Detroit Rapper ‘Greenguy Webbie’ Flants HBK’s Stolen Chain On Social Media!



A pair of East-side Detroit rappers have been implicated in the beat-down that left Doughboyz Cash Money rapper HBK knocked unconscious, Wednesday night. This, after reports reveal ‘Greenguy Webbie’ turned up on Instagram sporting the West-side rapper’s snatched chain — and ‘Icewear Vezzo’ took to Twitter to address the situation.

Sources say there are now “fears of retaliation and talk of a bounty.”

Video of the violent Motor City melee has since gone viral, revealing HBK’s “friend” was also knocked-out during the incident — according to a source, “From Twitter, there is talk of a $30,000 bounty on Greenguy’s head.”


Here’s what Sgt. Mike Woody of the Detroit Police had to say about the on-going investigation:

“There’s a potential for a lot of bullets to go flying, and we’re talking a large group of people here that are making threats. We don’t want to see anybody do anything rash. We’re asking both sides to stay calm, give us a chance to work this out. This is really not worth anybody’s life at this point. There’s no reason to overreact here, we can still work this out.”

“[Police] say the folks who were injured really just received minor injuries.”

Here’s what Fox 2’s Amy Lange reports:

“This one has Detroit police very concerned. This is the beatdown caught on camera that now has everyone talking and a lot of threats flying. Police seem to be sitting on a powder keg here, hoping no one lights a match.”


  1. I’m from detroit the police can’t stop what’s about to happen them niggas could have killed that boy it ain’t about the chain

  2. JackTown Mississippi aint got shit on THE D !!!! I’ve always been scared to cross the river so I’ll Keep my ass in The Land smh it aint safe to go anywhere!

  3. Hell my family Reunion is in CHi Town this year coming around and Im scurred to go there too!!

  4. I’m from Detroit and what is not being told here is that Doughboyz Cashout beat down a female at Cobo Hall and HBK getting knocked out was retaliation for that.

  5. I fail to see how Detroit police will stop the situation from further imploding. Detroit is bankrupt and from what I have heard, it takes forever for the police department to respond to an incident. I’m not from Detroit and someone who is can confirm if this is true or not.

  6. This is how it goes in Michigan damn near every body can be a victom… they kill drug lords here


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