction. How severe the effect might be in any given person will likely depend on a wide variety of individual factors, including the mother’s gut health during and at the time of giving birth.

    Former US Navy staff scientist Dr. Nancy Swanson has meticulously collected statistics on glyphosate usage and various diseases and conditions, including autism. A more perfect match-up between the rise in glyphosate usage and incidence of autism, shown below, is hard to imagine. To access her published articles and reports, please visit Sustainable Pulse,15 a European Website dedicated to exposing the hazards of genetically engineered foods.

    ***A chart on GLyphosate & Ausitm belongs here, but it wouldn’t a copy. See the tinyurl link above to go to the Mercola website.***

    According to Dr. Swanson:

    “Prevalence and incidence data show correlations between diseases of the organs and the increase in Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the food supply, along with the increase in glyphosate-based herbicide applications. More and more studies have revealed carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting effects of Roundup at lower doses than those authorized for residues found in Genetically Modified Organisms… The endocrine disrupting properties also lead to neurological disorders (learning disabilities (LD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder). Those most susceptible are children and the elderly.”

    – How to Optimize Your Child’s Gut Flora
    The two key problems caused by glyphosate in the diet are nutritional deficiencies and systemic toxicity, and your gut bacteria are a key component of glyphosate’s mechanism of harm. Effectively addressing this problem requires a two-pronged approach. First you need to avoid the primary sources of glyphosate, which more or less makes it imperative to avoid processed foods. Secondly, you need to address the damage already done. To reseed your child’s gut with the healthy bacteria (probiotics) necessary for optimal physical, mental, and emotional health, I recommend the following strategies:

    – Avoid processed, refined foods as they promote the growth of pathogenic bacteria, yeast and fungus in the gut: Most processed foods are also high in sugar and fructose, grains (gluten), artificial additives, and genetically engineered ingredients (which tend to be more heavily contaminated with glyphosate)—all the top items that tend to aggravate ADHD symptoms. Also replace sweetened beverages (whether diet and regular), including fruit juices and pasteurized milk, with pure non-fluoridated water.

    – Eat traditionally fermented, unpasteurized foods: Fermented foods are one of the best routes to optimal digestive health, as long as you eat the traditionally made, unpasteurized versions. Some of the beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods are also excellent chelators of heavy metals and pesticides, which will also have a beneficial health effect by reducing your toxic load. Fermented vegetables are perhaps among the most palatable fermented foods. Many kids will also get used to fermented dairy products like kefir.

    – Use a high-quality probiotic supplement: If you cannot get your child to eat fermented foods on a regular basis, a high-quality probiotic supplement may be highly beneficial in correcting abnormal gut flora that contribute to brain dysfunction.

    – Additional Strategies to Relieve ADHD Symptoms
    Besides addressing your child’s nutrition, as described in the two sections above, I also recommend implementing the following strategies:
    – Clear your house of dangerous pesticides and other commercial chemicals.
    – Avoid commercial washing detergents and cleaning products used on clothes, and replace them with naturally derived cleaning products free of added perfumes, softeners, etc.
    – Spend more time in nature. Researchers have found that exposing ADHD children to nature is an affordable, healthy way of controlling symptoms.
    – Investigate sensory therapy and emotional wellness tools. Instead of looking for a quick fix, encourage ADHD sufferers to talk, and find out what emotions are causing issues. You may also want to consider energy psychology tools such as the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to improve emotional coping and healing.

    Here’s a link to a recent article about the dangers of GMOs:

    True GMO Science & Dangers You’ll Never Hear About from the Media

    When he was running for office in 2007, Obama promised he would ensure the public’s right to know what they were eating by requiring the labeling of GMO foods. In March 2013, Obama signed into law the notorious “Monsanto Protection Act” (which was hidden inside the Continuing Resolution spending bill), which protects Monsanto and its genetically modified creations from federal courts. So you can see whose side the gov’t is on.

    There is a war on, folks. It is a war between Monsanto, Dow, Big Pharma & Big Ag using the gov’t to fight for & protect their profits by keeping YOU in the dark about the poisons they are selling you vs. your body & your ability to protect your health by avoiding those poisonous foods & eating foods that are healthful. As always, Knowledge Is Power.

  17. RC, I LOVE your 2nd installment even MORE because it TRULY pertains to me as a parent. This is so comprehensive & thorough. I haven’t read it through it’s entirety but I’m going to print it to share it with other parents. To pick up on our previous conversation I wanted to tell you a few things about my situation first then express how & where I strongly agree & slightly disagree with certain findings &/or assertions regarding ADHD-type disorders. My son is not considered a “typical” ADHD diagnosed kid. He started preschool at 2yrs & entered kindergarten when he was 4yrs NOT 5yrs as most kids do. He started out completely left handed but now writes with either hand. He has been involved in organized sports from age 3ys including gymnastics & karate. He’s always been strong willed & would always express how he felt about any given situation or person. He was never “over active” or what you would consider “hyperactive” at home or with his nanny, family or friends. Our ADHD issue started in first grade when he was giving his teacher grief by -Not following her directions -Not paying attention -Not completing his class work -Talking & being disruptive in class The reports I got were repeated more frequently even after we changed his seating & did several weeks of working with a behavior modification chart & reward system. Never heard that he was “disrespectful or rude” but that he was constantly “off task.” His teacher mentioned that I should have him evaluated for ADHD & of course I LOOKED AT HER SIDEWAYS because -I was NOT familiar with ADHD -I was defensive because I felt she have been singling him out because he was a black boy in a predominantly Asian & White school -Her suggestion included that I have him “evaluated by “the school Psychologist” as if we didn’t have health insurance & our own pediatrician. -I felt she was trying to “label” my child THIS is how ANY parent who is not familiar with these types of disorders will feel initially UNTIL -they start asking their the right questions -observe their child’s behavior in & out of class -seek out the medical professional of THEIR choice NOT that of the school. Initially, I took my son to our pediatrician to discuss the issue. He evaluated my son & tended to agree with the teacher in the fact that my son displayed a variety of symptoms associated with ADHD. I trust this man emphatically & had no reason to doubt his word, however, I felt I needed additional information & several other professional opinions before concluding ADHD was my son’s issue. **It’s late now & I’ve got to get up in just a few short hours but I will finish this later in the day so you can give me your opinion. Girl, my plight has been a doozy!

  18. Ms. Reg,

    OK, get back to me when you have time to finish your story. And pls. include a list of the traits they used to diagnose your son, age at diagnosis & his age now.

  19. Ms. Reg — I will be traveling for work for the rest of this week so I won’t be online until after Dec. 16.

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