Crackhead Publicist, Kali Bowyer Busted Planting Fake Stories


Kali Bowyer - Crackhead Publicist

HSK Exclusive – If an article published on HSK is found out to be false it is removed immediately, therefore anything still published on HSK is known to be true and accurate. Jacky’s editorial and opinion is obviously exempt.

This brings us to crackhead publicist extraordinaire, Kali Bowyer (Gossip Ain’t Sweet), who was fired by Debra Antney back in May. Know why? Because she hits that rock mane!

This morning Jacky received the message above from Kali Bowyer, as you see Jacky based the now removed article on this message from someone who was previously a reliable and trusted source.

The article was published before Jacky was able to reach out to Mack 10, once Jacky had a chance to speak with the Westside Connection rapper, he debunked it as fiction and it was immediately pulled from HSK.

We have determined that as an former representative of Debra, Kali was trying to get back into the good graces of the shady manager/mother by attempting to discredit HSK for the purpose of drawing attention away from the expose published yesterday, where Debra Antney was put on blast for defrauding and embezzling $75,000 from the St. Louis female singing trio June 5th.

Kali was also the person responsible for leaking to the press the story about Waka Flocka retiring. Unfortunately we will all not be so lucky, as that story which was run on many hiphop websites was also NOT TRUE!

Kali Bowyer with Co-conspirator Debra Antney

HSK apologizes for rushing to publish an article before its accuracy had been verified.