Did Breezy Use Hired Henchmen To Pull Rank On Frank?


Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Sitting in a Tree

Lambo Limbo?

New information is surfacing that could mean Chris Brown is guilty of bullying Frank Ocean out of a parking spot! That’s according to Frank’s music producer – Michael Uzozwuru – who says he was there when the brawl broke out, witnessing Breezy becoming enraged over the Westlake Recording Studio’s parking spot labelled “Frank”. That’s when Uzozwuru says Chris ordered a pair of hired muscle man put Frank Ocean in check.

Here’s what Michael Uzozwuru posted on his blog:

“The whole thing did indeed start over a parking spot. Frank and a guy named Chito arrived at Westlake Studios that night to record, when they saw an orange Lambo parked in the spot labeled ‘Frank.’

They told the front desk to move the car and were informed it belonged to Chris Brown. Chris Brown came out 10 minutes later with a big dude and a skinnier dude — and when Frank told CB, ‘You parked in my spot, move‘ … that’s when it all went downhill.

The big dude suddenly punched Chito in the face for no reason. Then instantly Chris and the other dude grab Frank and try to jump him. There’s no doubt in my mind the whole thing was a set up. The big dude continued to pound on Chito, while Chris and his other lackey tackled Frank and sent him crashing into a big fake candle display laced with glass. Hence … his finger being cut.”

CB’s buddy cornered Frank and pinned him up against a wall while Chris was trying to beat the living “s**t” out of him. Frank fought back — throwing elbows and punches of his own.

I don’t know what type of demons Chris is facing, but I hope he clears them all and finds a new life rooted in love and light.”

Did Frank Ocean receive a large payout check from Chris Brown’s camp to fall back and not press charges? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tyler The Creator.


  1. I believe Chris is fighting some thangs and it’s called being a homosexual. On top of his messiah complex and his wealth it is the reason that he is an insufferable pain in the ass.

    Not surprised by this account at all. LOL at people actually believing the Chris Brown camp fed initial stories that ‘Frank started it’. Chris stans are mostly as dumb as their idol.

  2. When is chris brown gon actually step to a man. He real tuff wit women (riri,drake, billy oceans afterbirth). Fugg dat closeted trick.

  3. Chris is one of those guys who think he can have sexual contact with other men and shouldnt be considered a queer….He’s in some denial…He in Hollywood and the “Industry” and thus , he has had some homosexual relations…Frank Ocean is just keepin it 100.

    • I think you are right. I have heard this type of reasoning about DL men. That if they perform a sexual act on another man and if there is no romantic intimacy kissing/holding hands etc then in their heads ‘It ain’t gay’. That’s how delusional many of them are. Unfortunately there is a heck a lot of black men on the DL with that mentality.

      One can imagine that’s how those bro’s in prison reason with themselves when they have a man friend on the inside and then they get out and revert back to their hetero ways.

      • They also use the condom excuse. Using a condom puts them in the “reality” of the situation, so they don’t use them. I call BS…Yo nasty ass just wants to screw with no condom b/c it feels better. That said, as much as I cannot stand this dude, and this is way before he beat Rihanna, I just can’t believe myself to believe this stuff. Now they are claiming that he threatened to shoot Frank Ocean. If that is the case, then Frank sure did take it lightly, seeing as he was all “lol’ing” on Twitter, and then later writing poems and shyt when all he had to say was, “I’m not pressing charges”…Nooo, this nigga talking about mutilation and choosing sanity, trying to do the most to sound prolific and philosophical by stinging random words together that are out of context. And Frank, you do not have power over Chris Brown, stop it. If the D.A., the city, or the chief had enough evidence, they would pressed charges, the end. Chris has himself to blame for all of this, even if it is all lies. He showed his ass for a while and has always come off as a self entitled spoiled brat with fake ass humility…I never bought it for a second. I also got the feeling that he just likes Rihanna on his Jock…One of those guys that doesn’t want the girl, but doesn’t want anyone else to have her.

        Oh yeah, they are also saying that he lied about his community service (which makes NO sense, but WHATEVER). I think he may be done ya’ll, this is how they are gonna get rid of him for good, unless someone really powerful takes him under their “wing”. They are playing this violence card really hard. They are both some huge ass queens, and Frank is a bitch for doing what he is doing, all because this fool doesn’t know the definition of sarcasm.

  4. Damn! everybodies not Gay, damn, how about he doesn’t like Frank Ocean ass! anybody ever think about that or that Rhianna did a liitle more than what we kno of!

    • When Chris got that last face piercing and started dressing feminine, I said he has allowed another man to fuck him or he has fucked another man and I stand by my comment. You are right, everybody’s not gay but if you think you are just gonna arrive in Hollywood, have chart topping songs, money, fame, etc and not have to bend over or drop to your knees for it, then you are sadly mistaken. The devil runs Hollywood and you MUST play by his rules in order to stay in Hollywood.

    • Good point. I don’t think everyone is gay in hollywood either. Mentally unstable? Hell yes! You have to be somewhat disturbed to want to be in an industry like entertainment.

  5. this some dissapointing mess here chris stay catching the l’s what is his problem were is his mother joyce at! ill be so glad when reality start to settle in i dont know what its gonna take he starting to become like a problem he needs to get out the hollywood scene go back to va get and education and and just leave this life alone so far he has anger issues a bad rep constantly going getting into fights rather staged or not on drugs loosing his mind!

  6. Honestly it a bit much now Chris brown need to stop beating up on bitches Rihanna Drake Frank Ocean. The toughest dude he fought was Rihanna. Who next lil ass Wayne or Justin Berber