Cissy Houston Pegs Nick Gordon a Pimp!


Nick Gordon & Bobbi Kris Marry

20-Million Dollar Trap?

If the Krissi’s marriage to Nick must go down, Cissy Houston is fighting for the 24-year-old to sign a pre-nup. Know why? Because the Matriarch of the Houston family is convinced he’s only marrying her granddaughter for her money — that’s $20-million [in cash and assets], Whitney left her.

Bobbi Kris & Nick Gordon Engaged

Here’s what The Enquirer is reporting:

“Cissy is determined to convince her granddaughter that she’s making a big mistake. If that doesn’t work, she’ll instruct her attorney to draw up an airtight prenuptial agreement for Nick to sign.”

Here’s what a source had to say:

“Cissy’s worst fears are coming true. She never trusted Nick and says he’s an opportunist with no job. She’s convinced that he’s only marrying Krissi to get a piece of Whitney’s $20 million estate.”

Cissy Houston Not Happy About Bobbi Kris Engagement


  1. I wouldnt even care. Im tired of them two they are not even getting married… theyre just ttogether it seems to piss family off… the quickest way to seperate them is not to care anymore the more cissy give her imput and argue with this girl the more Bobbi feels she getting attention… forget that girl let her marry him! trust their not getting married they playin games beause bobbi wouldve been got married to him months… a year ago… sh stay putting out on the internet we’re not sibling (we know that!) and we are together (ok so….!) she needs to worry about a career because in 2.3 seconds no one is gonna give a fudge about the houston family… Pretty soon shes gonna try to wreck bobby browns family nerves just to stay relevant but thats not gonna happen Browns dont play

  2. oh and this dude sounds a little retarded anyhow… he wrecked her car and he didnt help Bobbi Brown keep her apartment or house… and youre marrying him because…? He contributed what?

  3. I think that if she does marry him then she should definitely sign a prenup. Nick seems like he is in it for the money; I don’t trust him. Hopefully though she will change her mind and not marry dude anyway.

    • Yeah he’s a loser for sho. What right does this man have to have no job and no money, yet be better dressed than his girlfriend who has 20 mill in her pocket. He’s bumming smokes & Sh#t. He’s a bum.

  4. I thought she was getting her gap fixed? That seems like a better investment in her future than wedding gown shopping.

      • No crista and kittey Iol y’all wrong…. Let her image remain that’s real in my opinion… The gap is her fathers family the nose is her fathers also not to mention that’s a black nose I’m happy she not willing to run to surgeon in the name of vanity… We need more of our people to embrace our identity… I respect her for that if nothing else

      • Thats unfair! EEOC. Wood chippers are ugly on all genders. My mom thinks that he is sexy and we quarrel because I dont think you should have thumb sized spaces between teeth. Dont know why granny is mad. Chrissy is not a looker, not really talented, and always wears sunglasses and speech like a doped up Anna Nicole Smith(rip) most of the time. Truth be told always thought something was wrong with her, even as a kid, youve seen that “touch of down syndrome” look many have and both sides of the family is quite off.

        To summarize she will most likely have to pay for dyck throughout her drug induced life and nana just doesn’t want the 2nd generation nest egg to hatch and fly away. Sissy deserves a special place in hell with dina lohan.

        • lol I would not go as far as to say she would have to pay for dyck Men are much to easy for that move,as a matter of fact I dont think any woman in this day and time would have to pay for dyck , NAW, A dawg will find his stray

          I do agree with you that Cissy is NOT the loving parent she portrays herself to be , she wants to be Bobbi kristini Pimp and she just mad that someone else appears to have beaten her to it

  5. She looks like Wanda Sykes in that pic, omg! Nothing she can do about close set eyes, nose: almost Whitney’s, turned to booby’s at the tip: lips: whitney, mouth: booby’s, chopper’s: booby brown. Sum it up: black Barbra Streisand

  6. While everyone sits around wondering why she is marrying him, no one says that she is just as fucked up as he is–he grew up in the same house! Maybe if Bobby and Whitney had raised their daughter–kid before play–then she wouldn’t be so ill-equipped to live in the real world.
    They are made for each other.

    • Im glad i aint have to say it. In a lot of ways dude is a better person. He was homeless without a fam right? She had 2 rich ok 1 rich parent. No excuses.

    • I think this girl is a thoroughbread moron just based on her upbringing & her inability to solve problems in a sensible way.I think she prefers to learn everything the hard way. I don’t see her life being any better off in the future than it is today. I think whoever tries to take her on as a project is going to get a showcase of how good she can make more problems for herself and waddle in her own misery.

    • I agree with you, her upbringing was full of neglect and drug abuse. She had to grow up too fast, taking care of her parents while they struggled through their addiction. Pat Houston is the real pimp, she is addicted to the fame/money/lifestyle. Poor Bobbi had nobody to talk to but this poor pitiful boy, the media would have jumped on Whitney a long time ago, and possibly took away her only child. Most of the posts on here are pertaining to her looks? Where is she supposed to get her self-esteem from, and what did she do to deserve it? I’m sure Whitney kept her family/friends away from to get high in peace, so I believe that Bobbi barely knows her family, and the first thing they do (Pat) is sign her up for a reality show, months after her mom (their regular check) passed away! Have some compassion, put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a change! Miguel was right, black people are black people’s worst critics, Gabby Douglas was a great example. Its embarrassing, I can see if they deserved, but look at the whole picture instead one photo.

  7. Didn’t cissy write a tell all book about her only daughter to get a financial payout yes she did just ask Bobbi Kristini who is very upset at her grandmother and that is the reason they are not on speaking terms

    after watching keeping up with the houstons it is obvious Whitney was NOT as close to her mother as the media was making it seem, there was an episode that showed bobbi having a mothers day dinner with cissy and bobbi stated “grandma me and mommy have not spent mothers day with you in 12 years so this was nice being with you on this mothers day”

    Whitney was in legal battles with her estranged family for years, they were after her money and she was to busy getting high to care but bobbi was well aware of her family dynamics that is why she bonded with Nick , he was her escape from her fragile reality.

    On one episode of Keeping up with the houstons Nick confronted Whitneys bodyguard and brother telling them He was NOT the one who had anything to hide but they had plenty ” of course they denied any wrong doing but It does make you wonder what exactly does this Kid know, Nick also stated he was one of the only ones taking care of whitney during her drug binges, No one denied that

    Cissy Pat and her brother gary are parasites who will stop at nothing to gain access to Bobbi Kristini money dont believe me Just ask the Brown family

  8. Anyone want to take bets as to how long it’s going to take theses two to blow (no pun intended) through her inheritance?

    • Nick Gordon is a pimp he use the mother now its Bobbi turn ‘; if this was not turn what school did he go to? What job has he had? Oh that’s right he cannot leave the women; get a job, get a education take care of yourself .living of women, spell’s Pimp

  9. I agree with Ms. Cissy Houston. Nick is looking like a scoundrel trying to live off of Bobbi Christina. Since he doesn’t work does he at least have a trust fund? I guess she supposed to by her own engagement ring huh? Dudes like him make me sick.




  10. Look at the picture above I know smoking is bad for you but when a person always got thet hand out for your cigarette thats a bum move just tell dude no and watch how insulted he’ll get I’ve seen it happen.I know when it comes to money but baby we share everything Ya better nip that shit in the bud because Dude gonna want half of every thing you got and he ain’t bringing nothing to the table!!!

    • And after all that rolling, she would of probably asked one of them to pass her the pipe. Lets keep it real!

      Btw, lets not forget that she was sleeping w/Ray J who was 20 younger than her and who she knew since he was a child. It ain’t no telling what kind of household she was running. I’m just sayin’.

  11. The sad part is that anyone who dates Bobbi K is gonna be after Whitneys money
    Any so call friends and family is after the money
    In the mean time
    I guess it would be better if she would stay with Nick
    At least she know and familiar with what tricks hes up to

    • Sad truth is …you might be right. At the very least he’ll fight the rest of them off of her so they don’t get a cut of his share.