Chris Stokes’ House Of Boyz Exposed!


Chris Stokes Male Homo Harem Exposed

Hollywood Homo Harem?

HSK Exclusive – Chris Stokes’ IS the king of his castle. Know why? Because sources say dude’s got Marques Houston, Omarion, and another man all living in his house — AND his wife/beard is said to be down with the whole program. Don’t believe me.. Ask Katrina Taz Askew.

According to our insider, Stokes’ wife vows to keep her lips sealed as long as she remains kept in the lap of luxury.

Here’s the drop:

“Chris did molest those kids from B2K. It’s no big secret, but his wife doesn’t care, as long as he pays her to stay.”

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      • Who, stokes? He’s give b2k hush money. Its one thing to be molested, but dang they end up stayn on that side of gay, ther not gay cz they r molested but they choose the lifestyle when they get older. Raz B, know the dirt, protect our kids

      • He isn’t the only one they should be investigating.
        How Quincy, Jermaine Dupri, LA Reid, Benny Medina, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Afro Puff, Dumb Diddy…oh hell, you all know who I’m talking about…yeah, his ass have gotten away this long is more than a mystery to say the least…

        I know Chris’ wife & her twin brother from childhood. Monyea knows exactly what’s gone on & what continues to go on but her need to be “in the life” is more important I guess. Her & I dated the same young man just not at the same time. I came along after her & I remember him always claiming how “she was so all that” back then but it’s funny how time has proven her to be so pathetic & materialistic to the point of knowingly staying married to a pedophile & allowing some of his victims “even if they may have been willing participates or not” to reside in the same home as her & her children…and if she’s smart she’ll be keeping a tight & protective watch over her own children while she’s residing with the enemy.

        Ladies, PLEASE don’t do this at home…seriously!

        • You got it right. I heard she was very materialistic. She appeared to be when I met her. She wasn’t into her kids either. She was more into flaunting her outfit and purse around to the crowd watching the video shoot.

        • Mrs. Chris Stokes sounds like a piece of work. And if true should be held accountable and charged as an accomplice. I don’t understand how any “mother” could expose her children to a man capable of such sinister acts, and/or not protect other children from it. Its our duty and she failed horribly by accepting this man into her life. #guiltybyassociation

    • and that list goes on and on and on. It’s forever long. It’s not in the music industry, TV producers are on the prowl like always, w. these lil’ kids.

      Also, listen to hat Tupac said in one of his songs abt not giving up the ass to a record executive and to music mogul Quincy Jones who turned Tevin Campbell out.

      Singer Prince heard Tevin’s cries and took Tevin under his wing. Prince tried to protect him from Quincy Jones and the industry who was still sticking Tevin…LITERALLY! Prince even tried to talk to Tevin’s mom abt it. She shut Prince down. In the end, Quincy won Tevin back in his arms & bed.

      Don’t believe me, you betta ask Tevin Campbell!

        • We really do have to protect out children from predators in and out of the industry. It’s the greedy mothers who allow their children to be posted up under these ppl who they believe are going to make their child a star.

      • I remember that period. I remember thinking something weird was going on and sensing that Prince was trying to pull Tevin away from Quincy, but didn’t know what to make of it or why. At time, I had no clue of the shenanigans of Q. Looking back, and knowing what I know now coupled with reading your comment – it makes sense. WOW!!! Poor Tevin. No wonder he turned to drugs. He’s never been the same. Still love his classic hits though….. Can we Talk and others.

        women as he’s been married to & all the kids he’s had? Nawww, you gotta show some receipts for that shit! What’s the name of that track where Tupac outs Quincy??

        I rememeber Tevin being arrested for some gay solicitation mess a long while back, then he kinda went away. Q is my musical hero! I can’t believe a dude who was such a womanizer wd abuse little boys…?

      • Has Tevin Campbell, actually, accused Quincy Jones of molesting him? If true, it would explain his rise/fall to fame. The man doesn’t even sing anymore..another talent suppressed by trauma..SMH. I saw photos of him attending a Narcotics Anonymous Convention, before and after pics were included. It was clearly visible that he suffered extensive drug abuse, and according to these accusations, I can understand why.

    • He may be a felonious horrible excuse for a human being, but NO ONE comes close to the insatiable hunger for destroying young lives that Lou Pearlman demonstrated. Lou Pearlman makes Jerry Sandusky look like one of Jesus’s disciples. Add to the fact that LP looks exactly like Jabba the Hutt, can you even imagine what having relations with him was like for 16 year old innocents???
      Yet it took the IRS to put him in jail. His pederasty had nothing to do with it. smh

    • mean to tell me that Kriss Kross were victims of Chris Stokes? And won a lawsuit for damages?

    • I believe P Diddy’s antics and allegations were different from molesting/raping young boys. I recall Usher giving a magazine interview about his youth, while under the care/supervision of P Diddy. Although, he seemed uncomfortable with adult(s) (p Diddy and entourage) introducing him to sexual acts with older women, I’m sure it would have been far more devastating if the experience was with males. By no means is it right, but we must distinguish the facts vs. damages.

  1. They still dealin wit this guy? They either wit it or broke and he still look after them. I guess that William Roberts money lookin funny in the light.

    • They’re broke!! They have nowhere to live and they’re under a heavy contract w. Chris. That’s y they’re always in his movies and he’s the producer on all their music. Smh.

      • This is downright DISGUSTING…on so many levels. I feel sorry for those victimized and know better to call it what it is; molestation/rape(kudos to Raz B). To think that some (victims)actually feel some allegiance and loyalty to Stokes is rather perverted on their behalf. By the way, Marcus Houston is married, right? And he needs somewhere to live? Does this mean that his union failed? If so, he may be struggling with his sexuality.

  2. My question is where are the parents to these child entertainers,Do they only care about selling their kids soul to the industry for a small price of fame and money?Then look at what happens to those same kids when they reach adulthood,they’re amongst all types of scandle and drama.I do not know one child star that has grew up through the industy that hasn’t had some type of scandle do you?

    • In terms of B2K, I (used to) know the mother of Marques Houston and the father of Jarell (J-Boog) Houston. Other than Marques’ mother Carolyn being a total b*tch, they seemed like “relatively” normal people. I am really surprised at Jarell’s father, Darrell. He was polite, hard-working, and decent. However, I do not believe that Darrell was married to J-Boog’s mother. That could be the source of the issue: Boys growing up without fathers in the home.

      Now that I am thinking about it, the grandmother of Marques and Jarell was a total wack job. When her husband left her, she engaged in a full-blown sexual relationship with the teenage boy who lived next door to her. So, there may be some kind of crazy or pedophile genes running through that family. I am no psychiatrist though.

      Still, there is no excuse for this for this type of behavior.

      • @Niqui.

        You may not be a psychologist or psychiatrist but I’d be willing to bet you’re closer to being right than not.

    • When Marques’ mom passed away, he leaned on Chris Stokes who at that time was trying to manage Marques and the other two guys when they were in Immature. Quiet as it’s kept, Chris was the second one to start messing w. Marques. & Chris took Marques away from Beyoncé when they were “TRYING” to date. Beyoncé has said that Marques wouldn’t sleep nor touch her when she was laying in his bed w. him. He wasn’t into females. Omarion’s mom was so hard up for cash, raising 3 kids alone in Inglewood. She recently lost her big ass house in Windsor Hills Ca. I lived up the block from them. She never kept the house up either…sheets up as curtains. cringing…

      Her other son O’Ryan’s career hasn’t taken off because he won’t be down w. Chris’ program: Moving in w. his brother Omarion, Chris, Marques and the other man who is a step-brother to singer Bobby V.

      These parents know what’s going on before they sign the dotted line. It’s all abt getting that money. They figure their child can latter get counseling.

      Look at the “Cosby Kids”. Keisha Knight Pulliam, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Raven Symone. All touched by Bill Cosby. Don’t believe me, ask Raven Symone. Keisha kissed a girl and she liked it. She’s has had girls licking on her since college, reason why she stayed n Atl. after college. Malcolm’s got a jealous shim ho can’t stand to see a real woman talking to him. Regina King’s juss there. It’s nothing serious and Raven’s gay. Yes she is. Thanks Bill.

      These kids nor the parents didn’t say anything! I guess the eight hundred thousand plus per year was enough to shut them up.

      Don’t believe me, you betta ask Bill Cosby who was accused of sexual harassment three times.

      • I believe what you say about Bill Cosby. For years he carried on a sexual relationship with Sabrina Le Beauf, who played his oldest daughter on the show. Also, do you remember that Bill went kinda crazy when Lisa Bonet began dating Lenny Kravitz? He fired her from the show!

        In addition, an uber-prominent Los Angeles attorney who has represented Bill told me that his client “turned out” Daphne Wayans when she was a youngster…way before she met Keenan.

        • Oh yes Bill’s out there hittin’ it w. his old butt. Lol. I know someone who has a friend that Bill’s kicking it w. Bill set this young lady up in a condo in Westwood Ca. on Wilshire Blvd. Same building as Clive Davis. She’s a film student. He et her when she first moved to Los Angeles at a Hollywood restaurant. I don’t know if she’s graduated yet but when I spoke w. the lady, I told her of Bill’s business partner who tried to get at me in his Century City office and all the “PERKS” he offered me to be his chippie. I wasn’t interested. I’m not into old men nor cheating w. married men. Well she’s Bill’s chippie. All she has to do is be there for Bill when he needs whatever…and she is AND she paid! Nice car, clothes, jewelry and all.

            • bill was sticking his pudding pop in everybody.

              was he molesting those kids on kids say the darndest things too or only kids whose parents want them to be hollywood kids.

          • Good Goobly Goop

            To: Say What, Niqui and CrazyChris,

            Yall sure did bring the scaling HOT tea this morning. You left no stone unturned. I like that. LOL

          • Bill is an old school player. He has been sponsoring chicks since time began. My lawyer friend says that Bill had a son outside his marriage with the actress Sheila Frazier. Remember her from the bathtub scene in “Super Fly?”

            Bill Cosby funded the boarding school tuition for Sheila’s son Derek. Bill believed that the kid was his and he paid Sheila to STFU. He was writing checks the whole time he was on “The Cosby Show.”

            It’s amazing that Bill is always telling everyone else how to live.

            • I can’t stand Bill Cosby for his adulterated lifestyle and the audacity to try to educate his race. I can’t respect any man that contributes to the downfall of his own family.

          • Read Latoya Jackson’s book.She hints about auditioning for a family tv show and being sexually abused by the star. I believe it was Bill Cosby.

            • 27 yr old women cannot be sexually abused unless they are confined to a prison situation or are drugged.

        • lisa wanted somebody who could hang with her high sex drive.

          yes bill was very concerned about her love life off camera.

        • Bill and Sabrina have several business together. Funny you mentioned her, he went to her to start these “hush” businesses. She’s married w. children, but what does that mean. Phylicia Rashad and Bill were smashing each other before the show. She was on coke yrs. back and Bill cleaned her up so she could do the Cosby Show. Ahmad Rashad even had their daughter tested to see if she was his or Bill’s child.

          • I heard about an interior design business that Bill sponsored for Sabrina. I don’t know why she took up space at UCLA and Yale. You don’t need a degree to be a hoe.

          • What?! Damn u guys spitting more info than I’ve seen in months on this site. I used to come here daily.However, since Jacky left us then returned I’ve been disappointed w the watered down news.

      • malcolm had a tounge ring.

        he was married to karen malina white and was dyking with erica alexander back on the cosy show.

        remember that livin single episode where karen’s character had a crush on maxine played by erica.

      • @Say What,

        THIS was going on way to close to where I grew up & it’s funny because the guy Monyea & I both dated grew up on Angeles Vista.

  3. Don’t talk about Chris because we already know this. He’s small change. Talk about the powerful executives behind the curtain that are funding all of this. That’s the real story.

    • That would be Chris Stokes!!! Chris is a one man entity. He’s not keen on letting too many ppl in because of how he operates. Chris doesn’t let a lot of ppl in his circle.

    • I disagree. It is up to the person to maintain ethics in business. The man on the ladder above him cannot force him to follow his debauchery and criminal lead.

  4. That nigga is a f*ckn weird he has a AD on craigslist lookn for men to WRK for him f*ck that DICK luvn fag weirdo

    • And what’s on Craigslist? Men looking for men! If Chris had an ad, even in the work/entertainment section, it was abt sex. He probably wanted someone who didn’t know of him. Some1 he can program to be down w. his program. New booty.

  5. Didnt Chris and his wife divorce? Funny thing, I was reading about Chris the other day on another board, jacky u be jacking comments from Lsa making them into threads over here.

  6. Let me tell you all something. I used to be in the industry. Then I started blogging via email. I had over ten thousand addresses to email to.

    People would call me, email me and see me in public to tell me ALL THE GOSSIP!!!! Of course I’d listen and record some of them. I’d research some stories and find them to be true. I found pictures of B2K on the web w. their pants down to their ankles and some w. them lying in bed side by side. Chris took those.

    In this game, ppl get beside themselves. Money and fame goes to their heads quick. When it does, those around them start to privately hate on them, giving up the goods to whoever will listen. I’ve never had to pay for any information. I just got the dirt and dished it. Feedback was off the chain!!! Vivica Foxx wanted to fight me over what I blogged abt her. I told her if you didn’t fight your ex hubby Chris, who by the way was whooping that ass daily, you won’t fight me. I told her I would re-break her nose. Her besties told me a lot on her! One of her besties is Jamaica Toi, John Singleton’s shim.

    Hair dresser tell me stuff. (Wiping my forehead) I love it.

    I know enough tea to write two books.

    • That is good to know but remember that knowledge is power and sometimes you can know too much about people who might just go that extra mile to see that the truth doesn’t come out….

    • Ooh,well let me know when that release date is, for that book, and i’ll be at the bookstore……PRONTO !!! I like your tea lol !!!

    • I figured that you had the inside scoop when I read your first comment.. I’m glad you are in the fam… JJ’s fam because I love sitting down havin’ hot sweet tea.

        • The last interview I witnessed of Raz B, he appears to be mentally unstable. I wholeheartedly believe his allegations, but his attempt to defame others due to misunderstanding and/or friction starts to weigh on credibility. Its okay for him to OWN his abuse, but if others aren’t ready then it isn’t his right. He should stick to exposing the culprits and healing himself.

  7. marques and omarion must like it.

    they been with stokes 4eva they like being his boytoys.

    well that’s them they wanna be boybitches let them.

    the girls they mess with must be highly paid you mean all they gotta do is pretend they like a guy who’s not into them and pay to be artificially inseminated for a few hundred thousand dollars sounds pretty reasonable.

    • Omarion has tried to date, however it never works out because he’s gay. Marques has never been linked to a women except Beyonce’ who stated he wasn’t into her. She tried to and tried but he wouldn’t budge. He’s a bottom.

      You never hear abt them linked to a women. Look at Allen Payne. He’s happily gay and has been for decades. He lives a quiet life. w. his partner.

      I watched Marques and Chris on a video shoot. OMG. Chris’ wife was cold decked out from head to toe in designer threads. She seen the interaction w. her hubby and Marques. Hell everyone seen it. At times they stood so close, I thought they were going to kiss. Smh.
      Chris stokes sister is rapper Smooth. “You’ve been played” was her only hit. Their mother is comedian Mama Stokes. Raz B. is her nephew, Chris’ 1st. cousin. Chris and Smooth used to swoop mates back in the day. She would suck and strap on a ick and get Chris’ girls and Chris would smash Smooth’s dudes. All were willing participates. When you think someone’s going to REALLY DO WHAT THEY SAY…SUCH AS HOOK YOU UP IN THE BUSINESS, you give in and give up the ass.

      • Thanks for all tea. Much appreciated. Any tea on Chris Brown, Bow Wow ? Any truth to what Raz said about Chris?

        • Sorry I meant to specify about Chris Brown’s sexuality? I heard that Brown is/was messing with Tyga.

      • Wait !!!! Allen Payne………*falls out*. Shut the damn door. But, he does roll with Tyler, and that’s suspect enough. Good tea !!!! *slow claps*.

        • I always wondered about Allen Payne because he doesn’t seem to get around much. Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn!

        • Like @Say What said,
          Allen Payne is & has been gay even BEFORE his role in New Jack City. Once he made it clear to those who needed to know he’s done exactly what
          @Say What said & I can cosign that one as well! I’ve heard “stories” about him being one of Tyler Perry’s boy-toys but I’m not buying it because he seems very much into his relationship which is not new at all.

        • I know right?! Not Allen Payne, I always thought he was not into the industry limelight lifestyle that most attention whores love! Dang, Not a soul is safe in Hollywood!I knew about Hwood, but I would have never suspected A. Payne.

      • Does anyone remember the beautiful spread of Marcus Houston’s wedding, featured in one of the most popular magazines? This appeared some years ago, and I can vouch that she was ALL woman, extremely beautiful. He went as far as sharing that he wanted to start a family, immediately. It sounds like there isn’t a happily ever-after for them. Did you say that Allen Payne is gay…shut your mouth. Although, I’ve never known him to be linked to anyone, romantically, I would have never guessed that is why. Damn, how many more do I need to scratch from my “secret celebrity crush” list?

  8. Tea on Tupac’s murder: Rapper Daz Dillinger killed Tupac. Suge offered the broke rapper 3 million to do the hit. Daz did the hit, however Suge refused to pay him. After the hit, Daz’ wife took their walked way from the marriage for her safety. They’re still married, They never divorced. In fact, she recently had a baby w. another man. Anyhoo when Suge went to prison, he set Daz in place to oversee the business, Daz had access to the bank accts. Daz helped himself to his payment of 3 million dollars for the hit. Suge said he was going to get/kill Daz but never retaliated because he knew Daz had/has him on a string. Daz wasted the money filming a movie that never surfaced from the can. He also dates, or should I say kicks it w. a friend of mines. They’ve been up under each other almost 20 yrs. Daz has gone on record to say that he stays coked up because he doesn’t’ know when or who is going to come after him for killing Pac. Suge will have that hit done to shut Daz up. Daz gets really ucked up and runs his cotton mouth a lot! Ppl in Compton and Inglewood were being killed left and right. These ppl were said to have known the truth as to who killed Pac and witnessed it. Some of these guys were innocent! Suge’s plan to detour the hit away from Daz worked. Rumor was spread that it was some other dude. But Daz still didn’t believe Suge, reason y he stays coked up. He still thinks Suge’s going to have him murdered. Daz was even asked to kill Biggie Smalls. I think he may have done that hit too. Daz is VERY scary!!! Drop a needle on carpet and he jumps sky high. Smh. I didn’t like being in the studio w. the Dogg Pound. Too many drugs and tons of talk going on. These detectives got it all wrong. Smh.

    • and you know this for a fact.

      daz does smoke crack with his wife.

      daz did have a beef with the outlawz.

      daz was even so high he was talking bad about pac switching from crip to blood.

      daz once boasted that he held up suge at knife. point.

      daz once said he know the real reason why 2pac was killed.

      daz ‘s career was’nt quite dead in 96 he became top producer after dre left.

      does this explain frank’as death the people who support makaveli are taking a vendetta on pac’s real close enemies.

      will we finally hear hit em up the snoop diss.

      pac made an album with daz called makaveli and dillinger.

      but it was business since the outlawz said that pac was’nt associating with any of the dogg pound in those last days even though pac gave them shout outs on to live and die in l.a.

      • Pac thought he and Daz were real cool. Sure he didn’t see the signs. He didn’t know Daz was going to do that to him. Daz and Suge had the beef!!

        • DA-YUM! I knew Pac’s death wasn’t some Illuminati bs — it was just Suge putting a hit on an artist he cdn’t control.

          (sigh) RIP Tupac. We miss you much.

          And thanks, Say What, for confirmation of who killed Pac. I sincerely hope I’m around to see it when Suge finally gets his due.

    • OMG!! He killed him.. I knew Suge had something to do with it. Pac was riding with the devil that night. Was Pac sacrificed?

    • @Say What you had me at first but lost me with the Daz killing Tupac. Now I question all the bullshit you spoke

      • I was rolloing with “SAY WHAT”, until that Daz thing and that also made me question everything else he/she said

        Thats textbook DISINFORMATION…

        say 3 things that may be true and then say one thing that is an outrageous lie….And the three things were the set up for the ONE BIG LIE

    • @Say What,

      I’m not saying you’re wrong or that you don’t know what you’re talking about but I will say that we share different opinions or knowledge on this issue.
      I’ll be the first to admit…
      although I was made aware of the “request being made by Suge.” I’m not going to get into it here but I’m shocked to hear yet another version of the facts that actually sounds plausible…

      My thing is…I want to know your “opinion” about Frank Alexander’s sudden death recently.
      (Tupac’s security team member & bodyguard)
      What do you think?



  9. in addition: Daz may be a scary person now, but back then he was a loud mouth ignorant person who talked plenty of ish and Suge made him back it up. Now he’s scary because he doesn’t know who to trust. He thinks everyone who approaches him is going to kill him. Now he’s real leery of being around people. You haven’t heard from him in yrs. have you?

    • he’s making an album with wc.

      daz made several albums solo and yes him and suge had beef.

      any reason why daz is still around?

      is there a certain reason why snoop continues to fund his no where selling cd’s?

      daz has something on snoop is this why daz is on snoop’s payroll.

      daz sued suge for not being credited on ceertai songs he produced on deathrow then he went to atlanta and joined jd while making all these songs dissing suge.

      I remember pac’s girlfriend and protege storm quit the rap game after somebody tried to whack her off.

      • bs

        no amateur crackhead named Daz killed TUPAC…

        The Tupac hit was no ghetto hit….the TUPAC murder was PROFESSIONAL hit carried out by well trained law enforcement officers and overseen by the CIA AND THE FBI HAS THE WHOLE THING ON FILM…

        Just like the NYC PD had the whole videotape from 1515 Broadway when TUPAC was almost murdered but miraculously survived…nycpd confiscated the tape and turned it over to the NYC HIP HOP POLICE who in turn, gave it to their superiors on the FEDERAL LEVEL of US Intelligence….Tupac has been under surveillance since he was in his mothers womb in FEDERAL PRISON…
        Quncy couldn’t completely turn him over to their side so they decided they had to kill him rather than him potentially uniting the street gangs and taking the control of the CRIPS AND BLOODS away from the CIA (FREEWAY RICKY WAS GETTING HIS BLOW FROM OLLIE NORTH to fund black op projects while simultaneously keeping black neighborhoods in such a state to be unable to raise a MESSIAH that could unite and electrify the children of GOD)


  10. I received a phone call abt. 6 hrs. after Whitney’s drug overdose. Her bodyguard went to a party that Ray J. and Whitney were having. A friend of mines went to the party w. a movie director. The bodyguard told everyone what happened in the hotel suite. Ray J. didn’t show up at the party of course. He went into hiding. Probably in his mama’s womb.

    Well…Whit, Bobbi Chris, Ray and the bodyguard who was watching them use drugs were all in the room. Whitney loved the coke that Ray had copped and wanted more. She gave Ray 1500.00 dollars to go get more coke. Ray went. However the dealer he got it from had left town. The dealers friend said he had the same stuff and could help them. Ray took the product from this dude, not knowing it was synthetic coke! Ray took it back to the hotel room. He didn’t tell Whitney or Bobbi Chris it wasn’t from the same dealer. They started doing the coke. Ray told the bodyguard that the coke smelled, burned and tasted the same. He didn’t know the difference.

    Bobbi Chris kept having small heart attacks and Whitney’s nose stared bleeding. Ray seen all this and stopped doing the coke. When Bobbi Chris was hospitalized for the 2nd time, Whitney was in the room w. Ray and the bodyguard. She didn’t even go to the er w. her daughter. Whit was seated on the sofa. She had snorted more coke. Her head started rolling around and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. She passed out. She started sweating uncontrollably. Ray and the bodyguard set her body in the tub and started pouring cold water on her trying to cool her down. Ray grabbed the gravy dish from the food cart. Gravy was rumored to still have been in it when he poured water in it to pour on her. Her body wasn’t cooling down, so they removed her clothes and let the tub fill w. some water. It was just enough to cover her private parts. The bodyguard said after he checked her pulse and he announced that Whitney was dead, he said Ray J. darted out of the bathroom. The bodyguard stated that Ray J. cleaned up the coke and wiped any fingerprints he had in the suite. Whitney’s asst. and sister in-law was called to go check on Whitney after they left the room. She was the one who called 911 after finding her dead in the tub.

    She even stated that she received a call to go check on Whitney because she wasn’t answering any phone calls. They lied, telling her that Whitney wasn’t feeling well when they left her in the suite to run errands for her.

    My fiend said he couldn’t wait to tell me what really happened. He also said the bodyguard asked everyone not to repeat what he told them.

    Don’t believe me, you betta ask Ray J.

    • I believe this, I remember seeing Ray J on tmz crying and saying “we gotta live with this”,so he did something. you all went from Chris Stokes to Bill Cosby to Tupac to Whitney Houston.

      • Usually, jumping subjects on a thread bugs the ish out of me, BUT, on HSK I really don’t mind because the convos are of substance and you really learn things. On here a thread can start out about a celebrity but then switch to teaching you how to cure an ailment.

    • This makes perferct sense.. of course there are some details that are left out of the story. I always wondered why when Whitney’s body was discovered that there was no mention of Bobby Chris or her reaction to finding Whitney dead or anything like that. No wonder, she was in the hospital recovering from a coke induced heart attack.. But, this story gives more credence to the fact that Whit was a blood sacrifice and Ray J was the one who pulled the trigger. They all knew about it too, Bobby Kris, Brandy Ray, Body Guard, Clive and God only knows who else. Lord ha’mercy.

    • Why aren’t there security cam videos of Ray J and others darting in and out of Whitney’s suite? And every time you enter your card key to open the door, that info is registered by the hotel’s security system. These “minor” details are what have kept me skeptical of the conspiracy theory that most believe.

      • I happen to work for a hotel and just so you know, there are not always cameras on every floor. Also, I do not know who told you some BS like everytime you enter your keycard it is registered to security. I know for a fact that this is not true. You soound like my grandma and her homegirls thinking the key card keeps your credit card info. All the key card is good for iss to open the door. There is no credit card or security behind it. It is simply so hotels do not have to replace lost keys, it is cheaper to just re-key a card. Get your shit together!!!

    • @saywhat
      Dammmmmm that’s all I have to say that was some hardcore tea, in fact that was some white Hennessy tea @saywhat please continue to spill you are so on point,and the way you told the real deal on what happened to Whitney Houston is very aquarute from what I know, say what I’ve got to give you props I ain’t doubting you for a second for real!!

    • so that’s what really happened about the drowning in the bathtub with the thugs is this story related to that.

    What you have said makes a WHOLE LOTTA SENSE!!!!
    no one would EVER suspect Daz to murk Pac… Chris stokes was a given but the tea on whitney??? WOW.. The only part about whitney i dont get is if she was a blood sacrifice WHY IS RAY J STILL NOT SHIT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • @madame Dinero,

      Neither is his bad breathe having sister Brandy, however, she IS working a lot more while
      Ray J is busy trying to promote that horrid song about how “he had Kim Kardashian first.”

      Contrary to popular belief, I feel like not only
      Ray J but Jennifer Hudson, Monica, Brandy, Jordan Sparks & a few others plan on “parlaying off Whitney’s death.” They all want to be Clive Davis’ “next IT artist” & I just don’t believe it’s going to happen no matter what they do.

  12. This isn’t true. Marques and Chris don’t speak to Omari or hang with him much. He doesn’t even live in Cali, he left because his girlfriend dumped him and is now seeing women…she is very popular in the lesbian scene in Cali, and Omari was embarrassed. He even made a song about it.

    Marques does have a girlfriend her name is marlena. She used to date Chris until Marques stole her from him.

      • @ anonymous LOL! I’m trying to have my breakfast in a restaurant alone, and now ppl are looking at me because I’m laughing! They think I’m crazy.

  13. Somebody is trying to set Daz up and make him a Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Daz didnt have the capability to authorize FBI surveillance

    nor more than

    Osama Bin Laden had the capability to have NORAD stand down on 911.

    somebody is lying to you niggas


  14. YASSS! *does the church mother dance* Say What get ur ass back on here and spill everything you know! Hell you can even email me the details!


      • I’m no has been baby!!! I used to write in Hollywood and I’ve managed a few music groups. I’ve gotten ppl million dollar deals over night! I’ve dated a not too famous bb player and a comedian. No names necessary. I lived a wonderful life in Hollywood. I lived in Windsor Hills Ca…THE BLACK BEVERLY HILLS baby.I have $$$$ and I’m retired at 45 baby! Can you say the same? What are you doing? I had a plan to retire by 50 when I was 14. I did it!

        Don’t believe me. You better ask Regina King & who’s mama lived around the corner from me. Omarion’s mama lived around the corner from me. Jerome Benton lived around the corner from me. I lived around a lot a celebs baby.

        I started doing celeb gossip when I was dating a not so famous comedian. He, Alex Thomas and Jamie Foxx were all extremely close. So close that this guy would tell me stuff abt Jamie. I had seen some things but didn’t know what I was told. The more I watched Jamie on sets, the more I learned. I started reading blogs and listening to Wendy Williams on the radio. I said I’ve got toooooo much info on ppl. I’m going to tell it!

        I had ppl coming to me all the time after I sent out the first email. I blogged vis email yrs ago, No site.

        • @Say What,

          So that means you lived just a few blocks up the hill near Quincy’s first house, right? That’s my boy’s mom’s home now!

        • LMAO Didn’t they use to call Baldwin Hills “the black Beverly Hills” too!?!?! I knew a lot of ppl who use to say that and it always left me with the screw face! lol Baldwin Hills is nice but Beverly Hills IT.IS.NOT!!

          • At that time in the 80’s it was considered the Black Beverly Hills because many of the Black Elite (many of them educated & rich) lived in Windsor Hills, Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, and the people that lived their had money. I know, I went to Beverly Hills High School where alot of them attended. Especially back then the neighborhoods were very exclusive and in many parts still are. When some of the Black elite (educated) moved out, their kids became rich and successful also and did not want to live in their parents home, so they sold and moved on. And I got news for you many white people are leaving in Baldwin Hills, View Park, Windsor Hills, Village Green now, right up the street from the Jungle, yeah white folks walk to the Ralph Grocery Store located right next to the jungle, they walk their dogs near the Jungle.

        • I know exactly what you are saying, the only ones who don’t know what you are talking about, are the people who did not grow up in the area or they were too young to know what the neighborhood was about. That is why with age comes experience and wisdom, and knowledge is power.

  15. Thanks Say What

    I believe the tea on both Pac and Whitney. Never doubted Suge had Pac killed. Whitney snorted that synthetic shit, but Ray J prolly is drowning in guilt cuz he prolly paid $1K for it and pocketed the $500. He shoulda just been hones and said to Whitney, this is not the good shit. Then, if she said f*ck it, I’m gettin’ high, then her death would have been her decision. Instead, he withheld information, so Ray J made that decision for her. Sleep well Ray J, Sleep well.
    A for Daz Dillinger, sounds like that kind of karma we can’t see but he can feel is doin’ its job.

  16. @Say what, “gotten”…? Lol and we’re mean’t to believe you “used to write” lmao. Where’s some proof to all these allegations you’re making, I’m sure a screenshot of an email or recording of a voice call would suffice, genuine copies please. Save all the I did this, I did that, I know him/her, just show some credible evidence.

  17. that Tea was damn good lol !!!!! I believe the stories about the Dogg Pound and Whit hehehehehe!!!! and O yeah Chris Stokes too but this has been known for some years and the cycle will definitely repeat itself because the young stars who were once preyed upon by Stokes and Now doing the Preying ….. Thank You SAY WHAT !!!

  18. You had me going until the Pac story. Now I question the credibility of your other stories.

    Daz? Really? What about Orlando Anderson who got killed but was the actual shooter? What about the FBI surveillance? What about Keefe D (Olando’s brother) who got off in Federal Court after concocting that story that Diddy was going to pay him 3 million for the hit? Suge doesn’t have the power to have an inmate released from prison by signing a record contract. What’s the scoop on that? How about you shed some light on why Hatian Jack (confirmed informant) railroaded Pac with that rape case for no reason in NY? Shortly after that a hit was put out on Pac at Quad studio by the same affiliates. This happened right before Pac went to prison. Why’s that? COINTELPRO been harassing PAC’s family and the Black Panthers since the 60’s, what info do you have about that? All of this is connected but Daz takes precedence? I don’t think so.

    No offense but with all this info out there, how could you expect to pass off this bullshit story not expecting someone knowledgeable to come along and debunk it. Since you always have the “scoop” I expect you to have some answers to some/if not all of these questions.

    • what did daz gain by it top producer at deathrow and for what okay dre left in 96 so daz had to fill that spot but it was’nt because of a damn hit.

      he’s still an underdog to snoop who I think pays studio time for his no selling albums to be made cause let’s get real who cares for daz anyway or kurupt or anybody from the dpg besides snoop.

      okay nate dogg was making noise until he had too many strokes.

      conmspiracy against pac yes it was actually pac’s family was panthers his stepdad was mutula shakur.

      pac would’nt play by the white man’s rules so he had to get popped was’t it for not joining bad boy.

      pac hears rumors about how big, puff, and others set him up he hears al these rappers dissing west coast rappers and him from inside prison.

      big makes who shot ya as did ll pac thinks both songs contain lyrics that are about him.

      well in order for pac to offense to such lyrics big, and ll had to have been talking about some personal chit that only they know about.

      • with crazy chris , I have learned by experience that when I see a CRAZY CHRIS post, I gently but quickly scroll down from it soo the image of it only registers as a blur to my cerebral cortex and not pollute my brain with scribbled excrement.

  19. Peep how all of a sudden at the age of 81 Clive Davis is now admitting to being Bi-Sexual… yeah i bet!! they’ve been molesting lil’ boys for years and shyt just gets brushed under the table..that’s probably why all the young pop stars are insane now.. poor Raz-B i cried for him when i saw that tape..everyone is not good at forgetting shyt like that has happened to them.. aww..

    • who cares clive’s in his last days so coming out now won’t affect him at least we got the info before his demise.

      unlike charleston heston, raymond burr, cary grant, and errol flunn and those old azz crossdressings white folks from back in the vaudeville days.

      judy garland’s bisexual azz included along with lucille ball yes everybody loved lucy.

    • Don’t forget it was clive who fronted puff tbe money to start bb, ushers mother sent him into puffs claws at such a young age, both puff n clive had at usher as a youngster I’ve also heard that clive goes to 3rd world countries to sodomize little boys


  20. HUNTY HUNTY!! I think every tastebud on my tongue is burnt to a crisp from that sizzling hott tea!!!! Chris Stokes should have his penis removed b/c we have all had enuff of his baby butt busting!! @Say What Hunnie please keep it coming i see validity in your comments!! Totally buying the Whotney story Ray has been acting paranoid & guilty since Whits death & 4 the person asking about hotel footage & key swipes Hunnie u gotta get a clue this is Hollywood & Whitney Houston those tapes were bought & burned before Whitney’s corpse even cooled we’ll NEVER get access to that proof. Now the Bill Cosby tea is new to me but I’m a youngin only 21 & I believe err word! YASSSSSS the threads are POPPIN!!

    • ray j got that blow from an ASSOCIATE of CLIVE DAVIS and Gay J was told it was a HOT SHOT and not to indulge.
      don’t you remember Gay J sitting on Clive’s lap at the Grammy rehearsals?
      Whispering in Gay J’s little ear?

  21. I get it. You accuse me of being multiples then you pretend to be me. I hope you jock women this hard. Only fags pretend to be other men usually bcuz they arent much of a man themselves. But i had already guessed when you revealed you go to bossip and lip alley. Only women and fags seek out gossip from every source they can. You can never be me. Bitch ass nigga. And quit ridin the nigga who originated Hamburgers dick. Make up ur own saying.

    • Alonzo “HAMBURGER” Jones don’t care about me using his schtick…
      In fact he might even think its funny.
      All comedians are thieves and Im sure he’s stolen from other comics. plus saying Hamburger is just funny to me . Im not sure why, but its just funny. I was always the only one in the house who laughed at his act, but whenever he said Hamburger it made me laugh so Im just taking that niggas hambuger and if he don’t like it he can take me to comic court



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