Did Bill Clinton Pick-Up The Check For Cristina Wathen’s New Rack?



HSK Exclusive – The woman previously exposed as President Bill Clinton’s personal prostitute is flaunting her new boob job. Now, insiders are wondering if the former Commander-in-Chief paid for ’em.

This news comes after Cristina Warthen — a law school grad turned call girl — recently took to social media to post a pic of her new pair.

Is a sex tape featuring Bill Clinton reported to be on the bidding block? Of course.. Just ask Monica Lewinsky.

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    • No it is no joke, she is a blond man with diamonds. Muscle mass that the average man would kill for. Oh what a man, what a man!

    • Some Drs. r so wrong, one looks bigger than the other! which means she started out that way b4 the surgery, so the doctor should gave her 1 smaller and 1 slightly larger implant, smh…stop showing off boo, if u see what we see and I thought she was black in the first photo

      • I know for sure she is not a man because I competed against her in Ms.Fitness Vegas 2011. She is a workout fanatic with 1000cc implants. You have never seen another woman in better shape. She has lots of high profile friends but I have never heard her talk about anyone specific. She is kind of shy (if I remember correctly).

        • Yes, she is kind of shy !!! When she was competing in Face and Figure at Arnold Classic she seemed nice and really quiet.Shes a fitness model that trains like crazy,even during off times. I saw her at a photoshoot and she was really that ripped in person during the off season.

  1. Is that the best she can do with her law degree?????????
    Why not be a lawyer, get that money, and be down for hers? Men would happily wife up an attorney who is getting her paper.

    If the above story is true she really blew it, because her law degree is what would separate her from the rest of the ladies, and the monied men she is after, would look at her as a feather in his cap.

    Oh lawd,
    Just beam me up now Scotty right now and forever?

    • I don’t know anything about hookers and escorting but If she really is “Bill Clintons personal prostitute” , she is probably sitting on a lot of money. Otherwise, she would be better off selling her story for millions to the Enquirer…especially if her ex ended up broke. If Hillary runs for President her story will be worth Millions.

    • Hey, Black Pearl,
      She better watch her step. I heard Hilary will get crunk in 5 seconds .
      From what I heard, Hilary is the real Master P, cause she ’bout it, bout it !!!
      Oh yeah, and from what I heard, she will Naomi Campbell somebody in a minute.
      Meaning any old free object will do just fine when she is ready to thump.

      • Yes, you are so right about Hilary. Hilary definitely wears the pants in that house. In Kevin Hart’s voice, You don’t won’t to erupt Hilary’s volcano. Hahahahaha

        Like my grandma use to say. You picking in the right field to get your 100 messing with Hilary. LOL

  2. Hey Jacky, if Bill’s passing out new ta-ta’s, can you pass my email addy on to him? My husband would be grateful…my girls could use a little pick-me-up! LOL

  3. You guys, you know I need help sometimes & I can be a tad slow on things but…
    Is that a man?

    No, seriously, I’m not trying to be facetious at all…
    Is that a man?

      • Those abs are great but there is muscle mass in the legs & thighs that seem more masculine & manish than feminine.

        Maybe “she’s” a bodybuilder which might explain her manish look.

        *~* looking sideways at this one!

        • She’s on HGH like so many women in Miami. It makes you attain muscularity like a guy, and it changes the look and shape of the face. It’s not quite as damaging as pure anabolic steroids(for women)and it does some other beneficial stuff too. It will remove any stray gray hairs if you are turning prematurely, and it will thicken and improve YT women’s skin so they don’t look as wrinkled as usual. But I think what really looks odd is the combo of the huge fake titties with the abs of steel. Breasts are fatty tissue, so clearly, anyone with the lean body mass to have their abs so etched could not possibly have breasts like that naturally. She would look so much better if she had just gotten a small C implant, but I don’t think she was looking for the natural look.
          But shoot, if she is brainy enough to have gone to Stanford, she is smart enough to figure out what she wants to look like!

  4. Hope his old horny ass doesn’t cost Hillary the election in 2016. And yes that thing is a dude. Eyes don’t lie.

  5. So interesting but she is definitely 100% Bill’s type. The cheap trashy types turn him on. It’s the country boy’s way. Go Bill!

  6. Christina Warthen was an escort while attending law school, here at Stanford. She ended up marrying one of the founders of ask.com; He ended up broke, after losing all of his money through the stock market. She left the marriage penniless, after he filed for a divorce. A few years ago, she was on house arrest for evading income taxes.

  7. Cristina schultz-warthen is now going to Sloan College here at MIT…..there are many articles written about and written by her in the grad school journal. Google MIT and you will find her.

  8. Google , “cristina warthen+ hillary clinton”! I have been looking for her in clubs and Bars in Boston to ask her myself for a while. Apparently she went back to L.A.!

  9. I have only seen her recently in L.a at fitness auditions. Whatever she is taking to have that body, i want some. Her face is soft and feminine and she looks like she has never tried eating food. She is my height too, which really sucks when Im hauling me and my kid across the Valley to audition.

    LOL. IF you are reading this Cristina, please hook me up. I am a nice single mom and I know you reognize my name because we have the same rep at Central Casting!