Dame Dash Blasts Jay Z’s ‘Corney’ Crew



    “They all conform so they can eat off of him”

    Dame Dash is making damn sure nobody gets it twisted, letting it be known that he showed Jay Z every detail of the game.

    Check out Dame’s analogy of Jay Z:

    “I’m not counting that man’s money. No one’s taken anything from me. It’s like saying, ‘I used to mess with a girl, and before I used to mess with her, she was mediocre. But because she started messing with me, I taught her things. I dressed her, and then I taught her how to have a career. Does that mean after we break up I’m still supposed to be able to get some ass?’ Like, I don’t feel entitled to that p*ssy. You understand what I’m saying? I don’t feel entitled to nothing he’s got.'”

    That’s what Dame told Details Magazine. The article is being featured in the publication’s February issue. This while … Dame — a widely respected businessman, and the brainchild behind Roc-A-Fella Records — is about to make his 2014 power play.

    Here’s what Complex Magazine reports:

    “While the article largely focuses on Dash’s work with Jim Jones and his Vampire Life brand, as well as Dash’s Lower East Side art gallery Poppington, Dusko brand whiskey and other ventures, Jay still looms over his head. The article’s author Kevin Gray writes, ‘If Dash has regrets—about giving up the power and the money and the influence he once possessed at Roc-A-Fella—he won’t show it. As for Jay Z’s vast empire—estimated to be worth $475 million—and cultural currency, Dash makes no claims to them.” But, perhaps, it’s because Dash sees his own value reflected in Jay.'”

    From the article:

    “Over the summer, Dame and Jay reconnected at a friend’s birthday party in Williamsburg. Later in the year, Dame and his daughter Ava attended the Magna Carta Holy Grail Tour in L.A. and hung out with Jay backstage. However, late in the article, Dame eschewed Jay’s lifestyle and criticized the executives that he rolls with.

    “Dash says he was never cut out for that world—he wants to be a Richard Branson-type entrepreneur-cum-magnate, creating companies and then getting other people to run them. He also heaps scorn on the Def Jam team that would later become Jay Z’s inner circle. ‘Those people are corny. You think I’m rolling to a club with Lyor Cohen or John Meneilly?’ he says, referring to the former head of Island Def Jam and Jay’s manager. ‘No disrespect to Jay—but every single person I see hanging around him is making money off him. They all conform so they can eat off him.'”


    1. Maybe true, but he still comes off as Bitterish for still talking about it. Just the fact that he is offering up explanations keeps it alive. Jayyz will take any shine he can get, so even a negative comment probably works for him. I think Dame should just refuse to discuss it further and keep doing what he do. Avoid the camel.

    2. If Dame is happy doing him then why criticize Jays business associates. Seems bitter as though Lyon and company wouldn’t allow him to play ball. Move on.

    3. I don’t like it. He comes off badly IMHO. Just shut the eff up and do your thing. If you have the right stuff and can deliver the goods, you’re success will speak for you and your brain/acumen.

      • Co-sign, Christa. Dame needs to just up about Camel already! Unless he’s gonna tell Details the full story about how Jay managed to sell the company they co-owned out from under him without compensating Dame & without Dame taking his ass to court. Because I’m STILL waiting to hear how that shit happened!

        • He was able the sell the company because he backstabbed Same to the bigwigs at DefJam and sole ownership of the Rocafella name was in conjunction with Jay becoming DefJams new President ousting Dame/Biggs.No Blackman in america becomes as rich as Jay with stepping on others to get their.Jays a thief. He knows what he did.

            • Put me down on the typo/correction list too! I committed the dreaded cyber blog crime of typing
              “you’re” when it should have been “your”.

              Damn. I need to start proof reading.

              • With this auto refresh nonsense you actually have very little time to express yourself.I hope Jacky gets rid of that.

    4. Dame Dash Is Good…I don’t see it as envy or malice. Jay’s mindset, is, the whitebois got the money. So, if i as a blackman want to stack paper like the whitebois, i need to associate with and befriend them to get ahead in the “Corporate Jungle.” The majority of men in the corporate world are whitemen, Jay feels that he has to get in the game. This is where the “Uncle Tom” ish comes into play. Does a brotha stay true to himself and his people, or, does he sacrifice his soul for the paper? With the Barneys episode still fresh in our minds, we see which side he chose. This is what Dame is trying to school us about.


      • How right you are. I may not agree with the tactics but both men are great business men who were once friends. It is a perfect story of good vs evil, depending on how you view evil.

        • At the end of the day, I must agree with you. No matter how much we all hate on the Camel, I will go to my grave saying/thinking that the man has a superior mind for bidness. Those who say he is a puppet or a mascot for the white PTB…I say: could they accomplish the same thing with an idiot like Trinidad James or 3 Chainz? I think not. JayZ IS smart whether anyone will acknowledge it or not.

    5. Ty, we must change this mindset! Any shrewd businessman would know not to consider race first when forming a partnership; rather, experience, know-how and financial backing. Who do you think Diddy partnered with on Revolt, Ciroc and so-on? Educate yourself, please!!!!!

    6. Also, Jay raised 1 million for his charity with the Barney’s deal so isn’t that admirable? There will never be a perfect scenario so why not make the best of it?

      • Guest: There is nothing “admirable” about a Black person choosing to do business with a store known for practicing retail racism! Only a cheese-eatin’ coon with no self-respect at all would have gone through with that deal once the news broke about the shoppers Barney’s had arrested.

        His mother (a h.s. drop-out like her son) is the CEO of his foundation. She works for free, but Camel also hired his mama’s lesbian lover (Dania Diaz) as executive director. (She has a degree from Columbia Teacher’s College.) If all that wasn’t shady enough, since he created the foundation in 2003, it has only distributed a fraction of the $$ they’ve taken in since then:

        “Giving away $1.3 million over 10 years sounds like a small number, given that Jay Z is worth a reported $500 million…In the most recent IRS 990 records for 2011, the foundation lists $802,425 in revenue, $132,819 in expenses and $141,357 given out in grants and services, leaving a reserve of $528,249.”


        I did the math for you – that amounts to Camel’s foundation giving away a lousy 17.6 % of the total money they’ve taken in over a decade. Their expenses are almost a high as what they distributed! And they kept almost 66% of the cash they collected in ‘reserve’. Which is scandalous.

        I don’t believe Camel & Barney’s made anything close to a million bucks from his holiday collection. Even people there the day it launched said there was a very light turnout. If he’s worth half a billion, why doesn’t he cover the foundation’s expenses Out Of His Own Pocket & give away ALL the money they take in?

        Save your admiration for Black people whose charitable efforts actually deserve it.

          • But Christa, do you SERIOUSLY think Camel thought up all the business deals he’s made $$ from to date? In terms of signing artists & producing tracks, yes, I will give him full credit for his revenue from that. But the rest, dude doesn’t have anything near the necessary business acumen to have conceived.

            Surely you know, chérie, that he lied like a rug about his investment in the Barclay’s Center/Nets deal? Camel paid a paltry $1 million for his stake in that, but that was $1 mil out of a $300 million purchase price put up that Russian billionaire (Mikhail Prokhorov) to buy an 80% controlling interest in the team & the arena. (I dunno who owns the remaining 20%.) Which meant Camel’s stake amounted to a 1/15 of 1%. But he did reportedly double that investment when he sold his stake last year in order to start repping players via Roc Nation Sports.

            I don’t give Camel props for that — he sold because the lawyers told him he was legally required to. Even if he had to sell it at a loss, he’d have done it & taken the write-off. But his accountant is the one who gets props for that.

            The Rocawear clothing line wasn’t shit because Camel didn’t know how to design clothes or how to hire someone who did. He sold $20 t-shirts behind the idea that they were what he wore to bed at night with Weave-once. You couldn’t sleep with his wife, but you could wear what he wore to bed with her. But do you ever recall seeing anyone on the fashion pages who’d been snapped out-&-about sporting anything by wear? No, because that shit never happened.

            Camel never even debuted a proper collection anywhere. As untalented a designer as Diddy is, he at least took the trouble to host a proper NY Fashion Week launch when he debuted Sean John back in 1999.

            Methinks Camel’s innate business sense is based on hiring smart, talented White people & doing what they tell him to do,

            [PS: I tried to make beignets this afternoon using gluten-free flour. Them shits came out so hard I could use them as doorstops! Which is prolly God’s way of telling me to stick to my usual chocolate desserts.}

    7. DAME DASH needs to write an autobiography on life and explain what actually happened between him and Jay-Z because he will never see that mountain top with JAY-Z again, maybe another artist but never with JAY-Z, c’mon DAME do it, stop holding out hope that JAY-Z will come to his senses and come back and run a company with you WRITE THAT BOOK, DAME

    8. Damon did all of the ground work early in Jay’s career to make him hot and the thanks he gets is the Rocafella Brand stolen from him by his so-called friend.Be careful whom you consider a friend.

      • You’ll act like Dame was completely innocent. It is well documented that he was an ass and most couldn’t tolerate his lack of disrespect. That’s why their relationship severed. His ego got in his way.

    9. I get what Dame is saying but he either needs to write a book detailing everything or build a bridge and get over it already. I also refuse to believe Jay Z is worth as much as is claimed.

    10. The only time Damon is taken seriously these days is when he’s spewing disdain toward JayZ whom I know fan of BTW.But,that’s gotta suck!

    11. Dame knows exactly what he is talking about, and I believe Dame is the much bettr business man because he is hands on with his business practices, he is the sign Taurus and Taurus are very good with money and business, and have alot of money, they just don’t disclose how much they have! Dame is right the problem with Jay Z is that he is not a true hands on business man, he needs people to run his business, thats why so many of his business ventures failed when he was trying to run them himself, he didn’t know what he was doing.

      So for Jay Z its unfortunate because if Jay Z’s so called business empire is worth 475 million believe me,the white men own a big chunk of his so called empire, and in addition to owning majority of his businesses, the white men are paying themselves a very hefty annual salary, and trust Jay don’t know what the hell is going own with his business empire, they just throw a little bit of cash his way and tell him they got it all taken care of!

      • LOL! Peace, are you really one of those people who believes one’s Zodaic sign determines their business acumen? SMH

        So, if Dame is such a good businessman, why was his ass broke as of 3 mos. ago? This is from a story in the Daily Mail from Oct. 2013:

        “It was less than six months ago that hip-hop entrepreneur Damon Dash begged a judge to give him time to sort out his financial woes, but it doesn’t seem like he has made much leeway.

        The Roc-a-fella Records co-founder, who once lived the high life at Jay-Z’s record label, trashed and abandoned his upstate New York mansion, throwing his dirty clothes and drug paraphernalia around the floor as well as leaving expensive jewelry and artwork, it emerged today.

        According to court documents, the ex-rapper owes $162,000 in back rent after missing $15,000 a month rental payments before abandoning the Carmel, NY pad.

        According to court documents, the ex-rapper owes $162,000 in back rent after missing $15,000 a month rental payments before abandoning the Carmel pad. The property is on the market for almost $3 million.

        The landlord’s lawyer, Thomas Mullaney, told The New York Post that Dash ‘held the house hostage’ for a year-and-a-half while he dodged rental payments of $15,000 a month before ‘simply abandoning the property’.

        Dash once claimed he was worth $50 million but in court filings in May he said he has been overwhelmed with lawsuits and personal bills, including $24,000 in alimony to ex-wife designer Rachel Roy.

        The 42-year-old pleaded with a judge at the time to let him sort out his financial mess before he was evicted.

        But landlord Elad Yoran believes he has been doing everything but this and has continued to lead a lavish lifestyle.

        He said: ‘When I look online, he’s rolling around in a chauffeured Roll Royce, and he’s riding in a private plane. He’s not living the life of someone who is trying to keep their expenses down so they can pay their obligations,’ Mullaney said.

        read the full article here: http://dailym.ai/K7fpdK
        The article also touches on Dame’s split with Camel, claiming “At a meeting in December 2004, Jay offered Dash a $22 million buyout, $7 million in cash.” Which is crazy because Roc-A-Fella was supposedly a $100-million business back then. But I guess only Camel & Dame know the truth about that.

        I don’t think Camel is a great businessman — he just hires smart Whitefolks to advise him & does what they tell him. But if Damon Dash was such a great entrepreneur, he would have made a new fortune on his own long ago, rather than just now getting around to making a comeback.

        And Vampire Life is not a name that would encourage me to buy anything from him!

        • I am very dubious of reports as to the Camel’s impoverishment. I’m not saying that anything you typed was inaccurate. I know you’re a facts chick. But I also know that many wealthy folks do some strange shit for IRS/tax/bottom line purposes. I can’t help but think that there;s something else afoot.

          Even if his sports management firm is a shell company, he has crafted a handful of top drawer deals thus far. I think all will be revealed at some point in the not too distant future.

        • Well RC I don’t know, there have been alot of millionaires and billionaires that have claim to be broke, let properties and certain possesion go etc., and keep other valuables and there money very well hidden, and file bankruptcy etc. The article may be very well be true, but it does not mean that Dame is broke. I have met people who let people think they were broke, but were financially well of. Dame just may be one of those people.

    12. Dame know not to do that
      Phucking with Jay z devil worshiping azz. Dame or the book wouldnt see the light of day

    13. U are right.
      Jay is pratically ruining Beyonce brand and not many successful acts have come from him by himself except Rihanna.
      Kanye, Memphis Bleek, Freeway, etc mostly came about when he was partnering with Dame

      • Seriously, if Beyonce never releases another album or tours again, Rhi Rhi is THE golden goose right now.
        JJ says Katy Perry is more successful, but I think that RR is very very close.

        It’s Katy, Rhi Rhi and Miley at the moment.

    14. he better leave JayZ alone b4 Jay makes some moves w Jim Jones!! Vampire Life will b history for his (Dame) ass too!!

    15. Each Taurus ive met
      (male or female, executive or hoe) is a beast when it comes to their monetary business
      Now its possible for ANYONE on this earth to fail or lose focus
      But the poster that stated that taurus is about their business aint never lied
      And im a sagitarius zodiac sign same as Jay (except the devil/money worshipping) and we still fall behind a taurus. We are just luckier and sometimes have the gift of gab*


      • @Another Poster I agree with you, Taurus is no joke look at Mark Zukerberg he is a Taurus!! I have yet to meet a Taurus that did not have money!!

    16. Dame actually giving pretty good advice. You never want to as a top executive insulate yourself with nothing but “yes men” you want people who will see things at different angles attack your plan, champion theirs and etc. That is the only way you can stay ahead of the curve and grow and maintain.

      Yes men is what took IBM from the world’s most successful company to selling off assets to stay alive.

      • I’m no Jay Z fan but I highly doubt he surrounds himself with yes men. He has successfully diversified his portfolio without Dame so I’m confused why Dame continues to discredit Jay. It’s rather ridiculous to say he’s not a smart business man. No one knows everything and smart people know to surround themselves with even smarter people. The art of delegation is what propels one forward. Dame acts like he’s. One man show and no one can run an empire with that mentality.

    17. Jay Z is not genuine. how do i know? because he wears a 5% Universal Flag that he knows very little about; and thats personal, not business.

      so, imagine his equality with other scenarios. . . . .

    18. Damon Dash keeps talking, well, if Jay-Z needs another blood sacrifice, it will probably be Damon Dash.

      P.S. Rest in Peace Cathy White


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