Chris Rainey Ochocinco’d From The Steelers


Chris Rainey Arrested & Cut From Team

Running Back After Running With Hoes?

One Pittsburgh Steelers’ NFL career has proven to be Not For Long, over the rookie running back’s reported attempt to run with hoes. That’s because Chris Rainey has been cut from the team, after being arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend.

Now, the football free agent is said to be facing some rainy days in the Sunshine State — right down there with Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson.

Sources say the altercation between the 24-year-old athlete and his unnamed girlfriend was sparked over suspicions she had that he was cheating on her. Sources say that’s why the pair were arguing over Rainey’s cellphone. Reports reveal after his girlfriend got into a vehicle, the former Florida Gator tried to pull her out. Witnesses told detectives that Rainey slapped his girlfriend across the face and then chased her when she ran away with his phone in her purse. Rainey has been charged with battery over the incident.

Here’s what the Steelers’ General Manager – Kevin Colbert – had to say about the situation:

“Chris Rainey’s actions this morning were extremely disappointing. Under the circumstances and due to this conduct, Chris will no longer be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

Here’s what ESPN is reporting about Rainey’s past similar run-in with the law:

“It is not the first domestic violence arrest for Rainey, who just finished his rookie year with the Steelers. He was arrested Sept. 14, 2010, while at the University of Florida after sending a threatening text message to his on-again, off-again girlfriend that read: “Time to Die B—– u and ur???” Rainey was charged with felony aggravated stalking for that.

In a separate scandal surrounding one of their own, did the Pittsburgh Steelers previously decide to keep their quarterback – Ben Roethlisberger – even after their golden boy reportedly settled out of court over the alleged 2008 rape of a woman? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andrea McNulty.