Coco Linked To ANOTHER Man!


Another Coco Cheating Scandal

Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?

Just when Coco seemed to swindle herself a hall pass over that AP.9 cheating scandal, Mrs. Ice T is now reported to be linked to yet another man!

This time it’s with Las Vegas/Los Angeles promoter Jamie Thomas — who witnesses say was at a “local Vegas lounge” with Coco, Saturday. That’s when the duo were said to being involved in some sort of argument, sparking Coco to start screaming before storming out of the spot!!!

Wait…There’s more!!! is reporting that, Coco has been living the single life since she’s been in Vegas”, and that her connection to Jamie Thomas is no secret to many Sin City peeps. Thomas is reported to be denying the allegations. This while sources point out he has a Vegas-based reality show in the works with E! Network — the home of ‘Ice Loves Coco’.


  1. Can we move on from this very common trash. When u speak’n of whyt women there’s no news on how they operate. Let her husband continue to be hoodwinked and in a hallucination that he’s the only one she’s toppin. Next!!!!

    • Co-sign. If he want to walk around with his eyes wide shut while getting pissed on let him. Now we hear of a second man… long before we hear about a 3rd or 4th man?

  2. Ho just trying to stay relevant Jacky getting paper I’m sure..planted stories usually have a photoshopped image like above.

  3. All I can say is ICE T IS A SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! He let a ho/hooka take his rep to the toilet and he called her is wife. Whats so insulting is that she tried to reconstruct her body to reflect a sista! INSULTING!!!!!! ICE T IS A NOT ONLY A CABIN NIGGA BUT A DISGRACE TO THE BLACK RACE!

    • bullshit i would agree with u but ice never had a upbring so he thought that he was allright problem is he knows now and still hanging in there is not good bc i feel something is going to happen.

      • How do you know what kind of upbringing he had? And I said he grew up, meaning over the years he has grown as a person and matured. People who want their marriage to work will often try to forgive their spouse for whatever they did however, he has filed for divorce since he knows the truth now.

        It amazes me how people are quick to throw stones at others for whAT they do but not reflect on the b.s. they do. Coco seems like a wan who needs constant attention and being in relationships mau not work for her. If that is the case she and ice need to divorce so they both can move forwArd.

  4. Ice T grew up. Any man who wants to hold on to a pimp like gangsterreputation is stuck in his past and immature. Yes Coco is a hoochie who shows she is weak and can not be alone however, he loved her and tthere is nothing wrong with that. I am just happy that Ice is going to move on and hopefully find himself a nice lady after he has healed and spent some time alone.

  5. I thought he was “suppose” to be a pimp back in the day, well the first rule of the game is that you cant turn a ho into a housewife!!! He deserves everything she does to him, is it true he sent his wife divorce papers by Fed Ex?

  6. Ice T’s fraudulent, snot colored ass needs to have a seat…in an electric chair.

    We all know that rotweiller jawed twin of Hatchet Face (google it) he wifed is a fake as Kim K’s pregnancy but he is a fake too.

    TRACY (aka, Ice T) is a stunt queen. NO he’s never been a PIMP, gang banger, cop killer, drug seller. He just ran his mouth a lot and had a huge imagination. I mean, quick: has any of the shit he claimed EVER BEEN confirmed? Go ahead and think, I’ll wait….

    So look…bottom line….he and Hatchet Face deserve each other.

    • I don’t ever remember him claiming to be a cop killer, but everything you said (or asked) was addressed like, almost 30 years ago, when Tipper Gore was still relevant.