Claudia Jordan Wrecks Tom Joyner’s Foundation!


Tom Joyner Cheating on Wife w/ Claudia Jordan

Shake, Rattle & Roll?

HSK Exclusive – Tom Joyner seems to have paid dearly for delving into the likes of Claudia Jordan. That’s because the radio personality’s wife of 12-years, Donna Richardson, has filed for divorce! And, if you guessed Joyner was getting it in on the side with Claudia — you’re so right! Don’t believe me.. Ask Claudia’s ex-husband, Datari Turner.

We’re told Claudia and Tom met a few years back, during her Dubai running days with the late Cathy ‘Jay Z Jump-off‘ White. That fast cash from turning tricks abroad seems to have went just as fast, leading Claudia’s home to recently hit foreclosure. That’s when Claudia reportedly headed back in Tom’s direction. The pair were confirmed connected after they joined forces for Tom’s “charity”. Don’t believe me.. Ask Roland Martin.

Here’s what Claudia Jordan had to say about raising funds for Tom Joyner Foundation:

“I love what you’re doing, Mr. Joyner. Without education, we don’t have a chance. Thanks for all you do Tom Joyner.”

Did Claudia Jordan recently rip off $20K from Tom Joyner’s Foundation? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Claudia’s whoring partner and drinking buddy Suelyn Medeiros.


  1. Tom Trick Daddy Joyner. Hey hoes gotta eat too. I can never see someone like Claudia working a real 9 to 5 job to make a living.

  2. Success seems to invite the worse case scenarios as far as adultery is concerned. Why can’t these folks find someone fresh and single to fulfill their desires? The ratio of available candidates is more than enough to accomplish this quest. But on the other hand if golddigging was not fashionable, none of this would ever happened. More money, more problems and we wonder why people stereotype us. Go figure. Peace out, Papacool.

  3. Not a fan of Claudia but why is this article a way to put down her? It seems like you blame Claudia for this mess. It takes two to tango. Tom Joyner is the married one…so if this is true then he’s the real bad person. Why cheat on his wife in the first place? He’s the stupid one with lots to lose.

    • They were both wrong ! But Tom Joyner is ” MORE” WRONG
      MORALLY (IN GOD’S EYES). Remember adultry is
      Wrong for the one “not married” also….

  4. Claudia Jordan aka Ms. grey pubic hairs is a 40 year old prostitute who has fucked half of the NFL, some of the NBA and most of black hollywood. Her reputation is worse than Draya Michele! She always claims to support Obama, but she is working with Donald Trump; HYPOCRITICAL BITCH! She was so desperate to get Lamar Odom to marry her so she could be a basketball wife and go to Laker games for free. Lamar didn’t fall into her used wrinkled trap!
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    Claudia is a prostitute who wears a cheap horse hair weave, has Donald Trump’s pubic hairs stuck between her teeth and has semen residue in her mouth!
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      wot a hoe! lol

  5. Y’all all sound like straight haterz (including the author of this article). No proof, just random words that anyone could type (and that verges on liable). I guess any clown with a laptop thinks that she’s a journalist. smfh