Coco’s Jump-Off AP.9 Exposed as a Snitch Barber!


Bay Area Past Haunts Sin City Pimp?

HSK Exclusive – The rapper reported to be looking to cash in on private naked photos of Ice T’s wife Coco may soon be forced to face the skeletons of his past. Know why? Because AP.9’s former Bay Area homeboys are surfacing, exposing the rapper as a liar and a snitch.

Now, as reports reveal AP.9 is set to prove his relationship with Coco went above and beyond cuddling in a Las Vegas nightclub – hoping to land big bucks in the process – sources say “we comin’ to get some too”.

According our inside source AP.9 is nothing more than a “house-squatting barber” – whose snitching over his own crew led to him to be chased out of California’s Bay Area. That’s after – we’re told – AP.9’s homeboy was locked up, remaining behind bars to this day.

Here’s the drop from a member of San Quinn’s camp:

“They got that N–like he’s some big pimp, but we know him as a barber. I don’t know what AP’s doing right now, we ain’t seen him in years. But if he’s getting money, we coming to get some.”

San Quinn himself has long held this same stance. Back in 2008, he took his choice words about AP.9 to wax. It’s all laid out in his track titled “Fence Hopper”. And though the track is more than four-years-old, many agree that a label of snitch never expires.

Here’s what San Quinn had to say about AP.9:

“AP-9’s not a rapper, or a killer, he’s a barber, He snitched on D-boy…
Slept in my mamma’s house, and he too is a liar.”


  1. see Ice T is a SIMP. coc cheating on him with a snitch barber. Nigga better get at least an honorable mention in this years countdown, or we know your on the take jack!

      • Ain’t nothing wrong with that word. Do research on Eugene Adams doc. about the Nagas because that’s where the word originated. It means king, the Europeans flipped it into something ugly, but they even know what the word means.

          • Not 2 different words. People who use it grew up with it. Those who don’t, didn’t. It’s as simple as that. I hear more inner city people using that word until it gets on my nerves.

    • So true, Norman! CrIce Baby always going around dogging out Black women and trying to pull a pimp hand with Black women. But that Ho Bunny got that simple as nigga crying because she bussin’ it wide open for simpletons with way less money than him. He paid for that ho to be surgically altered hoping that he had paid for a weak ass White woman in a Black woman’s body. She showed his lisping ass. Now we see who has the real pimp hand. HoHo gonna take that ignorant bastard to the bank when she files for divorce. Then she is going to ride into the sunset with some simple-minded wannabe thug/rapper…I love it!

      • ” He paid for that ho to be surgically altered hoping that he had paid for a weak ass White woman in a Black woman’s body.”

        That’s interesting, never thought about it like that.

      • Guess Ice can’t lay the pipe like he used to. Seeing CoCo’s beat up over used cooch is probably the size of a toilet bowl hole. He had to cut off his pony tail so he could pull his head out of the “stink hole” after eating it. Dude should just get some PVC pipes and tie them together to plunge that big hole. She saw a opportunity to get into movies or perhaps his sitcom but that didn’t pan out. Time to look for new tricks.

    • Ice-T married that hard looking trailer trash, skanky ass bitch. No need to be surprised. Well yeah, I am surprised anyone wanted that beat up over used booty. She looks stinky too. One could easily see her douching with clorox to kill the odor with a piece of rubber wrapped around her arm while she is shooting up in the bathroom. Ice-T had real low self esteem to wife that.

  2. I never understood what the big deal was about her anyway. She looks like an ugly blowup doll. Her face is hard and her breasts and ass are fake. I never could figure out what ice-t saw in her considering her first wife/girlfriend darlene was a true dime and a natural beauty. But he tried to turn her into a whore as well but she wasn’t having it. What man would want other men lusting over their wife? I kind of feel sorry for ice but he made coco the hoe she is so the fact that she cheated shouldn’t come as a shock. If you give a fool a gun when they shoot someone don’t be surprised. Just sayin’

      • I can only surmise that it was all for one thing Control. A lady who was naturally attractive and assertive, would have been too much for Ice T, to control; to further perpetrate his perceived pimp image.

        So i figured, that is why he surgically enhanced Coco, for her unquestionable loyalty etc.

        InMhO, of course ; 😉

        • @josh-Yeah well we see how well that worked out! But it still leaves me wondering why cuz darlene didn’t do all that but i guess that’s why they aren’t together anymore. Who wants a woman you have to try to control? And if you have been a man for any length of time on this planet you should know you can’t control a woman. She is going to do what she wants to sooner or later so the issue of control is a moot point. But if that is why he got with her then i guess we all know that he has no control anymore so now the only question left is does he stay or go? Call me crazy but if i was him i would give that wench the bullyfoot. But i don’t think he will cuz i think he does love her and i think she knows he is scared to be alone.

          • @Vermithrax173. Well, I can only guess Darlene refused to go along with his plan, for her to be the kind of lady, he envisioned. Nicole aka ‘Coco ‘, was more receptive and willing to undergo that transformation. You have valid points on your post ; I do believe they love each other, and that Nicole is just having fun at the expense of Ice T. Should he leave? If dialogue can’t resolve the situation, then that may be his only option. Except if he does, he will be more ridiculed than he is now.

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          December 23rd, 2012 at 03:22’. Is by me-josHUA-I clicked on ‘submit reply’, without signing in.

          Edit: Jacky, please delete my other post made further down at : josHUA | December 23rd, 2012 at 00:53 POST 25. DUPLICATE.




    • a “true pimp” wouldn’t have gotten married.

      (and take off the caps lock already. Is today your first day using a computer?)

  4. How sad is this. Ice is in his fuckin 50’s and THIS is what he has to show for a wife. She’s plastic, hard faced, surgically made, publicity thirsty, no talent and tranny looking. I remember when she tweeted a pic of her NAKED in bed with her nephew. So disgusting!






      • She is trailer trash. The showed the trailer she grew up in when they did a story on her childhood one day.

        • what a black man won’t do for the almighty white woman.

          and ice defended gweneth paltrow.

          I remember when he was a low life gangster rapper, a thug in the eyes of white america.

          oh how they accept him and snoop dogg these days.

  5. The way i see it..i believe coco really does love ice..but as far as attraction and young dark fresh meat she will cheat on him! look at her and look at ice aint always what it seems to be on their show! the show should be called “does Coco love ice?” why it gotta center around her?? “ice loves coco” smh i love coc but female to female i see thru her and i know she aint faithful! #womanintuition

    • I agree but that’s his fault i mean if your wife looks like that and you’re fifty you need to be hitting the gym and keeping your body tight. Not laying around playing xbox and playstation all day which is what ice does on the show. Now i say again I don’t think coco is attractive but i’m not a man and i do know some men who like her and think she is. That said if your wife is half your age and other men think she’s hot you need to keep your game tight in all aspects-physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. And truthfully speaking that advice applies to ALL men older, younger and in between. If you aren’t on top of yours someone else will be-literally and figuratively. The wolves are always watching whether you see them or not. Believe it.

  6. I knew it was over for Ice-T when he was crying when he and Coco renewed their wedding vows on their reality show, and Ice was like “You saved my life,” As I watched that I said to myself yeah it’s a wrap.

  7. Hey Jacky isnt Ice one of your crew you know , when you were H Bomb in the Ice’s Rhyme Syndicate crew. Has he asked you to put this story in cos this is the only time you have reported on it and the story went worldwide unfortunately for Ice. Please say ur not biased!!!

  8. she looks just like man ! funky lookin pussy in them too little pants she wears! gotta have a yeast infection! got to! them strong manly ass jaws! smh #iCant

    • @Pisces that comment was hilarious! She does look like a tranney! I wonder if she had a sex change? O but Ice-t jelly back ass had the nerve to say he is cool with the lack there of clothing the tranney look alike wears! His analogy for that was something similar to not putting a cover on an exotic type car! JUST PLAIN STUPID! He really thinks this tranney is fine. But injections/booty/breast implants makes her look like a plastic shim! How many men black men has this trick been sleppin with right under grand pa’s (ice t)nose! The white men wouldn’t make her their woman or wife only a stupid a^^ nigga!

    • @ what happen to the idiot he FELL and couldn’t get up! He let a playboy bunny pimp the shit out of him!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

  9. How can you shop naked pics of someone who every tuesday shows topless pics on twitter and her ass on thursdays..

  10. Hahaja ha….. AP9 is NOT A SNITCH. If you know the story on this you would laugh but someone is trying to gain fame and start drama. Ap9 is 100% solid so to the world don’t believe the gossip!! Question….. If he is a snitch then why is he still around!!!! THE STREETS HAS SPOKEN!!!

  11. Look I like Ice,But I knew there was a problem,when a
    friend of mine show me some online photos take in London July 24,2012, showing Coco,pulling her dress up showing that she had no panties on,and it was not a accident,and she was with Ice!In one photo you see Coco just getting out of the SUV pulling her dress up,and you can see in the background, Ice T.head in the doorway of the SUV,like he was trying to tell her
    don’t get out of the car with no panties on,and the look on her face tells you,she didn’t listen jumped out the car,pulled up her dress,so everyone could see her pu**y,and left Ice talking!That’s when I knew he had a problem!But there are about nine photo clips of that situation,and it shows Ice following behind her with his head down. Check it out,just search Coco Austine no panties photos London 7-24-2012,and the photos are uncensored too!
    All women will test there man,ho,girlfriend,wife!
    It’s a test,Coco wants to see Ice,is still Ice,or has he melted.Remember they’ve been together for eleven years,and no baby.On the show when Coco talks about having a baby,Ice turns off,then Coco comes up with reason why she should wait.She’s only
    out there like she is, because Ice has piped her down right and given her a baby.That’s part of the
    problem.She want Ice to prove he still get it up,
    mentally and physically.She’s trying to wake him up,because she still loves him,and he’s getting too
    lax,and guys like AP.9 are telling her how they would handle her,and they are dissing Ice.She took
    those photos with AP.9 as a challenge.I believe AP.9 told Coco,I bet if you take some photos with me,Ice will get upset,because he’ll recognize a real pimp when he see’s one.And probably told her that he knows Ice aint hittin that right!Plus he probably said to her,that he could take Ice on easy,so don’t worry take the photos, put them on twitter happens.And what happened is Ice over reacted,started talking about feelings on twitter,then attacks people questioning his pimp instincts and game!The real question that nobody is asking is what did the crew that is with Coco see happen,if photos where taken,the people that
    work for her,the crew at the show,people saw what was happening and what wasn’t happening.And you’re not getting people including the people that were at the show,coming out and saying,”I was there and there was nothing going on the IceT.should be upset about.Nobody is saying anything.Ice should put on his pimp shoes,look into that for the real info.People will snitch for money! Besides that Coco still love Ice!But one problem Ice got for sure is,Coco has super brick body,can Ice handle all that?,or is he leaving a lot of unfinished business? Ice needs to get into the gym fast,and
    drop the video games!Plus if AP.9 says he has more
    photos,and Coco says,he doesn’t,Ice needs to drop the word to the media to call AP.9 on them, because
    somebody is lying and it’s time to find out who it is!

    • You need to take some time off from Reality TV …Just watch the Documentary channel for a few weeks until you Detox.


    • ice would have came out better saying she do her thing but she make me my money insterad of crying on twitter.

      het even iceberg had to quit the game.

      t’s too old to be pimping young btroads anyway when you’re past 50 you need to stop treying to be a pimp.

  12. Ap9 is the truth!!! If he’s a snitch then whys he still breathing???? People just trying to cut in on his prizes. Ap9…. LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!

  13. I don’t trust this story.. Jacky, you’ve got Ice T videos all over this website, so I don’t believe one word of this story.

    By the way, is a San Quinn song from 2008 the best proof you got of A.P.9 being a snitch? Get outta here with that bullshit Jacky…

  14. Jacky, I though you and Ice were down. I think I remember you paying homage to him and how you two toured together or something.

  15. I had to laugh when soene on this thread said Ice T is 50. He look like a man who is really 59 or 60.

    Dude always talkin’ ’bout pimpin’ and how he has Coco’s head game on lock, but I neva heard of a pimp wifin’ one of his hookas.

    Pimps are the weakest men anyway, so, yeah, Hollywood got Ice just where they want him, gettin’ dissed publicly by one of THEIR HOES!

  16. The funniest thing ever was Coco on Andy Cohen’s show with her helium pumped ass standing straight up while Andy put his cocktail on it and it stayed put. That’s TOO much ass.

  17. Ice just looks like a fool. IMO CoCo isnt attractive at all, but she is the standard of beauty for most black men. Ice comes off like an insecure female w/ the way he parades his so called wife around. She is a whore and he knows it, he knows she wont be faithful so the pimp thing is a defense mechanism for him to save face whe HE gets played. Its no different from the females that pop out babies and cop charges for men that cheat on them all while claiming “its a booty call” or “I dont care what he do as long as he…” whatever the excuse its BS NOBODY wants to share the one they love.

  18. if y’all only knew the truth, san quinn was recorded in a studio, without his knowledge, telling a group of people that ap.9 was actually responsible for the murder of fat tone and another guy in retaliation for the death of mac dre. when the tape leaked quinn looked bad because he was basically in a room full of strangers giving them a tip on a double murder, after being called all a dry snitch and a big mouth he came back with this dis record. but no one in the bay took it serious, ap 9 rep is solid and he really aint hard to find, he tweets wherever he’s at he and he’s always in the streets or clubs. no one ran him out of anywhere or is ‘looking’ for him

  19. Guess what? I think we all been played by this so called scandal. I have been watching some E! channel over the holidays, and all day long they are hyping the *BIG* moment of truth crisis in Ice and Coco’s marriage in the season finale.
    I guarantee you that this was all a PR team’s concoction for ratings and to pump up the show.

    • @christa-well it wouldn’t be the first time E has stunted for ratings. We all remember the fairy tale wedding of kim kardashian and kris humphries. You know we all were rooting for those two crazy kids to make it and show us all love really does conquer all. Initially i thought that wedding was a stunt but thank God they are still together and about to have their first child. And how about that mansion they just moved into three months ago? And khloe and lamar are still in love and about to have baby number two! Little lamarsha is going to have a brother! Kris and bruce just renewed their vows. You just can’t bet against those kardashians and i just know ice and coco are gonna work this out and he’ll go back to laying in front of his big screen playing xbox and she’ll make sandwhiches for him and it will all be okay. I love “reality”television!!!

  20. Ice & coco is swingers…ice has watch many niggas beat. Coco is ugly with that long face … like her mother.

  21. if coco was black ice t would have been degraded her and called her every dirty black bitch under the sun.

  22. HA HA ICE T! THAT’S what yo sell out azz gets! Fool you can’t turn a HOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE! BLACK MEN(NOT ALL) ARE THE ONLY RACE THAT TRIES TO assimilate women into this mythodical way of being(turning the trickin happy hoe into june clever- the housewife). SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a fool who came up off the of the back of blacks! They should all never watch his sitcoms or television shows!

    • don’t wanna watch ice loves coco.

      his rapping career been dead, his rock group bodycount sucks.

      ice is the only surviving member of the original bodycount besides ernie c.

  23. ICE T is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No street credibility! Kanye,taye diggs,ice t,michael jordan,tiger woods,CHARLES BARKLEY,TERRELL OWENS,Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie,Lamar ODOM,Dr Dre,terrence howard and Michael Ealy are all self hatin NIGGAS!I give white men credit they are not betraying their women like these niggas have! SELL OUT=ENSLAVED MINDS=HOUSE NIGGA MENTALITY=YES SUR BOSS WES KNOW YALL BETTA FOR USES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • O I forgot trickin ass RUSSELL SIMMONS he loves EUROPEAN WOMEN
      ! ALWAYS SHOWING UP FOR blACK CAUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • willie d said it best back in 92 you can’t be friends with the enemy and be down for the black struggle.

  24. Speaking of E! Channel hoes: Just Jared has just announced that Kimmy’s reps have confirmed that KK is carrying the spawn of Kanyette.
    He gave a shout out to his “baby mama” at his show at Revel.

    God help that child.