Dame Dash Hipped To Jewish Group Calling Blacks ‘Liquid Money: Because We Give It All Away’


Blacks vs. Jews

“The same way that water falls out of a man’s hands, money typically seeps out of a black person’s hands the same way. Your community gets money and immediately gives it all away to people who aren’t black.
We see that as a huge business opportunity.”

HSK Exclusive – Dame Dash has been identified as the “friend” Dr. Boyce Watkins was referring to in a “true story” — telling how one Jewish businessman revealed how he and his homeys see Blacks.

“Someone I know works closely with a Jewish businessman. One day, the two had an honest conversation, in which the Jewish man asked, “Do you know what my Jewish friends call the black community?” My friend said, “No,
what do they call us?” He replied, “We call you liquid money.” -Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Watkins published the story through ‘Financial Juneteenth: Breaking the Chains of Financial Slavery’, about a week ago. We’ve since learned Dame shared the recent discussion with the good Doctor, sparking Watkins to expose Dame’s findings.

Here’s what Dr. Boyce Watkins reports:

He [the Jewish businessman] then used the example of many black people on payday or when we get our tax refunds. He noted how we’ll go to an Indian business to cash the check, an Asian hair salon, a corner store owned by Arabs and a department store owned by whites. He explained how, when it’s all said and done, these other business people are waiting like hungry animals to eat our bank accounts as if we are the prey.

This is not an attack on Jewish people, but a lesson on how ignorant we look when we keep giving all of our money away. Part of the New Paradigm Construct is to help all of us understand the importance of finding ways to keep money in our own communities, the same way you plant a seed from a piece of fruit in order to grow more fruit in your garden. If you’re always waiting for someone else to feed you, you are typically an inch or two away from starvation.
It’s something to think about.

Here’s the lesson:

1) In America, you have no almost no power if you don’t own something. There is no pride in a platform on which you sit if it can be taken away from you on a second’s notice. You have been seduced into believing that you have real power, when the truth is that you do not.

2) If we never learn the value of supporting of black-owned businesses, we are always going to be disappointed. We are going to have the highest unemployment rates, the lowest wealth levels and the greatest degrees of frustration. When I had a three hour personal conversation with Min. Louis Farrakhan (followed by a nine-hour closed economic summit a month later), one point that he made (which I agree with entirely) is that black people can learn a great deal from watching how the Jewish community handles it’s wealth. In order for us to grow as a people, we must realize this important fact: Our money is our power and we cannot give it all away.

Does Dame Dash make it a point to “cut out the connect” and play “the Jewish guy behind it”? Of course! Just ask Jim Jones.



      If we all look from within to make a change to a common goal
      there is nothing that can stand in our way

      heck a good example is seeing how the jewish community treats one another

      thats why they stay winning and they stay with money

      • Jhews stay winning because they they stay keeping everyone down – especially the black man! They use the hell out of blacks and trick them into thinking that they care about them and they will pay them, but knowing that all of the money they hand to them will come right back into Jhew hands. Negroes (street and Uncle Tom alike) love that Jhew money and will do anything for it – including selling out their own mother!

        Once blacks understand that the Jhew is a global thing and behind the new world order and illuminati and are blacks single WORST enemy, then we will begin to get it together. As of now, we (and others) keep getting fooled into thinking that Jhews are victims and that whites hate Jhews when Jhews hate everyone. Jhews play the victim and the hater at the same time. Learn their tricks, then you will learn to survive.

        • g-ds chosen people are not keep blacks down, nor are white people keeping blacks down, its black people themselves who keep black people down.

          By being a racist you are the problem and a reason why your people cannot get ahead.

          • Too bad your people aren’t ‘chosen,’ ‘Amiga.’ A crook is a crook, especially a condescending, theiving, greedy one.

          • Blacks being racist against whites is black people’s biggest problem. Riiiiight. Whites have been racist to blacks for hundreds of years and they don’t look to be doing too bad. Miss me with that foolishness and stop standing up for people who see you as servants and parasites in their country.

  1. if black families are not strong, and many are not,this will never happen.many black people don’t even want to be apart of the “black community”.too much abuse. some black people can definitely form alliances with small groups of like-minded black people but black people in America as a whole will probably never do this with each other.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I was distressed as I read it. But, we know that it is all true. This deeply saddens me.

  3. The jacked up part is this aint the worst aspect. I doubt we own enough businesses in our communities (remember the affluent blacks moved to mixed middle class areas) to make a dent. Our real problem is we chase too many designer labels and status bullshit and don’t save anything.

  4. I been screaming this for years and it does us a dis-service when we have entertainers reppin’ white designers and shopping at stores that discriminate against us and our young black youth.

    But the sad part is, there are alot of us who don’t give a fuck! and is out for self…. ahem… cough jay-z

  5. We was the jhoos only challenging competition at 1 point in time
    A perfect example:
    Believe it or not,
    Up north, during the early 70s thru early 90s, In harlem (125th st), there was a premium BLACK OWNED hair co. that specialized in premium asian/indian hair.
    They had that part of that market on lock
    The koreans had yet to master it yet and everything they sold was poor of quality and cheap and flimsly
    WAJ was the name of the black owned hair co
    Then u had Dapper Dan that made customized clothing
    MCM jackets, Louis Vuiton, Gucci leather pants and jackets etc
    (Mike Tyson used to spend a lot of money with him)
    Record shops, funeral homes, corner stores, black doctors etc.,
    We kept of the money circulating mostly among ourselves
    And we kept most things affordable.
    Then all of a sudden in the late 70s, early 80s, we were bombarded (our community) With that Escobar pure cocaine
    (research the time door on the the internet),
    It was allowed in our communities by the Reagan administration
    That really fucked us really bad and they have really hard to come back since
    And with the likes of Damon Dash, Jay z completing the sell out destruction our people, its been really rough
    Im not making no excuses
    But people like Dash is part of the problem while regular hard working people are trying to be part of the solution
    The 2 dont mix
    But I still hope and pray that 1 day we can still come together as a people
    There was only 1 independent black owned rehab there (ARC, Mr. James Allen owned it) to try to piece the remnants of what was left of the community, but we certainly needed more support than that and a lot of the black politicians sold us out
    We must stay focused on the root of the problem, not keep scratching on the surface

    *sorry for the post
    being all over the place I just needed to get that off my chest

    • “Up north, during the early 70s thru early 90s, In harlem (125th st), there was a premium BLACK OWNED hair co. that specialized in premium asian/indian hair.”


      A premium BLACK OWNED hair company that specialized in premium Asian/indian hair.” IF a Martian is looking down trying to understand the American kneee-grow, that’s all he has to read right there! but hey, where’s George Zimmerman, we need another OFay to blame!

    • Damn, there was indian hair in the 70s? Wow. The person that had that connect is probably up on some Unicorn hair now!! #Fuckofftruth #hairlover

    • Anonymous | January 2nd, 2014 at 10:40,

      Your comment was seriously thought-provoking & very well spoken. I’m glad you got that off your chest as it’s a “while lot” to carry not to mention that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

      Many blessings to you & thank you for sharing that with those of us who care & would like to help make things better for our community.

  6. All this is a bunch of Poppycock,its in the bible that the Hebrews would be at the bottom for breaking the laws of Yah so this is no surprise.Ask the mist high for forgiveness and keep the Laws.

    • How is it ‘poppycock’ when you both just confirmed it and the exact same thing was said in a Hebrew Israelite Documentary some years back called ‘Hebrew or the So-Called Negro: The True Hebrew Israelites?’


      ^Start at 52:44 for what I’m talking about, but watch the entire Documentary if you haven’t already, as it’s very informative.

      • I’m talking about the reason we’re st the bottom of the Economic Latter. I’m a Israelite in the flesh and at heart and the documentary that you’re speaking of was a turning point and a huge influence of my Renaissance. I’ve seen it twice.

        • Yeah, I’ve seen it multiple times myself, and have rewatched it whenever I needed perspective on our status in this county/Western society as a whole.

  7. The crazy aspect of this scenario, is that, we as black folk had an economic infrastructure in our neighborhoods and communities. We owned the corner-stores, grocery-stores, gas-stations, record(music)stores, etc. We got our so-called freedom with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Because of this, we made a conscious decision to abandon black-owned businesses in favor of white establishments. As to the situation with the BUPPIES in the Burbs. Like i love to say, we want the truth, just not the whole truth. White-Collar blacks can’t create wealth in “The Hood” because of violent black males that rob, steal, and kill…Bottomline! This is why educated, upwardly mobile blacks are forced to live amongst white folks that are ambivalent at best with their addition to the neighborhood. Lest we forget, our foreparents built this country from top to bottom. Nobody can tell us where we can or can’t rest our heads…Period! Living amongst the people that enslaved our foreparents is problematic. Oftentimes, blacks who reside in the burbs are forced to endure subtle racism, which is the worst form of racism. Blackness Itself Is Wealth. Whites have created an entire system built around raping black people and culture.

    Prison Industrial Complex…Crime is big business. Imagine if blackmen stopped engaging in crime and violence? A lot of judges, court-reporters, correctional-officers, police-officers, and federal-agents would be unemployed. Folk in high places don’t want blackmen to be “Godly Men.”

    Sports Industrial Complex…Rich whitemen exploit the wombs of inner-city and lower middle-class blackwomen to enrich themselves. This is the cornerstone of modern day Sports. The NCAA makes billions, yet, the brothas and sistas don’t get jack. The NFL is the most popular of all pro leagues, but, discard brothas like newspaper on the streets. The NBA and MLB are a notch above, but, the infrastructure is the same. In all honesty, our race doesn’t get much benefit from athletics because the money flows out of the community like water does at Niagara Falls. Black Athletes are label whores, they gotta keep up with white folks.

    Black Female Swag…Blackwomen are “Cash Cows” in every sense of the word. Cosmetics, Fashion, Jewelry, Hair, Lingo, Music, Dance, Art, etc. Why are blackwomen so important in the convo? Looking Good is very important to blackwomen, A Necessity! They have no problem spending cash to attract blackmen, which is great. But, where’s the love for black-owned labels, stores, boutiques, beauty-products, and so forth? If sistas ain’t down with the program, their children will think the same.

    Black People are liquid money because our heritage and culture is the strongest. Non-Blacks don’t exploit each other because there is nothing to exploit…Real Talk! Black folk bitch and moan about being black, meanwhile, others are living high on the hog because of our humanity…It’s Real Ya’ll! Any black woman or man that talks smack about being black should read this article.


  8. Sounds like some bullshit from Watkins so he can get people to give HIM and his friends money.

    Fact is this, if you want to generate wealth you don’t “give it to the community” you invest it and save it for yourself, not any community and not for any race but yourself.

    Anytime someone hits you with the, “we” need to spend money in the community talk, recognize they have a agenda and it is to take money from you.

    • Please be quiet, you could’ve just left it at invest which I think is the overall goal that is trying to be achieved, no one should be expecting a handout. … but to try and slander the brother Boyce who is actually out here putting in work… just shows plantation mentality and so what he presents sales pages be a man about yours you don’t want to buy then just keep it to yourself.

      • You probably need to get a dictionary and learn the words you are trying to use.

        Slander is spoken, what you meant to use was libel.

        On top of that, I haven’t said anything about this Boyce character other than it is obvious he wants the money from blacks which is why he is talking this spend money in the community nonsense.

        Spend money to get the service you want.

        • You need not be so gotdurn condescending. The comment was obviously referencing the spoken part of the conversation which us what slander is. You are always so fucking nasty.
          Btw hassidic Jews support kosher bakeries and delis. Indian support Indian grocers. Blacks should do the same. Of course u pay for services Kmart target and Starbucks are owned by your people, whites

        • “Slander is spoken, what you meant to use was libel.” that is so weak! NEXT. have you ever owned a business? trust me when I tell you. its not an even field for Blacks opening businesses. Back to your dream world of Equal Opportunity, and your other weak ass statement!

          ” this spend money in the community nonsense.

          Spend money to get the service you want.”

          other races are not thinking so simplistically

    • First of all, everybody knows Dame got ripped off by Camel, his Black business partner, not by some Jhew. So why is Boyce Watkins throwing shade at him like that?

      “Sounds like some bullshit from Watkins so he can get people to give HIM and his friends money.”

      Now THAT shit makes sense, DroppinKnowledge!

      Black women spend more $$ on hair care than any other females on the planet — & the hairdressers we go to are almost exclusively Black. Yes, I know that White actresses spend $3000 on Hairloc extensions, but they can afford it. Meanwhile, the same ghetto queen who’s feeding her kids off SNAP will walk into the Korean hair store & spend $400 on Indian hair for a weave. How much more ignorant can you be? I see a colorist once a month to keep the gray at bay — other than that, I do my hair at home, which any Sister can do. And the only hair on my head is what grows out of my scalp.

      A real man wouldn’t want a woman with fake hair, or fake eyes or fake breasts. But damn near every bitch at the strip club (& most of the actresses in Hollywood) are rocking fake tits & hair — & I’ve never seen a Brother reject a woman for such artificial enhancements. For the price of breast implants, a stripper can get herself an AA degree or complete a certificate program at community college & get off the damn pole! But the strippers say that getting implants is “something you have to do” to boost your earning power.

      And the Jhews got nothing to do with any of that!

      The fact that I’m Black does NOT mean I am obligated to spend my money at ANY business that doesn’t RESPECT my business. That includes Black hairdressers who keep you waiting for 30 min. when you arrive on time for your appt. Or Black taxi drivers that say they’ll pick up up in 15 min. when you call & show up half an hour later. Or the Black-owned restaurant with filthy silverwear, dirty floors & a waitress with a stank attitude. Until triflin’ Black people learn how to run a business the right way, I will happily give my $$ to Whites, Asians, Indians or any other business owner who knows how to respect me as a customer.

      I shop at Whole Foods because I buy groceries to nourish my body, not to “support” anyone’s business. When someone Black opens a supermarket in my area that carries organic fruits & veggies, grass-fed/pastured-raised meats, dairy & eggs, coconut oil, red palm oil, cheeses made from raw milk, wild-caught American seafood instead of that farm-raised foreign crap, then I’ll be happy to buy my groceries from a Black grocery store. But I’m not going to compromise my health just to support a Black business.

      I agree that we need more Black-owned business in our neighborhoods, but every Black person isn’t cut out to be self-employed. I live near but not in the hood because I don’t want to worry about dodging bullets every time I leave the damn house. Baltimore is practically the murder capital of the US. (If memory serves, Chicago was #1 last year, B’more was #2.) Only an idiot would choose to live in a bad neighborhood just to be around Blacks.

      A couple of weeks ago, my mother was trying to book an appt. with a funeral home to make her final arrangements. There she was, ready to show up, review what they had to offer & pay for services IN ADVANCE. She called 2 different Black funeral parlors to schedule appts. The first one she spoke to said the proper person to speak to was out, he would call her back later that day. No one called her back. The 2nd one she called, all she got was the voicemail so she left a message. They never called her back. She finally got a referral from my uncle & the 3rd Black funeral home answered when she called them, scheduled an appt. promtply & saw her on time when she showed up. So they got her business.

      Everybody here has a story about a Black-owned business that gave them lousy service or fucked them over — & White business have done the same shit. But when you refuse to patronize a Black business, there aren’t thousands of other Black companies you can use instead. People like Boyce Watkins never bother to address that issue, just as he never addresses where all the broke Blackfolks are supposed to get the money to start all these businesses he thinks we should own. All he’s trying to do is sell books.

      Rather then risking our money starting a small business, Blackfolks would do themselves more good by getting their priorities straight. Instead of scraping together the money to buy Celine handbags & Ferragamo belts, we should be putting our money in the bank, or at the very least, investing in a Sou-Sou (local private savings club) at work. Pay off your credit cards every month instead of maxing them out on dumb shit. Leave the fake hair alone & put that $400 into your kid’s college fund every month. All basic common-sense shit that nobody should have to tell us.

      But ultimately, financial literacy is a class thing, which makes it a hot-button issue. If your ghetto-ass mama had you as a teenager, dropped out of h.s., never got married, had 2 other kids with different men, never bought her own home, raised you with no books in the house & lived from hand-to-mouth all her life, what can she teach you about money?

      Is this economy, too many of us who came up middle-class, went to college & had decent jobs are unemployed & falling through the cracks. And Obama ain’t doing shit to turn things around. He needs to stimulate the economy by reversing the gov’t policies of the last 30 yrs. that have rewarded businesses with tax breaks for sending job overseas & leveraging their assets. Change those laws! Fine companies for outsourcing jobs & give them tax incentives to hire more people here, make more stuff here & invest in training their US employees. And WHY should our gov’t be issuing tens of thousands of H1B Visas to foreigners can come here & work in computers & other sciences when there are millions of unemployed American college graduates who could be doing those jobs? Because Internet titans wanna hire a bunch of tech nerds from India that they can get away with paying $25k a year — that’s why. (http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/04/11/1201127/-Facebook-CEO-Wants-More-H-1B-Visas)

      But I do digress…

      • We can start by teaching our kids to SAVE MONEY, by giving them a weekly allowance but making them save half of it. Then when they want new sneakers or an i-phone or sports jersey, they can pay for it themselves. By the time they finish h.s., saving will have become be a habit for them. They will value having $$ in the bank more than the immediate gratification of spending every penny they have on stupid shit.

        Or, if what they want to buy is important enough, they’ll know what it means to sacrifice part of their savings in order to get something they want.

        If we teach the next generation to save up for what they want to buy & avoid credit cards, that would be a very good first step towards creating Black wealth.

      • I usually work from home anyway, but yes, we’re closed from Dec. 23 to Jan 6. Happy New Year to you, too!

      • I agree with you probably for different reasons but the end game is the same.

        I’m a supporter of capitalism, you get my money for providing me the service I want and nothing more and nothing less. I don’t give a damn what color or nation you are from, give me what I want for the price I can handle and you get my business.

        As to your talk about Obama I agree 100%, the government is systematically crippling all people, blacks get hit the hardest and the earliest, with its business regulations like minimum wage and minimum work age laws that were created to drive blacks out of the work place and make them dependent on government aid.

        That is a talk for another thread though.


  10. A lot of this rings true but I don’t know one black man or black woman alive running into an asian hair salon. We do have our own hair salons and barber shops and we need to get in on the beauty industry including hair.

    • And therein lies the problem–The Asians have the weave & wig Industry(ies) on LOCK. I read a story a few years ago (I believe it was included in Chris Rock’s Documentary ‘Good Hair,’ so if true, it will sound familiar to those who’ve seen the movie) of an African man who wanted to sell weaves and wigs but couldn’t get any suppliers because he wasn’t Asian. So what did he do? Simple–He married an Asian woman and had her be the front of his business in order to buy the weaves and wigs from the Asians. Apparently, it worked until the Asians found out he, not she, owned the business. Now I’m not one to advocate black women wearing weaves and wigs for the simple facts that: 1) It’s at its essence a strong form of self-hate, wearing hair of everyone else but their own, and 2) The money makes non-blacks richer, but what the African man did was clever and indicative of how other races stick together to make money off of blacks.

  11. True indeed.. We as a people do need to support our own and to start i go to black salons “sorry noone can lay my hair like a sista” i support black convience stores but then you have our people standinng around outside the store waiting for a come up! But yet i continue to show support! I love my beautiful kings n queens but we all gotta fo better thry see us as animals lazy etc its up to us to show them we can be as one.

  12. Blacks need to start loving, respecting, and trusting one another. We have been brainwashed about each other. Light skin vs dark skin that needs to stop because whites look at us as beneath them regardless if complexion. Education is key without it we are nothing.

    • I, like many other blacks, have been saying the same thing for years now–We’ve been brainwashed and conditioned into not liking and supporting each other by the same ‘people’ who gloated about it in Dame Dash’s face with no fear of retaliation/recourse. One reason Dame couldn’t say anything in response is because he’s helped confirm their statements/sentiments via Roc-A-Fella and his various ventures outside of it. Who is a better billboard for ‘Giving your money away’ than rappers, particularly label-and-(White)status whore rappers who were/still are street hustlers and barely own their own business that couldn’t get distribution without the help of the white man? So like I said, what could Dame say when every cent he makes goes to whites way before him?

  13. I agree that alot of our people feel that white is right and black is bad when it comes to doing business. We need to erase that way of thinking. We have been poisoned about our people which makes us less likely to trust each other when doing business.

  14. The world doesn’t need a little tweak here or there at this point.
    The planet needs a complete overhaul and makeover.
    The people who are holding the planet with weapons will never relinquish the control over others until those weapons are taken from their hands and destroyed and then they are given a sound spanking and sent to bed with no supper.

  15. I dunno… I guess it really depends on how you define “success” & “Black wealth”. I know the hair care industry is huge thanks to our dollars, but is that really the best business for Blackfolks to get into?

    Carol’s Daughter is huge now, but her products ain’t shit! Most of them are made with cheap-ass GMO corn oil, something nobody should ever be using period. Even if her hair products contained organic corn oil, think about all the ears of corn you’ve ever eaten. Have you ever seen oil come squirting out of a corn kernel? NO! Corn is not a plant that has historically been used to produce oil, like olives, walnuts, etc. were used.( Corn oil didn’t even exist until 1889. And it is produced by solvent extraction using hexane, a highly poisonous chemical.) But now a Black woman has gotten rich selling corn-oil based hair care products.

    I’d rather see Blackfolks in business selling good or services that EVERYONE can buy, like Famous Amos cookies from back in the day. Much as we love fried chicken, why can’t someone start a small drive-thru chicken joint, using high-quality chickens, fried in healthy oils? When the first location takes off, you open a second, then a third. Then you create a franchise & branch out to other states. In a decade’s time, Blackfolks could build something as successful as Popeye’s or KFC.

    Or not. Or keep it small, just have 3 or 4 locations in a single state. But make your chicken the best take-out friend chicken in America & you could have a thriving business, something to pass on to your children.

    The biggest reason we stay poor is that most Blacks die & leave their kids debts, not an inheritance.

  16. the truth is black people have to take their money outside the black community because THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS BLACK BUSINESSES ANYMORE!

    Desegregation took care of that real good.

    We all take our money to multi-national corporations like Walmart and Target who have no community ties…Stop pretending black people aren’t subject to the same globalization as other Americans.

  17. Really Anonymous? Then what is the solo-practice Black gynecologist I go to if not a Black-owned business? What are the 3 Black-owned funeral parlors I mentioned before? What is my Black cousin’s real-estate company if not a Black-owned business?

    You need to skip the hyperbole & exaggerations & stop tossing out absolutes that aren’t based on facts — they make you look stupid.

    And FYI, I haven’t shopped at WalMart in nearly 10 years, not since I got hip to how they abuse their employees.

  18. I live in “the hood”. Although I am educated, due to unforeseen medical issues, here I am. I’ll tell you this though, the government (police, so-called “property management” etc.) hate with a passion that I am here. Although I have never had a drug charge, the police falsely reported to another agency that I am a known associate of drug dealers.

    Why the hate? While I am here, I have made it my mission to encourage all, many of whom have never done so before, to file income taxes and get every single penny owed to them by the government. I also ensure that their numbers and paperwork can stand up to an audit if need be.

    People talk and the government does not appreciate what I do nor who I assist. G-d forbid the least liked element of society has access to one who knows loopholes from which they can benefit. That is generally reserved for the white, upper middle and upper classes. You wouldn’t believe how many referrals I get.

    The police and a couple of other government agencies do harass myself and my family. I can only assume this is due to my clientele, hence the known association bs. Regardless, I continue to assist (voluntarily) those who need it on and have no intention of stopping.

    We must enpower each other by sharing knowledge whenever possible. I may not be making much of a difference but it’s a start.

  19. The first piece of advice I can give black people is this, OWN don’t rent. If people realized just how much money they throw away, year after year, potential equity literally being flushed down the toilet, it’d blow their minds. But most of us weren’t raised with an owners’ mentality. We’re accustomed to never owning the places we stay, and so think rent is just another normal bill, like light gas and water. It’s not.

    It’s not as expensive as you might think, either. Go down to your local City Hall or court house and track down what’s called an adjudicated properties list. (If your city’s not behind the times, a lot of times you can find the info you need online.) They’re homes where the former occupants didn’t keep up with property taxes. You can buy them for much cheaper than buying one on the market. Income tax season is coming around, so now would be the perfect time to look into it.

  20. No, YOU need to keep it real, Anoymous & learn how to make a cogent argument. Claiming in all caps that “THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS BLACK BUSINESSES ANYMORE!” was a straight-up lie & you know it. You didn’t say there are no Black grocery stores or no businesses that Blackfolks patronize every day — you said there are no Black businesses, period. You have no right to negates all those self- employed Blackfolks because your weak-ass argument excluded them.

    And FYI — very few businesses other than transportation expect to serve the same patrons every single day. Nobody goes grocery shopping every day. But some Sister is going to the Black Ob-gyn every day that office is open — that counts as ‘keeping it real’. Ditto for the funeral parlor because people die every day, so Blacks are patronizing that Black-owned enterprise every day they are open, either to arrange for services or attend an actual funeral. Death services are as “real” as business gets.

    Stop trying to backtrack now & cherry-pick what counts a real business just because you put forth a false premise that fell apart.

    • RC
      You win.
      I’ll encourage more black people to stop letting themselves get buried by white morticians and to remember use more black gynecologists.

      • @anonymous…Look, smartass I do go to a Black female OB/GYN…and the ONLY black owned beauty supply and pizza place in my radius…so don’t lie and claim we have no businesses. We simply need to support these small operations and understand why prices may be just a smidge higher. And I haven’t bothered with white designers or pricey labels for years now. Because I’m determined to be the change I want to see. And I don’t appreciate your implication that we have nothing own nothing and therefore are nothing…screw you

  21. Sorry Pimpossible, but I disagree on that. “The American Dream” of home ownership became a nightmare for too many poor Blackfolks n the years leading up to the 2008 crash. That shit happened in part because the gov’t had gotten into bed with the banks to exploit the poor by pushing home ownership on folks in the ghetto. The FHA guaranteed all those mortgages sold to “low-income” families, so the banks didn’t give a shit if Shaniqua & her 2 kids from 2 different fathers who are not around anymore couldn’t make the payments. Yes, some of those were liars loans, taken out by people who knew they were buying more house than they could afford. But many were Adjustable Rate Mortgages sold to people who had no clue what an ARM really means. The banksters knew when the rate went up those folks would end up defaulting — but as long as the gov’t guaranteed the loans, they didn’t care who got hurt.

    Don’t Believe The Hype — home ownership is NOT a wise move for everyone across the board. It can be a noose around your neck if you don’t have a stable source of income AND money in the bank from Day 1 to cover repairs & maintenance. The fact that your mortgage is $50 less per month than your rent was doesn’t always mean you’re gaining anything by owning your home if you live from hand to mouth.

    Even in a brand new apt. with all new appliances, shit can happen. If someone breaks your living room window in the middle of winter, YOU have to pay to get it fixed. Later for the mortgage payment — if you don’t have that $250-$300 in the bank to cover a new window on top of all your routine expenses, then you’re gonna be S.O.L. Poor folks are better off renting so the landlord is responsible for repairs.

    And Location is everything in the real estate biz. How does someone living from paycheck to paycheck save up for a downpayment? Sure, any realtor will tell you there are plenty of foreclosures out there to buy since the economy tanked — but many of them are a mess inside. Once they stop paying the mortgage, people end up being squatters in their own homes, living with no heat or electricity while they wait for eviction day to come. Banks are notorious for not taking care of the homes they foreclose on. They’ll throw people out in the street rather than write down the principle to reduce the payments so families can stay in their homes & take care of the property.

    And if all you can afford is a home in the same ghetto you already live in, what sense does that make? Baltimore is full of places where “urban renewal” has meant razing one block, putting up 5 or 6 new row houses there in the middle of the ghetto. All the surrounding blocks are still full of vacant buildings. The hoppers are still out slinging on the corners. The neighborhood school is as fucked up as it ever was. The only difference is that half a dozen fools got duped into “The American Dream’ of buying a home.

    Now, they’re stuck in the ghetto with a place they can’t sell because no one will ever want to buy it due to where it’s located. Even a decade from now, they won’t be able to borrow against their equity because the banks will redline them for owning a home in the hood.

    Poor people are better off renting a crib in a safe neighborhood with good schools, a good public library & other resources for their kids, rather than owning an apt. in a shitty neighborhood just to say they own something — esp. if your crib is rent-controlled.

    “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT WE STEAL FROM YOU ROUTINE”! STATICALLY SPEAKING-IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR SUCH A SMALL % OF PEOPLE TO OVERCOME ALL THE FOREIGNERS, TURN-COATS, AND OTHERS WHICH TOTAL THE OTHER 89% OF THE POPULATION WHICH ACTIVELY WORK TOGETHER AGAINST YOU. THAT’S WHY A LOT OF “TURN-COATS” SAY – IF U CANT BEAT THEM JOIN THEM! ANYWAY-TO ANYONE who says you can … if you work hard enough can prove it to me statically on paper how this can be done – then I’ll start working on it. Otherwise, it’s a hate-filled treadmill. Set your mind on fulfilling your purpose here as set forth by your “CREATOR” – KEEP a SMILE in your HEART! UR LOVED!