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Did You Know Claudia Jordan Helped Prosecute Mike Tyson?

September 29th, 2010

Claudia Jordan - StarFucker

HSK Exclusive – If you have beef with Mike Tyson, you have beef with me. That’s why HSK continues to put a foot in Claudia Jordan’s ass! Back in the early 90’s, the Deal or No Deal model played a key witness for prosecution, and lied on the stand in defense of her friend Desiree Washington, in an effort to put Iron Mike Tyson in jail for alleged rape.

When I learned the disgraced Price is Right model plotted to have the champ locked-up for three-years, I was pissed. Know why? Because I’m a fan on Mike Tyson mane. Now, I’m putting Claudia Jordan on FRONT STREET.

Here’s a list of just some of the men who Claudia Jordan slept with as part of her effort to survive in these mean streets of Hollywood…

  1. Trey Songs (Singer)
  2. Keri Rhodes (NFL)
  3. Dwight Freeney (NFL)
  4. Sean Billups (NFL)
  5. Daren Sharper (NFL)
  6. Kevin Hart (Comedian, Married)
  7. Shamar Moore (Actor)
  8. Boris Kodjoe (Actor, Married)
  9. Datari Turner (Movie & Television Producer)
  10. Diddy (Thief)
  11. Chico DeBarge (Singer)
  12. Michael Jai White (Actor, Married)
  13. Tyrese (Singer, was Married)
  14. Ginuwine (Singer, Married)
  15. Nelly (Rapper)
  16. Maurice Greene (Track Star)
  17. Jamie Foxx (Actor, Singer)
  18. Curtis Martin (NFL)
  19. Fabulous (Rapper)
  20. Donald Trump (Mogul, Married)
  21. Meki Phiefer (Actor)
  22. Joe (Singer)
  23. Suge Knight (Mogul)
  24. Laz Alonzo (Actor)
  25. Shaq (NBA)
  26. Geno Carlisle (Basketball non NBA)
  27. Lamar Odom (NBA)
  28. Quincy B. Sure (Puffy’s adopted kid)

That’s just a few names… there’s more, but their names are not popular. I’m told Claudia is sure to be seen in action at events like the ESPY Awards or the Super Bowl, looking for another athlete to help pay her bills.

Don’t believe me? Ask Hollywood’s fake publicist Jason Lee.

View the entire Claudia Jordan archive HERE!

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103 Comments on "Did You Know Claudia Jordan Helped Prosecute Mike Tyson?"

March 30, 2015

I really don’t care who she slept with or how many she slept with. I do have a problem with her sleeping with married men, if she indeed did this. And based on some of the men listed, it’s apparent she did it allegedly for money in some cases. If you’ve heard her points of views, she comes off as a lying hypocrite…..maybe she’s delusional.


March 4, 2015

I do not like this girl I am so team Nene!!!!!!!


February 1, 2015

Jealous!?!?!? She sleep with some HOT guys, and got paid….girl…


Emm K.
January 30, 2015

Obviously HSK got his journalism diploma from a correspondence course advertising on the back pages of an old Right-On magazine.

Claudia, like every other adult on the planet can sleep with whomever she chooses.
Men and Women lie, especially on other people to make theirself look good, and others look bad.

What kills me is how these celebrity men who claim to have all slept with herm, act like the 100’s of coochies they’ve banged dont count because thats what men do.


January 26, 2015

Omg my god u slept with all those guys and have nothing show pathetic





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