Denzel Caught Canoodling w/ Caucasian Woman!


Denzel Cheating on Pauletta

Actor Joins Hollywood’s Cheating Husbands Club?

He’s been married for 30-years to wife Pauletta, but she’s not the one featured in the shocking private photos of Denzel Washington and a female sharing a passionate kissing moment.

Sources say the hard cheating evidence is now being shopped to media outlets. Now, it’s only a matter of time before the 58-year-old actor’s cheating scandal with the unnamed Caucasian woman unfolds.

Here’s what RadarOnline is reporting:

“Four photographs, seen by Radar and shopped to other media outlets, show him sitting on a couch with a young lady, and then throughout the series of pictures he grabs her arm and pulls her in for a kiss on the lips in one.”

Here’s what Pauletta told Ebony Magazine about her marriage to Denzel:

“I live with this man. I see the down part. I see the sad part. I see every part. He has and knows he has stability in me as his wife.

That’s what gives him strength, regardless if he misuses it. I can’t dwell on that. But I do know that gives him a great platform to go and fly.”

Was Denzel Washington spotted last year with three Caucasian young ladies under his spell at the Good Neighbor Restaurant in Studio City, California? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Marvet Britto.

Denzel Washington Caught Cheating


  1. Damn D. Wait a minute I got it. His wife set it all up. Their affair is just a subplot. The Caucasian woman and Denzel really love each other. She helped him prepare for all his movie roles. Helped him prepare to win all of his Oscars. This will be a great show! Black women will absolutely love it despite the racists and ….wait a minute.. that’s SCANDAL. Oh well. Anyway DAMNNNN D! 🙂


      THIS CANNOT BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!


      Esp. if the incident was from last year? Why wd whoever had that kinda dirt on such a big star not sell the photos right away? Or better yet, reach out to Denzel’s people & get even more $$ to sell them to him? (Does Radar Online pay big $$ for photos?)

      A Sister, maybe I cd believe it, if she’s hella fine. Maybe even a non-Black woman if she were Latina or Indian. But I ain’t buying this tea til I see those pictures!

      • Denzel been a cheater and Pauletta been knowing about it. He moved into a hotel when he was messing with Sanaa Lathan.

        White women are always chasing after black men with money. There is no surprise there. These nasty hoes don’t care about anything. They are down for whatever….whenever. What these married men don’t understand is that the Devil uses these whorish females as a weapon of mass destruction to the family structure.

        • Exactly! These WG’s ONLY want that money and possibly dick! To risk what you have had all these years for a gold digging whore is beyond me! I knew I didn’t like that sanaa lathan chick for a reason!

      • Lady RC if I may explain as to why DW’s photos have not and will not appear in tabloid form. His agent Ed Limato is one of the 2 or 3 most powerful actor’s
        reps in Hollywood(he works for William Morris/Endeavor). The way in which these titans keep their clients off the pages in shiny sheet mags and tabloids is that they either refuse any access to their other clients if the mag chooses to run the offending photo, OR, they offer a different cooperative for a sit down interview in lieu of printing the offending pics.
        Whoopsie-my bad. Ed Limato died last week at 73.

        • Even so Christa, Limato wd’ve been his agent when these photos were first acquired. And whoever succeeded him in managing D must be just as powerful. So why didn’t someone on Denzel’s team arrange to buy the pix directly before any dirt leaked out?

          My question is, how the hell wd Denzel be dumb enuf to let himself get photographed sucking face w/a woman who wasn’t Pauletta? You don’t do yr dirt outdoors where anyone w/a camera phone can snap pix! If you’re indoors, you close the blinds or get one of those rooms with the film on the windows so people can’t see in. People like Denzel w/a huge image to protect are CAREFUL. Sheeeiit, Bill Clinton is the biggest hoe in politics — since leaving office, he must have chicks stashed on 5 different continents. But we NEVER see photos of him in compromising positions becuz he knows Hillary wd kick his monkey-ass for fucking up HER image before the next election.

          I can’t believe Denzel wd let himself get caught out there like that. If he’s a serial slut like everyone says, he’s managed to keep it on the DL for 3 decades precisely becuz nobody EVER gets the goods on him cheating.

          And Pauletta’s very churchified. She basically told Ebony that she won’t divorce him no matter what he does. Her ‘faith’ has her convinced that once you have kids, you stay married, no matter what.

          If it’s really true, I’m very curious to see if she’ll keep playing the long-suffering wife once there’s photographic proof of how much her husband disrespects her…

          • I could not agree with you more.

            Plus, I was just kidding with the Limato thang.
            I was so shocked when I saw that he had JUST died, it was kind of eerie. But yes, I know he was DW’s agent up until his death.

            I’ll betcha that Denzel is pretty messed up about Limato’s death. All of his clients seem to adore him, and they never hop agencies like most. In other words: he’s no Ari Emanuel(Rahm’s a hole brother who is one of the most despised, but effective men in Hollywood. Kinda like Harvey Weinstein.)

            Hold on a damn second…my feeble melon esp. at this hour just put 1+1 together. It may not be a coincidence at all that the usually discreet appearing Denzel suddenly shows up in a compromising position around the time of Limato’s death! IF Limato has been ailing for some time, he may have been absent from the guardhouse, leaving DW vulnerable to ruthless paps(and quashing their booty). OR, and this is less likely, perhaps he was depressed and blue seeing his friend and protector in the end stages of disease, and he “acted out” as a way to cope with his sadness. I have been known to over-party during times of family stress and illness in my own past. He might just have dropped his guard and pulled a Mel Gibson minus the racism/sexism. Who knows? Just thinking out loud.

      • THIS IS OLD NEWS. I heard that he was a cheater long ago. I always shake my head when I see people giving some of these black men who marry black kudos and high fives.. while many of them are cheating on these same sisters with non black women. Really if your married you shouldn’t be cheating with anyone. Stop putting these d*amn entertainers on pedestals..when many are no0 better than the average person (character wise). He might love his wife.. sure she’s good for his wholesome image ..but like so many other Hollyweird and mirrors…Take off the rose tinted spectacles…lol


      • I’m with you Mz Black!!! The dollars will stop right there! And I mean it! No dollars for Tyrese, DL Hughley and the disgraceful dude that played Eddie Winslow on Family Ties who said he only dates women that look like a Kartrashian.

          • DL’s recent rants (supposedly comedy) are anti-Black women. I don’t have it in front of me but I am sure it will come up on the search engines.

            • In all fairness, DL Hughley definitely did incorporate some new material into his act making some jokes about women in general and yes Black women. But he never once said he didn’t prefer his own women. It was more like “inside” family humor that men do all the time about how “difficult” their women can be.
              It’s like Chris Rock when he rags constantly about married life and how boring and sexless it is.
              DL took a LOT of shi from the female community for doing it. It hurt his career to a small extent. But I see it a little differently: he married a sista and has stayed with her for 26 years. He has two grown brilliant daughters, and although he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, he’s a pretty good guy. I would rather judge a man by his actions than his words. Would you rather have a Black man who says all the right shit in public, and then effs all the Beckys in private? Or would you rather a man that builds a solid family for 26 years(which is like 75 in Hollywood) and throws some jokes about women? I mean, he IS a comedian!
              Sommore and others’ whole acts are based on doggin on Black men! It’s just for laughs.

      • MZ. BLACK — Do you really think us Sisters are the bulk of his fan base? I don’t think you get to be where D is in Hollywood unless a whole lotta Whitefolks like you too. And they may not care if he cheated on his wife.


      • If you support an entertainer do so because of their ability to entertain you… with their talent. It shouldn’t be based on who they marry or who you think they are sleeping with because you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. His wife likely knows..might not like it per se but goes along with program because she wants to remain Mrs. Denzel Washington.

        • @Missk
          If you support an entertainer do so because of their ability to entertain you… with their talent. It shouldn’t be based on who they marry or who you think they are sleeping with because you will be setting yourself up for disappointment.


        • @miss k
          Yes the hell it should be based on what type of private lift they lead! Let the white folk support them if that’s who they love. You know like clarence thomas and tiger woods!

    • @Rip let me put u up on game 80%of black women don’t give a fuck if. Black men get wit a pink women. have kno idea wit we think wen that happen

  2. You might as well write “water is wet” because Denzel has been cheating for years with every color of the rainbow.

  3. KEEP: A man doesn’t have to be a ‘hero’ to honor his wedding vows. There ARE Brothers in the world who don’t cheat on their wives.

    There was always trash talked that D fucked around d w/Sanaa after they did that movie together, that she had a kid w/him. But nobody ever saw her knocked up w/a kid in tow, so that shit clearly was a lie. She’s the only chick I’ve heard or read of him supposedly smashing.

    Folks are free to believe what they want, but I will give Denzel the benefit of the doubt ’til I see the photos.

    • But how can and why would a man who scores of women fantasize phickin not phuck any of em? In that scenario i have to quote my man Lesley Chow “its always ends like this”. He is only a man. As much as yall quote the bible yall should know the flesh is weak. You cant make him a sex symbol then expect him not to have sex.

      • KEEP: it is always heartbreaking for us Black women to see a Black men, especially a Black man with notoriety to be with a white woman, especially when he is married — and we had some hope that he was true to his Black women. Denzel was one of our last hopes. We love Black on Black love and *generally* want to see our children looking like us. Not hating on mixed kids, but generally we Black Women don’t mind if a man marries for love, but to just be f-ing around just to be f-ing around with a stanky white ho is unforgivable.

        • @ANON!

        • That was very well said anonymous. And I thought it was cool that you showed some love for mixed kids who are the fruits of a loving marriage.

        • exactly.

          Most Black women want a Black man, and to see soooo many successful Black men with white or non-black women is disheartening. So if this is true, then I can’t support Denzel. I just simply can’t.

          I read on a blog a while back that executives don’t show thin attractive Black women in movies because the white female audience gives the move a lower rating. If white women can be bothered by positive portrayals not in their image, why do people get so appalled when Black women get upset when they see Black men with a woman not in their image?

          It’s only natural but naysayers try to make it seem like Black women are bitter or crazy.

      • KEEP: Brad Pitt is a ‘sex symbol’. He dumped his perfectly attractive wife for Angelina Holie but he hasn’t cheated on her, even tho’ he never wifed her & millions of women fantasize abt him. So why do you think it’s so naive of me to believe Denzel shd be capable of the same kind of loyalty to the Black woman he actually married? Only anorexic white movie stars w/a savior complex deserve a faithful man?

        A man’s dick does not run his life. Men can control their actions if they choose to.

        • I really wasnt trying to have u believe anything in particular abt denzel per se. Anytime in life when u build someone up they can only let u down. Denzel is no different than lonnie and bay bay and them on the corner. He has never promised u or anyone else on this blog a cottonpockin thang. Nor do i have personal knowledge of wat he and pw have. I just personally dont put ppl on a pedestal. No worries. To say brad pitt doesnt sounds like that old black adage thst the yt mans ice is colder. I dont kno if hes bangin clooney or anyone else.

  4. Her statement seems like she’s gives him a pass to “fly”. ….besides she probably stays for the money. There’s too many stories of Denzel cheating for them to be ALL lies

    • I bet she loves him. She loved him when she had nothing. Remember he said that he will never leave her, that she’d have to leave him. She probably stays because that’s what she was taught to do. Maybe also as a ‘silent torment to the other women’ who have done everything they can do to ‘take’ him…but they are silently tormented with his proclamation of never leaving and her determination to stay. Maybe she feels if she leaves that she won’t get another man that she’s attracted to like Denzel or that the new guy might cheat too (esp. if that’s what she’s always seen). Maybe she’s determined not to let go of the Hollywood perks she gets. You never know why someone does what they do. They might not know. This relationship works for them. These photos would have to be so explicit of him tonguing the woman down or having sex. Either way, it would go away and fade memories. He’s too old for it to really affect his career. She’s not leaving. Hell, Morgan Freeman didn’t miss a beat in his career. He’s not a sex symbol of course. Also remember, Paula ain’t leaving.

      • In short its a marriage of convenience. BC showing other hoes “you will never be the one” has to be detrimental to ones health. I rathe be under a bridge camping out than dealing with that BS

        • ^^^^^^^^ I co-sign & guar-an-tee that!

          Money can never replace self-respect. Esp. when you have to look yr children in the eye & know that THEY know you let their father dog you out for years just to lead the glamorous life.

      • She probably does love him.She doesn’t have to stay for money or status at this point.Her marriage to him predates his success as a big A List Hollywood basically she would be set financially either way. They have been together more than 30 yrs…

  5. If I see him kissing a white women he’s gong to be on the list with Eddie Murphy, Taye Digss, Cuba gooding Jr, 50 cent, and every other black man that has a white women. He will never see a dime of my money again. If Denzel gets with a white women, I will never date another black man again. I;m done, a friend of mine said yesterday that her self esteem was going down from seeing so many stories on the internet about black women and how black men are dating white women. She asked me how did it feel to be light skin and I told her it feels the same as having your skin color its that stringy hair that attracts black men. I have been all natural for over 4 years now its long but its not straight and I will never be again. Denzel Fuck you. Next up ladies…… Idris Elba

    • Sherri, I hate to burst your bubble but Denzel got down everyday with maneater Julia Roberts on the set of “The Pelican Brief”. Anyone who was out and about in N.O. at that time could tell you that.
      When DW won his Oscar for Training Day, Julia was especially proud to hand it over to one of the “loves of her life”. It didn’t end badly either. They are both serial “on location lovers” as are many actors/actresses. These folks are so accustomed to living their roles as their on screen alter egos. But they are professional enough to know that when the shoot ends, so do the affairs of the heart. But usually the couple will continue to have a friendly relationship for years; and, when on rare occasions they end up at the same place(Cannes, Park City, London) they will often revisit the affair for “old times sake”.
      Meryl Streep is the reigning Queen of this phenomena. She is famous for smashing nearly every co-star she has ever worked with, and her husband Don Gummer looks the other way. He thinks it’s part of her “process”, and maybe it is.

      They say that a lead actress must always be in love with her director for a film to succeed. It makes her trust his choices implicitly, and it causes the director to film her in only the most flattering fashion, which then leads the viewing audience to fall in love with her as well.

      So cut Denzel a bit of slack. He is far better than some, and no worse than others. Pauletta is wise enough to understand the gig.
      I would never call this a marriage of convenience though. Those are a whole different animal.

    • I co-sign with you. They can date whoever, and I can do whatever with my money. These brothers rely on black women flocking to see their movies and then go and date and marry white women. As a rule, white women don’t support them at the box office, but they still reap the benefits. Idris Elba has already stated that he uncomfortable with the way black women put him up on a pedestal so much. He wants to date “others” which mean white women. I don’t think he is all that anyway. He looks suspect to me.

      • “These brothers rely on black women flocking to see their movies and then go and date and marry white women.”

        So true.

        And that’s why I refuse to support anything to do with:

        Wesley Snipes
        Taye Diggs
        Cuba Gooding Jr.
        Ice T
        Kanye West
        Lionel Richie
        ………………………..and the list goes on and on

        • @Mama to add to ur list:

          JAIME FOXX
          Michael ealy
          Russell Simmons
          Montell WIlliams
          We really need to let these brothas know its not okay to use us to come up and then abandon your race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as well commit our dollars to their careers we will continue to perpetuate this issue! I say we watch our dollars closely and be careful who we invest in! #THEYALLUSEDBLACKFOLKTOBECOmERELEVANT

          • Preach!!! I thought it was pathetic when I saw Keenan’s ex wife in Sis 2 Sis magazine and she is sitting at home along and wishing she had a boyfriend while he is cooling at the pool with Becky. They have children together. And there’s someone else missing – can’t think of the Black guy’s name with the light eyes that was in Redtails and his Asian wife sued him recently for spousal abuse. He is another one that has spoken anti-Black women sentiments.

            • U ladies should be ashamed of yourselves for being raciest & bitter. Thats why they not checking for u….. Let a brotha live!!!!1

            • Exactly

              I see white women who have chosen to marry and date black men all the time.
              Have you noticed anything about them that is similar?
              They never ever down white men or say demeaning things about white men because they know and understand that their own fathers are white men and blood is thicker than marriage.

              I have never heard Deniro make any disparaging remarks about his white mom or white women. He just does what he does.
              You ever hear Tiger Woods ex wife make any belittling remarks about white men?

              When we go outside the race to mate we have to take a big wet dump on each other on the way out the door. Thts ashame that no one does that except us and we do it because we have no more cultural or true family ties to help us realize that blood is first.

        • Ditto ladies… But, how you guys going to dismiss Queen Eddie ?? Not a dime of my money either none of them. I hope every one sticks to this because their pockets are going to hurting soon. trust they need our support because white women only want to help spend it.

          • @ HollyHood

            • @HOLLYHOOD


          • I support Hollywood very little now.

            I haven’t been inside a movie theatre in over 5 years. I will pick up a movie from Walmart when its less than $10 occasionally though.

          • ANONYMOUS (17:29 7/11/13) said:

            **”They never ever down white men or say demeaning things about white men because they know and understand that their own fathers are white men and blood is thicker than marriage.”**

            WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU EVER SAW OR HEARD ANYONE ASK A BECKY HOW SHE FELT ABT BEING WHITE? OR WHITE MEN? Nobody ever asks White chicks how they feel abt their men dating us becuz they have no reason to care. On that front, the whole world knows They’re Winning!

            Don’t you get that White is the default setting for EVERYTHING in America? Of course gray girls aren’t denigrating their men for dating outside their race — why wd they? A) White men don’t lose their White skin privilege just becuz they marry a Black woman. B) Far more White women manage to marry rich Black men than the other way around. So what do Beckys have to bitch abt in terms of inter-racial marriage?

            55% of Black women over 40 in America have NEVER been married.( Then, for every Mellody Hobson who marries a George Lucas, there are 6 Khloe Kardashians snagging our ballers, actors, CEOs, etc. That’s becuz not all, but MANY Black men who become rich can’t wait to get themselves “a Benz & a blonde” — & it’s been that way since the 1950s. Sammy Davis Jr. Sidney Poitier. Harry Belafonte — one of the most committed Brothers of the Civil Rights era — but 2 of his 3 wives have been White. Becuz for a lot of Brothers, a White woman is the ultimate status symbol.

            Even tho’ she’s a wanna-be porn star who’s been passed around like a $2.00 hoe, Kanye labeled Kim “The Perfect Bitch” & wrote a song abt her. In the minds of too many Black men, being w/a Becky proves to the world that he is the White man’s equal, in every way.

            Add to that the fact that as long as her Black man is playing the bills, many Beckys are much more inclined to accept w/whatever a Brother wants sexually & do whatever he tells her to do, even when it’s a dumbass move, outside the bedroom. So weak-minded Black men see White women as a better choice, easier to control. Esp. now that butt injections & breast implants mean Brothers can get a Becky w/the same body as a Sister, like Kim.

            White chicks have no reason to dis their own men for dating Black women when they know they can get a rich Black man just by tossing their hair & showing some cleavage.

            • @ RC: Get down RC – bring it! Only 1 thing – K – Kartrashian isn’t even a $2.00 hoe, she ain’t worth 50 cent. Kanye West is not a bright man. He’s possessed – a demon. Look at his eyes. Katrashian has been ran through by the Jacksons’ sons, Bow Wow, Ray J, the football player (can’t think of his name); Nick Cannon, and about 20 other Black men in Hollywood have stood in line with their *cks to f-her. Is that not just nasty? And I think the brain dead Kanye is going to marry her? Just nasty.

              One day I overhead a conversation two brothers were having and he said man I am tired of f-ing these white girls, I’m ready to dip into some chocolate.

              I pity the beautiful Black girl that this guy was able to charm to ride his *ck.

              *setting down mike* *going to go and regurgite*

              Jaime Foxx
              Cuba G
              Terrance Howard
              TIGER WOODS
              CHARLES BARKLEY
              MICHAEL EALY
              MICHAEL JORDAN
              KANYE WEST
              REGGIE BUSH
              John LEGEND
              SIDNEY PORTIER
              ALPHONSO Rivera
              Terrell OWENS
              RUssell Simmons
              Taye Diggs

            • RC, May I add to your list which included
              “tossing her hair”: TOSSING HIS SALAD?

              Seriously your post was on point as always, but I give anonymous 17:29 some props for having the stones to post a very thought provoking concept. But you certainly did put the cap on it my dear!
              Or should I say, IN IT?

    • HAHAHA Elba. While he is always opposite Black women in his US work, I don’t think he has ever starred with a Black women when back home. I think the darkest he’s gone on-screen in the UK is half-Indian.

      Why do you all lose your minds when some Black male you don’t know and will never meet marries a caucasian?

      The vast majority of Black men, wealthy, professional, whatever, are married to Black women. That’s just a fact. Don’t get mad because YOU are not that Black woman.

      • that’s not the point.

        The point is that when they get super successful, they run out and get a white woman.

        Most black men are not rich and it just so happens that they are married to Black women.

        It makes us wonder if they are doing so because they feel like they can’t/afford a white woman because as soon as they get status, that’s the first thing that they get or cheat with.

        Most black women don’t marry!!! soo of course we are feeling a certain way. Our reaction is normal but people try to act as if we are being unreasonable and we are not.

        If white men were out there marrying black women en masse as soon as they became rich, I’m pretty sure white women would feel the way that we do.

    • I am not basing my life on Denzel, but I sure can base my money on what he does. He can date all the white women in the world, that’s his right, but I don’t have to spend my money to see him or anyone else that I deem unworthy of my money.

  6. Why wine and dine. U have a willing participant to be a jumpoff- mistress. He always had that ‘cheaterman ‘ look.

  7. Denzel is a long-time serial cheater. I used to date a actor who starred on Broadway with Denzel in a “Soldier’s Story.” When my friend came to Los Angeles to do an HBO movie, he refused to introduce me to his buddy. My friend said: “Denzel hits on every woman I bring around. I’m not taking you up there.”

  8. Everybody knows that Denzel’s been a serial cheater for decades. Paulette knows too,she’s been with him for 30 years, I don’t think she is going to give up the perks of being married to Denzel because of a few skanks.

    Denzel is an equal opportunity cheater. I don’t think he factors in the race of his conquests. LOL

    • BP I totally concur. She herself is “addicted” to the prestige of being Mrs. Denzel Washington. It cannot be the money alone, because after 30 years of marriage she would be entitled to a Amy Irving/Spielberg or Kelsey Grammer/dumb blond chick type settlement of half of his net worth. That is MORE than enough money to live in high style for the rest of her life. But as the dumb blond chick formerly known as Camille Grammer found out, when you suddenly lose the cachet of being Mrs. SOMEBODY….no one in Hollywood wants to know you.

      • Marriage of convenience. The sheep see a happy black family while.the truth is they stay together to keep that facade going and make more money

  9. How can you expect a man like him to be faithful, when all you have to do is smile at a woman to get her moist! Lol.

  10. I know yall hate it when i do this but it needs to be said. Not one person has said i love them as a couple like u did for robin and paula. They swing and u still love them. Why not this besutiful black couple? The yt man has truly fucked us up. In truth on this site i have read posters say that denzel could do better than her and shouldve traded up. We applaud everything but our own. Sickening.

    • Seriously, KEEP? So on one hand, you’re telling us NOT to admire these Hollywood couples, then you dis us for not giving Pauletta & Denzel as much love a Paula & Robin Thicke??

      I like Paula & Robin, but I LOVE me some Pauletta & Denzel! I’m sure that I speak for most of the Sisters here when I say that for DECADES, they’ve been a source of great pride for me as a Black woman becuz I believe they are an exemplary Black couple — in Hollywood or anywhere else. They met briefly on the set of WILMA (a tv movie) back in 1977 & it wasn’t love at first sight. They didn’t actually start dating til they met again a year later at a party. But he pursued her, wooed her, then married her. She was just getting recognition as a singer back then, but when they started a family, he wanted her at home w/their child. So she put her career aside & he went out & stacked paper so she cd be a stay-at-home wife & mother. Most Brothers now aren’t willing or able to do that. Most Brothers now just knock a Sister up & never bother to marry her, no matter how much $$ they’re making. So their mutual dedication to their family was something else that made me respect Denzel & Pauletta as a couple — & him as a man. If that makes me naive or old-school or whatever, fine — I’ll take that.

      And Pauletta was at his side, looking good, for nearly every red carpet event, but that was it. I love George Clooney, but I know every place he’s been to on holiday or hanging w/his homies for the last year. I don’t need to know that abt George. With Denzel, I have no clue where he’s been on vacation, or where he had dinner last night, becuz D keeps his private life Private. He does not play the Fame game. Which I also admire him for.

      And I always had the sense that even behind closed doors, D treats his wife very well. You never see photos of her shopping on Rodeo Dr. or wherever. But I know everybody remembers that Ebony interview from back in the day when Denzel mentioned that he’d given Pauletta a sable coat for Xmas. 🙂 So I’ve always believed he not only loves his wife but spoils her like the shining Black queen that she is. I dig the idea that as low-key as they are, Denzel makes sure that Pauletta gets all the Hollywood perks that any White Hollywood wife wd gets. Which made me glad to go to a theater near me & lay my $$ down for a Denzel flick!

      And I LOVE the fact that you never hear shit abt the Washington kids unless it’s from Denzel’s mouth! Not one of them has had so much as a speeding tkt becuz he & Pauletta raised them right. Even when his son got signed by whatever football team he plays for, he didn’t let the media blow him up. (Unlike when LeBron went pro & the whole world knew his name by the end of the day.) Will & Jada’s brats are always in the news for something stupid. (Whip My Hair – WTF kinda song was that? Jaden only 15 & out at the clubs in London w/Jackass Beiber?!) Famous or not, it is HARD for Blackfolks to raise their kids right in this world. So I give Pauletta & Denzel mad props for their parenting skills.

      So KEEP, I don’t admire him becuz Hollywood has put D on a pedestal. I admire him becuz Denzel has EARNED my respect over many years, as an actor, a husband, a father & a Black man. I was under the impression that he not only loved, but respected his wife. And beucz I’d never heard or read (& I used to read Liz Smith religiously back in the day – RIP) any of stories folks have dropped here abt D fucking Julia Roberts or anybody but Sanaa before (which I still don’t believe — Sanaa ain’t like Gaby!), I’m a bit taken aback by these claims. Esp. becuz no one ever has dates or locations or anything close to PROOF.

      So becuz Denzel & Pauletta have earned my admiration & respect over most of my adult life, until somebody brings some receipts to document his cheating, I’m gonna give homes the benefit of the doubt. Becuz the list of Blackfolks I can actually admire in Hollywood doesn’t need to get any shorter today.

      • @RC
        You’ve misquoted me which has taken your well written post in a direction that further proves my actual point. Yours is the ONLY post that loves Denzel and Pauletta. I asked why there were so few. You could have written five pages. It isnt the quality of posts. It was with the QUANTITY of posts or lack thereof. Go back and read all the glowing I love you’s for Paula Patton and massa Robin Thicke. That’s my issue. It aint with you who admires Denzel and PW. It’s with those who only love couples when there is a black woman AND a non-black male and the associated psychology that goes along with that type of union.

        I’m a word watcher. I love words. I notice which words ppl use to describe their feelings. Admire is a very different word than love. Count the loves for Paula and Robin, then count the loves for D & P. This is just basic math. Part of why BMs and BFs cant get along is rooted in this psychology. The black woman’s gains have been engineered by those in power to come at our (BMs) expense. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

        The real or perceived issue of black men turning to non black women can not be addressed with anger. It can not be addressed by merely expanding the dating pool as some have suggested. It may only be addressed by looking INWARD for the REAL REASON(S) black men have turned away in the first place. That will require courage, introspection and accepting responsibility for one’s own actions and life choices. There are very few men brave enough to tell you the real reasons. The stuff y’all listed above ain’t even close. I don’t want to fight that battle against the masses so I’ll leave that alone for now.

        I will say real change doesnt occur with your mouth open. It occurs only after your ears are open. The height of lunacy is doing the same things and expecting a different result. How will simply expanding the dating pool solve that? The lack of love shown for a loving black couple like Denzel and Pauletta IS the same reason we can’t develop one ourselves. For all the lip service we provide many of us down deep dont LOVE BLACK period. Let them get divorced and she hook up with DeNiro, yall will LOVE THEM. Check. Yourself.

        • That was so deep I needed scuba gear. Man, I’ll spend my whole day tomorrow doing some internal soul searching over that. WoW.

        • “The real or perceived issue of black men turning to non black women can not be addressed with anger. It can not be addressed by merely expanding the dating pool as some have suggested. It may only be addressed by looking INWARD for the REAL REASON(S) black men have turned away in the first place. That will require courage, introspection and accepting responsibility for one’s own actions and life choices. There are very few men brave enough to tell you the real reasons. The stuff y’all listed above ain’t even close. I don’t want to fight that battle against the masses so I’ll leave that alone for now.”

          Keepitreal… are you slyly trying to imply that Black women are the cause of Black men breaking the laws statues and commandments of the Most High by because they (Black men) have been successfully brainwashed to shirk their responsibilities of being leader, provider, and protector to Black women and Black children. Please explain why is it that Black women have to look inwardly to discover that Black men have free will and they chose to be color struck, brainwashed, whoremongers who unwittingly have transferred the wealth of the Black community back to non-Blacks through their obsession with white/non-Black women. Don’t tell me you are falling for the “Black women are loud, bitter and angry with attitude” rhetoric are you?

          • Im pretty good with words and i didnt say any of that shyt u just typed. Actually ur post is a shining example of why black men are passing on women who put words in their mouths or are too bossy bitchy etc. i expressed myself quite clearly yet you found a need not only to deflect my original message but also to insert one of your own and attempt to attribute the quote to me and then chastise me for it. Im hip to that game. I will say this if a group that i coveted did not want me i would look inward but hey thats just me. I dont want a war with you. Was merely stating what far too many ppl lack the courage to say.

            • don’t lie.

              You were basically saying that Black women are the blame, instead placing the blame on Black men who buy into white standards of beauty.

              It’s not us, it’s THEM. Really.

        • KEEP: OK, I went back to the Paula Patton/BET thread & counted. Out of 76 comments there were:

          – 9 that were pro Paula & Robin or pro Paula w/o mentioning Robin
          – 13 that were anti Paula & Robin or anti Paula (due to her alleged drug use)
          – the rest were Off-Topic til your comment (#11) asking “Do do yall love any black men with a gorgeous non black wife?” But I counted those in the OT column.

          So yr perception was wrong. There were definitely more folks dissing Paula & Robin as a couple than singing their praises. What may have thrown you was that the 1st 3 or 4 posts were all folks stating they liked them as a couple.

          There are plenty of Blackfolks out there making a living writing books & giving lectures on how “Black men & women have no love for each other song. So pls. don’t believe the hype. In an ideal world, mos of us wd rather see successful Black men & women loving & marrying each other, not people of other races. It hurts us when other groups give us the side eye becuz so many rich & famous Black men don’t choose to marry a Black women.

          There were also 6 posts from Sisters who dig Denzel but specifically said they will never pay to see him again if it turns out he’s been cheating on Pauletta w/some Becky. You can add me to that list. THAT counts as Black love where I come from.

          Contrary to popular sentiment, what celebs do w/my hard-earned $$ DOES matter to me. Think abt it — everything else you do in life — work, hobbies, general conversation, deep conversation, eating out, exercise — all the regular stuff in yr life is shared w/other people. But once you say “I do”, sex becomes the one thing you are supposed to share only w/yr spouse from then on – period. That’s why sexual intimacy is the bedrock of a good marriage. At least, that’s what a lot of folks have told me — once the sex stops, you become roomates raising kids together, but you cease to be a couple. If I know an actor or singer is cheating on their spouse, I’m not gonna keep giving them my ducats to support their adultery. Ditto for giving politicians my vote.

          • @RC No ur perception is wrong. I didnt say count the pros and cons for paula. I said count the i love paula and robins and then count the i love denzel and paulettas. Pls dont twist my words in an effort to be right. The count was 8 to 1.

            • Not like. Not admire. LOVE. After 8 months of bangin and blowin a dude he cant say hey baby i really admire you. Stop it.

          • “It hurts us when other groups give us the side eye becuz so many rich & famous Black men don’t choose to marry a Black women.”


  11. Actually, the number one reason y black men date white women is bc they r easier to control and when it comes to sex ,, r easier to get!!! So sistas b easy bc its not that deep. They always come back for this substinance!!!

    • Fuck that. Black women need to expand their dating pool. All this pining for a type of man who don’t want them nonsense is pointless.

      • Right you are!! I like men with a little color to their skin, so white men are out. Latino men looking good!!

    • Sorry not buying this statement anymore and I’m a sister in case ya wondering… and if ya not I’m telling you anyway! There are just as many sisters down for whatever ..tolerating all types of shyt from men..into all types of things so lets not stereotype..You know that whole lumping all nin black women or all black women beneath a single category is bogus..

    • Speak for urself cris. Sex is easy to get and i dont want a woman i can control. Nor do i want someone bitc hy, bossy, overbearing or generally disagreeable. There are far too many of those around btw. That however does not make me date yt but it has led me to date many more women than i would have liked.

    • What? Pauletta is a loyal, devoted wife who has stayed with her husband for 30 years. It gets no better than that. Youth and looks are not everything….loyalty is.


  12. “He has and knows he has stability in me as his wife. That’s what gives him strength, regardless if he misuses it. I can’t dwell on that”………sounds like she saying “I know, been knowing but I’m not going anywhere.”

    I remember last year Jacky had a story on serial cheaters in Hollywood and Denzel’s name was on the list. I was shocked cuz I thought he was one of the few who was true blue to his marriage as I had never, ever read one word about him playing around on any gossip site or in any magazine.

  13. There’s been rumors about him cheating with Beckys for years. I defy you to find a black man who hasn’t laid up with a cave lady.

  14. It disappoints me when married men cheat regardless of their race. On another note, I do not have a problem with black men dating outside their race UNLESS they are doing it for the wrong reasons such as (and this was stated above)”white women are easier to manipulate when it comes to sex, you can control them, they support their man financially, they are not loud/ghetto like black women”, etc.. However, my coworker who is a white male and is married to a black woman (22 years and five kids) married his queen because they grew up together and he has always been attracted to black women. If a BLACK MAN is dating the opposite race because he loves who she is as a person and wants to grow old with her, then I DO NOT have a problem with interracial dating/marriage. But if you marry/date a white/asian/mexican woman (any other race) because of the reasons I mentioned above, then that will create a problem for me!!

    • Are you serious? I have never been described as loud and ghetto by black people only by racist whites and uncle Tom blacks who choose to believe that stupid stereotype about all black women. Its not true . Our race will be distinct because of gay black men and black men dating outside there race. I was just telling my sister that I have not seen a pregnant black women in a while. it makes me sad 🙁

      • Come to B’more. You’ll see plenty of pregnant, single Black women at every bus stop — which makes ME sad.

  15. Patricia: not all Black women are loud/ghetto – that’s an excuse some Black men have used. Many of them grew up with a a strong Black woman with a firm hand that would not let them get out of line. We usually just give that look and they know we are not playing. Many of us BW have had to learn to “soften” ourselves when it comes to being his mate, but I think many have post traumatic syndrome (smile) from us beautiful and strong Black women. We Black women have wanted our sons to grow up to be educated and providers and protectors of other Black women. Some of us fell by the wayside and spoiled our sons too much that many of them weren’t worth two nickels. But the ideal was to be strong when there wasn’t a Black father around and it translated to the angry Black woman. We are sensitive, kind and loving and we need love too. I’ll stop for now…but that’s the jist of it.

    • The other excuse they use is that black girls ignored them in high school. What a lame excuse. Black guys did the same to me in school, but I didn’t stop loving them.

      • exactly.

        They keep trying to blame us but it’s a reason why out of the races of men in sports and entertainment, over & over you see Black men chasing after white women. When white men become rich, they don’t run out and chase black women en masse. These black men bought into white standards of beauty, don’t want to admit it so they place the blame on Black women. It’s getting old.

  16. Say it ain’t so…Though I heard about Denzel and Julia Roberts back in the day. Ever since he made A Solider’s Story, got his teeth fixed, won an Oscar for Glory, it’s gone to his head. His wife Pauletta needs to run for public office…She’d definitely get the sympathy vote.

  17. A little off subject – did Khloe really think that Lamar Odom was going to be a faithful husband to her? She seems to have wanted a baller with a big *ck, kids and the L word – love – but she chose him? And every interracial couple in Hollywood went to the wedding – was it just to be seen walking the red carpet at their wedding? Geez, what a joke! Now that’s the case of dumb white chick…we could all smell that one a mile away.

  18. We have no real business discussing what we assume is the truth we dont know.Eye will say this though If Washington is a serial cheat /or has been in the past when he was young and “foine” …lets face it he is not getting any younger…very soon his wife who is a beautiful woman a former model can leave him get what she deserves and let me court her.If she is an emotionally abusive hurtful relationship she needs our support not ignorant comments .Denzil can go to hell if he has polluted his dick with the crackers …..

  19. Paula is bad. How many women could hold down a movie star for 30 years? Young women have trouble holding a man down for 6 months.
    Ms. Washington has to be laying down some strong shit to even keep him coming back home at night.

  20. Please…he’s been cheating on his wife for years. I was at Firefly in Studio City with my boyfriend ( who knows him) and a girlfriend and he asked us if we wanted to all party together…a foursome. I was shocked!!! Ever since then I never looked at him the same. What a joke.

  21. I don’t understand how you people get upset when someone in the biz cheats on their wife. It happens no one is perfect the temptation is real especially for a relationship going on 30 years . Some of yall need to get a life because you are not perfect. If your not cheating you have done something that was not of the norm. GET A LIFE!!