Cosby Kid Cockroach Falls Victim To Anthony Anderson’s Amnesia


Anthony Anderson / Carl Payne

Word from the streets of Hollywood…

HSK Exclusive – The man who played ‘Cockroach’ on ‘The Cosby Show‘ is no stranger to witnessing friends forget where they come from.

What may be even worse is Carl ‘Cockroach’ Payne may have once been used as a tool by former friend Anthony Anderson, while the then struggling comedian was fighting to strike it rich and famous. Now that the tables have turned, and Payne is the one now left looking for work, his former funny man buddy seems to be leaving the Cosby kid in the dust.

Here’s the drop:

“Carl and Anthony were best friends back in the day. Anthony used to hang out at Carl’s house – even their wives were best friends.

Carl thought he was the man back then, cause he was on the Martin show. Anthony wanted Carl to put him on, but Carl didn’t help him out. Now that Carl can’t seem to get back on television, he’s saying Anthony forgot where he came from.

Anthony Anderson calmed down since after he had that sex case. Dude used to call himself ‘The Overweight Lover.’ Anthony lost it for a minute, he was smashing everyone who would let him in Hollywood. But, after that sexual harassment case, Anthony changed. He’s back home with his wife.

Maybe he and Carl will be friends again.”

Anthony Anderson / Carl Payne


  1. Age old story, niggas who have some success and you ask them to give you a nudge to get put on can never seem to fint the right time or always “forget” to think of you in order to include you and help you.

    Then…when they clock done run out want YOU to help them as YOU are climbing. Then when you don’t, all of a sudden “You’ve changed” or “You forgettin’ where you come from”

    Where I “come from” is turnabout is fair play.

    Keep telling you, most niggas ain’t worth SHIT as “friends”. They are few and far between.

    AANYONE who sticks with you when you are down is a friend. Those who helped me and encouraged me when I was struggling reap the benefits. If all I heard was crickets when I asked for a hand up, spread them cheeks ’cause FUCK YOU now “homey”. LOL

    • You are ALWAYS in a position to do something. Even if it is only an introduction to someone who MAY be able to provide an opportunity.

      I’ve seen this type of shit up close and personal with myself and others over many years.

      I hear where you are coming from, but I also feel where AA is likely coming from.

      • You really just confirmed my point.

        If Carl was “too ashamed” to even make an introduction for AA, then he’s wasn’t a true friend antyhow. On the same hand, if the people Carl was working for would be “appalled” or “offended” that Carl DID recommend or introduce AA, why would AA want to work for some jerkbag mofo’s like THAT anyway??

        That is my point. Life will point you where you are supposed to go, and people who arereal frieda will be a positive part of that journey.

  2. Don’t know AA but I realized his best roles are the ones where he is an A-hole (King’s Ransom, etc.).

    Not sure if Cockroach is struggling because when the Doubletree/Kyoto Hotel in DTLA had those summer music specials, he always had a couple of ladies and at least one room.

  3. My mom use to say “everybody that starts with you wont’ be with you in the in and that some people will be left behind.” Can’t trust nobody in Hollywood especially when it comes to getting roles/work.

  4. Okay I got some good friends to me as a person..but their work ethics is something else different.

    I wont vouch for anyone PERIOD unless I know your work ethic first hand.

    So if Anthony is not helping directly and he might have a good reason.

    Behind the close doors…friendships are not always what they seem.

  5. Man that is some real shit. its a dog eat dog world. I’ve seen with my owns eye, up close and personal how someone will profess to be your friend, but as soon as they make it they do something as simple as say someone is a jerk, or basically say anything just so that you dont get the job. They will literally down talk others to people in the industry so that they can attempt to get the few jobs available. The really said thing is people in the decision making position don’t take the time to see what the person has to offer. One thing I do know is that all liars will be found out.

  6. Martin was Martin Lawrence show. Its not the Carl show. Carl was kick off the Cosby show because of a haircut, he refuse to change it and they let him go. Dumb.

    • That’s the official pr story about Cockroach’s removal on Cosby.

      I have always found that story a little suspicious and now that I think that I know a little bit more about the entertainment industry it may have been a bit more to it than just a refusal to get a ‘hair cut’.

      Someone knows the truth……ask

  7. He caught that case wit my boy Spoon out in Cali. Bitch took her clothes off and started screaming. They was standing there lookin at her like wtf. Judge threw that shit out

  8. No. He caught the case in memphis during the filming of hustle and flow. AA is a pure Dick head…..period.

    • Didnt mean it happened in cali. Meant spoon is from cali. Was asst director on that flick

    • Agreed. And AA is a rapist. He also sexually assaulted / harassed a women on the tv show he was on. Two separate cases. If it smells like a rat, it’s a rat.

  9. Carl got fired from the Cosby show for refusing to cut his hair. Who does that? He sounds like a jerk. You don’t put your friend on when he needs it but expect a come up when you’re in need? Suck it up, Carl. What comes around goes around.

  10. “Cockroach” look like JMoss. he is really a boogie,subdity unbooked celeb. I was at a play he appeared in almost a decade ago,he not want to give an autograph to anyone that did not buy the program. The tickets were almost $25 dollars. That still help your salary. He was intentionally moving his hand,face,and pen over anyone that didn’t have the stage play program. I lost respect for “Cockroach” after that matter. You never know,tomorrow, I could be your booking agent.

  11. This article is inaccurate and completely fabricated. I guess that’s why it’s on a blog site. Carl and Anthony are still friends. Nothing has ever changed that. As a matter of fact their friendship goes back to1988 as classmates at Howard University in the school of fine arts. Carl has never asked Anthony for a job and Anthony has never asked Carl for a job. Their friendship is deeper than Hollywood. Please don’t believe anything you read on a gossip blog site about anyone as its rarely true! How would you feel and react if a stranger blogged half truths and lies about you? Just saying. Celebrities have feelings and families too that are affected by the inaccurices that are said about them and their families on sites like this. He without sin cast the first stone!

  12. LOL!!!! Sounds like Cock Roach needs to rent spoons. He has had a limited career. He left/got let go from Cosby after 3-4 seasons. He never was on Malcolm and Eddie. No one from Cosby was ever on Martin, so Carl had no pull there. Sadly, I think the lack of help or ‘pull’ he had with Martin may have been more about Martin not wanting to be upstaged by anyone else. Reggie McFadden was the only comic I can think of who got to do an episode on Martin. Only musical guests got a chance. Anthony Anderson reminds me of the character he played in Barbershop, out to get his, ‘you got 3 strikes, DON’T DROP THE SOAP!!!”

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