Coverage of the Mendeecees Teen Sex Trial


LHH Mendeecees Harris Trial Coverage

UPDATE: Click HERE for testimony from the child victim of Mendeecees Harris.

Mendeecees Harris manipulated a girl in her mid-teens into having sex with him on a regular basis in his Lodi home, a prosecutor told jurors during opening arguments today in the former “Love & Hip Hop” star’s rape trial.

“We call it taking candy from a baby,” Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor Demetra  Maurice said, according to, which is covering the trial in Hackensack, N.J.

“An adult like Mendeecee Harris can easily manipulate a child into doing things like performing oral sex – with words, with actions and later, with money,” Maurice said, as Harris, his girlfriend — fellow “Love & Hip Hop” celebrity Yandy Smith — and other family members and friends looked on.

Defense attorney Brian Neary, in turn, said the incidents “never happened” and that the girl concocted the story “so she would be able to stay in New Jersey.” He promised them they’d see that when the girl herself testifies in the trial.

An entourage escorted Yandi Smith into the courtroom and moved with her during breaks — with some holding coats over her face to block photographers. READ MORE….



  1. The fact that he is smiling and laughing in court when he is facing a possible 20 year jail sentence and a permanent place in the sex offender registry is disturbing.

  2. Something is just not right about this dude. He looks sneaky as hell. I have no respect for Yandy trying to give him a firm to blue up, knowing what he stood accused of.

  3. And Yandy is a fool. Why hide your face? He is smiling like this is nothing new to him. Damn shame

  4. I believe if the girl testifies other wise that it won’t be because it’s not true but because she was paid handsomely.

  5. I cant stand females like Yandy and Rashidah.Your dude is a pedophile and you on tv bragging about how he’s such a good father disgusting

    • Co-sign… put them niggas to bed… it ain’t cute, it ain’t kosher… keep them pervs in the closet smh.

  6. So it sounds like the prostitution charge came because money was exchanging hands in return for favors with HIM, not other people?

    I read that he was in the girls’ life for 6-7 years and practically helped raise her? Disgusting. I am interested to see what proof they have. I have heard there are text messages, etc. Thanxx for following up on this story Jacky.

  7. Birds of a feather flock together.these sick characters a adored by self hating females. I have seen women make they children available to pedophilia many times . You never saw the parents of the r Kelly girl speak out. These court’s are not gonna protect our children. Vigilantes will have to form groups and take justice into our own hands.b2k cashmoney Jackson 5 criss cross brtney spears all molested and no one charged.

    • It is true and sick that parents are doing this. Getting access to these people to take advantage of their children and mess up their minds and not ever realize that these bastards are wrong… (I know from experience.) They prey on people who are weak or pure of heart and are enamored by their presence and they manipulate, abuse, and the like. It just gets me so upsets me smh.

  8. These fame hungry sluts will shout to the devil himself if it would keep them relevant. I hope this fool gets off and starts to beat on his girlfriend. She deserves it…

  9. I don’t know why he is smilin’ cuz they don’t play in Jersey. He will go down for 20. Bitchazz POS and the mama too. She betta hope CPS don’t take their kid.

  10. Dear Yandy,

    Your a stupid weak bitch. I know your reading this… what if that was ur child. U think ur standing by your man while you sit in court. im sure he used his dope money to buy u junk and it was enough cause ur basic like the rest those reality tv bitches. thanks for shown young girls it aint all gravy and red bottoms like you basic bitches try to make it seem on tv.

  11. These people live in a world that I won’t never want to visit.

    Accepting physical, emotional and sexual abuse as love, check
    Sharing a dope boy boyfriend, check
    Proudly playing the sister wife, instead of being his wife, check
    Helping him raise all his kids, check
    Having his children and keeping yourself tied to this garbage forever, check
    Looking the other way at his criminal minded behavior and actions, check
    Breaking your neck to support him and legitimize his actions/ lifestyle, check
    Blaming a child for his sexual deviance, check

    Black men, you need to start raising your children. This shit only happens when little boys and girls have no father in their lives. When mommy is left alone to raise the children, illogical shit like this goes down!

  12. If you read the facts there is no way he could have helped raise this girl. When this was suppose to have taken place she was 15, he was raising a baby son by someone else while he was with her mother at the time that son is about 8 or 9 now. He and Yandy have been together for about 5 years now people do the math. This child could be a problem child saw the kind of money he was making and wanted part of it and thought she could entice him with sex. I’m not saying he’s innocent but I would believe this story if more young girls came forward claiming the same thing. This dude is from Harlem if he was into young girls the word would have been out about him. If he was up in Rochester sling dope word would have been about him taking down young girls. This whole story seems fishy to me! Sorry people! I seen young girls send men to prison because of these type of lies.

  13. @ BLACKBEAUTY….a crime against a minor child is atrocious.This child could be a problem child are you kidding me..he is an adult and should know better and he will be handled by the judicial system

    • I did not say he’s innocent or that the crime didn’t happen what I am saying is “you must pay attention to the facts” everybody is only seeing the fact that she’s a child. We need to pay attention to what type of child she is and what type of life style she was living. I have seen a lot of young girls make all type of accusation against men just because they didn’t get their way. All I’m saying is pay attention to the facts. And by the way I was a child molested by an uncle I know both sides of the coin!!!

      • I agree with you. Everybody is saying she is a child, but don’t know the story. I too know of young girls that have sent men to prison for saying things that wasn’t true. I’m not saying that he’s innocent, but I don’t think that she is innocent either.

  14. Holding judgement to the end….yeah he seems like a dope boy, but ima hold off on calling him a pedifile just yet. In the game he playing ALL players usually have a level of “scandal-osity”. He may be that effed up, but in the world he plays in there still lies the possibility that the angle involves a scorned (abandoned) woman and a check……waiting to see how this pans out…. I’m just saying she know where the bodies are buried and sud


  16. Innocent until proven guilty.. Period,, child Molestion is a serious charge and these females and they momma’s be money hungry fools

  17. @Anonymous 23:01
    on Feb. 7, 2013,

    u speak as if the judical system is without flaw. smh.

    Im glad u arent my guardian or relative. And i pray there is no children or minors in ur care. SMH.

    I can tell u s 1 of those chicks hard up 4 a man.

    One of those pedophile protectors.

  18. Everybody keep speaking as if this man has money.

    If he had money he wouid have not pressed about the 50 grand for the house.

    Didnt the mother buy him a mink?
    Wouldnt the child support checks from reality show work out better in the long run?