Cissy Houston Rejects “Obscene” Invite From Clive Davis


Cissy Houston Offended by Invite

Cissy Houston has blasted organisers of Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards party for inviting her to the bash. This after Gary and Pat Houston showed up at this year’s annual event.

It’s the same celebration which proved to follow the motto “the show must go on” after last year’s event continued — even as death investigators scoured the scene of Whitney’s death, just a few flights above the site of the pre-Grammy celebration. That’s exactly why Cissy Houston says it’s “obscene” to think she’ll celebrate the anniversary of Whitney’s passing at the hotel where she died.

Here’s what Cissy Houston had to say:

“I got an invitation to the party, which is the most obscene thing. I don’t know why they would want me to come to the party in which she died, you know?

I guess maybe he just sent me a copy for remembrance sake.”

Was it disrespectful for Clive Davis to invite Cissy Houston and her family to his pre-Grammy party? I think so, but what are your thoughts?


  1. In my absolute personal opinion, I am unsure if there was malice on behalf of the party organizers. If Cissy Houston wasn’t invited to the party, that would have been an issue. I believe it was done as a gesture. They probably didn’t think that she was going to attend. Whitney will always be her baby and no one knows what her pain is. She is a mother. I have yet to read her book of see the entire Oprah interview to see if she has expressed any opinion on the party continuing last year and the way Clive handled the family after Whitney’s passing, but this is just my personal opinion at this point.

    A little off topic but please share your opinion…

    When Clive spoke at whitney’s funeral, I couldn’t help but think that Clive’s ambitions exceeded Whitney’s expectations. Meaning, Clive stated that he was a kid without nothing and he decided that he would succeed. An artist is like a product to be pushed and sold. Whitney’s brand was iconic and while her talents are undeniable, the ambitions of Clive Davis created the star we all loved and adored. It was quite surprising to me that her actual persona “Nippy” was nothing like that of the “Whitney Houston” brand I grew up listening to and seeing on television. This of course was revealed to me as I viewed her show with Bobby Brown. Now watching the “Houstons” and seeing that their family is like any typical family which has hella issues including, addicts, alcoholics and dysfunction, I can’t help but to feel sorry for the girl Nippy who just wanted to sing. So again I say, I
    don’t believe she nor her family really thought that she would be who she became. Although there was celebrity in and around the family, she will be remembered always for her story. Her tragic death only adds to her legacy. It is indeed that of a Greek Tragedy. Timeless…..

    • @ thetasicit First of all I felt your post was very well thought out and provided food for thought.

      Having said that, I still think Clive Davis is a devil on earth, and anything he does is self serving and offensive.

      But no offense to you.

  2. I for one feel that to invite her to the same hotel where her baby died is disrespectful. How can the woman party when she would be forced to remember that it was in this hotel that her daughter died?? I find that an awful scenario myself. I am glad that she turned it down.

  3. If it was a gesture it we a disrespectful one and who is the person that typed all garbage at the top probably works with clyde. It was a malicious and disrespectful ass gesture especially when yall just partied while that lady was dead like it was part of the party so I hope that old white mf and the rest of those white mf perverts that these black people treat like gods in music I’m sorry but my black folks lookingmore thirsty by the day for fame and money

  4. I think its an perception issue, now weather the organizers were right or wrong, that’s the perception issue. Some might see it as a gesture or as not so cool thing to do. So, it really depends on who you ask.

    Me, I think it was a gesture? But I never lost a child either… So, she might took it as not cool thing for her to go, because in her mind, why (like she said) attend a place where her child has died?

  5. The invite was sinister and disrespectful. I am glad that Cissy turned them down. Didn’t I read somewhere that Clyde told the police not to move Whitney’s body until after the party?

    Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of some of the people in Hollywood? Especially in the minds of the so called Hollywood elite.

    • @Black Pearl. Yep, they were told not to remove her body from the room, until after the party. Shit,for all we know, they probably invited Cissy to get rid of her, too. This was illuminati related. I’m glad Cissy didn’t go.

    • I even felt like the funeral was very weird why did they have all of those Egyptian Sarcophagus all over the place. Whitney always talked about the Lord and Jesus Christ. The speeches were not personable and none of her family members gave her eulogy. It did not seem like a realistic funeral just like MJ so called wake or viewing, very staged. I was looking at Coretta Scott King funeral and her youngest daughter did the damn things beautiful speech filled with so much truth about her life, life and the world that we are living in. It was definitely food for thought and eloquent. I was inspired to look up both ladies after I watch the lifetime special of Betty and Coretta. Looking at Cissy on Oprah I get the impression that once Whiteny got with Bobby and did all the drugs her mother lose her a long time ago and was waiting to really feel connect with her baby girl again but she died first.

      • “I get the impression that once Whiteny got with Bobby and did all the drugs her mother lose her a long time ago and was waiting to really feel connect with her baby girl again but she died first.”

        Very insightful! I agree, that may very well have been the case. I would go further to say that possibly there was a disconnection prior to that. Often Mother’s lose their girls in their teenage years. Some get them back in their 20’s unless of course some other influence men, women, drugs, alcohol takes hold and the relationship is forever strained. Cissy is known to be a drinker as well. It’s hard to respect any type of addict. Way too many demon within the family to point and blame the outside demons (Clive Davis). The “Devil” can only take hold when it is allowed in.



  6. Had she attended the ritual would have been complete. Sometimes the hardest thing to do with a death is to know when to let it fade on into the background. You appear desparate and self serving if you stay out there too long. Someone should explain that to the whole Houston clan. End the shows, books, etc and move on.

    • Even though no one wanted to believe that Whitney was aware of what she was walking into with Clive and this music industry devils she probably did I not sure everything seems funny and to me it still feel like she was murdered.



  7. I think that Cissy is being a little too emotional for her own sake. If she really felt the way that she did,then she would not have invited Clive, the man who disrespected her daughter the first time around, by carrying on w/the celebration to speak at her daughters funeral. And then nobody really came out to support chaka when she came on national TV to vent about her frustration w/him and how he reacted. Everybody continued to treat him like he was god. Even Alicia Keys, who I will never forget came to the party anyways, along w/ several other black celebrities, who imo I thought should have stayed their black asses at home outta respect. But nooooooo, they had to carry on out of loyalty for the goodness sake and reputation of “Mister Hwhite Man.”

  8. to answer the question, I think it was disrespectful and in bad taste. since Clive Davis is so close to the family, Dionne Warwick & Cissy Houston, he could have just called one of them to say his condolences and ask if Ms. Houston wanted to be a part of the tribute for her daughter, instead of sending an invite, so casually, like nothing has happened. I mean since Whitney Houston considered him her musical father. Saturday night on CNN, Don Lemon did a show on Beyoncé & Whitney Houston and he mentioned the loud noise that the person heard staying below Whitney Houston in the hotel. there is more to her death, I hope it comes out one day. RIP Whitney Houston.

  9. Before it’s all said and done, EVERYONE who has done shady dealings behind the scenes in the demise of past stars will be exposed! The Lord will not let his true children be led to a dimmed eye.

    • Not the people behind slavery and genocide but kick Gary Coleman down a flight of stairs and youll feel the wrath of God? Really? Think before you type.

  10. It was in quite bad taste but I do not think malice was involved but it was also in bad taste for Ms. Cissy to write a book within 1 year of her daughters passings

  11. In bad taste puts Ms. cissy in good company. Shit, her daughter wasn’t dead a year and she is doing a reality TV show, interviews, etc. Cissy is allowing her ratchet offspring to denigrate Whitney’s memory and she is upset she got an invite to further whore out Whitney’s image?

    And this is in no way a defense of Clive. He is lower than the worse jwe music mogul could ever hope to be.

    • whitney’s death was a ritual sacrifice it was her time everybody knew it since the record industry worships pagan gods and keep up traditional deathrites to whatever they worship.

      kind of funny when most celebs get broke and can’t perform they end up dead clive deposed of his prized black mistress yes whit was his woman and his property.

      reminsds me of the scene in harlem nights where lela rochon’s character who was being pimped by the white mafia duded and slept with eddie murphy for business and pleasure.

      pay attention.

      these white europeans originally worshipped bisexual gods and demigods who was into all kinds of sexual immorality before christianity was founded.

  12. cissy wants money nobody wants to hear her sing the other original sweet inspirations are dead.

    I wanna hear cissy talk aBOUT HER DRUG AND SEX PArties.

    new hollywood trend I guess a celeb dies the family or surviving relatives do a reality show, do the talk show circuit and write a few books.

    surprised jermaine jackson ain’t offered to do a show with the houstons since whitney was his mistress in her model days.

    • I guess you forgot about The Jackson brothers (minus Randy) having their reality show after Michael passed? Jermaine was selling the idea of a tour HARD but no one cared.