Deitrick Haddon On TD Jakes: “He’s a forefather in unorthodox methods”


TD Jakes vs. Deitrick Haddon

Deitrick Haddon is just weeks into his reality TV image, and he’s wasting no time in settin’ it off on TD Jakes — who the ‘Preacher of LA’ is calling a hypocrite. Know why? According to Haddon, TD Jakes’ close connections with Oprah and Tyler Perry are “unorthodox methods to preach the Gospel.”

You’ll recall TD Jakes previously made a point to draw a line between himself, and the cast of Oxygen’s ratchet ‘religious’ reality show. Deitrick Haddon has since taken to ATL’s 102.5 Praise to state his rebuttal.

“I was a bit taken back and shocked when I saw his view on the show.”

Here’s what Bishop Deitrick Haddon had to say:

“I have the absolute utmost respect for Bishop TD Jakes and what he represents. I considered him one of our generals in this generation. I was a bit taken back and shocked when I saw his view on the show, being that he’s a forefather in unorthodox, unconventional methods of sharing the Gospel, whether it be through MegaFest or partnering with comedians or Oprah.”

Does Preacher Deitrick Haddon have pics of his weeine currently on the internet? Of course. Don’t believe me? Ask his ex-wife Damita Haddon.


  1. This dude deitrick whatever his last name is, is worse than any drama whore that i have ever witnessed. This nigga is moe happier to be on tv than a sissy in a holding pin full of men.Enough!

  2. Haven’t watched the show and I don’t go to church but I do believe we are in our last days when preachers are just as scandalous as young people who have lost their way.

    Jacky please fix the refresh and video ads!

  3. The battle of the fake zesty charlatans. This will be epic. Both of these hell bound devils need to have some seats.