R.I.P – Funk Lord Gary Shider


If you like listening to Dr. Dre productions, then you probably appreciate what Gary “Diaper man” Shider has contributed to music and entertainment. And if you don’t believe me when I say guitarist Gary Shider was a one of a kind musician, then you should ask front man of The Red Hot Chile Peppers Anthony Kiedis.

Gary lost his battle with brain and lung cancer, and he died June 16th. He was 56-years-old.

For those of you who may not know, Snider was joined George Clinton’s funk mob back in 1972. The Plainfield, NJ.native was much more than a guitarist, he also sang on several of Parliament/Funkadelic hit songs. No one can deny the fact that Snider was a main asset to the band…who do you think co-wrote hit’s like “Atomic Dog” and “One Nation Under A Groove”?

Countless members of the hip hop and entertainment community are remembering the late legend. “He’s dope, Gary took the funk to another level,” said Kool Keith. “When I was a teen my pops took me to a Funkadelic concert…I knew about the funk way before Dr. Dre and Andre 2000. Gary wore a diaper to let you know the FUNK smells it can get shitty I like the FUNK tracks with the fart bass sound.”

A chic I know once partied with the Funkadelic crew, following one of their shows at New York’s Apollo Theater. The problem is she was so high (on several hits of liquid acid and cocaine…that she didn’t realize that she and her girls did all of the blow they had (which was a lot)), so they needed to track down down some more. Apparently the tour bus housed all the drugs they were looking for, so they ended up doing cocaine with the crew, including Gary, George and George Clinton’s grand daughter, who’s a rapper.

Gary died young and most people I know who passed away from lung cancer were doing too much cocaine…

RIP Gary “Diaper Man” Shider, I thank you for the FUNK….