Devon Franklin Blacklists Former Meagan Good Lovers!!!


Meagan Good Former Lovers Blacklisted

Hollywood Hit List?

HSK Exclusive – A group of Hollywood actors may be left biting their nails – with Devon Franklin reported to be pulling rank. That’s because insiders say the powerful movie exec is looking to get his revenge on anyone who got the goods before him!

Now, sources say any man Meagan Good has named as a former lover could be blacklisted from Sony Pictures. Don’t believe me.. Ask Omari Hardwick.

A source exclusively tells HSK, the situation was sparked after Franklin led an intimate confession session with wife Good – leading the actress to give up the goods on those who she smashed before saying ‘I do’ to Franklin.

Here’s the drop:

“Devon is targeting anybody who slept with Meagan Good.

Omari Hardwick is complaining about DeVon shutting him down, because he smashed Meagan in the past.”


  1. W.I.T.H.!! First of all, I can’t believe that Meagan fell for that trap, she shouldn’t have ever told him all about her past lovers. If you do tell, you gotta keep it to a minimum, NEVER tell all. Secondly, why would he even ask or want to know.. he sounds very insecure IMO. Here we go…

    • Yeah, that was dumb. Water under the bridge – her past. He is supposed to be looking to her future. He shouldn’t have even wanted to know…and that is what I would have said to him.

  2. This is news? How?

    This is nothing new. Exes taking out revenge new partners being spiteful. Nothing new here. Megan is married now, her past is just that. Her past. Her husband needs to grow some balls and move on from her past. That was/is an emotionally abusive move…..

    Tell me about your past (something you can’t fix or change) and I’ll use it against you in the present.

    Man up and stop acting like a hurt bitch, dude, it doesn’t look good on you! She was t raped, she was willing. Accept the fact that your wife is “experienced” and move the hell on!

    When are men gonna start acting like men again? And, stop acting like melencholy bitter bitches?

    • Thank YOU! What a phony, self righteous jackass Devon “preacher producer” is. When you marry a woman, you accept her as she is an vice versa; who knows what his past sexual history consists of? This marriage is going to either crash and burn, or require Megan to consistently give in to his demands. Yes I’ve heard the rumors of her sexual past but hell most people her age have one and its just that THE PAST! He knew who and what she was when he put the ring on. If this story is true, it makes him look like an insecure, bitch made punk who obviously doesn’t trust his wife not to revisit some of that good good she sampled early on.

    • When are most men gonna grow some balls and be real men? When are they gonna start taking care of their kids? When are most of them gonna have a wife instead of a side chick , a main bitch ,a baby mama or a trick?

      • and who taught black males and females that being a player is the thing to be? instead of keeping black households together? answer that and maybe you can better yourself.

      • That’s the result of single parenting. Mostly FATHERLESS males. Boys need REAL MEN to follow in order to grow up and become a man. If a STRONG BLACK FATHER/HUSBAND is what the little boy had as an example he’ll usually follow that. However if there is countless weak men in and out of the mother’s life or NO REAL POSITIVE MAN (SORRY HOMO THUGZ AS MUCH AS THIS GENERATION OF WOMEN LOVE THEM DON’T COUNT) at all ON THE SCENE you get Players, adult boys etc etc. I love my strong black women but it’s very difficult for the single mom to raise a male. Some women pulled it off but there’s a generation of males that are f***** up out here. ONLY REAL MEN CAN RAISE BOYS TO BE REAL MEN.

    • Tom, what about this story prompted your rant about black women being whores? One woman, one actress doesn’t rep the entire black female population! When are men going to stop allowing their thongs to show in public? If you want a woman who is virginal, and pure never dated kissed or looked at a man then you need to start a cult grow these stepford women yourself program them and marry one. Oh don’t forget to chain her up before you leave the house everyday or she might sneak out and screw a neighbor! You know all black women are whores…you imbecile

      • insult aside, there should be no secrets in a relationships.someone doesn’t have to be a virgin and someone has a right to full disclosure before getting into a relationship.I am sure you would want to know if the person your with have had an std. and remember if a male or female still has people that they fucked before in their lives it isn’t the past it’s the present.

    • Tom,

      We will woman up, the moment ya’ll man up.

      Until then, we can continue to bemoan each others loose legged tendencies.

      • There are men out there in the world that have already manned up most women don’t pay them any mind because they’re to busy chasing these damn fools because of their flashy life style.So any true man females call controlling.The reality is there is no such thing as equality,men and women are no equals can’t be they provide a balance for one another,there is still an order.Do you know what it is?

        • Tom you sound bitter. Black womanhood is not the cause of all your problems. Second what one black woman does is a representation of herself and not everyone black woman. Why is is so hard for some black men to understand?

          • I don’t have a problem I just don’t have a problem sharing the truth. I also judge by a persons actions, if your actions are that of a whore than that’s what you’ll be call,and it only applies to who does it.

  3. hmmm..fishy..this is a socalled man of teh cloth right? Which is why he could marry her and turn the other way correct? What would be the purpose of blacklisting if he is supposed to be so righteous???

  4. she’s a ding bat for really giving up names….and isn’t she like an industry HOE??!! WOW so WE ain’t bout to see no more niggahs shucking and jiving in HOLLYWOOD fucking around wid Meagan GoodE….GOODS….DAYUM DAYUM DAYYYYYMMM (MARTIN VOICE)

  5. How can he be a man of the cloth and a movie producer in hellywood? A littl conflict of interest there, eh, reverend?

    • don’t fall for these pastors who are in the industry.

      joe simpson was a so called man of god and we just recently found out he’s a fag.

      first hint joe gave was saying that his daughter jessica got some big tits can we say incest here?

      all these other bisexual pastors who swear they asre so holy and love jesus.

      the hell with this franklin duded and this fake azz hollywood marriage.

    • And only a soft ass pretend man would ask for a list of who their woman slept with; then cry or make a big issue about it. If you can’t handle the truth don’t ask the damn question! Both parties get HIV testing, a full STD work up and keep it pushing. Do you have Mommy issues Tommy?!

        • Not at all I like to have full information before I make a commitment.And I also prefer a woman that hasn’t fucked any of my family members or half the town that I live in,so and again if someones past is in your face it isn’t the past,and can go against the success of a relationship.

    • That is incorrect. You are asking for nuthin but trouble when you tell your man about your sexual past whether it be 2 or 20 men.

  6. black female celebs who are not married yet.

    queen latifah
    lil kim
    foxy brown
    serena williams
    oprah winfrey
    missy elliott
    venus williams
    kelly rowland
    tyra banks
    sanaa lathan
    ashanti she been with nelly over 5 years no ring or engagment.

  7. Meagan Good, like Sali Richardson fucked a bunch of people and it got her nowhere. For over ten years this dumb hoe has fucked, sucked and swallowed damn near every black actor and athlete, and she is still D list. I heard her daddy is a cop. If that is true, what does he think of his daughter being one of the biggest hoes in black hollywood. One of the few movies she starred in went straight to BET; yes, Video Girl SUCKED! I guess the white man decided to throw her a bone now that she is appearing in Deception. Oh well, let a hoe be a hoe.

  8. First of all who in the hell is Megan Good? She ain’t no damn body? She can’t act and I remember when Maia Campbell went off on her ass and said she wasn’t that pretty cause she ain’t. Megan Good is like a D- Actress! She doesn’t even rank! She doesn’t even count in hollywood? She is a nobody! If this idiot blacklist men for sleeping with her stank ass then he stupid and he gone end up getting black listed! This message is to that idiot Franklin jack ass. This is how Megan Good ranks in hollywood.

    1)Halle Berry
    2)Queen Latifah
    3)Nia Long
    4)Somebody black or hispanic/black but not MEGAN GOOD!
    8)-100) ”
    103)Mia Campbell
    104)Kim Wayan
    105)Megan Good

    Please stay in yo place and no that Megan Good ain’t shit. When she start making Halle Berry money holla at me!!

  9. If he wanted Polly Pure heart…with did he marry Meagan Good? And something tells me he was trying to see if she left somebody out.
    Homey was probably over in 3 minutes with his list and he probably had to take an intermission listening to hers looool!

  10. The only reason to hide who you’ve slept with is to hide what a whore you’ve been,be truthful and let the person know what they’re getting into.

  11. pure and simple this is not a story…. there could not be any truth to it, because meagan has definetly gotten around. dude be blacklisting everybody rappers actors singers basketball players , football players, its ridiculous. pure and simkle meagan slept aroung. at least she got smart and decided to fuck her way into a t.v. show… dude nbc executive wit lotta influence he can get all kinda roles peeps. his only problem is to change her whore image, the whole celibate thing, she’s a party girl no doubt. thrashy not classy, not a hater tho god luck to him… he’s gonna need it

  12. Sounds like an unprofessional and bitter low self esteem having dude to me.If she is married to you and you are really secure in your relationship with her why do all that? Grow up and face fact that you are with a woman with a past that includes other men.