Crooked Cops Linked to Spearmint Rhino Strippers


Four Rialto, California cops are on leave after an investigation involving a group of Spearmint Rhino strippers was sparked. Now, the Inland City police department is looking into allegations that the officers were having sex with strippers, while on-duty.

“We’ve got confirmation that employees of the Spearmint Rhino were involved with officers in our department,” reported Rialto Police Chief Mark Kling.

37-year-old Spearmint Rhino stripper, Nancy Holtgreve, seems to be the one who sparked the investigation. Holtgreve says she had sex with an officer while he was on the job. According to the stripper, it happened at the Rialto Police Benefit Association’s union hall. Holtgreve now shares a 3-month-old baby with the cop who gave it to her while on the clock.

This is disgusting…this dancer even had a baby for the cop – on the streets we call that a “Trick Baby”. I must wonder if the strip club is allowing their dancers to hook up with cops, while the club partakes in extra seedy entertainment. Most strip clubs are no longer into just dancing…they’re into prostitution.

Can someone please tell Chris Rock he’s wrong, because nowadays there is sex in the champagne room.

Don’t believe me? Take a trip to the Body Shop on the Sunset strip.