Coco Fails Damage Control Attempt Over Another Scandalous Pic!!!


Coco Being a Whore

Mrs. Ice T Hazed Again?

HSK Exclusive – The former manager of one Las Vegas nightclub – reported to be the setting for Coco’s secret date with rapper AP.9 – seems to be pulling rank over the newly named Peepshow headliner. That’s because an image of Mustafa Abdi – aka Moose Diesel – grabbing Coco’s backside is something Mrs. Ice T failed at trying to order off of Twitter.

According to our sources, the Coco-grabbing shot of Moose (ARIA Resort & Casino’s Haze Nightclub former manager) was taken while Coco, AP.9, Moose Diesel, and a few members from the cast of Ice Loves Coco partied the night away at the Sin City hot spot. We’re told it was only after Moose posted the pic to his Twitter account when Coco deemed the image as “not a good look”.

Here’s what AP.9’s homey, Moose Diesel, had to say in response to Coco’s plea:

“It’s not a good look for you, not me . You knew what you were doing when you took the pic.”

Here’s what AP.9 exclusively revealed to HSK:

“I took Coco out on a date to Haze nightclub. She brought some friends…some of the crew from Ice Loves Coco even showed up too!

We had a steamy one night stand. I hate being called a liar…cuz I’m not.”

Is AP.9 going to blow up after he releases his new song with R. Kelly? I don’t know, but I do know three scandalous pictures of Coco and AP.9 (attached to polygraph test
results) are currently on the mainstream media bidding table. Don’t believe me.. Ask Barry Levine.

Ice & Coco Can't Make This Go Away


  1. Ice took a chick from the trailer park and tried to classy her country ass up.

    He failed.

    In reality, she most likely has been doing this for awhile if she’s brazen enough to be out in public like this now. Ice is not only a sucker on this one, but is looking kind of bitchified in the eyes of the street.
    No man lets his woman, let alone his wife take pictures of another man grabbing her ass. Be it a joke or straight whoring, she’s out of pocket, and the best thing he can do at this point is to let her silly ass walk.

    It’s beyond fixing at this point.

    She’s playing you, and if you ain’t planning on whupping 9’s ass for this, then you MIT as well let him have her.


    • Nobody asks the girl to stick around. If she wanna be a fool then that’s her fault. You girls need to take a page outta tha “nigga handbook” and kick em to da curb and find another mate. We do it all tha time when the “hoe to housewife” idea fails.

      • @ATLBully-thank you!!! I am a female and i wouldn’t stick around if i was getting treated like shyte!! Stupid people let themselves get treated badly, stay in a fukked up relationship and say it is cuz they are in love. What it really is is fear. Fear of being alone, fear of starting over and more than that fear of having to admit to themselves that maybe the person they are with never really loved them at all. I feel no pity for ice-t cuz he knew what he was getting into when he got with her bargain basement beauty queen ass. He tried to be a pimp and he got pimped. Coco turned him into a hoe right before our eyes now all she needs to do to make the circle complete is leave his silly ass and take half. Darlene is laughing her butt off right now.

        • You got that shit right.

          These niggas (Kanye, OJ, etc.) kill me getting with these gutter, curb crawling hoes and parading them around like they just struck WHITE GOLD.

          They accept shit in white women they’d NEVER accept in a black one.

          And we all know how it’s gonna end.

          Ask OJ.

          • yeah rich ass kim k gave some mofos some pussy you think,she smart enough not to be babied out like way too many of our women by 22 yrs old.ask a young boy how hard it is to find a sister who not dragging some bums kids around.

          • It’s that slave mentality.They will take trash that the white man doesn’t want and put that stinkin piece of white trash on a pedestal. No one but a sorry ass negro would parade his half-naked wife around so all the other negros can see his trashy diseased infested white whore. And he is so proud to have that garbage. Sorry ass negro.

    • “tried to classy her up” nothing about this tramp has ever been classy from day one. Ice has paid 10’s of thousands of dollars just to give her a black woman’s body….none that even matters if you have a jacked up life behind the scenes. maybe they have a “open relationship” she’s done this before….

      • If you saw Coco’s pics when she was 14 yrs old , she was a brunette with a banging body at 14 ,Coco always had a nice black girl figure ,and judging from her early pics, her butt is all natural, don’t known about her tits though !!!

    • Naw he’s beyond suckerfied at this point! Can u say bitchazzness going on? He sold america a crap load of crapola.(I’m a street nigga,gangsta with heart)etc. Hardcore hip hop rap artist! NOT! NIgga is just a soft ass jellyback who has been played by trailer park wanna be barbie! A white boy would have neva let her play him like that! ICE T HAS ZERO STREET CREDIABiLITY! WHup AP nine’s azz what the fuck! Really is COCO the victim here? WHY YES SIR BOSS! HELL nAW! Classic victim so she thinks. That’s what she knows best. ICE T is a such a jellyback ass nigga! He should be kickin coco’s ass to the curve but he won’t cause he is a whack weak ass suckAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      • White guys get played on as well and Ice-T after all is fifty years old ,the use to be street gangster has (smartly) humbled himself over the years and took his street creditability to the max by means of the(big) screen, smart man , but I agree he should dump her hot ass ,but I’m sure he don’t want to lose that ,all that look good is not good !!!

    • Why would T whup AP’s azz over that! She ain’t worth it, but since she’s white the hoe gets a usual. What a black man won’t accept from a sister, he accepts and turns another head when it comes to a white one…aka Kim Kartashian, Coco the ho-ho, and others, just sayin…these “been passed-around” hoes…..tell me this…2 Chainz wants a big booty hoe for his birthday..Kayne was in the video how come he didn’t put Kim in it..all I saw was black women looking like $2.00 hoes!!!..again I’m just sayin’..I love my Black man but I guess my Black man doesn’t value me??!!

      • If he divorces her for adultery I don’t think she’ll get much out of him financially. I see why didn’t want to have a baby by him she was out there doing her thing. Ice t is definitely too old to be trying to whoop somebody’s ass and we can have the guy that plays a cop out there beating ppl. I think icet give up that pimp thug thing a long time ago. Well since he’s been married anyway. Coco still feels young while ice t doesn’t wanna do anything but sit in his rocking chair so coco found a young buck

    • Mmm! You kept it funky on that one. That’s real talk. Judging by how 9 carried on the show….I don’t think T wanna see him. He got too much to lose mainstream wise. Gotta let that hoe walk!

  2. Ice T had to let those Hollywood execs fuck him in the ass in order to get that TV acting gig. Its called the Humilation Ritual. A few trained actors dont have to go through it but when it comes to a rapper who is trying to transition to acting. You better believe they had to bend over….Coco is a beard to keep up his pimp image, even though he’s a butt boy now…Coco is a prostitute and she’s just being advertised exactly as what she is. A high end prostitute with some level of fame off the coattails of the Ice Mokker.

    • I guess Coco would be the top draw on the hoe stroll, but I don’t think she would qualify as a high end call girl. She’s short and squat, and her face is odd. The “ladies” who pull Charlie Sheen money usually look like models/actresses. Coco looks like a hoe.

    • ice t is a pimp thats what real pimps do
      They put their bitch on the track and nigga go
      After it so there you go thats his bottom bitch

      • You got that wrong, son. Ice T is Coco’s bottom bitch. Don’t get it twisted.

        And when, and if this ends up in court, he’s gonna be workin’ the track forever to keep her paid.

        Don’t niggas ever LEARN????

      • U got that one twisted! Ice t is coco’s bitch! Now she is the real bossbitch! Ice t threw in his pimpin card longgggggggggg time ago. CoCO is always being tied to other men! Ice t little whimpy ass can’t keep up!So sad how the white women play the brothas don’t believe me ask Kim Kartrashian


  4. irregardless (yes a double negative cuz it is metaphorically) nobody REALLY knows whats going on… *in my carl thomas voice* at allllll at alllll ATTT ALLLLLLLLL
    smart 1s know tho

  5. they have bn 2gthr for over 10years their has gotta b hundreds of pictures like this!! iceT is a DL house nigga he aint leavin this manly lookin white trash! if he tries she will take his money & expose him!

  6. Coco is his beard. Those Execs at NBC and General Electric have been using Ice T’s asshole as a cum dumpster for years…A non acting rapper, turned actor?!

    Thats just as unlikely as Will Smith coming from rap to get a prime time spot on network TV and being allowed to learn to act , while on the job…

    Quincy Jones and him were butt buddies and Q turned him out…

    They flipped the old “Hard Core Rapper” many moons ago and as an inside joke, they make him a TV cop…
    But the niggas gotta eat…We all compromise ourselves in various ways in this system of global white domination and racism…There are just some things some of us wont do, that others will to eat…

    But none of us cant say for sure what we would and would not do, until that test comes to us.

    Ice T is a victim, just like us…He chose the blue pill…God Bless him. He is still our brother and so is Will….

    Quincy…not so much…That entity is spiritually fucked up to be capabable of doing what he does to children. He is a old demon with a high position of responsibility and control over the masses through media.

    • “He is a old demon with a high position of responsibility and control over the masses through media.”

      Bravo! The higher the human is in the world, the bigger the demon that’s possessing them, ie: Oprah, Clive, Quincy, etc. If God would allow us to get a 2 second glimpse of what’s going on in the spiritual realm, most people would die from fear.

      • Both of you speak the truth. However, what perplexes me is that Oprah constantly praises God & has many shows speaking to the cultivating the divinity within. It can get real confusing. With all their material – and on Oprah’s case – spiritual success, it LOOKS as if they are truly blesses. Super Soul Sunday & that Lifeclass Oprah has is changing lives for the better. Talk about cognitive dissonance. I ask God to please reveal the nature of this double sided madness.

    • What children? What the hell is going on? Some of us do not know about some of the names that are coming up. People on the net swear that Diddy and Q are the devil, but never really say ‘why’….or what they are talking about. Please enlighten us.

      • Research Nephilim, alter egos, celebrity demon posession, etc. But just a little summary: When Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels was kicked out of Heaven, they, (fallen angels)started having sexual relations with the human women (which was an abomination). These offspring (half human/half fallen angel) were called Nephilim giants (example was Goliath). These fallen angels were very enlightened and started telling humans about the spiritual realm that we should have not known about. The people soon started literally worshiping these fallen angels, indulging in sinful lifestyles, evil, etc. Fast forward to Noah and the flood. God destroyed everything with the flood. However, the fallen angels were still around (because they are spirits) but now are known as demons. They are still roaming the Earth to this day. They loved the praise and worship that they were getting and they still crave that same worship this very day. That is why they possess these celebrities. These demons crave worship. These fans are really worshiping demons. So when you hear Beyonce say that when she hits the stage, something takes over her and she named that person Sasha Fierce (demon). When you hear Nicki Minaj talk about Roman (demon). When you see the interviews of actors like Halle or Denzel saying they channeled Dorothy Dandrage or Malcolm X, they are really channeling demons.

        Sorry for writing a book.

        • You sound positively brilliant and informed. Thank you for the enlightenment.

          Having exposed so much truth and revelation, can you possibly explain the ascendance of Herman Cain?

          • @christa-if i may i will offer my take on that. Herman Cain is proof positive that lucifer is alive and well on earth today. I mean really-a black republican? Satan’s handiwork!

        • How do you know they arent channeling angels?

          How do you know who or what they are channeling?

          And no bible answers please beause everybody dont believe in the bible as authentic so until the bible is authenticated as fact it cannot be used as a reference manual.

            • @ Mama the Bible is the “Sadists & Slavetrader’s Handbook,” or do you believe slavetraders did your ancestors a favor by kidnapping,torturing, enslaving and enforcing conversion to Christianity??? Do tell…

              How you can you have so much faith in the power of evil/demons, but can’t have faith that a human can channel an angel????

        • actually they are worshipping symbols rock stars well all entertainers are required to keep the satanic order alive and they must represent the occult in some fashion.

          roman polanski had ties to anton levay and the church of satan.

          rock groups are all required to take names and titles that represent the occult which explains metal, death metal, thrash, metal, and so called gangster rap.

          black sabbath
          alice in chains
          judas priest
          white lion
          white zombie
          def leppard
          holy magick

          all represent some sort of symbolism and satanic imagery. fire is an occult symbol and represents hell, eternal flame, or the god of fire, or firebringer.

          lots of songs deal with fire or burn in hell.

          another ritual is the dionysian mysteries which was copied from the osirian mysteries.

          the followers and people would gather and there would be music played and the people would dfance to a frenzy until someone gets crazy starts a fight and kill someone in a sacrifice to dionysus-osiris or whatever they serve.

          this practice goes on today when at rock concertts and hip hop concerts music blasting then someone pulls a gun and kills somebody same ritual and methods just different technologies and generation.

    • Cosign on Quincy, but Will and Ice-T ain’t our brothers cuz they booty hole busters down with the fallen crown.

  7. As a semi-retired escort
    (veteran; single-handedly turned Rhode Island Ave BACK out post-Katrina.. Before wewe moved it online)
    Ain’t nobody got time to pose for no pic with a trick..
    She outta pocket and she’s trying to do damage control. Bitch made a bad move and it blew up in her face. Ice doing what he supposed to. Not turning down nothing but his collar..

  8. And to think he left Darlene..the chick that held him down for this chick? hmmm…there’s no fool like an old fool…

  9. He had to drop Darlene because she would have remembered him and what he was like before he got turned out.

    Thats why most of these guys, when they get into the upper echelon of fame and get access to those Mansion parties, they have to trade in their old wife for a new (usually white) wife, who undertands how things have to go and dont mind sleeping with someone who has been fucked in the ass.

  10. You know what, I’m convinced that these men are marrying these manly looking women because they are the closest to a man without actually publicly being with a man. Coco looks like a man! She has a very hard looking face. There is no femininity with to her. She looks like a transvestite blow-up doll.

  11. I hope no one gets hurts or killed behind this. Coco is allowing people to disrespect her and her husband. Knowing Ice-T’s reputation she should have been more discreit. She has stopped playing by the rules of the game. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Ice-T will get tired of being humiliated in the public eye REAL SOON! (Sidenote) I have always wondered if Coco was Lil T’s first?

    • @baybek8s-that ain’t gonna happen. Ice ain’t that rugged ass street soldier anymore. Now he’s a 50yr old actor who is softer than room temperature butter. The only thing ice is gonna do is cry and hope whatever man she is screwing right now doesn’t leave hand prints on her big fake ass when he’s done smacking it.*katt williams voice-Pimp down, pimp in distress!* smh

    • As long as that manly-looking ho is white, Ice-T ain’t goin no where. She was a ho when he hooked up with her.

  12. You guys obviously never watched one of those pimp dvds which featured real pimps across American such as bishop Don, Ice etc. Coco was Ice main hoe long ago & when he told her 2 get down on the floor, she did! In font of all the pimps. They all saw her p*ssy, even pimps from Detroit. She’s been his personal porn star for 15 years now, why he wife her, idk!

    • Only homosexual men get gratification from humiliating and demeaning women…These same pimps get their hair done up like women, get their nails done, dress up in pink and paint their toe nails…These guys are mostly faggots.

        • yes @crazychris smdh at snoop he been got turn out in that industry his handler for years been dr.dre we all know how dre gets down, you all speaking the truth about Ice T he sold himself out years ago CoCo is a old hoe Ice always pass her around

          • check out the pic snoop is puffing a blunt sporting pink nails.

            second time snoop really gave off a homo vibe first time was when he wore a kilt snoop’s black ass ain’t scottish.

            now him stating hip hop’s ready for gays well a lot of people can agree and admit that yeah we have bisexuals in hip hop nicki minaj and lady gaga is accepted and azaelia banks is bi and she’s a risinbg star.

            was’nt no openly bisexual rappers in the 80’s or 90’s.

            • I truely believe the list goes so far into that world we dont like to really get detailed but the music is not coming from a God like place and is not comforting us as it should? Thai may be trus if it were out war music but it is not, Its not for your clan. Gods true warriors have our music to, there is dark and light the industry is just a public religous war. Gods truth wont be out shined not even by Maybach music or any other groovy satanic lyric rap song – with low key home sexual content like rappers stating how they DONOT WEAR DRAWER UNDER MY JEANS?RED BOTTOM LOFERS HOLLA AT YA BOY YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN/ or say things like 4 SAMMY SOSA I just WANT ONE NIGHT and thats the shit I dont LIKE…boy what THE fuc!

      • Ice Burg Slim said when a hoe cant turn a trick a pime with go get that money…. So you summed Pimps be on some gay shit.

  13. This story is REALLY sad. All I can say is they are really trying to stay in the spotlight at all costs. Because once their time in the sun is done…then it’s going to be on the next one who does crazy ass shit like this. Anyways, this may be off topic but Jacky, can you please shed some light on a story about this young man named ‘Kylen English.’ (This story is about 2 years old). I saw some videos of him on Youtube singing some Chris Brown songs and he seemed like he was poised for greatness, until his death. The police in OH claimed he jumped from a bridge but that doesn’t add up. As someone who took up Criminal Justice in college, the way in which the police claimed he escaped was impossible. Well, thanks if you get this.

  14. When I first saw the pictures of Coco with AP.9 some weeks back I said it was a publicity stunt thought up by her,Ice and AP.9 to attract more viewers to her Peepshow or their reality show. Coco has been with Ice for more than 10-15 years and all of a sudden she is disrespecting him like this. Don’t make sense and putting it online for the world to seeis like pouring salt into a fresh wound.

    Now comes another pic with some dude grabbing her ass. The only thing I can think of now is Coco caught Ice doing something that really hurt her and this is her way of getting back at him.

    Why would she take pics with ANY man, other than Ice, in such an intimate fashion and let them leak online if she wasn’t trying to make him jealous.
    She knew those pictures would go online.

    Another thing… old are the pics? Were they taken years ago or recently? I don’t know what’s going on between Ice and Coco but I believe some shit is about to hit the fan.

    Can’t wait until the REAL tea come out.

    • @ Lea I was with you 100%. But now it seems to have gone so far that I am starting to doubt my own instincts that it was a PR stunt.

  15. You can paint a trash can anyway you like it, at the end of the day its still filled with garbage.

  16. I do not know what any man (black or white) sees in this Coco person. She looks rough to me. Oh well, I don’t date black men so I guess I am fortunate that I don’t have to be humiliated by their dire taste in ‘women’.

    • Her chin…..her fuckin Jay leno ass chin is what gets me every fuckin time. She looks like a man, but according to everyone else on this blog, that seems to be what hes into behind the scenes



  17. mmmmm hmmmmm yea she sure is. I was reading the post and the whole time I was thinking shes only acting this way because that dick just aint doing it for her no more.

  18. is these men paying her ice would have came off better not crying aboutr it hurting his imAGE.

    AH THE GANGSTER Rap era they’ve all been exposed or disposed.

    • you guys really should consider the fact that this gay lifestyle has beeeen apart of their lives. What is wrong with an open marriage nothing at all but if your a public family you may want to reveal some perversion so as not to seem ODD when they surface. I love these two as a couple and if he accepts her anD she he WHAT DOESCIT matter if they are an estblished “that LIFE couple” then so be it. He never denied a taste for whorish type activities and she looks the part, act the part and is his. I love thESE TWO MAINLY MANLYISH PEOPLE TOGETHER AND DONT THINK WE SHOULD EXSPECT A SPLIT ANY TIME SOON.

  19. Ice made a song about this type of thing a long time ago – he must have forgotten his own lyrics…. ummmmm Ice “You played yourself”.

  20. IF COCO LEAVES ICE FOR ANOTHER DUDED IT’S GONNA BE SOMEONE ON HIS FINANCIAL LEVEL SHE MAY OR MAY N OT HAVE SLEPT WITH A9 if a9 was more well known and was’nt so underground she probaly would have been left ice t.

    if she takes pics with wayne, drake or somebody hot right now grabbing her ass oh yeah it’s over for that marriage.

    coco wants to live out her fantasies by sleeping with all the famous black men she can.

  21. coco like all white women look bad when they start aging she’s not even 40 and her face is starting to crack all that surgery, and drugs is taking a toll.

  22. I am dying with laughter right now.
    I remember Ice foaming at the mouth about black women being jealous.
    Yes Ice we are all jealous that we can’t disrespect our husbands on social network sites.Loooool

  23. only thing ice had going was he was paid and in hollywood which was the only reason he had coco.

    nothing special about coco she’s just another white girl with fake bodyparts plenty of those in hollywood.

  24. So all the croc tears she was shedding when she was preparing to leave must have been fake because now she’s in Vegas getting crazy. Now i’m wondering if those tears were tears of her being away from Ice T? or her trying to say sorry in advance for all the playing she’s doing in Vega? Mmmm

  25. Ice T didn’t put his OK, on these dudes, so she out ta pocket. Let that ho3 get her hands off too deep in the money.He ain’t gone do shyt to her or these dudes.

  26. They’ve been together for more than 10 years now. Ice probably fucked several women in this relationship so maybe she wants some new dick. Difficult to stay faithful lol.

    I still think this is a PR stunt to get them more relavant. I mean this guy is friends with the dude who claim he fucked Coco.

    Coco is sexy though. I’d definitely sleep with her.

  27. All you hip hop niggas kill me with all that house nigga, he got pimped by the white man BS. Not one nigga on this site would not run over your momma to get to the studio if the white man offered you a spot. Ice has always called himself a pimp, and a pimp don’t turn down no money, no matter how it come, and by the way neither does gangsta’s. That cream puff ass gangsta rap died long ago, and Ice kept it moving. As far as how he will deal with his lady, I don’t know the answer to that, but black, white, yellow all women got that hand on the next branch ready to swing if need be, it’s all you hard core niggas that don’t know it. Ice making his money, get off his nuts and make some of your own.

    • Saying a pimp would do “ANYTHING” for money implies they would suck dick and take it in the ass too…
      Painted fingernails and hairdoo included.

  28. thanx 4 breaking it down @anonymous 13:11 and
    always thought ice and co co had a business type of marriage. but instead of ice going to see the nbc executives, i thought he just sent co co. i always thought she was just arm candy or just a diversion in case of a traffic ticket a movie/tv role or if he just wanted something in his favor.

  29. I know you’re right, but it makes me sad for old Ice. I have such sentimental memories of him in the “Colors”, “Cop Killer” and Ricochet days when he was such a lovable “thug”. Once the acting bug bit him bad, it was off to the races: jettison Darlene and into the whole swirl thing.
    I guess I still have a soft spot for him and hate to see him being played for a fool.

    • @christa-yeah i remember those days. Ice was the man but i knew he had lost his mind when he dumped darlene cuz every guy in my high school was in love with her. And ricochet was the movie!!! But i don’t feel sorry for him cuz he traded a dime for a wood nickel. How do you trade a natural beauty for some frankenstein wench that he had to construct? Well he is getting what he deserves.

        • Hell no!!! I am heterosexual to the bone-to the marrow! The only thing a woman can do for me is find me a man. But i am not so vain that i cannot give another female her due after all i am not the prettiest chick on the planet my damn self.

          • @ anonymous I am as straight as they come, but Darlene was the ish.
            I am far from perfect myself, but I wouldn’t trade places with Coco for a million dollars. She is second only to Kim Zolciak as the personification of YT trash,

  30. Maybe Coco’s 10 year BEARD CONTRACT is up just like LaLa’s 10 year BEARD CONTRACT recently hit the 6 month warning mark…

    LaLa and CoCo
    LaLa and CoCo

    Beard Beard
    Beard Beard

  31. It’s karma. Ice T has always treated his wives like whores instead of women, now his chickens are coming home to roost. *shrugs shoulders*

  32. See , Darlene was familiar with Ice for many years so he had to cut all close ties, if he wanted to move up to the next level..

    Darlene would have noticed something was off:

    “Ice, why is there bloodstains on the back of you underwear and why has your anus been leaking lately…Theres always brown spots in your underewear now sweety”?

  33. See… now, i believe they were just fine until that damn reality show, I actually like them as a couple.
    SMH, another celeb has been hit with the reality show curse.

  34. I never did like Ice T anyway. All his music was corny and that corny as gangster rap buried good groups like X-Clan and other conscious rap. Easy E met with George Bush at the White House in 1991 and the deal was set…The end of Conscious Rap and the beginning of drug, prostitution and killing nigga rap.

    • was into all of it ice t, nwa, too short, x clan, public enemy, bdp did’nt matter as long as it was good music.

      at least the gangster rap era then told you about where the drugs were really coming frrom.

  35. Thats why Ice Cube and Ice T were rewarded…Thats why Dr. Dre is now gay…An Easy E was murdered because he was the only one other than the Jew Jerry Heller knew what transpired at the White House and they had to tie Easy off and give him a hot shot so he wouldnt flip one day and try to talk…He made a deal with the devil…
    Tupac thought he could make a deal with the devil and not go the full 100 yards…Once you sign your 360 contract that means they own you down to your turds.

    • ice cube is the only so called gangster rapper from that era who’s never been caught up with the law the dude’s never been arredsted and was never targeted and he was reciting some very serious anti jew remarks I mean he called heller out as a fag and was very racist in his lyrics towardss whites.

      in the 90’s when cube was a popular rapper the law was targeting rappers left and right ice t was in trouble for anti cop lyrics, deathrow was causing serious controverrsy, geto boys was taking to trial over some kid killing cops over one of their songs.

      2pac, flavor flav, snoop dogg, and jd from cube’s group lench mob was getting arrested.

      black entertainers left and right were getting locked up paul mooney said it started in 88 with james brown going to prison.

      kind of funny eazy duz it and straight outta compton was both released in 88.

      colors was released in 88 as well.

        • he had to have made some connections.

          cause out of every rapper from that era he was the only one not hit with any scandals or arrested.

          unless you add hip hop fueds.

  36. It’s not a question whether she’s trash or not. Clearly she is. My problem is I wasn’t there. Plenty of people do things like that when taking pictures at the last minute. She simply requested a picture removal which is well within her rights as a public figure. We all know why it’s not a good look and this guy is clearly a total d*uche d*ck.

  37. Let’s be real about any situation concerning a woman… there is one thing for sure a woman can be your best friend or your worst enemy and when i say this i mean she will sleep in the same bed with you every night,make you breakfast in the morning and kiss you when you walk out the door but if she see any sign of weakness in you she is gon play on that..not just coco any hoho. any woman will play you given the chance i don’t care what you give or buy her it’s in her nature if she is given the chance. and you wonder why cats are so mysterious? because their just like women..feed me,clean the shit out of my litter box,pet me,rub me…do you see that mutha fucka bark when somebody breaking in yo shit! fuck no just like a woman looking for another meal and a roof over her
    head where ever possible..yes the Black widow does exist she will destroy you given the chance and as far as young cats sayin i did this with her or i did that with her you need to be aware when people have proper paper you can eat at a palce and six hours later drop dead,,, or two or three year from now something out of nowhere can happen to you im just saying when people have major connections be aware for example go to those MR BIGGS and R kelly videos do you see how they all turn out MR BIGGS wins because he has to much knowledge at his age to embarass himself over a woman he has people that will take care of that and her too remember he told her(you low down dirty woman go back to where you come from)Ice get ya mony cause most of these ho’s is still an original Shaw Dog and only few would know what i mean by that….Churrrch……

  38. I heard Ice and Coco are thinking about having a little pimp or hoe.

    They want to hear the pitter patter of a little hoe runnng about the house.

  39. ICE go out and buy that MEC DESIGN MERCEDES SLS 6.3 and tell all them hoe’s to kiss your ass and if yo wife don’t want to do right,,, tell her she can get to steppin in the night,,,,remember she can’t get shit she is the one with pictures doin shit not you. any judge will tell her she’s fowl you got a long life ahead of you keep it dressed to impress remember what one woman won’t do another one will….SIRWILL..OH AND FOR ALL OF YOU WHO DON’T KNOW WHAT TRUE PIMPIN IS LOOK UP LOOK UP THE WHIP!and to all the youngsters keep living and you may be fortunate enough to get old…..But that depends on your conduct your choice….

  40. Oh my .. after reading about all the coco and other men pics … even though Coco’s bread is in her sexuality, she should steer clear of men who seek to intentionally exploit her and act like pigs disrespecting her AND OG Ice T all over the internet. Ice T is still her husband and she his wife, whether we like it or not.

  41. “White women will be the death of black men and I’m a white man saying that.”

    Damn, the truth is smokin’ up in here.

    • “White women will be the death of black men and I’m a white man saying that.”

      Wow…. That statement alone almost sent chills thru my body… As a black woman 2 actually hear a white man say that confirms what I understood many years ago… “They took the chains off our hands and put them on our minds”….. SMH

  42. All this illuminati talk is pure comedy. No Satan. No God. Billions of fools. Spend your lives in fear and practicing duplicity(because there’s no one more hypocritical than a person of faith) and die with regrets. This is all funny
    Fuck Coco but y’all dumb as hell.

  43. Who knows what Ice did ??? All I know is that I can’t watch their show any more because of this stuff. I don’t want to see the downfall of their relationship. There’s enough of broken relationships in real life.

    • first the reality show then the divorce.

      I think when a hollywood couple dpes a reality show they are planning a divorce ahead of time.

  44. If anyone read “superhead’s” book, you’ll know Ice T must have married CoCo, cause he keeps a bunch of hoes around, she approves. He takes carf them and everything and CoCo accepts and approves. He is the one that told superhead to write the book and knew his story would be in it.

    I don’t get what the problem is, she put up with plenty to be a rich, famous, manager, wife and they are old as hell now, they can do what they want as far as I’m concerned!

    Do like the drama though!





    • Wow! Didnt know that. I did notice that he has a 30 something year old daughte & 16 yr old grandson, both black, then a 20 yr old hispanic son, now a blonde blow-up up doll.

      He goes beserk when women critique his new hollywood version of a woman. Bet he doesnt have a prenup either, thinking she’s trained properly!

      I think that makes him a simp (sellout) over & over, instead of the pimp he claims, plus he took care of superhead for years!

  46. Why is it that all black men can get is white whores. Every time you see white trash, you see a black man holding on. Do black men not have the ability to get ahold of a decent looking non trash white woman, or is it that trash women, who cant get a decent white man, settle for black pimp wannabees. Coco, the Kardashians, Osbourne etc. All pretty talentless women, just look like whores, but surrounded by black men. Black men have no pride.

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