Did Eddie Murphy & Will Smith Have Darrel Heath Blackballed


Comedian Darrel Heath

Six Degrees of Sexual Separation Kills a Comedian’s Career?

HSK Exclusive – Hollywood Exes Sheree Fletcher and Nicole Murphy may be closer than you think. That’s because not only were they both married to successful actors, but they also cheated on their funny man husbands with the same man!

Insiders reveal during their divorce proceedings, the secret liaisons of the former wives of Eddie Murphy and Will Smith have one man in common – Darrell Heath. Don’t believe me.. Ask Alex Thomas.

So how did Health make it into the circle in the first place? Sources tell HSK Health was once one of the boys – hanging closely with both Eddie Murphy and Will Smith. Since his romping sessions with the women came to light, insiders say Heath was forced out of Hollywood.

Here’s the drop:

“Darrell Heath used to hang up at Eddie Murphy house with all the other up and coming comedians. Eddie introduced the Nicca to Will Smith, this was back in the early 2000. They were friends, but Darrell got sneaky.

When Will and Eddie were both divorcing their wives, Darrell used to go see their wives behind their backs. Darrell was f*cking Nicole Murphy and Sheree. When Eddie and Will found out, they made sure Darrell’s career stayed at a stand still.

Darrell had a role in a few movies I remember him in ‘Don’t be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood.’ Darrell has wavy hair and green eyes, the chicks liked him. He could of been a big star if he kept his dick in his pants.”


  1. Sometimes anothers niggas pussy feels better than getting your own girl…

    Its the forbidden fruit thing…People are attracted to what they’re told they cant have….Sad but true…There are millions of single women out there but the dick wants what it wants. Now his lack of discipline is teaching him a great lesson.

    • Guys are such followers. They all chase the same women good pussy, bad pussy, fine or not. You assume it’s good because she’s on somebody’s arm. So you whine and want her too. She has herpes you whine and want it too. Lol j/k

  2. So everything was fine as long as he let Will Smith and Eddie Murphy hit, but as soon as he messed with their women he was crossing a line? Well, gay men shouldnt have any rights when it comes to their wives. Darrel was obviously giving those wives something their gay husbands werent. Will and Eddie should have been happy. Darrel as keeping their wives busy so they could do Johnny Gill and Duane Martin. These fools are crazy.

  3. It’s fucked up that they shut another brothers career down but it’s more fucked up that he fucked his friends wives. Divorce or no divorce. That’s just low dude. Hollywood.

    Usually I’d see a power play like that as some bitch ass shit but can’t say I don’t understand or wouldn’t possibly do the same. Damn. Shoulda kept it in your pants bro! Plenty of other fish in the sea he coulda had.

  4. Damn, they forced Toothpick out of Hollywood? Crazy, though he basically got what was coming to him for sleeping with their women (beards?) behind their backs.

  5. Many brothas could’ve been plenty of things if they had kept their dyk in their pants. This fool ain’t special.

  6. LMAO @if he kept his dick in his pants….yeah he was a good looking dude…I remember his scene at the BBQ from Don’t Be A Menace….that shit still have me rollin til this day.

    • LOL Same here. He, along with everyone else, was hilarious in that movie, and it (And I’m Gonna Git You Sucka) remains a classic despite what people may think of the Wayans.

      Loc Dog (To Ashtray): “…That’s Dashiki. Stay way from her. She got more kids than Ms. Wayans.”

      Ashtray: Damn!


  7. If your woman fucks another dude it’s because she wanted to. If a woman I’m dealing with fucks someone else, I’m not mad…I’m just done and on to the next one. If his career is off it’s not BC of Murphy or Smith…it’s because his his talent and desire…or lack thereof. These niccas ain’t god. LOL

    • they may not be god,but they are definitely big names in hollywood.if either of them wanted to have somebody blackballed,they could easily do it.gotta be careful with these industry people,do the wrong thing & ur career is over.

  8. I’m guessing it’s due to ‘The Golden Rule (‘He who has the gold makes the rules’).’ Now tell me who had/still has the gold in those two marriages?

    • ‘That dude ought to tell everything he knows about them 2 DL niggas. That gold won’t mean much then.’

      …The way the Entertainment Industry is now, ‘the gold’ will definitely still matter, as both of them, like any other celebrity with shady dealings, have die-hard fans that will dismiss whatever Heath would have to say in a book and continue to support Will and Eddie. Despite that, a tell-all book is still worth a shot, especially since so many other people are writing them now.

      • It’ll matter because nothing he says will affect them or any accumulated ‘gold (Especially since Heath isn’t the typical innocent victim of higher-ups in Hollywood),’ which was my point from the beginning. But like I said before, props to him if he can get a book out and profit from it.

      • The game does not play out in that fashion. It takes a lot of money to make a star and a lot of money to keep a star shinning. There are a lot of people involved and a lot of money invested in this star. With all this investment and all these powerful people involved, they are not going to stand by quietly and let some nobody ruin their shinning star, never in a million yrs., Publishers are not interested in shot in dark storytellers, cause the legal risk is much too great!

  9. Darrell probably won’t tell anything, cause if i am not mistaken, the tranny that Eddie Murphy was caught with (the one he was given a ride home)ended up dead, just like the lady that threw the hot grits on Al Green was never heard from again. Money talk BS walks.

  10. Wow, I was wondering what happeded to Darrell. He was hella funny. I saw him live. He was very funny. I always thought he was a cutie. Evidently, Nicole and Sheree thought so too….

  11. Damn, my man was funny as hell (except for that finger in the butt joke)and I guess this is why this man was not in much. Shit, every other Eddie film flops and he can no longer get steady hits. Will Smith still thinks that he is a talented actor instead of a rapper trying to be an actor.

  12. Ohh wee,they cool with each other after slept with the same man. I thought Eddie’s wife had more morals than that note. Sheree,maybe a piece of sneaky esp. the dirt she suppose to have on Will.

  13. Daryl is a dummy.

    What did he think was gonna happen when he fucked his bosses wife?

    Even if they are queer , there are lines you just don’t cross. The crazy part is there are so many gorgeous sisters out here who are unattached. I think it’s just psychological to want to know what is like to fuck your buddies wife ,but it’s something you shouldn’t do. But on the other hand these women are not inanimate objects. They want what they want. Murphy and smith are fags and their women know they’re testing fucked in the ass and that has to be a little humiliating to a woman’s psyche.

  14. Honestly, from the inside looking out, I think he is gay, secretly……. Never seen him with a girl, ever. Can anyone vouch for me on this?

    • Cosign. If your woman feels the need to fuck other dudes, don’t get mad, get on the job or get lost.

    • We [Blacks] really need to rewire our way of thinking, So now money trumps everything; morals, health, self esteem etc.? At 41 sex has a different aspect than just saying I fucked two gay niccas bitches. If it ain’t loving & platonic I dnt wnt it! Jus ole fashion….

  15. He picked the wrong P****es to P huck with…LOLOLOL!! But all jokes aside, I can’t even hate. I think it’s wrong for them to cheat, but wifey’s can’t. It just goes to show the lopsided biased we accept for men and not for women. Bottom line…Your a** is married then stay to one person. If you don’t wanna to stay with one person, then don’t get married damn it!

  16. Darrell is the truth he is better than all those whack comedians they have out now and he from the WESTSIDE of LA D fuck what they talkn about come bac we got your bac PCO movin 3x

  17. Katt Williams has basically been WHITEballed but a comedian with some fame under his belt can always make a quarter million a year doing mostly standup, if they are willing to work hard and travel 300 days a year.

    Thats not terrible money at all.

  18. this dude just couldn’t keep his dick in his pants,now look at him.darrel heath is funny,but stupid as hell if he will fuck up his gravy train for some pussy.these were dudes that he was hoping would put him on & give him more acting work.when u got a good thing like that going on,u don’t do anything stupid like fucking the wife of the man that is putting u on.like chris rock & patrice o’neal(R.I.P) said,in the industry u need allies.u could argue that will smith & eddie murphy are DL dudes that cheat too & u might be right,but these dudes are the big name stars with all the money & backers.they hold all the gold,so like everyone else here knows the golden rule is he who has the gold makes the rules.besides,heath ain’t innocent his damn self.these were dudes who were supposed to be his boys & he fucked their wives.i can’t respect anyone who will knowingly cheat with a married person,but i have even less respect for someone who will fuck their friend’s spouse.darrel heath was one funny muthafucka,he could’ve been a big name comedic actor had he not been thinking with his dick.oh well,he better get his ass back on that comedy circuit if he wants to keep whatever is left of his career.

  19. Why in the world would those 2 ladies want with that little guy? He looks broke even when he was in those movies! She looks like a midget too!!!

    • Dude probably hung like a donkey. Why else would two bitches with rich husbands mess around and risk their money?

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  21. He was funny he still makes me laugh until this day if their wives slept with him that was their doing it was just as much their fault this dude was fine he could have gotten any woman he wanted.

  22. I remember back in the day’s before Hollywood when Heath would hangout in Compton shooting dice under the streetlights with me and my OG’s homies, I remember pulling my little cousin to the side warning him about laughing and talking about the homies while taking their money but Darrell didn’t fear no one, he always say what he wanted and did what he wanted the homies liked his realness and how he kept us laughing. But at the end of the day he’s a good guy he’s here visiting me now helping me catchup on some home improvement projects he don’t know I’m writing this post I know he would probably try to stop me but oh well…