Did Capricorn Clark Secretly Bump Buck$ From Bad Boy?


Capricorn Clark Caught Stealing...

To Catch A Caper?

HSK Exclusive – HSK is learning more information surrounding the recent firing of P Diddy’s former longtime personal assistant, Capricorn Clark. You may remember just weeks ago, we first told you about the Bad Boy Records founder’s plot to distance his main squeeze – Cassie, from her BFF, Cap – as the sole reason behind Capricorn Clark’s termination.

Now, industry insiders say Capricorn Clark was also caught stealing at Bad Boy, another reason why Puffy is said to have sent her packing.

Here’s the drop:

“She worked for Bad Boy for so many years, yet now that she’s unemployed, she can’t use the company’s name as a reference to get a new job.

Capricorn Clarke committed the carnal sin over at Bad Boy Records. She was accused of stealing from Bad boy Records.

Capricorn is a jealous lying bitch, she’s finished in the music industry. No one is going to ever fuck with her on a professional tip.”

What’s worse? In addition to being dubbed a thief, Cap could also wear the title of home wrecker. Know why? Because word is buzzing across the industry that Capricorn Clark may be carrying Chris Lighty’s seed. Don’t believe me.. Ask Veronica Lighty.

Diddy Gets Crossed by Cap Clark


    • Co sign they got these Dolly’s thinking 666 is a ban thing like they do with the Ankh and yeah she’s throwing up one of the illuminati signs????

  1. i read that Chris Lighty had got a major record exec’s asst pregnant, i immediately thought of her, cause last week HSK said Diddy fired her. she is messy, messy and now caught in scandal, but since she is w/elite, communicating w/hand gestures and all, she shouldn’t have problem finding work, since they take care of their own.

  2. Puff’s name is now mentioned in two “suicides” Chris and Shakir. Both allegedly had sex with Puff’s jumpoffs. Capicorn will be accused of stealing to deflect from the fact that she got pregnant by another man. Screwing around is one thing. Having that other man’s baby? Oh hell no!

  3. Diddy doesn’t pay his staff and his company doesn’t really have money because diddy is greedy and selfish. His last executive quit and went to work at def jam after his reality show in early 2000’s. I doubt she stole anything but was tired of Diddy cheap ass not paying his staff.