Derek Fisher Has a Bastard Child In Las Vegas?


HSK Exclusive – Yesterday a reader asked me: Do you know the rumor about Derek Fisher? I told that reader to spill the tea and share the news.

This morning I woke up and saw in my emails a detailed explanation of the situation out in Las Vegas from a source in the know.

Here’s what my source had to say about Derek Fisher:

“Hey Jacky!!!

Checked your site today, and saw the steez from Mr. Fantastic. I think he was gonna let you in on this:

SO the facts on Derek are that, he has a little girl out here in Vegas. I’ve seen her. The mother is the daughter of the lead Neurologist out here at UMC. She’s white and Puerto Rican.

I first met the little girl about 8 years ago when I was at Diversity Tattoo shop off of Las Vegas Blvd. This chick has a twin sister who has been linked to Mayweather for years as well. Anyway, so the chick took Derek to court 3 times out here for paternity, and that negro was still trying to deny this baby. And FYI, this little girl is his exact copy, no lie.

That’s why people in Vegas dislike this dude.We all saw the piece about his little girl with his wife, and thought it was pretty F’d up that he had a healthy little girl in Vegas that could’ve helped her little sister. The sad thing is, chick comes from money and wasn’t your typical groupie at all. She’s well educated, and when people asked about the father, she would only say he’s a well known professional athlete”.

You can run but you can’t hide from HSK, Derek Fisher. Know why? Because HSK has sources with firsthand information, all over the world mane. Don’t believe me? Ask New York Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee.


  1. My name is Kimberly and I live is Las Vegas. I have a 9 year old child with Derek Fisher. Your story is a tad bit true…but my Father was Chief of Staff/Radiology at a hospital two blocks away. Yes I have a sister who looks like my twin and my daughter looks just like her Father. We are from a wealthy family and I am not a gold digger. I’m very well educated and so is my sister. Derek and I were in a relationship when my daughter was conceived. Yes I know the Sheikans, however we do not know Mayweather. We are six feet tall so we probably wouldn’t notice him anyway :). Derek does support his child living in Las Vegas. Just wanted to set the record straight.

    • Soooo sick of people having kids with athletes. IF YOU ARE SO EDUCATED, USE A CONDOM! With athletes sleeping around so much it's idiotic and stupid to not use protection. stay classy

  2. “Kimberly” is a gold-diggin ho just like Candace who tried 2 trap Fish by getting pregnant. Comin from a wealthy family aint shyt – a ho is still a ho. She claimin 2 be a model. Obviously if Fish keep takin u 2 court he know whats up. Lies do catch up wit u sooner or later and this 1 is gon 2 b funny as hell.

  3. Where do I even start with the level of class exhibited by people willing to call a woman a ” ho” while suggesting that her” gold digging” somehow points to her lack of human value. Kimberly was and is far too classy here. Let me get a couple of facts straight. Kimberly wasn’t an “alleged” model she was a working model, who lived with whilemenia herself in ny . It’s common for new girls to go to Milan the season before their agency starts a ” big push” these girls never book even a single show( no one expects them to) Kimberly booked a dozen. She graced magazine ( covers not ads for vans etc.) as well as being the anchor for a national chain of women’s clothing stores with her image appearing everywhere from the door to the receipts.a year into a five year contract homesick she determined she no longer wanted to model, her agency ( ford ) threatened a law suit for the money lost on all her bookings , her dad wrote a check( that’s how deep these people’s money is) Kimberly moved to LA to escape an abusive relationship at our( her families ) request where through a mutual friend she met Derek fisher they had a relationship that resulted in the birth of a daughter ( we were NOT impressed by Kimberly’s choice to date an athlete of any kind( no disrespect to Derek ) she came from a family where the expectations include politics and medicine with a lineage that traces back to Martha’s Vineyard and the jeuon de colour( free people of color ) we were equally mortified when the two if them chose to have a child out of wed lock but felt certain that type of life was unacceptable to us. This isn’t a ” basketball” wife living out loud but a young woman who virtually went into hiding because we all so deeply disapproved of her choices , it was Derek who could never fit in our world , NOT the other way around. We believe in accomplishment based on merit not aptitude ( again no disrespect ) calling Candace a hooker? Sad. tacky. you dont know this woman either. I will not speak out of turn about a woman with kids other than to say it is my belief that Candace and Derek are much better suited to one another than Kimberly and Derek ever could have been. Derek takes good care if his child( not if Kimberly as she doesn’t need it her mother spent more money on Norma kamali kids for Kim as a girl each month than the amount of her child support ) and Maywaether? The sister? Look one athlete is enough we would have lost our collective minds. Unacceptable . Kimberly is a sincerely good girl with a heart made of pure gold and if you knew her…. You would NEVER say such disparaging things. Lastly I hope for those of you that said such awful things that you never find such hateful words applied to any of your mothers, sisters , cousins, on the Internet of all places .. I can tell you it’s a sad hopeless feeling as this forum is so anonymous that you’ve no way to protect the dignity of your loved one.. Wishing u the best and hoping this cleared up any question. Namaste

    • if she was so classy she wouldn't be having unprotected sex with athletes who screw everything that walks.

      in todays sleazy society it's idiotic to not use protection. she's a fool and she got what she deserved. you sleep with trash, you end up with nothing.

  4. *kimberly in fact lived with Eileen ford ( not whilemenia ) ps. Kimberly will be starting med school next year, and the sister dating ” mayweather” which by the way gets funnier every time I read it, is married .. To an MD ..

  5. I’m glad that Kimberly set the record straight. She got me at, “Derek and I were in a relationship.” You know that word that provides value to the non-use of condoms, or becoming pregnant, without the purpose of child support and being kept?

  6. Whatever. So she thinks because she came from money her “ho-type” activities are somehow negated? Puhlease…….was she married to Fisher when he was sexin’ her? Was he with his wife when he was sexin’ her? But we’re suppose to believe she was so innocent, virginal and high-class? Rich people kill me with this bullshit. You all think you’re soooooo much better than the average man because of the zero’s in your bank account even when you do average, basic slut activities.

  7. Well I wouldn’t say Kims a Ho but I went to UNLV during the time she did and I think I remember her dating athletes during that time. You develop reps when you date celebs and athletes.