Did You Know Claudia Jordan Helped Prosecute Mike Tyson?


Claudia Jordan - StarFucker

HSK Exclusive – If you have beef with Mike Tyson, you have beef with me. That’s why HSK continues to put a foot in Claudia Jordan’s ass! Back in the early 90’s, the Deal or No Deal model played a key witness for prosecution, and lied on the stand in defense of her friend Desiree Washington, in an effort to put Iron Mike Tyson in jail for alleged rape.

When I learned the disgraced Price is Right model plotted to have the champ locked-up for three-years, I was pissed. Know why? Because I’m a fan on Mike Tyson mane. Now, I’m putting Claudia Jordan on FRONT STREET.

Here’s a list of just some of the men who Claudia Jordan slept with as part of her effort to survive in these mean streets of Hollywood…

  1. Trey Songs (Singer)
  2. Keri Rhodes (NFL)
  3. Dwight Freeney (NFL)
  4. Sean Billups (NFL)
  5. Daren Sharper (NFL)
  6. Kevin Hart (Comedian, Married)
  7. Shamar Moore (Actor)
  8. Boris Kodjoe (Actor, Married)
  9. Datari Turner (Movie & Television Producer)
  10. Diddy (Thief)
  11. Chico DeBarge (Singer)
  12. Michael Jai White (Actor, Married)
  13. Tyrese (Singer, was Married)
  14. Ginuwine (Singer, Married)
  15. Nelly (Rapper)
  16. Maurice Greene (Track Star)
  17. Jamie Foxx (Actor, Singer)
  18. Curtis Martin (NFL)
  19. Fabulous (Rapper)
  20. Donald Trump (Mogul, Married)
  21. Meki Phiefer (Actor)
  22. Joe (Singer)
  23. Suge Knight (Mogul)
  24. Laz Alonzo (Actor)
  25. Shaq (NBA)
  26. Geno Carlisle (Basketball non NBA)
  27. Lamar Odom (NBA)
  28. Quincy B. Sure (Puffy’s adopted kid)

That’s just a few names… there’s more, but their names are not popular. I’m told Claudia is sure to be seen in action at events like the ESPY Awards or the Super Bowl, looking for another athlete to help pay her bills.

Don’t believe me? Ask Hollywood’s fake publicist Jason Lee.

View the entire Claudia Jordan archive HERE!


    • According to NeNe her clit has left her body. Claudia been passed around more than a joint at a Grateful Dead concert.

      ****dead****@ Diddy (thief)….bwahahahaha!

  1. The person you are describing is the antithesis of the real Claudia Jordan. She pays her own bills and doesnt sleep around.Claudia is very gregarious, down to earth!

    • Lawd….your standards aren’t very high are they? Beauty can’t erase all those miles on her pussy.








    • Your dream woman eh?….damn your dreams must be nightmares. That ho is ran through. You must like women with no walls and the DNA of a thousand men still clinging to those walls…..good luck with that playa.

      • Why is there a double standard? I’m willing to bet that each of those men has slept with more women than she has slept with men, regardless of the reason. Nobody’s making those men out to be whores or trying to humiliate them because of their past conquests… I’m just saying.


    • It’s apparent you don’t care if that pussy is the size of a tunnel. With the diseases out here, go figure. Now, never mind diseases, do you think she’s going to settle down with your dick for the rest of her life. I doubt you’re a millionaire. So start saving you’re pennies bud. Cause she’s going to need every last one of them!

      • All these men that you mentioned aren’t squeaky clean either. How many women have each of them slept with? If you’re not willing to show those numbers, then the pot is calling the kettle black. Useless information.

        • But women are leaving things inside if guys. Women have holes and men have poles. It makes a difference. Claudia is a HO had she not gone on other women people might stay out of her business.

  4. Really so hoes r in now wow if u can’t count the number of ppl you slept with on your hand u need help either male or female

  5. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was
    totally right. This post truly made my day.
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  6. i bet u nee nee is behind this mess and was u in bed with her and sure some on list is not true .kojoe for one suge knight.really Donald trump i don’t believe this crap.after confrontation with nee nee all this mess come out might be work of Phaedra they both r snakes and if she did sleep with them it is her business. but wow u go to this to put her on blast.wow dam u should of thrown in obama don’t stop there.king tut might had it too lol

    • So its ok for claudia to tell nene all those stuff, i dont blame nene, nene swing on pole to support her child while claudia swing on all those dick thats y her clit has left her body

    • So Nene plotted this five years ago? She just knew she would need this information out like that for ppl to look into after last week’s episode. Check the date on the article…. Nene is psychic now okay.

    • If she is a whore she’s whore that’s all it is to it. If it wasn’t fah some of those names you wouldn’t know who Claudia whore Jordan was. Honey her and Kenya are best friends because they are just a like sneaky ass ppl. Nene is the queen of housewives nobody gone knock her off her thrown honey yass now in the words of nene leaks bloop

  7. @none yb, you can’t read??!!! Did u not notice this article on Claudias history is from 2010??? Longer than AHW has been on.

  8. lol on a recent episode where kenny came over to claude’s apartment and she told kenny there were some ATHLETES in her building TRYING to holla but she WASNT feeling them. so funny. seems like that athlete thing keeps popping up with her. espy awards super bowl the ones living in her building.

    • That bitch lying. Her thirsty azz probably hanging out in the lobby and parking garage just waiting to pounce on their dicks. I need Claudia to stop trying to convince us she’s not a ho.

    • So its ok for claudia to tell nene all those stuff, i dont blame nene, nene swing on pole to support her child while claudia swing on all those dick thats y her clit has left her bodyshe have a husband so claudia pussy should get itch from all those dicks not even one of yhose men stick with her dats a shame for being industry whore

  9. Why do people believe anything somebody puts on the internet…. but I guess if its on the internet its true….People are such idiots to just wanna believe something because they want to hate on someone else..Get a life, so what if she slept with anyone…Find something else to uplift women..Hell she got needs to….

  10. Put her out because you’re a M.T. fan? Boy that makes you so absolutely credible lmao. This isn’t the good old day’s of keeping women down in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. Good for her, she has a healthy sex life. Not with a bunch of old men or losers either. She’s a smart woman, lives her life her way not dictated by society. Oh wait, she’s living her life how men always have. What a crime. Call Nene, I’m sure she will have plenty of old fashioned, closed minded and ignorant comments for you to boost this story. More power to ya Claudia, they’re making you famous lmao!

    • So its ok for claudia to tell nene all those stuff, i dont blame nene, nene swing on pole to support her child while claudia swing on all those dick thats y her clit has left her bodyshe have a husband so claudia pussy should get itch from all those dicks not even one of yhose men stick with her dats a shame for being industry whorefrom all those dick she fuk

  11. ok now how bout posting all the men Kandi’s slept with.
    And I bet NeNe has s**ked and f**ked more men than the entire cast of RHOA put together.

    • NeNe's too damn ugly to have any kind of list (unless it's a long list of elderly men) …but she thinks she's all that b/c she broke up Gregg's previous marriage, his old ass took her off the pole (where she left her clit), & now she's got herself her very own personal slave/butler to walk behind her big ass & carry her shit!!!

    • let’s say this is all true. Considering the fact that all we have is you, a computer and the ability to publish these names in the public. Let’s say by chance you are not just lying. Each of the men in this list have most likely slept with over 1000 women but you are putting her on blast for possibly sleeping with them? Get your life.

  12. So like I said Claudia read nene and hot read. Nene did her homework bf confronting Claudia mean attscks. Do what nene said ain’t new

  13. somebody should have this lying bitch bumped off, fake ass whoring want to be actors I cannot stand them.. when I see her I will make sure to come down her lying throat…

  14. I don’t doubt anything these women do,it’s call doing what you must,regardless of what it is and at the same time selling your self respect and your decency. But remember what goes around comes around and with a vengeance.So sit analyze what you are doing,who you are hurting and all your malice. Ypu won’t be young forever and conscious will get you. Please use protection, it’s very sad when you get ill.

  15. Let me start off with what has happen.Claudia wrote the book about the men she was sleeping with..So if she wouldn’t had wrote the book then NeNe would not have found out her life.If you don’t want people in your business. then keep your mouth closed.

    • So, if Claudia wrote a book & outed the men she has slept with, she's obviously not ashamed…so, how does this clown think he's putting her on blast & how did NeNe think she was going to shame Claudia with her own admissions?!? Ignorant ass people…

  16. They forgot Taimak “Bruce Leeroy” … but I guess he didn’t have enough money! And Bob Barker, but I guess he’s too old! LOL!!

  17. How does one even know who she slept with?
    I think that THEY DON’T!
    They assume.

    And She Supposedly slept with Quincy B. Sure! This was written in 2010, which was 5 years ago and Q was like 16/17 then. I highly doubt that. Even though the Kids is fine as wine like his FATHER (Al B. Sure!), I doubt she would sleep with a YOUNG BOY.


  18. I love Claudia and Kenya, both are strong black women…if I were Claudia I would be suing NeNe and this site…

  19. This is stupid…mainly because there are plenty of females who are RegularDudeFuckers…shes pretty enough to get some famous peen…. I think its crazy that ppl actually care enough tof type an article about it…give Claudia J shame but give Kardashian sisters a show…

  20. B.S. This clown can’t prove any of this. I can put together a random list too. Even if this was true, who cares? Get a life. Losers and morons.

    • Have you all noticed all the new screen names? These are not regular HSK posters. These are Claudia or her friends trying to defend her ho activities. Jacky has this bitch feeling some type of way.

  21. This articlde was published in 2010, sooooo um yeah, it didnt just come up after nene said it, its been out there…..

  22. 28 guys is such a big deal right, yet charlie sheen has slept with thousands, and if you go through everyone of those men who invariably have stds and “sex addictions” lets do the count of how many men and women they have slept with. you are a fucking ingrate twat, trying to ride of RHOA ocontroversial bitch comments like the fungus that you are. immature ass

  23. Who caresss. Let her live. Ugly hitches always tryna get at pretty ones. Who ever wrote this is probably mad cause they couldn’t get with any of these dudes themselves.

  24. you sound like a bitter little man. As far as her alleged dalliances…, guess what pimpin, she’s grown and can do what the hell she wants. NO different from a man doing the same bs, so please, take several seats with that shyt!

  25. Jacky kudos to you for putting this broad on blast. HSK has well documented her whoring ways for years so the regular posters on this site already know the real deal. No matter how many of her friends she gets to defend her honor….we already know the truth.

  26. Claudia Jordan has been passed around black hollywood more times than Karrine Steffans! What is even more sad is that the 43 year old bitch has nothing to show for all of the men she has fucked! By the say, you can add Willie McGinest and Marcellus Wiley’s name to the list of men Claudia Jordan has fucked! Its really sad.

  27. The only other black bitch I can think of that’s more pathetic than Claudia Jordan is Traci Bingham!

  28. Claudia Jordan’s pussy reminds me of what Stewie from Family Guy said, “Throwing a hot dog down a hall way.”

  29. So?

    Why you so mad you fucking degenerate?

    How about you take this shitty blog and fuck yourself with it!

    There’s an idea.

  30. How was this list compiled? lol you were watching a lot f–kn to put this together or maybe interviewed these kiss and tell men..or just probing other sights for info..fukk outta here lol…very entertaining…how many soul ties do you have lmao

  31. How bout listing all the men Kandi, Porsha, Kenya, Phaedra done slept with. And in this day & time, alot of women’s listing would be this long or longer. And with NeNe being an ex-stripper, her list is probably longer than all the housewives put together. And at least Claudia’s list has ‘names”. NeNe’s list would probably have alot of blank lines (for Unknowns…or Strangers). And the list would probablly be a mile long.

  32. How would anybody know who she slept with, not unless they were there watching or participating. Otherwise, that’s a bunch of hear say and hating. In this day and age women admire whorish women and behavior. Why make fun of Claudia having a more than active sex life with multiple men. Women allow men to sleep with more women that than and love him to death do em’ part. Oh, please. She gets her 99 flavors on. Okay. Now what. But it does make me sick that she was behind that Mike Tyson situation. I thought she looked familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

  33. Big Deal !! all the housewives gotta a list !! And as for NeNe….everybody ain’t into OLD azz men.

  34. …I wonder where all these Claudia Jordan cheerleaders were when she got fired from ‘Foxxhole radio’ and was sucking dick for rent money prior to her getting on that ‘Reality’ show? Quite strange they would show up now that she has some kind of public profile, almost as if they were hired to…Naaah.

  35. Some of the guys Claudia Jordan fucked are on the DL. What does that mean? It means that Claudia fucked dudes with shit on their dick and shit in their mouth. That shit is disgusting; more disgusting thatn Claudia Jordan’s fucked up feet!

    • If they're on the DL, how the hell would anyone know that they existed?!? This whole list & article is vindictive nonsense!!! Hell, the writer flat-out admitted that he was being vindictive b/c he's a super-fan of a woman-beating rapist….

      What…is Mike Tyson mad that Claudia opted not to sleep with him and, instead, testified against his sleazy ass?!?

  36. It’s a shame the measures hsk will go to, to get a rise. Claudia never slept with all those men. She worked with mist of them but NOT slept. Come on, hsk that’s pretty low…but that’s the media

  37. Obviously HSK got his journalism diploma from a correspondence course advertising on the back pages of an old Right-On magazine.

    Claudia, like every other adult on the planet can sleep with whomever she chooses.
    Men and Women lie, especially on other people to make theirself look good, and others look bad.

    What kills me is how these celebrity men who claim to have all slept with herm, act like the 100’s of coochies they’ve banged dont count because thats what men do.

  38. I really don’t care who she slept with or how many she slept with. I do have a problem with her sleeping with married men, if she indeed did this. And based on some of the men listed, it’s apparent she did it allegedly for money in some cases. If you’ve heard her points of views, she comes off as a lying hypocrite…..maybe she’s delusional.

  39. It's easy to make up a list…got any proof that she slept with all of these men?!? Do you hide out in the closet in Claudia Jordan's bedroom, weirdo?!? There were no indications that she's a whore during this season of RHOA…she wasn't running around jumping into the beds of multiple men…or any, that I saw. And, regardless…I couldn't care less…she's a grown woman.

  40. People are so stupid some of those names don't even exist… that list is so damn fake people actually go for the okie dokie believe that… people do your research there's three names on there that does not even exist as a person..lol

  41. Claudia Jordan's ex boyfriend put that rumor out and people believed in this fake ass list …. how stupid can you be!!

  42. Stop this!!!! Why are slut shaming this lady? This is bullshit. Shame on you! If this were a man, no one would care. She's a 40 year old woman and can sleep with anyone she wants to.

    Slut shaming: is the act of criticising a woman for her real or presumed sexual activity, or for behaving in ways that someone thinks are associated with her real or presumed sexual activity.

  43. Wowwwww!!! I know you can stand up in it and she won't feel a thing lol but she's not the only one believe that there's more

    • Why would you say such a mean thing? Who are you to judge anyone? Would you want someone talking about your sister or mother this way? Stop with the slut shaming.

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