Derrick Rose Steps-Up As Chi-Town Mourns Death Of Baby Jonylah


Baby Jonylah Shot Dead

~RIP Baby Jonylah~

“This is another tragedy, because no child, certainly not an infant, should be a victim of gun violence.” ~Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

As residents of Chicago’s south-side mourn the SENSELESS death of a toddler fatally gunned down, Monday — Derrick Rose is stepping forward to cover the costs of the six-month-old Jonylah Watkin’s funeral.

It’s only the right thing for the wealthy Chicago Bulls guard to do, but it really shouldn’t be this way. Little Jonylah died one day after being shot five times while her father changed her diaper in the front seat of a van parked on Chicago’s south side.

“We’re going to find who did this and make sure they are brought to justice. We’re not going to be afraid. We’re going to take back our neighborhood.” ~McCarthy

Here’s what ABC News is reporting:

“Police say the father, who had known gang affiliations, told them the killer opened fire on him while he changed the baby’s diaper.

Police believe the drive-by may have been provoked by a Facebook post. Jonylah’s mother, Judy Watkins, was previously shot while carrying the unborn Jonylah.

She was working a shift at McDonald’s when Jonylah was shot on Monday.”

Here’s what Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said about the case:

“He was obviously targeted. The infant had undergone at least five-hours of surgery before she died.”

Jonylah’s murder comes as Chicago’s murder epidemic continues to rock the city, with an estimated 500 murders committed there each year. You may recall Chi-Town’s gang turf war previously led to another notorious slaying — the shooting of 15-year-old high-school majorette Hadiya Pendleton just days after she performed during President Obama’s inauguration weekend.



  1. Gangs fighting equals tribal warfare and is dated back to our time in africa
    Only the Power of God and repentance can help us break the curse
    Rest in Peace baby Joniyah
    At least where you are now no harm can come to you

  2. Awwww now she was a cutie pie!!!! Such a shame this man will have to live and know his lifestyle was the cause of his baby daughter’s death.

    I know that would haunt me for the rest of my life….
    …would be worse than death.

  3. Shitcago just needs to be blasted off the face of the earth along with the heathen gangbangers, polietrickians, and the Italian mafia. These mofos are the root cause of the corruption, death, and destruction in that godforsaken hellhole!

  4. I was just thinking the same thing… why didn’t Oprah step in, Michael Jordan? They are much more wealthy than Derrick Rose…
    But this is a very sad situation… prayers go out to the family…

    • Better yet, why don’t these so called gangsters buy some damn INSURANCE…instead of leaving their burdens on other folks?

      Think about it.

    • Michael Jordan is so notoriously cheap, he wouldn’t step in to re-up a dying granny’s expired parking meter with a fresh quarter.

      Derrick is a superb human being in every way. Now I and the whole city of Chicago just wants him healthy.

    • Not OPrah’s nor MJ’s job to front the bill for ig’nant azz ninjas!!!!

      Too much” #Idon’tgivaafuck” syndrome..

      This was prolly an gang initiation hit..

  5. live in Chicag a beautiful city. Problem here is everyone wants to be tough and we are very much a show m kind place.You don’t come talkn big it will get you killed. youger kids won’t take an ass kicking the come shooting and shoot everything. Somethings broke that needs some fixing

  6. i’m wondering why are these young brother’s so mad? who are they mad at? what is making these young brothers feel that killing is the only way to go?

    • Yes I agree with you, but it’s also the drugs they’re on out here. They are doing shit I never heard of. Plus all these songs with the drug names on them ain’t helping. These kids today are not strong enough to listen to a song called Molly and not do it. Like when we were growing up, me and my female cousins loved some too short and suga free but we knew how women were supposed to be treated and we new that we weren’t going for that bullshit they were talking about,
      We just loved how too short kept going and wouldn’t stop rapping lol I know these kids out here in the chi are on all sorts of drugs because when I was listening to my satellite radio it was the DJ on shade 45 that talked about all the different hallucinogens and drugs he did when he visited here. The names had numbers to them. It was insane. Shit happens everywhere but I will stay my ass out of engle wood and keep my butt in my quiet hidden suburban neighborhood where the police knows if you aren’t from this area. That’s how it is and I love it. They know how to keep the trash out. Some of These little girls are nasty too. You have too watch who your kids are around though. My stepson told me he went to a party he was invited to and it was a mixed party, all nationalities go to his school. He said they ended up playing the lipstick game, where the girls put on the different shades and whoever goes down the furthest wins. Disgusting . I believe him when he said he didn’t participate. He called them nasty. That’s good I hope he can stay away from that type of temptation. What I do is I talk all the kids in or around my family. I make sure they know that they have someone to listen. one time i found out why my sister in law son was fighting all the time. we were playing monopoly and he couldnt read the community chest cards very well as he should at his age. the kids started making fun of him and it was on and poppin. so whenever they are over my house i ask him when he is alone to read things to me while im cooking like a letter or something. he appreciates that. and thats how i give back, i probably prevented him from doing something that he probably cant come back from. we have to help them however we can, if they can be helped. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

    • Not having a job or money to support your family can make anybody mad. Not everyone has a good upbringing or parents that can pay for college. Maybe that don’t give an excuse to kill but that could make anyone mad.

  7. Omg I remember when Mayor Washington died I’m from Gary Indiana Chicago hasn’t been the same since they closed down Cabrini Green

    • You’re absolutely right!

      They closed down the projects and put people all over the city that brought their ghetto ass ways with em.

      Beautiful communities are now war zones because of these ignorant ass niggas.

    • OMG. They closed Cabrini Green?? I lived in Rogers Park in the early 80’s when we were broke/desperate.
      When did they shut it down?

      • Several years ago when yte folks bought townhomes across the street.

        You wouldn’t recognize that area, which is called, “New City,” now.

      • The projects were just that, a project. Just because buildings have been torn down doesn’t mean “the project” is over.

        Cabrini and other area projects were being phased out at about the mid to late 90’s a few buildings still stand to this day. They were given section 8 vouchers to move about where ever they’d please. Same thing going on around the country.

  8. No its your problem.You got a rich history huh. Pity the people in these areas are to dumb to read about it. You reel of a stream of Black leaders, and look at what you got as the culmination of years of their rule! That and of course years of excellent parenting from planet Earths original daughters.

    • It is not about the black leaders. Harold Washington was in office for about 5 years and died there in the mid-80’s. Obama’s greatest visible attribute to Chicago is being from there, ijs.

      Not to mention Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson,SR residing there. There is a major problem in Chicago, everyone knows the solution to the problems but very few have put forth any real effort to fix it.

      IMO Chicago is a test city, nothing will change until whatever result, those in power, are looking is achieved.

  9. These young women need to leave these damn thugs alone for one, and let them be where they are. And I heard that the baby’s father (who was the main target!) didn’t want to cooperate with the police, because he knows who it was that shot at him. THEY KILLED YOUR 6-MONTH OLD DAUGHTER, DUDE! I would be a snitching ass! That baby is gone, but yet the father won’t protect her honor in getting justice for her? He needs his ass whooped, too!

  10. What the hell do you mean “it’s only the right thing for the wealthy Chicago Bulls guard to do” Why? because he is wealthy? or did he have something to do with the drive by, I Don’t get. Am I missing part of the story?

    Derrick should be Thanked. So that line need to be rewritten because he is not obligated and Jacky made it seem like he was the one who caused the baby’s death or that it is his responsibility. Again, I DON’T GET IT!

  11. Funny how all y’all believe everything you hear. None a y’all kno if he was gang affiliated so dont pass judgement an dont believe everything you hear…

  12. An nobody cooperates with the police cuz they don’t do shit. I wouldn’t call 911 for shit. They’re a bunch a crooked people 2. If I were him ur damn right I wouldn’t say shit to the cops, I’d handle it on my own. F*ck the police