Denzel Takes a HIT!



Denzel Washington is back in the press and this time it’s not for adultery…it’s for drug usage. He understood the characters in the movies he starred in better than we might think! I’m not gonna say that Denzel isn’t a good actor, but I will say that his ability to play the characters in films like American Gangsta and Training Day came from more than acting classes! Know why? Cuz Denzel was a junkie mane… At the early age of 14 Mr Taking Pelham 1 2 3 was addicted to smack. Where was Denzel getting the money for his teenage herion addiction? My guess (and it’s a good one) is that Mr Training Day was stealing money from his mothers beauty shop. What about when he had the sniffle’s in the 90’s? He was hangin’ at Mouse’s after hours spot with Keifer Sutherland in LA, was his problem only in his teen years??? Ask the duop group The Dramatics; they hung out there too mane…

I wonder if Denzel knows Al B., Sure, or Father Mc? I know he knows Puffy but does he know Heavy D as well? Of course he does they all from Mount Vernon New York! That might not mean a whole to you at first but let’s break it down…

1.) Al B.
He’s a deadbeat dad ask his son Quincy.

2.) Father Mc
He’s another deadbeat dad too; ask Wendy Williams.

3.) Puffy
He’s just a liar and a thief; ask Shyne he’s getting out of jail real soon!

4.) Heavy D
He’s lazy and he’s a big fat liar ‘cuz he’s not dating Latifah; ask Tisha Arnold.

I can’t fuck with nicca’s from Mount Vernon. Know why? They all rock the S-Curl perm kit mane….

-Guru Jacky


  1. What matters past or presant? I say now,it takes a strong and focus person to rise from chasin jason and he rose up and out that's why denzel is a better person first most,and the kettle is black-know why? Because he is a man..don't believe me ask his wife.

  2. We all have done shit in our younger days we regret or shame of the good news is all behind us (some I suppose) Denzel did his thing oh we'll, he turned it around nd now he's one of the highest paid actor in Hollywood soooo that trumps anything he did wen he was younger besides hes NOT doing drugs now ND REALLY JACKY we all have to go through to get through its the ones that never get through that let their self go. Denzel is THAT NIGGA nd its not too much bad ure find on him or someone talkn junk abt him bc DENZEL IS THAT NIGGAH !!