Deion Saunders First Wife Carolyn Throws Him Under The Bus


Deion Sanders Leaks

HSK Exclusive – Deion Saunders ex-wife Carolyn was the source that recently exposed him to the press as a cheater.

Here’s what an insider told me:

“He was fucking cheating and he got caught. Carolyn was sending that story everywhere. The pictures with the chic rubbing his back holding up his car keys.

Carolyn is known to everybody as a bad mother. She sent out the text messages too…Fuck!!! She wants to expose Deion as a hypocrite.”

Do most men cheat? I don’t know, but I do know that Deion Saunders and his wife Pilar have been heading for a divorce for awhile now.


  1. When i worked in the mall cutting hair, he was dating a white girl the whole time he was at fsu
    we used to party to

  2. who cares she just wants money this not for the kids and there well being this is all about the money. just take what the prenup was going to give you move on and stop making a mess out of this because if you look at nobody is a winner when it comes to the kids.

  3. Never in a million yrs would I have thought the marriage would have ended & ended this way.Married for 20 yrs myself, I just thought they had it all. Sometimes, I have thought that other people marriages were just going to make it anyhow. I have an okay marriage, but am surprised with each anniversary that we have lasted as long as we have. I wish Deion, Pilar, & the children the best. Being married isn’t always easy & esp in public. I pray that you all can stop the drama and move forward & we all stay out of yall’s business. Just be adults about the situation. When the public have forgotten, remember your children are watching you & they don’t forget.